This camping trip sucks.

They keep telling me to stick around for dinner but I’m not seeing any food.

I’m starving, when are we gonna EAT!? [looks around]


Julie C., can you whip up some Béarnaise sauce real quick?



  1. (the original) Mel says:

    RUN Mr. Squirrel! RUN!!!!

  2. momof2kitties says:

    Hey, I think this guy was on my daughter’s camping trip!

    They got home late last night and she proceeded to tell me how the next campsite over got visited by a bear that stole their bread and trail mix. That’s it-she’s never going again. I prefer my children un-eaten by bears, thankyouverymuch.

  3. Looks like someone couldn’t wait and already nommed his ears.

  4. Oh boy, grilled squirrel………….al fresco.

  5. Béarnaise? Shouldn’t he be served with squirrelnaise?

  6. Dude, better get a closer look at that book, “How to Serve Squirrels”.

  7. Yes, ShortWoman, it should, imho.

    momof2kitties-where’s your sense of adventure? (insert smileyfacehere). Maybe have them take up instruments and go to Music Camp? I don’t think they have bears, bears don’t have opposable thumbs and have a lousy sense of rhythm, so they can’t play drums, either.

  8. People don’t always think when it comes to camping.

    If you leave your food in the car or not in the bear-proof bins then what do you expect?

    When I was little a family did the same thing and the bear came down, opened the car like it was a candy bar wrapper and took off with the cooler, TOWARDS OUR TENT. My brother and I were inside asleep and my father was behind the tent trying to think of what he was going to do if the bear walked into it. Luckily the bear didn’t like the smell of mosquito repellent and went left. My father needless to say, went right.

  9. homeboy was in da’ wrong place at da’ wrong time.

  10. Haha, cute. Not a squirrel though. Look at the shape and tail. Looks more like a prairie dog to me.

  11. He/she’s dangerously close to that knife. Those humans better watch out. He/she may decide to get their revenge…

    I’d have to agree that it does look similar to a prairie dog, but their tails tend to be shorter, no?

  12. “Dear god, it’s a cookbook!!”

  13. For those who have never seen one before this is a ground squirrel.. Thieving clowns of the western campground. They dig a burrow in the ground and are partial to the following: nuts seeds fruit and any of these you give them oreos, cheetos, chips, cookies, cake and do not let them fool you. They have been known to work together to steal an item left unattended or even attended but your back is turned momentarily. I have seen them cart off a quarter of a watermellon.

    And perform military flanking moves a General would be proud of.

  14. isnt that a prairie dog? doesnt look like a regular squirrel.

    anyways, nohm nohm.

  15. Run, little one!

  16. He’s amazingly unfazed by the giant knife a couple of inches away! I think he’s plotting something… I’m picturing the photographer turning around and finding that the other ground squirrels have made off with the food while this one created a cute diversion (cuteversion?).

  17. momof2kitties says:

    Katrina & Kar-Yeah, it makes you wonder about some people. I guess the “Beware of bears” signs posted all over the area weren’t quite clear enough? Fortunately, both my daughter and my husband seem unfazed by the whole ordeal.

    Maybe we could hire this little skwirlette as muscle next time.

  18. I have to say, that is the plumpest squirrelie I’ve ever seen.

    I think someone’s moved on from hoarding acorns to hoarding dark chocolate covered macadamias.

  19. berthaservant says:

    “Why is my butt hot? Uh oh.”

  20. That *is* rather a big fat squirrel.

  21. Mr. Squirrel: Hmmmm, what’s this book, “Serving Squirrelkind”.

    Let me just read a few pages…

    Ahhh, its a cookbook!!!!

  22. scooterpants says:

    camp ground squirrels are sometimes pretty fat, lots of food to eat and hand outs.
    i believe a bernaise would be a lil heavy for this lil chunk, maybe just a light EVOO (as that irritating rachael ray would say)

  23. Don’t be saucy with me, Bernaise!

  24. Balamuthia says:

    No! Ground squirrel! I will saaave you!


    Yes, where instead of braving bears in search of midnight snacks they instead experience awkward sexual experimentation with acne-speckled trumpet players.

    I prefer the bears, personally. ;-p

  25. Oh, good lord, not at my Music Camp!

    I’ve never seen the movies, (to which I think you are referring)-or, have you had an up-close and personal?

    I think that SQUIRREL is packing some serious knifeage!

    Balamuthia- I’d prefer a bear to that, too, my, my, I’m so sorry to have brought that to the fore of the conversation, my, my….where do I put my face?

  26. eikoleigh says:

    Run Fat Boy Run

  27. This is my trip to Yellowstone in a nutshell! Those little rascals are everywhere. They come out during the day when people are out seeing the sites and comb over your belongings (or you, if you’re still) for crumbs…

  28. Balamuthia- you teach Band somewhere, don’t you?

  29. OMG! Is probably doing his own ‘naise sauce in da pan!!! Is not melted butter!!!

  30. ratchic – bahaha, I was just thinking that for sure. He looks like he’s concentrating on a nice big poopie.

  31. Raemie L. says:

    Annie: “For those who have never seen one before this is a ground squirrel.. Thieving clowns of the western campground.”

    Hah, I’m picturing the ground squeerls dividing up campgrounds with the raccoons and bears.

    Gangsta squirrel: [holds up kitchen knife] Watch yo step. Know what time it is?
    Raccoon: Hey, man, I was jus passin’ by, man. I wasn’t gonna do nuttin’!
    Gangsta squirrel: Well, now you know, this heah’s our turf and piece of timeshare.

  32. In our neck of the woods, that would be called Brunswick Stew. Traditionally made with …you guessed it…squirrel!

  33. mom2twinzz says:

    This one time… NOT at Band Camp…

    My dh and I went camping for our honeymoon. The raccoons were so bad. Our roommate went with us to help setup. When we came back from getting firewood, he was on the top of his car. Apparently a momma raccoon came and played good ‘coon bad ‘coon with him over a bag of chips. You know the game – look cute and innocent so someone will start feeding you chips, while the other one sneaks up and steals the bag of chips.

    They were all over that week. One night we made dinner and left the pan on the table, it was clean (no food left in it). The cooler had a bungee cord on it to keep them out. All night we heard TWAAAAAANNNG TWAAAAANG. Finally my husband got annoyed and picked up a dowel that we were using near the tent, threw it and hit a cooler on the picnic table. Next thing we know we hear the cooler get knocked off the table and a bunch of scampering noises. It made about 5 people crack up and my husband yelled “‘coon in the corner pocket”

    Turns out we got there the week after many momma’s had their babies and were very hungry.

  34. paulajeanne says:

    This is so true! Once backpacking, I turned around to find a whole crew had demolished the sandwiches and gorp in my pack! Was so funny to see them scatter when I came close to the log I’d propped my pack against, but it was a hungry trip back down the mountain. And I got pictures!

  35. Ahh !! Columbian Ground Squirrel!! So cute!
    These little guys were everywhere in Banff/Yoho National Park. Adorable little guys. Will take food right out of your hand. They were especially fond of mango. I gave them my mango pit, and they carried it into their hole.. found it a couple hours later back in my campsite licked right clean. I thought it was cute that they gave it back. They also got into my bag of cashews. 😛

  36. LOL! He’s so hungry he could eat himself!

  37. Music camp memory: Bats like Schubert.

    @Momof2– of course– bears can’t read!!!

  38. Balamuthia says:


    Nope, I’m a “house wife”, but I did go to band camp and it was creepy.

  39. Sharon Wilson says:

    At the camp where we just had our family reunion they called these “potguts” and they were everywhere, especially at mealtimes, where they volunteered to help clean up before we were finished eating! I never saw one get this bold, though!

  40. darkshines says:

    Hmmm, you eat my trail mix, I’ll eat you. Trail mix filled skwerl…… *licks lips*

  41. Balamuthia- I’m sorry it was creepy, I give you permission to wipe it all from your memory cells!

    Theresa- Die Fledermaus? Yeah, I know, not Schubert, but it was still funny…

    How do you know the bats like Schubert? “esplain, Luuucy”!