Answer: A Drunken Safari

Question: What do you get when you take African animals, delicious fruits, and good ole fermentation?

Whoever did the sound effects for this movie is a GEEEEENNNIUS! [singsong] Jaimie R., hic!

This might also be a good time to remind you of another redonk Safari over in Kenya (thanks Megan D.)



  1. Animals don’t let anipals drive drunk. This has been a message from the alcoholic fruit committee.

  2. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    There’s a cream liqueur made from marula fruits called Amarula. It tastes kind of like vanilla Kahlua.

  3. Natural Amarula! I don’t know if it’s being sold in the U.S. yet but Amarula is a S.African liqueur made from cream and fermented marula fruit. So delish!! Now it’s even better that I know it’s natural = healthy!

  4. That is FANTASTIC.

    A lesson in drunken eating.

  5. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Hee! Drunk inch-worm! Hee!

  6. Mary (the first) says:

    omg this is so reminiscent of “The Gods Must be Crazy”.. the voice, the music, the silliness.
    And that .. (baboon? gibbon?) clutching his forehead around 3:20 .. tooo moishe!!

  7. (the original) Mel says:

    @Ophelia: Yes! We have it in Texas. It’s definitely a favorite. My friends all call it “Chocolate Milk.”

  8. Whee…Nothing’s quite as funny as an anipal walkin’ sideways!

  9. okaasan59 says:

    I love the monkey with a hangover. And also the “night shots” which are really day shots with a filter–reminds me of the old Bonanza t.v. show and other westerns.

  10. I love how the elephant is so drunk it can’t walk and STILL eating fruit!

  11. Mary (the first): that’s because it’s by the same director and has the same narrator! This is from the movie “Animals are Beautiful People.”

  12. “when night falls….*boink*”

    What is this – Looney tunes??!? This was fantabulous!

  13. biscuithead says:

    The elephant tilted forward was priceless.
    The monkey with the headache, so very familiar.
    Still, I fully expected to see the whole hangover, replete with the poor things vomiting.
    Never seen a puking elephant or monkey.
    Just wondered if they suffer the way we do.

  14. Oh my gosh! This is from an hour long program called Animals are Beautiful People. I recorded this from TV years ago and this part is just the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, especially the monkeys! It’s a great program, very good-natured and funny.

  15. berthaservant says:

    2:35 — “Too Drunk to F-“

    This is nothing. I’ve been to 35 Grateful Dead shows and this is no different from the parking lot beforehand. (“Superkindveggieburittos for your miracle….”)

  16. @ okaasan59: Hangover monkeh was my fav too! Hilarious!

  17. bees on pie says:

    “That monkey’s been in and out of Hazelden so many times.”

  18. scooterpants says:

    I’ve been to that party…

  19. they need to go to AAA…Alcoholic Animals Anonymous

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I’ll just bet that if George Strait were to take a Safari and came across this drunken silliness, he’d come back with a GREAT SONG called…are you guys ready? **AHEM**


    I’m sorry.

    No, I’m not! 😛

  21. too funny! and who knew there really are pink elephants stumbling around? i feel the baboon’s pain — he’s got a fermented fruit monkey on his back.

  22. WAAHH! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I was cracking up even before they got drunk, at the monkeys in the trees: “SON OF A B*TCH! STOP SHAKING THE GOD D*MN TREEEEeeeeee!”

    The very long-legged animals–like the giraffe and the ostrich–were the best. I must find me some of this Amarula (even though, at 5’2″, I won’t look NEARLY as redonk if I should get stumbling drunk).

  23. Thankfully there isn’t any lions or tigers around to get some of the drunken monkey morsels etc that were too intoxicated to protect themselves!!!

  24. scooterpants says:

    juno- yes, you would. 🙂

  25. OMG, we used to watch this video in school all the time when the teachers didn’t feel like teaching class!! I’m so glad that someone mentioned the name “Animals are Beautiful People.” This is truly a classic.

  26. momof2kitties says:

    Somebody get Juno some Amarula, STAT!

  27. Oh, those crazy frat-boys. They never learn!

  28. Am’a rula this video Todally Redonk!

    (Am’a regretta dat, peeps)

  29. Can I have my Amarula with Amaretto?
    On the ‘tocks?

  30. Oh my goodness! That poor monkey with the hangover had me in hysterics! Too, too funny!

  31. My biology teacher in high school showed us this one day when he’d “come home way too late” to teach class. I.e., still drunk at 9:00 in the morning.

    I love this!

  32. This is what my college town would look like on football game weekends.

  33. “Well, at least I’m not an anteater.”

  34. if you haven’t watched this movie, you need to rent it!

    it’s called Animals are Beautiful People and I was able to rent it from Netflix. omg amazing.

  35. warrior rabbit says:

    I’ve totally been that monkey from 2:36-2:40. I’ve probably been some of the others, too, but they’re in those ‘lost time’ blackouts.

  36. hehehe Theo – on the ‘tocks! *snort*

  37. bees on pie says:

    Wow, Peter, HUGE slam on anteaters, out of nowhere! 😉

    I love the birds that are walking veeery carefully. I’ve been there.

  38. OMG! At 2:45 that monkey is totally holding his ween!

    Hilarious clips.

  39. Bahawhawhawhaaaaaaaaw!! That elephant desperately reaching for the fruit with this trunk just about killed me!!! ROTF! And did anyone think Tim Gunn walked into the room, when those tall, skinny birds walked into the picture? I imagined him saying, “Hello Designers…. …what’s going on here?”

  40. Ahh, the majesty of wild animals. Looks just like the spring breaks I sort of remember from college.

  41. If I remember correctly, those ugly birds are, throughout the program, portrayed as the aloof, disapproving neighbors who look on in disgust at the antics of the smaller, happier mammals. So you can imagine what they’re thinking as they observe the drunken depravity: MAN, WHY WASN’T I INVITED???

  42. Amarula liquor is truly wonderful but best enjoyed in limited moderation like a glass at a time. It’s really rich and delicious. Expensive enough that it’s a treat every once in a while. There is a website for Amarula liquor – google it. This video was so funny – I was cracking up so much. Good to know even animals don’t always show good judgement like us humans.

  43. OMG, did I actually just see a *drunken inchworm*?!

  44. Balamuthia says:

    @Ophelia…um, yeah, natural = healthy? Rattle snake venom is totally natural, drink up! lol

    I can’t help but think of the song from the Lion King “When I was a young wart hooOOOoOoog!”

  45. Ummm…yeah. I’m pretty sure Ophelia was referring to foods and beverages that are for human consumption.

  46. 1:34 –
    Elephant barely standing on crooked, crossed legs: “If I can only reach just….oooone….mooooooooooore…fruit. Chompf splorf nomnomnomnomnom”

  47. susanelle says:

    I can’t believe that boar let his/her child get loaded, lol.

  48. monkey with hangover is awesome!

  49. Hugh G. Rection says:

    I knew I remembered this- Animals Are Beautiful People- my mom and I laughed so hard at this scene. It brings back such great memories.

  50. Okay, I just have one thing to say:

    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.

  51. momof2kitties says:

    I’ve been like those birds after a night on the town.

    “If. I. Walk. Vewwy. Vewwy. Thlowly. No. One. Will. Notith. That. I’m. Tipthy.”


  52. how come the lions don’t come along and eat everyone at this point?

  53. So THIS is where we get the “Drunken Monkey” kung fu style!

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    The lions are all passed out somewhere else.

  55. Oh how I love “Animals are Beautiful People”. My brother and I would watch this as kids (back in the late ’70s) and crack up. I eventually bought the VHS. Yes, it’s by the same people who did “The Gods Must be Crazy”. Such great memories.

  56. OK, I’m convinced. I must see this whole video.

    And to scooterpants: I would look ridiculous, certainly–but redonkulous? Unfortunately not. 😉

  57. @Monique: YES! “At least I’m not an anteater.”

  58. Bees on Pie, hah, I hoped another Mstie would pick up where that clip showed up at. 😛 Thank god for Pearl Public television 😉

  59. wagthedogma says:

    Hey, how did my wedding video get on here?

  60. I agree, the already drunk elephant reaching… for… one… more is totally the best!

  61. Drunken monkeys!

    Elephants have four knees… imagine trying to stagger with four knees…. whoa…

  62. Sotto voce David Attenborough voice over.
    “Here we see the vast verdant plains of the Serengehti. Home to a facinatingly diverse collection of drunken bums, topers,lushes,dipsos and chunderers.”

  63. Get off my Amarula, you damn, dirty ape!

    No cooth!

  64. Elephant was all like “I’m walking, right?”

  65. floppycat says:

    Yea, I was totally thinking, “Hmm, this would be a great marinated smorgasbord for some lucky lions.” I wonder if the two animals who didn’t get any boozed up fruit, referred to just as the clip ended, were a couple of lions sneaking up to get some breakfast.

    Ok, so they probably wouldn’t have to sneak…

  66. Dude, I’m probably going to be totally hated for this but:

    Seems the video was created by deliberately getting the animals drunk, then filming them eating the fruits.

  67. That hungover monkey would prolly be all “‘sokay, lion. Just eat me now. End my pain. Really. Doin’ me a favor.”

  68. Michelle S says:

    I remember seeing this a zillion years ago when I was a wee lass. <3

  69. It sounds exactly like the “The Gods Must be Crazy” narrator and I bet that is why he was used in the movie-what a great voice. jwlls- I rolled on the floor laughing, yes, I did think Tim Gunn when the birds were on the screen! It isn’t just me, oh, goody,…the hungover monkey—displaying the international sign of the hangover—–too good!

  70. OK, this was totally the last time I drank Jaegermeister, except in this video I didn’t see anyone jump up on stage to sing with the band and then pass out in the bathroom.

    Poor hungover monkey 😦

    Advil before sleep, dry rye toast in the a.m.

  71. whoa, double post
    and I’m only drinking coffee.

  72. Maybe the lions already had a couple drunken monkeys and were passed out themselves. That does sound like a drink, doesn’t it? Bartender, I’d like a Drunken Monkey, please!

  73. Jennie Mello says:

    Wow- a real life Dumbo drunk scene!!! Less scary however.

  74. LOL!! Give that narrator and the editor an Oscar(tm)! I’ll go dig for one in my basement.

  75. gravyboat says:

    I know it’s mean to laugh, but that drunky monkey just slays me!!!

  76. This is almost exactly like my neighborhood’s Ladies Night Out.
    Only with more fur.

  77. O.O I sooo had the same close encounter with my friend, the tree, once upon a time. *pat pat* the tree: ” Hey pal; I just gonna lay here for one … zzzzzzz”

    That was scary, LOL!!!

  78. Jeeze…and I thought being drunk on two legs was hard enough…four is MUCH worse.

    *hands wildebeest an asprin*

  79. For anybody inteterested, this clip is from the Golden Globe Winning Best Documentary of 1975,

    Animals Are Beautiful People

    Definitely worth a rental.

    If you enjoy it, try, The God’s Must Be Crazy, too.


  80. Thank you, Monique!!! I just returned the MST3K version of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank! They used the baboon clips from this movie in that dumb film.

  81. Joshua Gaines says:

    That baboon looks like Raul Julia.


  82. I came into the thread specifically looking for the name of the movie this came from…
    I too remember watching “Animals are Beautiful People” as a youngin’.

    Nowadays, when I get drunk, I sing “Kenya” as linked below the movie.


  83. Raemie L. says:

    Drunken ostrich, elephants and monkeys! XD (Or at least the idea of wild animals drunk w/o outside interference.)
    Why do I think I’ve seen this before? Maybe it’s the combination of the British narrator and the sound effects from old Scooby Doo and ’70s/’80s Hanna-Barbera cartoons. 😛

    Thanks for the interesting Nat’l Geographic article, Diane.

  84. Fortunately (or unfortunately in this case) most animals can’t vomit. Humans are among the very, very few who can.

    I adore the meerkat sprawling himself out in the fruit … “Ahhh, bounty from heaven!”

  85. Yup, it’s true. My mom told me about cows getting into the pasture where the rotten apples were. Not only did it ruin their milk–they partied like rock stars and did their own cow tipping.

  86. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL’ing at all the comments!!!!!

    Well, they’re welcome at any AA meeting if they have a desire to stop drinking.

    I was kinda like the ostrich when I was drunk, lurching back and forth! And the other birds kinda reminded me of the “social drinkers”, the ones who have one cocktail and stop because they’re “starting to feel it”—-LOL!!!

  87. Do drunk elephants see little pink natives?!

    (*pologies* *hic*)


  88. Party in the Safari!

    Oh the walk of shame….

  89. Joan Carlson says:

    Yeah, the tree must erupt in froots only in a land with no big kittehs. Or the kittehs already know that they don’t like pickles. My kitteh once swatted my hand when I offered her a bit of peach… They hate froot more than even teh water. Y’know? Pass the Advil…

  90. I saw this back in my high school biology class! Soooo funny…

  91. Okay, it was funny. Except the elephants. Somehow that was just sad.

  92. They tried to make me go to rehab but I said “no, no, no”

  93. Totalee Puppy says:

    They need a designated diner who isn’t going to eat the fruit…

  94. Lions probably go “you reek of alcohol! I’ll wait til booze season is over.”

  95. maijasservant says:

    To hell with National Geo. Those elephants are D R U N K. I laughed until my stomach hurt.

  96. I love the elephant at 1:35 who is so drunk he can’t even stand up et he’s *still* trying to grab the fruit!


  97. I´m sure the kitties of the jungle had a right old feast on all the hungover animals in the morning (nooooo!!!) :O

    That was hilarious. Absolutely brilliant.

  98. From Wikipedia…
    ‘In this movie, some scenes were shown where elephants, warthogs and monkeys got drunk from eating fermented marula fruit. Later research showed that these scenes were improbable and, in all probability, staged. Elephants would need a huge amount of fermented marulas to have any effect on them, and other animals prefer the ripe fruit. The amount of water drunk by elephants each day would also dilute the effect of the fruit to such an extent that they would not be affected by it.’

  99. “Pbbbbbttthhhh” to all who would spoil our fun with the facts. As soon as I can stagger to the kitchen I’m makin’ up a big batch of pudding. Tho there!

  100. So, how DID they all get drunk?

  101. Those old wildlife documentaries are infamous in employing animal abuse tactics all in the name of ‘entertainment’.
    The most infamous being the lemmings that were herded off that cliff by the filmakers in order to catch that footage. See snopes for the full story here:
    Animals in entertainment = cruelty. Both then and now.
    Go ahead and shoot me for not find anything ‘cute’ about abusing animals.

  102. If I ever own a pub, I’m totally going to name it The Drunken Monkey.

  103. OK, I’ll inject some reality here:
    I first learned about Amarula the liquor from a residence mate of mine who was from South Africa. While the wiki article may have some facts, he told me that elephants do in fact get drunk off the marula fruit, and the juice doesn’t ferment in their bellies, it ferments inside the fruit, as the skin is tough and doesn’t rot as fast as the flesh inside. Babboons and other critters get drunk from it as well, but I don’t think ostriches eat it much.
    So, yes, elephants do get drunk off it, but yeah its not a common occurance. Monkeys and baboons get drunk off it all the time, but yeah it does take a lot of it to make an elephant drunk – but when the fruit starts fermenting, he said, the elephants go nuts for it, and eat as much as they can shove down their mouths.

  104. CoffeeCup says:

    Not to be the anti-nuff (okay, I am), but this happened in the 60s and 70s, you say? Well, it’s a done deal and despite whatever horrible things filmmakers did to make a buck, the end result is still there. However improbable, we should be glad that filmmakers today respect the animals and aren’t doing these things.

    Of course, there are still people who believe that tagging dolphins and sharks is cruel.

  105. kimicheese says:

    There are stories every year about some elephants getting smashed on fruit somewhere (there was a band of them in Burma two years ago that pretty much stomped a village to the ground while drunk) so the validity of the fact isn’t really in question. However, the soundtrack needs…something. I suggest someone with the skills needs to do over the soundtrack with phrases from Superbad and perhaps Animal House and other such fine films. And all I can say about the..meerkat? groundhog? whatever, rapidly exiting the warthog’s den in the morning: “What, you’re not staying for breakfast? You didn’t get my number! (sniff) Last night you said I was beeeYOUUUUUtiful!!!” (sob). 🙂

  106. kimicheese says:

    Oh oh!!! And when the storks show up, someone needs to scream, “CHEESE IT, the 5-0 is here!!” Yes, that would be purrrrfect….

  107. darkshines says:

    I’m a bartender, and we serve Drunken Monkey cocktails all the time! You need an orange based liquor like triple sec, cointreu etc, banana liquor and melon liquor (we use Midori). Pour the triple sec, banana liqueur and melon liqueur into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Fill with equal parts of cranberry and pineapple juice. Stir well, and serve.


  108. This is a clip from a 1974 documentary, done by the same people who did “The Gods Must Be Crazy”. It’s titled “Animals Are Beautiful People”, and can be found on for about $10.00. The whole thing is absolutely hilarious!

  109. Insidious Twinkle says:

    Joan Carlson:

    Cats can’t taste sugar. That’s why they hate teh froots, and also why dry kitteh food is unattractive to ants.

  110. Sharon Wilson says:

    That mother elephant is setting a bad example for her child!

  111. Cats don’t like fruit? My family used to have a cat Reggie who loved cantaloupe. Any time we cut one up, we had to give him a slice or he’d jump onto the table and grab one. He’d eat every bite and look for more. And that was fresh, not fermented!

  112. Insidious, try telling that to my two cats who elbow me out of the way for my desserts and leftover cereal milk (for the nuffs: No, they don’t get any chocolate, and only a nibble or sip of any other treat), and my former kitty who would kill for canned fruit.

  113. warrior rabbit says:


  114. I was born in and grew up in South Africa, spent loads of time in the National Parks, and I can absolutely confirm that the “drunken animals” are absolutely drunk from the fermented fruit – they didn’t have to be manipulated! Don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia etc, take it from someone who lived there for most of her life. This clip is exactly what it looks like! Yaay for the real-life Party Animals! : )

  115. My cats love cantaloupe too! Whenever I gut a cantaloupe they get in the sink and lick up all the guts. That’s the only thing they will jump up on the counter for.

  116. Too funny…BTDT. My cat used to like cantaloupe too. Wonder why? That was the only fruit he liked. He liked corn, peas and spaghetti or tomato sauce too. Otherwise pretty much all meat or dairy was fair game!
    I trained him not to beg or jump on the table by always saving the last bite for him. He got to try a lot of non-kitty food that way and developed a much broader palette.
    His reaction to mustard on a ham sammie was priceless…cover the bad smell!

  117. I’m almost positive I saw this movie in Junior High! It’s SO familiar! Really fun to see again.

  118. Animals are Beautiful People for the win! Everyone’s favorite rainy-day-at-school-so-no-recess classic.

  119. I watched it repeatedly for the hedgehogs, no- ground hogs, no- waaaaaaaart hogs, that’s it. Just tooooo funny!

  120. Cassie Carpenter says:

    This is one of my favorite documentaries called “Animals are Beautiful People”….it actually won an Oscar in the 1970s!

  121. Party on, dudes!

  122. Katherine says:

    Monique! You’re my hero!!! We just watched Overdrawn at Memory Bank!

  123. I feel like Bob Saget should have been the narrator xD

  124. jackie31337 says:

    I have been offered amarula by my boyfriend’s parents. After seeing this video, I’m glad I turned it down!

    Also, every year around this time in Finland, we get reports of drunken moose doing really stupid things like jumping through people’s living room windows or trying to mate with small cars. It’s a similar situation: fruit (in this case apples) falls off the trees and ferments, and the moose eat it and get drunk.

  125. “Days of Marula Fruit and Roses…”

    MSTies in the house!! 😀

  126. what happened – suddenly I’m on film!”

    MSTies in the house!! 😀