Baby ferret dreams of changing THE WORLD

One day, [dreamily] ferrets won’t be seen just as furry knee socks with eyes, or hammock-dwelling, mischievous ne’er do-wells!


No! [shifts anerable feets] we ferrets will stand up and — Mmm, delicious blankie — lead other Pocket Pets by example!


No more shoe stealing, constant cat swiping or hiding under bed covers surprising humans when they least expect eet! —Yawn—


That day will come, Claire. It will.



  1. Karen in Toronto says:

    “Kneesocks with eyes” — snort!

  2. Ferret dreams of a day when he will be legal in every state.

  3. “This open is air is stifling, someone put me in a toilet paper tube STAT!”

  4. Holy CRAP! While reading this an’ looking at said bebe ferret, a mysterious, involuntary, high pitched, long-toned squee emitted itself from the back of my throat. If anything can bring world peace, this teensy bit’o’heaven can.

    [head explodes into pillowy mound of mashed Patito]

  6. momof2kitties says:

    Ees gots no teefs!!

  7. who’s widdle? who’s sleepie?

    :: gently picks up ferretito and tip-toes out of the room ::

  8. I’m thinking that hovertext should read “hang” out with otters, maybe?

  9. Oh he’s just too moische! *nuzzles heem vewwy gentwy*

  10. The overbite! THE OVERBITE!

  11. aaaw

  12. I lofs heem. So soft, so snuggly. The teeny tongue keeled me.

    Can I have him? Pretty please??

  13. Commentary on these things has been getting way too long. In this case it was totally unnecessary.

  14. HAHAHA

    LOL@ “- mmm delicious blankie -“

    Gosh I could just see the little guy saying that!

  15. “PINK” by Wbirdie




  16. Ellen, go take some Midol and lie down. Wake up happy please.

  17. It is okay little Ferret i will make you wings so you can fly…

    (a cartoon)

  18. D’aww!!
    Ferret bebeh!! So cute!

  19. Oh Ellen, have you had a bad day? Do you need pudding? A snuggle with this wee little baby?

  20. Mmmm…ferrets are deelisch.

  21. The link to the first image shows a different pic.

    Otherwise, pretty cute 😀

  22. Oh for the love of GOD!! I was ready to give up the ghost with the first pic, but then the cute little tongue action and mini-yawn/yelp!! I am beyond dead – can you be beyond dead? Whatever state that is, that is me. *sparks fly from head and brain*

  23. Someone photoshop a metallica concert into the background of that last pic.

  24. Just keep dreaming, dreaming dreaming Just keep dreaming dreeeeeaming leeeeeeking snooooooring.

  25. Aesthetica says:

    am i the only one that has been following the baby ferret named peanut at the national zoo? it’s a beeg ferret now, but it started out as just a wee butterstick, just like this prosh morsel with the tongue axshon here.

  26. Totalee Puppy says:

    I’m dreaming of a baby ferret with a delicious blankie dreaming of totalee puppy dreaming of a baby ferret with a delicious blankie dreaming of totalee puppy…

  27. Need COXCU on the toesicles. Please, pretty?

  28. Totalee Puppy says:

    Cuteness too moishe!Cuteness overload…Help, circuits are refusing to circuit!!Call 911…What is my emergency?…Lady, I hope you’re in a good mood…

  29. OMG it’s head it enormous!

  30. eikoleigh says:

    how cute!

  31. I want to put him in a basket and take him home!!!

  32. Oh my God! This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen on this website! And I’ve been coming here for years! This just made me squeal out loud… 😀

  33. That yawn is killing me!!! I could kiss him all day long.

  34. OH MY GOD. He’s tiny and noodly and al dente and… WANT!!! D:

  35. cliffette says:

    Aesthetica, I’m a huge fan of little (well not so little) Peanut! He’s ferretilicious! Also, not onscreen at the moment. D:

  36. Felicityanne says:

    Ooooo! Go to the National Zoo site link in Aesthetica’s post and click on the baby prehensile porcupine link…baby in cug!!!

  37. Soooooo cute!

  38. Daphne Moss says:

    Pretty sure this tiny H-bomb of cuteness hits all cuteness criteria..but it was the tongue…da yawn…

    Oh, and Ellen…WTF?

  39. berthaservant says:

    All I do the whole night through
    Is dream of you
    And with the dawn
    I still go on dreamin’ of you
    You’re every thought
    You’re everything
    You’re every song I ever sing
    Summer, winter, autumn and spring.
    And were there more
    Than twenty-four hours a day,
    They’d be spent in sweet content
    Dreamin’ away
    When skies are gray
    Skies are blue
    Morning, noon and nighttime too
    All I do the whole day through
    Is dream of you…

  40. Ded. And Happy Now. *dies*

  41. AIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!! The last pic is KILLING ME!!!

  42. Oh, to think that little tahhhny thing will grow up to luurkensproing with the best of them, what a cute set of nicely captioned pix.
    “Pixie pix”, as a matter of fact.

  43. Bebeh fewwet! Bebeh fewwet! Bebeh fewwet! (Splodes)

  44. “No more shoe stealing, constant cat swiping or hiding under bed covers surprising humans when they least expect eet!”

    Don’t forget falling into the toilet on The Planet’s Funniest Animals. 😛

  45. Teeny ferrety honkshus coming thru nice and clear now.
    By the way, do ferrets snore? My cat does sometimes – makes me laugh when he does.

  46. baby ferret tongue!!!

    *proceeds to call in dead to work*

  47. That’s it – I am getting 100 baby ferrets and opening up a ferret plantation!

  48. Thanks ye Meg *huggles* Another one of my bebeh kneesocks has graced cuteoverload again! This is Flash-Lightning (Rascal the poonched up silver ferrets bebeh brother) when he was 5 weeks old when we decided he would be ours. He’s 12 weeks now and a deaf terrorist! and we love him! Clicky my name for more of him and my other fuzzles.

  49. Totalee Puppy says:

    Aw, BERTHASERVANT–great song!! Who wouldn’t dream of this little guy with the tongue and the yawn?

  50. Oh for crying out loud I don’t even LIKE ferrets!

    :looks at bebeh ferret:

    :looks at door:

    :looks at bebeh ferret:

    :looks at door:

    :stuffs bebeh ferret in pocket and makes a run for it:

  51. Akia —
    the problem with that scenario is, now you have a ferret in your pocket.

  52. Wow, that’s…..just…….uh……… Yep, you deded me. Now I’m just waiting patiently to be reincarnated as a kneesock with eyes, hopefully.

  53. “Mmm, delicious blankie”
    lol That was the best.. that just made my day hahahah

  54. I wuv you, pwetty fewwet.

  55. Theo: or?……

    [Nope, sorry, it’s just a ferret. Nothing personal. – Ed.]

  56. The leettle feetsies in the first pic are to die for…

  57. I wonder what babies, both human and non-human, dreams about. I mean, they can’t dream about being chased by a tiger because they wouldn’t even know what a tiger is…

  58. I bet he’d fit into a teaspoon. The easier to take once a day!

  59. Yes mberkie0 some of my ferrets do snore, it’s very like a honkshu noise! and all those intent on feezil snacking.. just say no!

  60. GreedySkunk says:

    mberkie0: My ferrets don’t snore exactly, but they do make little snuffling sounds sometimes. Probably when they’re having especially good dreams about riding the majestic cat-steed into battle to defeat the dreaded Squeaking Candy Cane Plushy.

  61. What a cute baby!

    David – I’m pretty sure human babies dream about eating. I remember watching my niece sleeping when she was a baby, and she’d move her mouth like she was sucking on a nipple. When that’s all you know, that’s what you dream! I’d think it would tend to be the same for non-human babies. 🙂

  62. @Eastie, that makes sense.

  63. glad i took a break from snorgling my day old siberian huskies …baby ferret made it worth it.
    back to the puppies : )

  64. [Gasps] Puppies, carmen? Husky puppies?!? PICTURES, PLEASE!

  65. I didn’t think I could see any cuter picture ever until I saw the 2nd picture with the tongue sticking out. I think I just barfed a rainbow!

  66. “I shall Leek you Mr. Blankie!!”

  67. Couldn’t love this ferret anymore. I’m nuts about these pics! Thanks!

  68. and, carmen, I hope you brought enough (Siberian huskies)for everyone….
    please we see them soooooon?

    For those who were so kind to pray for my friend, she is coming along well, and for the love of God everyone, please get mammograms! Just a friendly reminder. (At least it wasn’t a reminder about spaying and… (runs from alcoholically-enhanced amarula fruit) being pitched)…

  69. I, too, have been obsessively following the baby black footed ferret at the National Zoo via the ferretcam. (I actually saw the birth!!!!) I don’t care if the baby has been named “Peanut.” He’ll always be “Squirmy McThieverson” to me.

  70. OH the little pink tongue is too much. I coulda withstood the ferret pictures, really. Then I see the little pink tongue.
    seriously, what a cute little baby!

  71. That third shot is enuf to completely obliterate the human race. With Qteness.

    *Gigantic SPLORT*

  72. Raemie L. says:

    Gah, poifect dream *cough* I mean, caption, to match the poifect bebeh ferret.
    That’s it, I’m done fer!

  73. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOOOO, what prosh pictures! He looks like a leetle powder puff (wif teefs & claws…)

  74. Totalee Puppy says:

    Awwwwww…bebeh ferret…I want to cuddle…more cuddle…more cuddle…

  75. precious and hilarious!

    — Mmm, delicious blankie — LOL!

  76. Did you see dose teeny teefs? Who knew ferreteenies were so cute? Would a ferreteeny fit in a tablespoon? You can see how little I know about dem, sorry to be so iggerant.

  77. I squeal-ded a little bit more with each pic. ‘Den my hayed exploded!!!! Meg – you gotta put a warning on pics as potent as these!!!

  78. darkshines says:

    More to add to the “what do babies see when they dream” point. If you were blind from birth, do you dream? And what do you “see”?