Rule of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute

Finding (and sleeping in) a sunbeam is cute.



Someone update Wikipedia C.O. Rules STAT, Susanna R.!

Crose ups

Ehn. [Eyes flutter closed and go back to sleepies]



  1. Gorgeous sleek coat!

  2. CoffeeCup says:

    Ceiling cat approves.

  3. (the original) Mel says:

    That dog apparently has NO FRONT LEGS!!! I think this post should be filed under “Cute or Sad.”

  4. Another breed of dog and this could have been a tragedy!

  5. Oh, that is the life! Is that not the life?

  6. This picture makes me ache for my old doggy who died a few years ago. She would search out ANY sunbeam in the house, in the craziest places, to nap.

  7. Doxies, are always cool, my exe’s would chase the water spraying out of the garden hose.

  8. HAH! ANY CAT would know that sunbeam naptime is where it’s at! ;P
    (PS, if you want to know where is the most comfortable nap place in the house, look for the cat-guaranteed he’ll be in it, honkshuing away.)

  9. Sun-roasted hot dog. Yum.

  10. Ahhh, nothing says relaxation like a little black dog in the sun. Except maybe a little black cat…

  11. Mel: I can assure you that he does have front legs because I’m his proud mama!

    CO: Thanks for posting pics of my baby! He is always finding sunbeams to sit and fall asleep in. I actually have many other pictures like this. It is too adorable. He also likes to try to chase and “catch” light reflections. 🙂

  12. …we have a *Wiki* ??

  13. Denny’s expands their sandwich menu. To partner with their favorite “Moons over my Hammy”, theyve included a new offering called “Sun on my Weenie”

  14. I love to sleep in sunbeams too. My pugs each find a sunbeam (keep the blinds open just right for maximum sunbeams) and sleep (and snore).

  15. Lone, I was about to give you a gold star for that, but reconsidered…

  16. (the original) Mel says:

    NUH-UH! I bet you have to push him like a wheelbarrow.

  17. That first picture is, like, spiritual, man. Like it was taken just moments after an angel dog was sent to earth for the benefit of us poor hoomans. And I bet Susanna would agree with that! 😉

  18. OMG! I have the identical picture of my dearly departed RED dachshund sleeping in a sunbeam on a stairway. Awwww…….I miss him.

  19. my dachshund does this too! She also moves with it too…so cute! I woof her.

  20. Elizapooh says:

    Brilliant addition to the Rules, Meg!

  21. Me thinks someone has stole my grandpuppy right down to her bling bling jewelry !!! Such is the life of a spoilt queen of the house.

  22. I love sleeping in sunbeams! Makes me want to curl up next to him…

  23. Yeah, I noticed the real ‘weenie’ in the sun after the fact. It works on difference levels.

  24. “Move the key light a little to the right,.. thats it,.. now the soft fill under my chin,.. thank you..adjust the’s about may now start shooting Mr Testino or Testicles or what ever your name is”

  25. AWWWWW!!!!!


  26. metsakins says:

    It really is amazing that this so incredibly obvious rule of cuteness wasn’t noticed before. Miss Huggums like to expose her belleh to the sun and both cats seem to make themselves longer in the sun.

  27. Doxie ears! They are so nommable, especially when sun-warmed.

  28. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Mmmmm… looks very zzzzzzz

  29. HISSSSSSS says:

    Dude; that flea collar is waaay too big for her.

  30. momof2kitties says:

    Pupster is soooo shineeeee!!!! Pwetty!

  31. Catherine says:

    Aww! He looks just like my parent’s dog Pickle, who is happy to go up the stairs but too scared to come down, so he sits at the top an waits patiently for someone to come and carry him down.

  32. Desdemona says:

    Heh. Just hope nobody comes along carrying a load of laundry or something down the stairs . . .

  33. Lookee the shiny coat on that dawrg!

  34. Not a flea collar, but a BARK collar! Guess the little doxie isn’t always so sweet and peaceful …

  35. berthaservant says:


    I also think of sunbeams in conjunction w/ cats, but dogs aren’t so stupid after all, apparently. (j/k dog people!)

  36. Awww.. I can just imagine this legless pup stumbling up and down the stairs as the sunbeam moves across the room.

  37. ThreeCatNight says:

    Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup. I’m still big, it’s only the pictures that got small!

  38. His name is Winston, BTW. I just noticed that wasn’t included in the post. 🙂

  39. floppycat says:

    That folded ear must be NOMMED!

    Ahh, takes me back to the days when I nommed my dauchsies ears growing up. They are very nommable.

  40. oh i LOVE doxies! i have one of my own and he’s THE CUTEST! 🙂

  41. I know you can’t possibly make a rule that all Doxies are automatically cute, but in my book they are!

    I know there is a rule of cuteness about paws that dangle, but I nominate tucking your paws under as a rule also! Doxies do this all the time, hence the “Legless dog” look. Widdle low-to-ground paws get cold sometimes!!

    Kisses to sun-warmed Winston!

  42. Multi-Facets says:

    Top step’s pup’s pet spot. (Huzzah for palindromes.) ^n_n^

  43. See WInston in action in this video. There’s more sitting in a sunbeam goodness in here, too. 🙂

    Both Winston and his brother, Rambi had just had baths in this video, which is why Rambi’s fur looks straggly.

  44. @Susanna:
    NUH-UH! I bet you have to push him like a wheelbarrow.

    Oh, dear GOD, you made the tears just shoot out of my eyes I laughed so hard. Which made my parrot fly around the room in alarm. You scared my darned parrot, you!!

  45. …and what a beautiful doxie!

  46. YAYYYY…

    Here’s to You……Rufus….the lad that took himself to the park……Edmonsons @ #14…such a long time ago……good memories!!

  47. Hon Glad – literally LOL @ “… Mr. Testicles or whatever your name is”!!!

  48. When I saw the bright light on the pup all I could see playing out in my mind was –
    God: “Awaken pup, for I have come to bestow upon you the universal truth to share with your human and yea, all Mankind!”
    Dog: “Light so bright – but so tie-tie…goes back to dreaming of chasing cats.

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    Susanna, lol at the flying doxie at 1:32

  50. I can’t believe how cruel this owner is.

    They’re making this poor pup go up and down a step just to follow the warming sun and the life-affirming light! That’s horrible!

  51. So sweet!

  52. Okay, how did that dog actually make it up the steps that far? He reminds me of a friend at work’s dog Cody, though I get the feeling that dachsunds often look similar, not a ton of variety in their markings (not saying that’s bad or good). My cat used to love sunbeams, but now that she’s 18, she just like her snuggle ball in the rocking chair.

  53. Aww so cute! I agree with the comment that all dachshunds are cute! They are also very very smart too. I have a red one and a black one. They ALWAYS find the sun spots in the house no matter where they are, even on a hardwood floor! And they just love tucking in their cute little paws when they sleep, making them look legless! It’s even cuter when they curl up together 🙂

    Oh and dachshund ears are the softest, best ears EVER

  54. HISSSSSSS says:

    Bark collar???? I highly disapprove.

  55. Jenn in IL says:

    …how did anyone find something to nuff about on here? Really??

    A) Multi Facets…I bow down to you. Truly, that was great.

    B) Susanna, you have a BEAUTIFUL Doxie.

    C) “NUH-UH! I bet you have to push him like a wheelbarrow.” – snorted quietly (I AM at work after all) for a minute at that.

  56. The first pic is so angelic!

    ::beeps daschie nose::

  57. My rabbit, Bambi, loves the sun, but we haven’t lived in a place with sunlight in over a year. So, with the new move, he’s rediscovered his favorite thing to do. Now, he tracks the sunlight as it moves toward his pen (he’ll be locked up for another few weeks until we’re all settled). When the sunlight is just a few inches away from his pen, he lays down as close to the pen wall as he can get.. and waits. He is determined to get every second of that sunlight that he can. Oh yes he is. I can’t wait until I can let him out, because the sunlight moves across the room for a few hours, so he’ll get a lot more time in the sunlight than he gets now (which is only about an hour). 🙂

  58. that just looks so relaxink…

  59. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    some of my best pics of my weiners are in sunbeams 🙂 I’m loving all these weiners pics lately 🙂 MORE MORE! ENCORE!

  60. When our basset was a puppy, long, long months ago 🙂 he would sleep in the morning sunbeam in the living room, and wake up just enough to move with it across the room. So sweet.

  61. I think the next 2 rules of cuteness should be yawning and pet +stuffed animals

  62. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (sung in a angelic chores voice