Wilford Brimley Kitteh eats Din Din

You know, Pearl, [polishes off cigarette and takes swig of beer] if you could pass me my Diabeetus testing supllies after I polish off these potstickers, I’d appreciate it. [lick lick]

Rock Me Diabeetus! (and Gabrielle P.)



  1. floppycat says:

    Sure thing, Gladys. Care for another candied mousicle?

  2. That’s one disapproving kitteh!

  3. Beth (in NC) says:

    WHAT!?!?!?! Can I put my cats in “chairs” like this?? NO!!!! I’m jeay-lous.

  4. Love the beer, ashtray and pack of smokes! I bet Wilford can burp the alphabet and blow smoke rings.

  5. Oh, watch out Winston, you have competition..that is one serious gastronome! And he uses his front paws to feel himself/herself. Gaghk!

    What a biiiig kikkikat.

  6. that’s what i call a good sound system. way to go kitteh. ur beautiful daredevil kitteh

  7. oops wrong thread.. sry

  8. wagthedogma says:

    Potstickers with a toefloof digestif…c’est magnifeet!

  9. ::sigh:: Reminds me so much of karaoke parties in Japan – gyouza, beer, edamame (the boiled soybeans in the little white bowl). Nom!

  10. Gail (the first one) says:

    Duh! It just took me like 5 minutes to connect the diabetes testing supplies with Wilford Brimley!!!!

  11. skyweaver says:

    “Would you lahk a meent? It’s wafer-thin!”

    “I couldn’t eat another bite…”

  12. I could skip the cigs, but all the rest of it, me want.
    Smooshy-face either has remarkable self-control, or *really* tasty feets.

  13. That’s not Wilford Brimley, that’s Henry VIII!!

    Or a relative of Winston’s.

  14. Totalee Puppy says:

    Private party at Tea House of the August Drum Song…I think, in a traditional
    setting in Japan, tables are
    lower…I send the
    Japanese an Ikebana flower arrangement for kicking butts in
    the humor category…”It’s the right thing to do…!”

  15. I like this version…

    Watch for the break. I need a smoke machine and some laser pointers now.

  16. gravyboat says:

    What a grumpy-lookin’ puddytat!

  17. I can’t believe he’s sitting like that. I think the reason he’s ignoring that food and licking his paws instead is because we missed the appetizer – cocktail shrimp, or maybe lobster bisk – and he’s cleaning up.

  18. Thats awesome, he looks so content… and with a meal like that, I can’t blame him.

  19. Totalee Puppy says:

    A potsticker bouquet to each of you…
    OPHELIA for karaoke party menu…
    WAGTHEDOGMA for “C’est magnifeet!”
    (had to read twice)
    KATRINA for “competition”
    THEO for Party Animal…
    MEG for “Liberty Mutual” and many other laughs…
    FLOPPYCAT for “candied mousicle.”
    KHADIJA for “beautiful daredevil/wrong thread”…(yes, devil-look)…
    SKYWEAVER for “pick up line”…

  20. “My god what’s this foreign crap, I’d sooner chew my own foot” Hmmmph…

  21. We have a word for this in Japan


  22. javagirl69 says:

    ” Hmm I dropped some on my belly – er – in my belly fur, I mean.

  23. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.
    😀 This is priceless.

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Potstickers? Give some decent American food, dagnabit, like Frenchie fries and hamburgers!”

  25. Michelle S says:

    dumplings n beer. mmmmmmmm

  26. OK. That cat is, hmm, grumpy.

  27. YES.

  28. Yitzysmommie says:

    Funneee. Definitely looks like Wilford old boy. And definitely looks like the puddy tat is big enough to have DIABEETUS.

  29. Hon Glad, LOL!

  30. Had to chime in. That kitty looks like he/she’s eating something called ‘gyoza’. They’re delicious (one of my favorite dishes when I lived in Japan). And I’d swear that drink is something we used to call a ‘hopi’ or a ‘sake bomb’ (I’d swear that’s sake on the table – but the glass is full of beer!). Essentially, it’s a Japanese boilermaker (quite tasty). The kitty looks sooooo content! Did you know there’s a breed of cat indigenous to Japan (Japanese bobtail)? We brought our critters with when we moved back stateside. One was a Japanese bobtail. Wonderful personality – very mischievous – and he loved gyoza!

  31. Bargon wanchi kox paa, Solo! Hoo hoo hoo hoo!

  32. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is awesome. Just what I need after this week (and it’s not over yet). Friend in hospital, slow at work… I don’t even want to know what’s next. Thank goodness for CO and all the friendly peeps here!!

  33. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    …and it’s not escapism. It’s gratitude!

  34. I want to introduce this guy to Winston. I’m sure they’d have a lot to talk about.

  35. Edamame AND gyoza!

    Yew kan kiip teh alkyuhawl, thoe.

  36. berthaservant says:

    It’s the RIGHT THING TO DO!

  37. snoopysnake says:

    It is saying, “Get that carcinogenic ashtray thing outtamy feline face, and maybe I’ll feel like eating something!”

  38. Two immediate thoughts:

    That is sooo Wilford Brimley! Good call.

    (song-song) “Someone’s a little lone-ly…”

  39. Oh, Neko-san, if I had gyoza, edamame, and biru in front of me, I’d be heading into food coma too.

    *Looks for nice cushion to sink into as if I were spineless.*

  40. That is one kewl cat:

  41. Oh my… the caption is perfect!

  42. Fantastic! And I”m still crying over Rock me diabeetis! Thank you, thank you, for bringing that into my life! BWAH!

  43. I love a kitteh who walks on a leash!

  44. Totalee Puppy says:

    CATURDAY–Such greatness! hoo-hoo…

  45. Totalee Puppy says:

    HON GLAD and THREE CATNIGHT–It really is time to get back to the basics–SUPER-SIZE those fries! Love you both…

  46. milquetoast says:

    Kitteh say, “Wick meh pauws, wick meh pauws, wook at funny camwa man, then wik some more pauws then, sit a spell and tink about somepin’… hmmmmmmm what am I tinkin’ about.. Oh well, wick meh pauws Hey! I didn’t get a stache drinkin’ cold Sake!!! HEAT IT UP!

  47. mandy_Reeves says:

    sake cat sayz buuuurrrp! BANZAI!!!!

  48. OK, I was messin’ around on YouThing and I found this close to the fat Brimley cat, it is a few minutes, but worth you investment of time.It is about an African Scop Owl, and all in Japanese, but STILL worth it for us illiterate in the fine Japanese language.

  49. NutherDeb says:

    Check your sugar and check it often!

  50. I wonder if Mr. Brimley is aware of the number of cats purported to look like him, and if so, what he thinks of this phenomenon.

    Odd Wilford anecdote: not long after 9/11, the Air Force band, among other acts, put on a free performance/patriotic variety show at the college I was attending. Wilford was the emcee, and he also sang a very touching rendition of “Danny Boy.”

  51. Totalee Puppy says:

    NOELEGY–I am sitting here humming
    “Danny Boy” all in
    “MEEP-MURP”…must get help…