Mo’ Kittens Mo’ Problems

It’s a well-known fact.

Mo’ Kittens, mo’ problems. Just look at the WARS it starts.

You’ll recall we posted the third pic down some time ago, where one kitten was chomping on another. The rest of the series was too good to pass up.

Snow Bengal, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Snow Bengal, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Snow Bengal, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Snow Bengalkitten 8 Tage, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Snow Bengalkitten 8 Tage, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Snow Bengalkitten 8 Tage, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Sweet McSquirmersons DellaLuna!



  1. So. Cute.

  2. Momma is beautiful! Cute lil babies…must not nom!

  3. Meg you MUST ration out these pictures – the cute factor is just too too high

  4. scooterpants says:

    the mama cat is so beautiful.
    i LOVE how the Siamese kittehs start out all pink and purrfect and get their color gradually, so they turn out so gorgeously marked (like mama cat). i’ll take two please (the two little fighters)

  5. All those kittens is like having a small army of cute to destroy all those that stand in its way……

  6. previouslydoodle says:

    The Business Section of the NYTimes has surrendered!

  7. Oh wow, omigosh, oh wow, omigosh! First picture – I’m thinking, wow I’ve never seen a kitty with markings quite like that, isn’t she pretty? Then the third picture, I see her eyes, and I fell over. As my grandma says, I “come from together.” And I LOVE the babies! I’ve never gotten to handle kitteh babies that teeny.

  8. Wow!!! NY Times! Congrats!
    Momma looks soooo happy and proud! As she should!!!

  9. CoffeeCup says:

    I’m sitting at work (at a newspaper, no less) and I’m browsing CO. In fact, it’s part of my daily routine. Gotta get that CO! It’s coffee in the morning, e-mail, then CO.

    And I still have to get my calendar! I think I’ll get a bunch of them and give them to my friends for Christmas.

  10. So this is what heaven is like… I’d heard it was glorious.

  11. P.S. Previouslydoodle that’s fantastic, but the quote at the end made me cringe: “For these women,” he said, “recently graduated from college and sitting in grim corporate America, Cute puts them in touch with their nonwork selves. It’s escapism.” < -- thanks for devaluing even the simple things women appreciate to "escapism". I suppose men working on their cars or what have you has significant social and emotional meaning, then.

  12. Hmm, I’ve been wanting a snow bengal to match our brown striped one…

  13. yankeebird says:

    What an adorable series of pictures. I really needed it today. My mom’s dog succumbed to her cancer yesterday afternoon, four weeks after her diagnosis, and four weeks and one day after mom’s other dog died. I’m so happy to see a little bundle of kittens and the joy of new life.

  14. CoffeeCup says:

    Fegli, I notice the quote at the end of the article too and I thought it was kind of melodramatic and ridiculous to suggest that women turn to CO for “escapism” as if life is all that bad to begin with.

    Though, at the risk of flaming and nuffing, I really think some people who frequent CO use the word “escape” too often or phrase their sentiments in a way that suggests that CO is the ONLY joy derived in a day…sometimes, I think people do make it very melodramatic, as if ONE ‘pa-sickie’ incident is going to wreck the entire day, reverse the earth’s rotation and make chocolate taste like gym socks.

  15. CoffeeCup says:

    Okay, now I must also add that my last post was in no way directed at one person in particular. yankeebird, I’m sorry for your mom’s loss, hope she’s feeling better soon.

  16. Wow! Mom has her work cut out for her, look at all those kittens! They are so cute. I especially love pic #6, it’s so perfect.

    Congrats on the NY Times article!

    Fegli…I see your point. I think CO is more than just escapism. For me it’s an essential part of my day if I wish to remain sane! Well, kinda sane anyway 🙂

  17. mommy looks like a variation of an egyptian mau, although i don’t think that breed comes in brown stripes against cream background, and with such clear blue eyes. soooooo pretty!!

  18. DustPuppyOI says:

    Clearly the NY Times people didn’t contact the Washington Post male reporter who appreciated hedgehog moist nosicles.

  19. Pussytoes says:

    That momma cat is so gorgeous!

  20. “make chocolate taste like gym socks”

    What the . . . ? HEY, YOU! I come here for the CUTE and to ESCAPE the horrors of world, and NOT to have such DISGUSTING and OBSCENE thoughts planted in my innocent mind!

    Now excuse me while I go get some chocolate. HARRUMPH!

  21. I so want a litter.

  22. CoffeeCup says:

    Totally off topic from the cat, but on topic with CO. I see from Amazon and BN and and all those sites that the Co calendar is still listed as having 320 pages despite being a 365 day calendar. Any of you who already have yours notice a problem? I want to get a bunch of these for Christmas presents, but I want to make sure I don’t have to flip through every single calendar to make sure 365 days can fit into 320 pages!

  23. And another thing to crab about: They misquoted Meg in that NY Times article! Surely she said the calendar’s selling out in a day was “totally redonkulous.”

  24. She looks like she’s at least part lynx point Siamese – I’ve never seen one quite that stripey in the body, though.

  25. bebes love da momma…and momma love da bebes. sigh.

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    A six-pack of adorable bebehs! and a beautiful mom kitteh! What a great way to start the day… thanks!

  27. oh, maybe it’s a siamese/egyptian mau mix!!

  28. A family friend who is staying with us has a cat just like that. Triple recessive gene… pretty rare kitty… very beautiful with a distinctive meow and crystal blue eyes. I *will* steal her kitty…bwhahaha!

  29. What a happy mamma cat!

  30. Wow… she is bee-yoo-ti-ful!

  31. Gail (the first one) says:
  32. Gail (the first one) says:

    @yankeebird: OMG, I didn’t realize it was a 2nd doggie who died! I’m SO SORRY and I send you and your mom many, many {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and of course, snorgles from the “kids” through this interweb.

  33. warrior rabbit says:

    Juno, that was my thought exactly! I wondered if she ‘sold out’ on the lingo in order to remain, uh, comprehensible to those outside our world.

    And interestingly enough, I saw the quote, “sitting in grim corporate America, Cute puts them in touch with their nonwork selves. It’s escapism.” and thought, yeah! Exactly! Except that I also visit CO before and after work and on weekends, so…I’m either always grim or always escaping. Maybe both.

    Well, it’s an addiction, but I’m not ready for boxhab. Nyerhe, nyerhe, nyerhe.

  34. I am embarrassed to admit I did not know that Meg worked for Apple. yay for the NYtimes! Go Meg Go!!!!!!

  35. mamma cat is gorgeous…coat and eyes

  36. That cat is spectacularly pretty! It’s a Siamese tabby? I want one!

  37. Aw, what a sweet momma kitty with her babies! Looks like she’s taking good care of them. *Melts*

  38. the cat is a snow-colored bengal, i believe they do get the white color from breeding siamese into the mix. I have one who looks just like her. So cute!

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    Gail (the first one),

    Totally what I thought when I saw that picture yesterday!

    Hope it gets votes. I think there’s strong CO crossover.

  40. All those pink feets!

  41. GAH!!! *dies*

  42. oof! ^_^ its a snow bengal by the waay, i clicked on the pic and it linked me to flickr which titled it “snow bengal” 🙂


    But siriuslii, foax, SPAY/NEUTER!!! ADOPT!!!

  44. Gail I don’t what that means but it was so funny I voted for it.

  45. I heart lynx points!!!

  46. My face hurts from the megaton “squeeeeeee!” that came out. Mom cat is so beautiful!

  47. Now we need photos as the kittens develop and start running the place.

  48. Darkflame173 says:

    OMG the mommie cat is simply GORGEOUS! And I think it goes without saying, though I’m sayin’ anyway!, those kittens are so very nommable 😀

    *nom nom nom*

  49. Now we need photos as the kittens develop and start running the place.

  50. Yes please please please Meg! Keep us up to date with these babies’ development! Hope they turn out like the beautiful mother!

  51. I love in the first picture, there’s the two babies that look like they’re hugging and kissing each other “Hello” and there’s a baby curled up with momma’s leg. And in the second pic, it’s still hanging out with momma’s leg! soooo cute!!!!

  52. berthaservant says:

    Yankeebird: Baroooooo!!!! All my thoughts for your mom’s losses, I hope she can find room in her heart to have new animal friends soon! Maybe kitties like these!!!

    I am not female or between 18 and 34, but is it a coincidence that such is what I seek along with the qte?

  53. To folks who have Bengals: are they super active, do they need tons of attention around the clock? I leave for work early and return home late on weekdays, so am wondering if mine is the appropriate environment for this type of cats.

  54. ScoutsMom says:

    I love how the two in the first picture are not only holding eachother, but they also form a heart. Absolutely precious.

  55. I must have one of these kittens!

  56. OMG…just realized these are bengal kittehs…. *sigh* love them : )

  57. Mama Kitty looks so proud (and rightly so)!

  58. Gail (the first one) says:

    @DKN: Luurkensproinger (n., pseudoGerman) cat/dog/kneesock with eyes who hide until unsuspecting Hooman-type passes hiding spot and then the cat/dog/kneesock with eyes attacks feet and/or ankles of said human (lurk then spring)
    (v.)luurkensproingen: to lurk and spring, attack

  59. Mom’s stripes are so gorgeous. WANT WANT WANT! Babies are all too prosh and matchingks..awwwwww.

  60. AuntieMame says:

    Someone pass the dippin’ sauce! NOM!

  61. hugs and sympathy to Yankeebird

  62. snoopysnake says:

    Mama kitteh should be in Maybelline ads! Such gorgeous blue eyes! One of the babeh kittehs clearly has inherited them from her too. They all look very content and full of love!

  63. Yes, yes, very cute, but please spay/neuter your pets!

  64. Striped momma kitteh, baby kittehs, and bluuuuuue eyes – too prosh!

    I found a website where a spotted baby kitteh was raised by a Papillion puppeh momma.

  65. saucy bernaise says:
  66. saucy bernaise says:

    Gaah – I’m terrible at posting!! Look up bring up Bea on the bespottedcattery site. There are pics below the story.

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    looks like in the last pic she’s taking roll call: “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe, Curly and Larry.” ?


    i can’t think. i can’t type. i want to nom the snorgle right outta those babeh kittehs.

    my niece thinks they are snorgle-licious too. nom nom nom!!!!!

  69. *wibbles*

    Pretty mommy, darling little pink-pawed bebehs, and I see one with its eyes open. WANT.

  70. warrior rabbit says:

    Is pic #3 a ‘Calgon, take me away’ plea? Looks like it to me.

  71. gravyboat says:

    Babies are darling, but let me pull a Bob Barker and say “help control the pet population”.

  72. Gorgeous momcat and what a sweet pile of baby bellehs! Love to snorgle me some of that soft baby tummy.

    Yay Meg and yay NYT! As for myself, female: yes. 18-34: I wish!

  73. Winni-Pig says:

    I love that last picture! You can just imagine momma cat saying “Are momma’s little babies having a nice sleepy-bye? Awww, cute lil baby puff!”, etc.

  74. I love how in the last picture, it looks like the mom is counting the behbehs, or turning them so they’ll brown on both sides.

  75. CoffeeCup, I have not yet bought one of the calendars, but I know from experience w/day-by-day calendars that they usually put Saturday & Sunday on 1 page every week, so that probably explains it.

  76. Susan Joffrion says:

    OMG> The cats are beautiful. The mom looks like one of my cats. She had 4. 2 torti, & 2 orange. I want MORE!!!!!

  77. Susan Joffrion says:

    OMG The cats are beautiful. The mom looks like one of my first cats with less stripes. Sje had 2 torti & 2 orange. I love my babies. They are sooooooo very huggable. Enjoy!!!!!!

  78. scooterpants says:

    skippy- i also love the last ‘counting the babehs photo’, and note the very delicate steppage…
    shes so wonderful!
    its really unbelievable.

  79. My God… they look delicious!

  80. okay, i try to stay out of the nuff zone, but OMG I AM SO MAD ABOUT THAT NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE I COULD SPIT! as others have mentioned, i was first ecstatic for meg and CO, then i read this incredibly ignorant statement:

    “For these women,” (the CO advertising rep) said, “recently graduated from college and sitting in grim corporate America, Cute puts them in touch with their nonwork selves. It’s escapism.”

    this is the most condescending thing i have ever seen. how dare this guy assume that i or anyone else here at CO needs to escape our lives in “grim corporate america”??? how incredibly presumptuous!!!!! are the millions of men obsessed with sports or gadgets or cars or whatever also victims seeking escape from their poor miserable lives? true as that may be, you’ll never catch the NYT making that judgement.

    sorry, but if i were meg, i would fire that condescending BLOGADS rep in about 3.5 seconds. he obviously has no respect for the work meg does, nor for those of us who regularly come here.

    and as for the writer, did the guy even look at the site? he ponders CO’s astounding success, yet fails to mention the one extremely obvious thing that makes CO rise so far above all others, the thing that is the foundation of my very deep devotion to this site:


    we could see pictures of cute animals anywhere. MEG’s wit and editorial eye are what keep us all coming back (multiple times) every day.

    and furthermore, NYT writer, if you’re really interested in understanding the site’s popularity, why talk to the *male* advertising rep? why not ask one of us?

    ok, i’m done. deep breath…

  81. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, after all the fuss, I went and read the NYT article, and I don’t understand why people are so upset. Corporate America is grim. What’s condescending about saying people look at cute animal pictures to escape from it? I didn’t see it as sexist slam. The CO demographics are what they are.

    Yes, guys look at pictures of cars and underdressed women for their “escapism.” But there are a gazillion of those kinds of websites, and only a handful of cute animal sites.

    CO (and ICHC and SOMC, etc.) are a unique breed, and I think the article acknowledges that.

  82. SQUEEEEEE!!! Creamy Bengal bebehs! What a pretty mum.

  83. As a general rule I do agree with the ‘spay/neuter’ comments, all my beasties have been rescue cats and spayed/neutered. However in this case I should imagine these are show-quality cats and there will be no problem finding a home for these gorgeous babies. Not even getting into the stupid condescending NYT as not in the mood for a rant. Am in the mood to go pink feets! Little tiny splayed pink feets and teeny faces and lookit the smile on momma’s face and Icanhashandfulsofbebehkittenspleeze?

  84. Mother love aint it Cute, gives me the warm fuzzies.

    Theo: are cats good Mommas, I’m guessing they are, but I have only had rescue cats.

    I ditto the NY Timees comments. I aint female in the age group or any other of their, so called criteria. I come for the Wit and a few Aww’s.

  85. All I can say is Fantasy Football leagues. If women did that the media would make fun of it six ways from Sunday.

    Escapism-bah, we work quite diligently, sharing and caring about each other and about very serious causes- some of us get riled up over serious infractions of common sense, even….

    I’m proud to be part of a caring community whose main goal is to alleviate suffering and promote teh qte, teh fuzzy and teh responsible.

    Again, my thanks to all who do the behind-the-scenes work on CO and all who contribute, together we make a strong case for things that are or can be righted in the world-escapism….*sheesh*.

  86. Totalee Puppy says:

    K-A-T-R-I-N-A!! You represent all CO fans so well!

  87. Hey, Londoner, I’m glad to hear you spay/neuter your pets. I understand what you’re saying about show cats, but people who buy show cats are therefore NOT going to the shelter to get themselves one of the many lovely babies who desperately need a home, and who might otherwise be euthanized. I volunteer with an organization that spays/neuters feral cats, and many of them are actually stray, not feral. Many of them have been victims of the housing crisis (abandoned after a foreclosure), and it’s just all very heartbreaking. Please don’t buy a cat, everybody. Please go to a shelter and save a cat’s life. And please spay/neuter the pets you have.

  88. I also look at CO when I’m not at work. Does that make me a bad person?

  89. [tries to lick caramel swirl off that kitty]

  90. Thank you, Totalee Puppy, that means a great deal coming from you.

    Starling, it makes you conscientious (and hard to spell. I had to look that up for spelling!, but you’re worth it!)

  91. There’s something beautiful about mama kitties feeding their babies. I think it’s the whole natural instinct thing.

  92. Just unbelievably beautiful ! Momma has so much love in her eyes…

  93. I think I love momcat’s smile the most.

    And whoever lives with those kittehs, keep sending Meg photos!

  94. okay, i over-reacted to the quote at the end of the news article yesterday.

    i just get mad when people seem to demean this community and shortchange the intelligence of its members, just because CO is, at first glance, about baby animals and “stereotypical female.” especially when i’m convinced that if we could harness the positive energy here, we could bring world peace!

    but anyway, if anyone’s still here…
    sorry for the extreme nuff!

  95. Daphne Moss says:

    Loved dis so…why post didn’t show?

  96. what an amazing fur mommy has. I LOVE her!!!

  97. i want one!