Begun, the Nuff Wars have …

And now for something completely different:  A cat with four ears.  Meet "Yoda," the first kitty equipped for quadraphonic sound.  Adopted by a nice couple in Chicago, Yoda hears well and is otherwise normal, apart from a tendency to emit feedback when held too close to speakers.  More pix and article at the Daily Mail.

Could could you you turn turn down down your your radio radio please please?

Ears to you, Mary O.



  1. WHAT?

  2. He’s beautiful.

  3. He’s adorable! Who couldn’t love a little guy like this?

  4. Golden Phoenix says:

    Soooooo cute!

    I want a kitty but my lease won’t let me have one…

    Maybe if i pretend it’s just a stuffed toy…

    “What, the purring? No, must be a car outside. The miaow? Nope, didn’t hear a thing.”

  5. Hes adorable!!! The ears and just plain cool. ^^

  6. Beth (in NC) says:

    No nuff wars!! He looks perfectly happy. I enjoy the larger set of ears because they are rounded.

    He’s like Yoda, Ewok style.

  7. wagthedogma says:

    I believe this is Darwin’s cat’s theory of evolution: If getting skritched behind two ears feels good, simply evolve with two more for twice skritchy goodness!

  8. elliottsmommy says:

    he is polyearyl.

    wittle pessum angel babies. TWICE the ear nommage!!!

  9. Do any denomic powers come with those horns?

  10. Oh, excuse me, nomonic powers!

  11. He’s a beauty! There really is something strangely cool about the double set of ears. I wonder if he can pick up signals from space? Maybe he’s ET Cat, waiting for home to phone.

  12. He looks well cared-for and happy, quite stately actually. Thanks go to the nice couple for Chicago.

    Imagine how quickly he responds to the sound of the can opener!

  13. usually I get freaked out by stuff like this…like that kitten with two faces a while back…but this kind of cute. Doesn’t look like this kitty’s life is effed up due to his ‘specialness’.

    I’d be nibbling on some ears!

  14. Just promise me this won’t become a new breed- antenna cat or whatever.

    I, too, was thinking more ear to sritch!

  15. snoopysnake says:

    Cat with four ears quite handsome is. He Photoshop to mind brings.

  16. that’s what i call a good sound system. way to go kitteh. ur beautiful daredevil kitteh

  17. I wonder where the subwoofer is…

  18. Oh man… that’s just too much for me. See, I’m an ear girl…BIGTIME… this cat wouldn’t stand a chance against my constant ear snorgles and oh so gentle nommings! *takes a plane to Chicago to steals teh four eared kitteh for nommings*

  19. Oh, he is utterly adorable! I’d have put this one in ‘Cute Or Sad?’ myself, as he did make me want to cry a little even as I Aww!ed.

  20. What a handsome boy. The double set of ears is a bit strange at first. He looks happy and healthy. No nuffing from me.

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    Yoda I am, and cute am I too. Hear I all things, like cats everywhere being fed, and radio broadcasts away far, like New York. Ear scratches I love, and ear nibbles, too, so lend me your hands!

  22. Kittytoes says:

    Why in the world would anyone nuff about this adorable baby?

  23. Whoa, I have never seen that before! I love him! WANT

  24. Gail (the first one) says:

    Definitely looks like horns–haha!! Kitteh can listen to both the Cubs (North side) and the Sox (South side) games at the same time!!!

  25. Thank you for once again showing us the beauty in all creatures!

  26. Pixiepetals says:

    It’s the Mythical Pan-kitteh!

  27. He’s beautiful!!!!

  28. Usually I’m sad about these kinds of things, but it doesn’t look bad at all! He’s a gorgeous kitty. I like how one set is pointy-tipped and the other is round-tipped.

  29. What a lovely cat. He radiates serenity.

  30. Finding the nuff in this will be like a needle in a haystack. Likely someone will find it though…
    Sensed the dark side I have.

  31. peachfish says:

    They’re kind of like an ear corwn; he looks like a cat prince! Interesting how each ear set is actually a different shape!

  32. MandaBain says:

    Cool! I was gonna send this in 🙂 I had a feeling this handsome guy wouldn’t have the same puddin’-war potential as the two-faced kitten. Won’t get into why that is…don’t want to start THAT up again.

    “When 2 sets of ears YOU receive, look as good you will not!”

  33. Very strange, but cool too. It sure made me do a double-take!

  34. I love the ear crown!

    I want my kitties to have too.

  35. Speaker feedback, ha HAAA! That’s a pretty kitty, but I can’t help it – all it needs is a red pitchfork and to be renamed Scratch! Especially since he’ll get so many more ear scratches than other kitties.

  36. texirishrose says:

    The Cat From Outer Space! (Disney)

    Soooo kewt!

  37. Cute — and cool looking — though not the first — I know I have seen a four-eared kitten before, floating around in internet land … Err…


    … Yeah, this new one’s way cooler.

  38. Look at his chest fur. I bet he is extra soft there. MMMMM scritches. I would also have to give him gentle rubs all around his rightful crown.

  39. HOWLS with laughter at the nuff prediction…

    the only nuffs you will see will have to do with “this makes me sad” and “this is supposed to be cute not weird” resulting in “I’m never coming back again”

    NOT my opinion, I think this cool cat is the MEOW, LOVE IT.

  40. Goodness, no wonder he looks so alert. Do all 4 ears move independently when he hears things, I wonder?

  41. “Hes adorable!!! The ears and just plain cool. ^^”

    Hey, Phoenix, shouldn’t that be n^^n ?

  42. I would have adopted him too. What a cool cat. On a side note, I have a friend whose brother would go to the pet stores and only buy the fish that were missing parts, or had extra parts. A whole tank full of fish that would otherwise be unwanted is a really cool thing.

  43. bad kittymama says:

    Incidentally, this is a known genetic mutation, albeit rare. No photoshopping necessary.

  44. He’s cute and healthy and not sad and non-viable like two face kitty.

  45. What a cutie! God clearly has a sense of humor… and I think He likes Star Wars!

  46. More Darth Maul with those ‘horns’ than Yoda but cute nonetheless.

  47. What a beauty, he looks like a dalience between a Cat and a Polecat.

  48. I would’ve called him Quadrophenia instead… but that’s just me.

  49. Awww, he’s all set for skritches squared. My son now wants a devil kitty, too. I had to remind him one of ours already has enough devil in him to warrant 10 ear/horn sets.

  50. inbreeding = not cute

  51. He’s very cute now, but just imagine what he must have looked like when he was eight weeks old. Bring on the kitten pics!

  52. i would have named him pan… it’s like he’s got pan/faun horns!

  53. i’d name him satellite in honor of LeRoi Moore from dmb. precious little being. i’ve always wanted a key-key of that color.

    [Two things — 1) Yeah I saw that, and it’s a sad thing all rightp; the man was a painter with a sax. 2) I took care of the dup comment cleanup… – Ed.]

  54. soft kronsche
    soft kronsche
    soft kronsche
    soft kronsche

  55. what the. my comment did not get posted. here it goes again-

    i’d name him satellite in honor of leroi moore, the sax player for dave matthews. this key key is a precious little being and i’ve always wanted one of that color. they look like velvet.

  56. craaaaaaap.

  57. Jenn Pin – where is it said that this mutation came from inbreeding??

  58. What.

    That’s some serious strangeness.

  59. Dual ear installation iz 4 hearin subwoofers AND tweeters.

  60. Awww bless! Freeakky-kayoot! 😀

  61. Ohhhh! Two sets of velvetiness to nom.

  62. scooterpants says:

    why am I never at a bar in Chicago when they’re opassing around the dual earred kittens? why? WHY?? WHY???
    so lovely.

  63. He’s adorable!

    I love the pic of him dancing cheek to cheek with his human.

  64. CoffeeCup says:

    Seriously, I want to be in an environment in which people are passing around kittens!! I want kittens!!

  65. He’s gorgeous!!!! I love the little horns. It makes me happy to see him adopted by good people. In another time, well, you know.

    I love the super pointy devil set tho. He doesn’t need a costume for halloween!

  66. goodlookingelf says:

    Oh yeah, I saw this cat on the news. I don’t know why, but the first thing I thought of was: “Ground Control to Major Tom”. LOL
    I think he is cute, obviously his extra ears for nommage doesn’t affect him at all.

  67. well, the nuffing would obviously come from the scottish folds themselves, who glow with jealousy over this quadruple-eared masterpiece, while they – little foldies! – appear to be lacking ears altogether.

    no nuffin, for reals. i’m glad this special edition kitkat found a good home.

  68. Nuffin should only occur if he was BRED to look like this, but this is a natural mutation, so who could complain.

    Now. perhaps, passing out bebbeh kittehs in a bar? That could be nuff worthy, lol.

  69. OHHHHHH!!!! I adore greys and with horns!!! Bleeen!
    (my first bleen evar!

  70. Woahhhh… it’s like the tips of his regular ears just decided to sproot up elsewhere.

    And yes, like someone else mentioned, he does kinda look like Darth Maul lol

  71. Joe Beese says:

    While this is not suicide-inducing like the Janus kitty – and not even devoid of cuteness – I humbly ask the editors to pretty-please-with-sugar-on-top declare a moratorium on genetic-abnormality posts. It is *so* not what I come to this site for.

  72. Chelonianmobile says:


    Apparently the extra ears are just flaps of skin, not actual extra hearing organs, so his hearing is normal. They just look cool.

  73. Chelonianmobile says:

    Joe Beese: so you want to ban all pics of, say, cats with odd-coloured eyes? Male torties? Albinos? Who are you to define genetic “normality”?

  74. O hai Norty!!

  75. Yitzysmommie says:

    2X earage = 2X keeyootness. Saw Yoda on CNN and immediately hoped I’d see him here. Very prosh.
    OH!! hubby just called me outside to see the teensy bebeh bunneh in the bushes. A Mommie Bunneh is raising her bebehs in our front bushes & this bebeh was caught far far away when Hubby turned on the lawnmower. We admired the leetle guy’s strong disapprovingness & then left heem alone to rejoin mom.

  76. Michelle S says:

    1000 kinds of awesome! Double the delicious nomness!

  77. joe beese is an elitist. i could also say something about how this started genocide, but i’ll stop there.

    this key-key is purrfect in his own way. it was an accident from the higher-ups, and can be used to show children that have physical deformities that they are adorable too. i want to cuddle him and start up his purr-box.

  78. Twice the ear-tips for nibbling!
    I see nothing wrong with this post- it isn’t like the cat was bred to have this abnormality (I’ve heard of it occuring before, in pet cats and feral cats), and it isn’t like it is suffering from it in any way.
    If you read the article, it doesn’t sound like the humans chose the kitty because his abnormality was a novelty to them- it sounds like the kitty chose the humans and they fell in love.

  79. I think it looks like there is another cat behind him.

  80. Kyoot! But kitteh looks like it has horns…basement kitteh! Just kidding!


    This site’s got more information about four-eared kittehs, and some cute photos too.
    It seems that the mutation can be linked to other defects, but many four-eared cats are perfectly ok.

    I’d be totally against Cute Overload giving up posting the occasional photo of healthy mutant animals. It’s educational for people to see the variations that nature produces!

  82. I’m a sucker for a solid silver baby. I had a Russian Blue as a kid, and he was the handsomest boy evar.

  83. I want one!
    I would nom away on all four of those ears.

  84. As long as those bad boys work and he doesn’t have any other congenital issues I don’t see any reason to be sorry for him.

    He’s apparently got a great home with two wonderful furparents who dote on him and whom he adores. He’s a clever boy though, knew exactly who to coddle up to in the bar. He knows a sucker when he sees one!

  85. As one of CO’s hated “Nuffers” I don’t think there’s going to be much controversy around this kitty. He’s cute and happy! Maybe Meg didn’t understand the problem people had with the twofaced kitty? This is totally different and cute. Personally I wouldn’t even Nuff cats and racks provided the cat in question was extra cute!

  86. Oh, and PS! I had a coworker with a second earlobe on one side. It looked neat! And he had no hearing problems or issues, I don’t think he ever wanted to get it removed to have a conventional-looking ear, it was a good conversation starter. So I don’t think anyone needs to be concerned with this kitty’s quality of life.

  87. CNN has this sweet kitteh, plus a 2-headed turtle, who is also cute.

  88. Not all cats with deformities like this are inbred. Inbreeding tends to cause more internal issues than external. I have a little one from a feral colony who has a small chest and ribcage due to inbreeding, so his lungs and heart are compressed. Sad, but he does well. Don’t assume that just because an animal looks different, that it’s inbred. Are all humans that have deformities inbred? No.

  89. Joe Beese says:

    chelonianmobile: I could reply with a tu quoque and demand who are you to imply that my judgments are less valid than yours. But instead I’ll just say that the “Holy moly, look at that freak of nature!” subtext of this post approaches whatever line separates the unusual from the abnormal and then pole vaults over it.

    marie_n: I humbly suggest that the progression from not posting pictures of a group of beings to exterminating them in death camps is not as slippery a slope as you seem to fear.

  90. I’m afraid I would have to call him “Lucifer.” Eep! I’m sure he’s a very nice cat, but he rather looks like he has horns.

  91. ear probs says:

    Such a shame so many cannot see the beauty in variety, and prefer a whitewashed world. By the way, Joe Beese, I have a genetic mutation, also of the ear. I’ll try to stay out of your way so you won’t have to deal with it. Poor, poor you. So tortured by the imperfections of others.

  92. joe beese's conscience says:

    That’s the problem, isn’t it, Joe. Your ‘judgments.’ I think you’ve just made our point for us. Thanks!

  93. darkshines says:

    Can you hear me now?

  94. He’s a beautiful thing, Yoda is.

    I think he fell out of a dimensional warp from another universe….

    So he’s a mutant. So what? That doesn’t make him any less adorable. As someone here said earlier, he could be a teaching tool for kids. And yes, Lucifer is a lovely name..he does look as if he fell to earth.

  95. Ai lurves AWL kittoonz.


    Withaowt eggsepshun.


  96. I totally agree HonorH. I bet he’d think he could get away with anything then.

    Looks like Basement Cat is now recruiting cats of all colors! lol

  97. My sister named her cat Lucy Fur. (No ‘horns,’ she was did a lot of bad things when she was a kitty.)

  98. “I could reply with a tu quoque and demand who are you to imply that my judgments are less valid than yours. But instead I’ll just say that the “Holy moly, look at that freak of nature!” subtext of this post approaches whatever line separates the unusual from the abnormal and then pole vaults over it.”

    You may be the only one who is finding that particular subtext my dear.

    (and being pompous doesn’t exactly win you friends.)

  99. Handsome devil…

  100. berthaservant says:

    The handsome four-eared kitteh I think only foregrounds the problem of deciding which “abnormalities” are “cute” and which ones are “sad” or “scary.” Even what seems to be a relatively mild (and potentially cute) unusual physical feature has here brought out people who wants such images to be removed or suggest that the only cause of such a feature is “inbreeding.” Though these reactions are not as intense or numerous as the Janus-faced kitteh, they are similar in their intent. This is wrong, it is a product of something “wrong” happening in nature, and the existence of it is not suitable for discussion in this forum.

    I readily concede that there are contextual differences in talking about people with physical differences (as opposed to differently-shaped animals), but that same kind of talk about physical difference often WAS used in discussing human beings. Children with Down’s Syndrome were referred to by very ugly names (commonly) and often shunted away to private sanitaria, kept out of family pictures, and made invisible by their families and communities. In many cultures throughout history, “abnormal” babies were left to die or shunted away to communities in exile. The worst manifestation of this (at least that I can think of right now) was the exiling and extermination of millions of people (including the disabled and infirm) in World War II.

    So, it IS a slippery slope. If this — or, I argue, the two-faced kittie, or a polydactyl kittie, or an albino human, or a baby with cerebral palsy — bothers you so much to the point that you think it must be removed from your sight and/or is not suitable for anyone else to see, then I suggest you think about what life means and why it should be valued. (Your answer can be different than mine, of course – but if I don’t want to see something, I simply choose not to look, rather than insist that it be made invisible to myself and others).

    Remember this: there is no such thing as “disabled.” We are all, merely, “temporarily abled.” Most of us will be considered disabled or physically unattractive at some point during our lives. Let’s hope there isn’t someone looking at a picture of YOU someday saying “Ew, that thing shouldn’t exist.”

  101. Nature has a sense of humor, it appears. What a handsome and exceptional kitty!

  102. What an awesome-looking little cat. I’m so glad that he’s healthy and the extra ears don’t give him any problems. Frankly, I think this is one of the rare category of cool-lookin’ mutations that are more of a social asset than anything else. I’m hoping to adopt a kitten this year (waiting till the next batch of school holidays so I can spend quality time at home getting it settled in) and if the SPCA has one with double ears or extra toes, as long as it is healthy and well-adjusted, the extras would actually make me want to pick that kitten more. I would enjoy having an unusual cat and I’d feel good about making sure one of nature’s oddities had a safe home.

  103. What beautiful kitteh!

  104. He’s so cute! He’s got cutie pointy ears and rounded big ones.

    Cat: “Is there an echo in here?”

  105. divine ms k says:

    aw. him’s the eariest. 🙂

  106. Creepy, he is.

  107. Winni-Pig says:

    He’s freaky, with those intense eyes under the pointy ears (they DO look like horns!).

    But in a good way.

    Though perhaps a bit startling to wake up to nose to nose…ummm, brain….

  108. Winni-Pig says:

    Berthaservant – thanks for a very moving commentary on the concerns raised in this dialogue.

  109. AuntieMame says:

    Amen, berthaservant! Unfortunately, the world is full of those who believe anything different should be destroyed.

    Yoda is adorable. I think, however, that I’d always be watching my back if he was my kitteh, for fear of him stealing my soul… 😀

  110. berthaservant, I think I love you.

  111. Joe Beese says:

    vampy : I figure anyone who implies I’m a Nazi – or resents the fact that some people can write above a 9th grade reading level – probably won’t want to be my friend anyway. But thanks for the advice.

  112. berthaservant says:

    Joe Beese: I write above a 9th grade level and I don’t want to be your friend, either.

    And I’m not implying you are a Nazi. Just a jerk.

  113. I saw this guy in the “Star Wars” cantina scene.

  114. I have to say that to accuse Joe Beese of being pro-genocide because of a post asking for a halt on certain types of pictures is a pretty extreme stance. This is not a slippery slope, unless it is a slippery slope into idiotic righteousness on the part of the accuser.

  115. (fist-bumps Berthaservant for smacking down offensisensitivist jb)

    Berthaservant for Veep!

    oooh, so then four years from now:
    Meg for Prez
    Teho for Speaker of the House
    Jaye for Senate Leader
    NTMTOM for 1st lady

    And all funded by the CO calendar . . .
    [shifty eyes and X-files music]
    I Want To Believe.

  116. Well said, berthaservant. The fact is, we are ALL mutants, everyone’s DNA is full of mutations. And we are all the result of millions of years of accumulated mutations. Some of those mutations give us the ability to write (above a 9th grade level), some of them give us the ability to choose our friends, and some of them allow us to enjoy teh Qte.

    That’s what I’m gonna do – focus on the beautiful devil kitty with extra scritchable ears.

  117. Soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  118. lol, Chelonianmobile.

    The Turtle Moves!

    Nuffers should read ‘Small Gods’ first and nuff later.

  119. I love this pic. Kitteh is all, “I have FOUR ears! How many do YOU have?”

  120. There are practically NO negative comments and y’all are just latching onto the few of them!

    I think not feeling that “unique” is automatically the same thing as cute is perfectly valid. Just because someone doesn’t find this kitty cute like I do doesn’t mean that they have horrible pro-eugenic nazi political beliefs or are mean to humans OR animals that have differences. It just means they might not appreciate them for their physical appearance. Which is totally their choice. Personally, I get annoyed at cats-and-racks posts because although I *am* a woman and love many women and am politically and morally pro-breast, I just don’t really enjoy looking at their boobs.

    Let’s not hate on people who don’t think extra cat ears are cute. The majority of us do, and the kitty probably couldn’t care less if we like his ears, he’s got a happy home and people that love him already.

  121. What is this fear of the uncommon?

    Joeb should take his superstitious humbles and go darken someone else’s blog.

    Nuff said.

  122. warrior rabbit says:

    Thinking they’re not ‘cute’ is an unfortunate (imho) but acceptable personal prerogative.

    Requesting they not be posted is a whole different ballgame, and something most of us find offensive.

  123. He has a rather pleasant smile to his face, doesn’t he? And his eyes are clear and intelligent. He’s probably a fine cat.

  124. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @dub1: First Lady?

  125. Daphne Moss says:

    er…em…why my posts not showing up?

  126. Daphne Moss says:

    NM..they did…Just wanted to say that with four ears, more chances to snorgle.
    Would not want to see this become a breed, tho.
    No offense, but the Scottish folds and Munchkins…yea, *takes off coat to reveal Nuffer Girl Uniform — and cape*

  127. “I figure anyone who implies I’m a Nazi – or resents the fact that some people can write above a 9th grade reading level – probably won’t want to be my friend anyway. But thanks for the advice.”

    Most folks here CAN write above the 9th grade level, and not only that, many of the people here, myself included, are well educated people.

    Very nice of you to judge a large group of people in a wide brushstroke based on a website that is dedicated to cute animals and allows us all to act silly for the fun of it.

    I really dispise it when someone comes here and tries to act like the only intelligent, educated individual on the internet. I’ve no idea what on earth they get out of it beyond a brief moment of smug self-satisfaction.

  128. Monique, I can’t speak for others, but I am simply highly annoyed at the pompous nature of said poster’s comments and the underlying assumption that they are the only one here with any brains.

  129. scooterpants says:

    you’re not even realizing the earring possibilities hear. 😉
    clip-on’s of course.

    (loukie thar, i spel’ed beg wurd)

  130. Do I need to go make some pudding or all the nuffers settling down?

  131. @berthaservant;
    I think I . . . no, I know I am in awe of your wisdom.

  132. Vampy, I could understand that except that bragging about being above a 9th grade level should not impress any of us that are over 14 years old. He’s just coming across as defensive because this place is not friendly to those who disagree with the majority. I’m not saying that I would want to be Joe Beese’s friend, because I know nothing about him beyond his not liking differently-eared cats and being literate, but neither of those are negatives in my book.

    JB was right that comparing nuffers to Nazis is uncool! Not only because it’s mean to nuffers but because it belittles the Nazi atrocities!

  133. Totalee Puppy says:

    A beautiful, special cat. I think of figures on the roofs of great cathedrals… This cat has a powerful presence…
    Thank you,BERTHASERVANT, for all I have learned from you and for the challenge to change and grow…
    a faithful friend,
    Totalee Puppy

  134. The hovertext is cute but if I saw this cat in real life I definitely won’t be going aaaawwwwww.

  135. berthaservant says:

    To paraphrase Groucho Marx, I would never belong to any political party that would nominate me for Vice-President. (Supreme Court, now that’s another matter).

    Of course, someday someone will dig up my record in the administration of the Honorable Governor William J. LePetomaine, and my goose would be cooked. I was part of the legendary assault on Rock Ridge. Damn you, Hedley Lamarr!

  136. I’ve seen this guy around the net and on TV, and I think he has an amazing story! So cute! I wanna scratch right under his chin, hehehe!

    Don’t change because a few people might complain, keep doing what you’re doing – because it’s awesome!

  137. Raemie L. says:

    I couldn’t help myself.

    “Adopted by a *mice* couple in Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Ro’Dent discovered their adopted son had unusual hearing abilities. Now working at the Daily Meow, mild-mannered Ken Ro’Dent, with the guise of a cat-wig, uses his superability to track and bring to justice political scandals, devious plots of corporations and the latest celebrity gossip.” (Private Ears?)

  138. @Berthaservant, How many instruments could Governor Le Petomaine play?

    Nom Tom; or should I say…. cue dramatic music…Fifi La Bootstrap, the notorious con Artist and Sword Swallower. Of course First Lady.

  139. The comments on the Daily Mail article say he’s a Korty. Is that the same as Russian blue? (He looks like a Russian Blue kitteh to me.)

  140. Ugh sorry – that was “Korat”, not Korty. D’oh.

  141. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Berthaservant: Gentleman, the affairs of state must take precedent over the affairs of state.

  142. This kitty cat would look great as depicted by ancient Egyptians on some tomb wall- she’s so stately and poised.

    I wonder if four-eared cats were even more revered by ancient Egyptians, who worshipped cats? (Those were the days, huh Yoda?) Well, we think you are wonderful.

    My friend who had the double mastectomy is doing wonderfully-thanks to you all for your support-my fears have vanished, as, we hope has the C.

    Hey-whose birthday is it today? Well Happy Birthday!I just feel like celebrating today! Anniversary? Bar/Bat Mitzvah anniversary-what are we going to celebrate today?

  143. Interesting that the nuffing seems to be focused on each other rather than on the kitty. After all, I think humans are distinct from other animals by our ability to choose nuffable behavior. OK, thinking done; now I wanna skritch and nom.

  144. Monique, I’d give you an answer, but frankly, I stopped giving a rat’s ass yesterday.

    All I can really say is that I despise pompousness. It makes me stabby.

  145. As for mutants…the X-Men are mutants. And look how bad-ass they are.

    This kitteh= new superhero?

  146. Well, your sort WOULD despise pompousness, Vampy. You haven’t earned it. *SNIF*

  147. Colonel Snickerdoodle IV says:


    Is it just me, or do those second set of nommable ears look kind of humany? O.o

    First, the opposable thumbs, then the humany ears….

    Well, I, for one, welcome our fuzzy new earth-conquering overlords!!
    \ ^_^ / YAAY!

  148. AuntieMame: ” I think, however, that I’d always be watching my back if he was my kitteh, for fear of him stealing my soul… :-D”

    But aren’t ALL kitties capable of stealing your soul? Or is it just your heart? : D

  149. I agree with Joe Beese, in that I do not come to CO for pictures of animals with more or less than the usual number of eyes/ears/faces/whatever. I also find them somewhat disturbing. I come here for snorgly animals. It’s my issue, not anyone else’s. I respect all of your opinions, I ask that you respect mine (and Joe’s). Think of the kittens! 🙂

    Hugs to you all, regardless of your feelings on this subject.

  150. *flings pudding at Theo*


    *flings pudding at Vampy*

    (i dont know why, i just read the last comment and thought “YAY! FOODFIGHT!”)

  152. *flings Vampy at Aurora*

  153. He is adorable and has so much love in those eyes. I’d give him a loving home anytime !

  154. I’d fling Aurora at Theo, but I’m kinda sore from being flung myself.

  155. cmon people, this looks sooo photoshopped. it looks like someone took a kitten head and photoshopped that smaller head on top of this cat. i don’t think this is real.

  156. warrior rabbit says:

    Follow the link to the Daily Mail, Jillian.

    Kitteh is real.

  157. I would whisk this cat home with me in less than a second, abnormalities or not. Some people’s comments here are just plain old mean to this sweet beautiful four eared kitty. Me and the kitty shall drive off to the sunset together and cuddle for as long as we want to. So there! 😛

  158. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Vampy, Teho, Aurora
    “C’mon-a-my house, a-my house, I wanna give you Pasickies..” (with apologies to Rosemary Clooney)

    I have Orange, Cherry and Grape!!!!

  159. AuntieMame says:

    Debbie, I think most of us object, not to a different opinion, but to the tone in which that opinion is delivered. And also to demands that future photos conform to that person’s opinion. In other words, we object to those who try to make their issue our issue.

    Certainly there are those who turn every dissenting opinion into a personal attack, but by insisting that we all conform to their views, they become no better than the nuffs they profess to dislike.

    Unfortunately, the Internet is like that.

  160. This is what they should have given Damien instead of that stupid slobbery dog. Just kidding he looks healthy and happy and that,s all that matters.

  161. Gail….do you have nanner pasickies? I like the nanner ones bestest.

  162. SQUEEEEE!!!!

    The Force is strong with this one. Sonar, he may have.

  163. Hey, peeps… Just look at those eyes… He may just have pwned me.

  164. Totalee Puppy says:

    GEETARD-Bwahahahawa hahahaha! X-MEN…


  165. Totalee Puppy says:

    NTMTOM FOR WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY…No caffeine while on duty, okay?

  166. Rebel Barbie says:


  167. ADORABLE kitty! I tried to use this post’s “email this to a friend” function, though, and it wasn’t working (darn it).

  168. This article off MSN has a differnt origin story. It says they got it from a bar owner who used to keep him in a cage over the bar to entertain his customers.

    In either case he is cute…and I am happy he found a good home.

  169. @NTMTOM:

    I think you’d posted you were Canuck, so it would have to be an unelected post, and First Lady was the first thing that came to mind. ‘First Gentleman’ was a tad obscure, and let’s face it, not NEARLY ROFLable.
    But White House Sec’y is brill.
    And @ Berthaservant:
    Ask not what cuteness can do 4 U, but wot U can do 4 the country.
    [I hear it’s down to you, Hilary and Joe].

  170. I was coming here to say what Patricia said. I like CO’s story better and I will pretend that is the real one! (It’s amazing how different the two stories are.)

  171. More CO T-Shirts, pls:

    “Meg 2012”
    “What would Teho do?”
    “Pomposity makes me stabby”
    “Four ears better than two ears”

  172. DixiesMom says:

    I’ll buy the “Pomposity” shirt!!

  173. What??
    I see a pic of an absolutely snorgable kitty and lo and behold the comments turn all godwin halfway through.

    It’s a kitteh. With earlobes.

    I knew a kitteh with thumbs once. He was the cutest!!

    As for the grade 9 level of conversation…well, that happens in a room full of snorgaliciousness. Look at the big ol’ bikers with the kittehs. 😉