‘Tiddy’ Bear? Sign me UP

This is beyond redonk, People. Alert viewer Matthew McCurtisons found this one. Introducing a product you don’t need with a ridiculous name! Total overload.

I’m ordering two faster than you can say ‘shoulder strap ap ap ap ap ap’



  1. Bears and racks, love it! 😉

  2. Czechmate says:

    OMIGOD! It’s a real product! MUST HAVE!

  3. shinymathom says:

    I really could not see a hetero guy using one of those. They’re not exeptionally cute in my opinion either.

  4. Um.
    This is real.
    I checked.
    Fifteen bucks.

  5. Tiddy Bear? Are they kidding with the name? LOL!

  6. (the original) Mel says:


  7. Erica Stephan says:

    “Product you don’t need”? Clearly, you are not a short person! I hate seatbelt straps digging into my neck… this actually seems practical!

    (A bit teddy-porno, but practical…)

  8. SillyGirl says:

    I wonder how many takes they had to film to get the actors to stop laughing

  9. oh gawd, at 0:50, the juxtaposition of the words “soft and cushy” and the close-up shots of three consecutive… ummm… tiddy bears.

  10. So, do you put the erm Tiddy Bear face-up or erm face-down? 😛

  11. Well what do you think? Soft and cush or straps and snaps? Choose wisely…

  12. That’s disgusting. Could they possibly show more skin in the ad?

  13. Haha catch that? “Fits all makes and models” haha!

  14. Isn’t it illegal to drive around bear-breasted?

  15. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  16. *Bear-breasted.* Hee hee

    *TIDDY BEAR*. Hmm. Great for those with — and for those, umm, without.

    Fifteen bucks is a bit high, IMO.

    And I would want a, umm, TIDDY PUSSY. Ya think? 🙂

  17. cinderELLA says:


    I love how, in the ad in the site, they went ‘And thats T-I-D-D-Y bear!’, like they wanted to prove they aren’t TOTEL pervs.

    I’m surprised they sell to under-18’s.

  18. The spokes-model woman touting the Tiddy Bear appears to have a black eye. Perhaps she needed an EYE Bear, too.

  19. cdelphine says:

    ahahaha I can’t believe this. Why oh why would you name your product the tiddy bear?

  20. titty-bear?

  21. “Titty” bear is more like it, over and over and over….

    Oh, we fussy Americans. No wonder Norwegians, etc, think we are wimps!

  22. Aside from the general level of taste in this commercial: using that product will actually affect your safety in situations when you need the safety belt. They are tight for a reason…

    Although I do agree with Erica Stephan; if you are short (as I am), safety belts often dig into or chafe the neck. Sewing something soft and thin to protect my skin might be a good idea.

  23. Okay, I confess. I have a set of these. Got them as a joke (?) for Christmas. Have not used them but they are great for a giggle.

  24. Hey, it’s $15 for TWO, count ’em TWO Tiddy bears. Can’t have one just one tiddy – every one knows you need two tiddies.

  25. Mary (the first) says:

    Those straps dig into tall people too (I’m 5’10) but still .. a “tiddy” bear?!? I could make my own for a couple dollars and not give it a ridiculous name.
    Sheez. What will they think of next?!? (Order now and get a set of GINZU knives with it!)

  26. This is great! I’m totally buying one. The shoulder strap in my car definitely bothers me, and I love the idea of this little plush guy snuggling up to me while I drive. Cute and practical!!

  27. I could see this getting totally out of hand, actually…

    *police sirens*

    “License and regis– what is that?”

    “What? Oh, that’s my Tiddy Bear.”

    “Your titty WHAT?”

    “No, no, it’s a double-D, you see.”

    *driver gets a ticket for speeding, and another for inappropriate tiddy-lation of a police officer*

  28. Biscuit Tin says:

    I always thought this was fake. If it’s real, I’ll get one. I’m tired of arriving somewhere with a big red mark on my neck from where the seatbelt choked me. It looks really useful, to me. I just always thought it was a joke.

  29. A. Non Ymous says:

    hahahahahahaha seriously brought tears to my eyes. thanks so much for posting this. And for a limited time they’re selling two Tiddy Bears for the low low price of $14.95. That’s two for the price of one, people. I definitely need two . . .
    For the suspicious among us, this was apparently invented by two ladies. Though I definitely noticed all the women in the commercial were wearing tank tops . . .

  30. Ellen was making fun of those a few months back.

  31. Ah, yes, so I see. So for the sake of my selfish comfort, I have to smother a poor little Tiddy Bear? 😛

  32. I love the titty bear. Wait, what?

  33. I am a hetero guy, and with my luck I would have a head on accident within hours of secretly using one of these things (my shoulder strap is like a python on me in my G8 GT) and then have a “Tiddy Bear” bruise that would last for weeks much to the delight of my wife and my fellow military reservists should they see it.

  34. Ria said: That’s disgusting. Could they possibly show more skin in the ad?
    yes, those offensive tank tops are showing way too much skin…

    i think the bear is cute and am thinking of getting one or two

  35. THERE IS NO H IN STRAP! Jeeze, learn how to speak!


  37. If your sealt belt is giving you marks on your neck when you drive, simply padding it with a Tiddy Bear will NOT save you from a broken neck or crushed windpipe if you’re in an accident. You need a seatbelt strap adjuster to get the belt OFF your neck. Google ‘seatbelt strap adjuster’ to see what they look like.

  38. lol so funny

  39. TiDDy bear? Or…

  40. Flavia A. says:

    That’s really beyond “redonk” for sure 😀

  41. floppycat says:

    C. – “No, no, it’s a double-D, you see.”

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!

  42. saucy bernaise says:

    How about a tiddy kiddy (meow). It could be cats n’ racks, indeed!!

  43. This was a big deal on The Ellen (Degeneres) Show this past year for several weeks …..

  44. newsflash: Tiddy Bear now officially wants to be known as…


  45. they must have seen my old aunt driving around…you know that lady with all the stuffed animals in her car?

    Well she’s been doing this for years and i just thought she was weird.

  46. George, thanks for the tip. Shoulder belts fit directly across my windpipe.

  47. Rissu, my point was – why did the actors have to be wearing tank tops? A t-shirt would have done the job just as well. Unless they’re advertising body parts along with those safety violations.

  48. ^Because they have to show the tiddy with the titties. Subliminal advertising anyone?

  49. Complete with bad lip-syncing.

    “Will not last at this price.”

    I’m a knitter. I’m gonna make my own.

  50. Mimiiiiii says:

    Oh goodness… It just sounds so dirty. Come on… “tiddy” bear… puh-leeeeeze we know what they are trying to say here.

    **orders 5** haha

  51. Mimiiiiii says:

    Its a shame they dont come in other colors…

  52. My thoughts exactly, Mimiiiii. I’d want a li’l black…kitty! Tiddy kitty?

  53. OMG! My friend Mike McCann is in this ad! He’s the “My wife always used to complain” guy. This ad just will not die. Wait until I tell him it’s on Cute Overload LOL!

  54. okay, this gets funnier every time i watch it. love when the lady shoves it up against the roof, and love that the picture of the bear with no legs at the end totally screams “oh no! mr, bill!” to me…

  55. berthaservant says:

    My mom has a regular fuzzy strap on her shoulder belt, it’s quite comfy when in place.

    But a tiddy bear? Wow. It’s like the Hooterification of Middle America.

    And Meg — Billy Joel reference? You oughta know by now….

  56. A Sale of Two Tiddies ??

  57. OMG!!!! That is SOOOOO wrong on SOOOOO many levels! hahahahaha I loved it!

  58. TIDS ‘N’ TITS.

    I don’t think I have ever seen such a poorly produced Ad, (I worked for 23 years in a top London ad Agency). It is over long, badly dubbed (I’m sure they have used the same voice for two different people)its pitifully acted and must of aired on Hicksville TV or during a grave yard spot. I can tell you prime time just 20 seconds costs mega bucks.

  59. on network TV.

  60. Mimiii – it also comes in pink! When you come to the order form, click on “Modify” and it will take you to a page where you can select the pink one instead. Yay!!!

  61. ok so the idea is good – cause i’m short and this seat belt thing drives me up the wall (i tried those other things = but they leave the belt loose when you get out of the car – and confuse other passengers)… but the name — could they not have done some marketing before calling it ‘tiddy’????

  62. Trinky Dink says:

    I use a scrunchy to keep the strap from strangling me. This is soooo much better and far cuter too!

  63. wow that bear must have done some really great things in his past life to get reincarnated as a tiddy bear…. 😀

  64. I actually thought this was fake until the end… not for nothing, that’s actually appealing to me, since I get pinched by my seatbelt… hmmmmmmmmmmm

  65. I hate to admit this, but the main thing preventing me from purchasing one of these right now is the fact that the color would clash with my car’s interior. Oh, and the price. Sure, I’d get two, but I don’t need two.

  66. omg, I love this country…
    I’m seriously thinking about it…

  67. Stephanie says:

    Yeah! thanks to Ellen, I got them for my birthday this past July !!!! YAY!!! I love them, they are soooooooo soft!

  68. The voice over guy said the Tiddy Bear works with all makes and models…did he mean all makes and models of breasts? Just wondering…

  69. Hon Glad — actually I think they nailed it. It’s supposed to look like a Saturday Night Live commercial-satire skit from the 80s, then there’s the gotcha at the end where you realize it’s REAL. And it works. It’s still satire, of course, but pushed so far that it breaks on through to the other side.

  70. Oh, Monica the Tiara Chick, you have crushed my little fantasy that he was the same guy that played the Dad in the “Spatula City” commercial from UHF. Dang!

  71. Thanks Theo, I don’t know anything about American TV. But even with your explanation, the running time gets me.
    British comedy programmes often parodied the Ads we made, like Hamlet Cigars, which used the Bach Air on a G string theme, but they were always overlong, the originals were only 30 seconds.

  72. Is it just me or does the first woman (in the pink top) that gives a testimonial have a black eye?

  73. scooterpants says:

    I’d love to have one of these.
    But i think my husband would freak if he came across these in the car.
    (I’d have to use my Tiddy covertly) then what if he saw me around town with it???

  74. I’m getting giddy about a tiddy.

  75. LOLs at all your comments!!! If they did that as a Tiddy-Cat, I´d buy one too, hehe.

    In the meantime, I already use these with Sylvester the Cat on it, and they are great too (AND cute!) for stopping the seatbelt cutting in:


  76. littleturkeylegsmom says:

    Three seconds in, my husband said in a jolly tone, “Oh, it’s for preventing BOOB-boos??”

    I married him, people! He’s MINE!

  77. Ashagato: “newsflash: Tiddy Bear now officially wants to be known as…


    HI-larious!! and Meg– Don’t go changin’… keep those Billy Joel refs coming!

  78. TrumanRabbit says:

    Bears gone wild!

    Also, what’s with the first woman saying that she was pretty much a shut-in because of her car’s shoulder strap? Some people have problems!

  79. People! The second one is not really free. You must pay another shipping and handling fee on the “free” one. It’s the same for every TV ad where they “throw the second one in for free”. NOT! You must pay separate S&H on EACH item they give you free.

    If I read the fine print on the video screen correctly, the S&H on each Tiddy Bear is $5.00. The total for two would be $24.95. Many ads in which you get a free item (if you agree to it) charge far more S&H than that, like $7.95 to $12.95 per item.

    The materials to sew my own two (fake fur, thread, snaps, plastic filler beads) would cost under $10.00. I could even buy a cheap bean bag animal at the dollar store and add the snap thing.

    It’s a very funny ad, but it’s all hype to charge you far more than the value of the item. They’ve done a great job marketing it. I too thought it was a fake ad at first. Some asked why did they have to call it that? Would it have shown up on YouTube otherwise? The name itself is what’s creating the interest in this item.

    I was surprised at the comments objecting to the tank tops. What if they advertised a seat belt pad that was gray (like one I have) with wrinkly old women in sweat suits? They’d not sell a tenth of what they have with this ad. Before you object, I AM a wrinkly old woman, but I’m in a tank top and shorts because it’s dang hot here!

    Anyway, I did enjoy the video!

  80. carriegood says:

    i just bought two, for under $25. not bad. (and if you don’t like putting something on your strap, you can try this – before buckling, twist it a few times away from you at the bottom. that will lower the strap away from your neck, putting it more across the chest where it should be.)

  81. HaHa.. thats funny

  82. scooterpants says:

    dear hob glad
    all you need to know about american tv is its a bunch of crap.
    “and that’s all i have to say about that”
    (but i still like the tiddy bear)

  83. Like the ad says, fits all makes and models! I’d seen (and forgotten about) this before.

  84. Winni-Pig says:

    Can you imagine the number of takes they would have to do for this commercial? The possibilities for bloopers are endless!

    Maybe their next creation will be a replacement of the athletic supporter….

  85. warrior rabbit says:

    “Also, what’s with the first woman saying that she was pretty much a shut-in because of her car’s shoulder strap? Some people have problems!”


    She said she could hardly breathe, not hardly leave. Then she said she can enjoy traveling again. Not resume traveling, but enjoy it.

  86. O_O

  87. Ellen Degeneres has been talking about these for a while. It’s really funny when she gives one to someone who doesn’t know anything about it, because of COURSE they misunderstand “tiddy”. So funny! (She did a whole series on things you order from TV. Check out the hula chair for a good laugh and WTF?)

  88. Vallynmar says:

    They used tank tops on the “models” because it demonstrates the point better believe it or not. When wearing a tank my seatbelt irritates more than when wearing a tshirt. I use a fake sheepskin wrap around thingy that stops the irritation but it is attached using velcro and the velcro can be irritating if it turns around so the velcro is toward me. This almost seems better but like others have said…overpriced.

  89. Vallynmar says:

    Oh and this doesn’t affect the safety. The belt is still tight and will still work properly it just moves it so that it’s more comfortable.

  90. As someone with a larger than average rack, I have used my own stuffed animals for this purpose. Seat belts cutting into tender flesh makes for a distracted driver!

  91. Silent Meow says:

    I couldn’t believe this was real at first, but then I found out that this is a real item being sold, and I had to laugh out loud. Hilarious! LOL!

  92. I cant stop hearing Titty bear! ITS SO WRONG! ..

  93. Personally, I’m going to stick with the bandanna that I keep in the car for this purpose … but there’s no denying the redonk of this item!

  94. WANT!!

    Oh, on another note.. Dang, that announcer speaks fast!! I thought it was a joke, when you saw a TV-show where they made fun of commercials.. Guess not 😀

  95. ShadowCatJen says:

    On a whim I decided to go to thier site and write a contact note about how I thought thier ad was humorous and was looking to get a Tiddy Bear because of it. I got a responce back in less then a few hours:

    Hello Ms [edit out],

    That sounds great! The title of the Bear is provocative and humorous due to the fact that the Tiddy Bear was created by Marcia Berk, a seven year Breast Cancer survivor and President of the Company, along with a friend. They were looking for something that would alleviate their discomfort when using their shoulder strap. Since life took a “stab” at Mrs Berk and she beat it, she felt the title was fun and positive.

    Thank you,

    ESN TV Network
    16211 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste A6A-247
    Scottsdale, AZ 85254
    Tel: 1-800-458-3357


    I have to say it, they need to post something on thier website that states this very thing, because I’m absolutely going to get one and give it to my Aunt who’s also a breast cancer survivor. The Tiddy Bear has definitely taken a new light for me.

  96. ahh!

  97. is that a accutual commercial i could use one of those