Scottish Fold wide-eyed tongue action

[eye roll]People, there is way too much proshness going on here with this ‘Fold.

Behold the ‘On-the-back-wide-eyed’ action and the ‘sure-I’ll-suck-on-your-fingie’ action:

And just in case you need an extra hit:



  1. Oh My!

  2. The eyes! The eyes!

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s an owl baby and not a kitteh. Perhaps maybe… a furby.

  4. bubbyscranky says:

    Sqeee! Leetle pink nose and leetle pink toes. Lurve eet!

  5. Gaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!1!!!

    Duh– um– erm–


  6. i agree with kaitlyn. there’s no way that was a kitteh.

  7. sdfdkjfkdsjf!!! LIFE IS UNFAIR! I NEEEEEEED THAT KITTYY!!!!!!!! *tear* I WANT KITTY ON “MY” BED!!!

  8. Thank goodness for my anti-head-splort helmet!!

  9. Aiyeeeee! The Qte, it burns!

  10. omg! so cure. it doesn’t even look like a cat in the second video.

  11. Aesthetica says:

    that really is too much proshness. it looks a little like an anime character — too cute to be real. oh man, the sucking on the finger part really got me.

  12. CAN’T…CAN’T BREATHE! The lights are going dim…DIZZY! Brain can’t process information! OVERLOAD OVERLOAD!

    *Poofs of smoke coming out of ears**


  13. I knew she was Japanese before I even looked it up.=P
    They Are Genetically Manufacturing Cute in Japan People!

    It’s just not normal to be That CUTE.:( It’s too much Kawaii for the space time continuum.
    Iloveyou Cotton.<3

  14. At first qte.

    Second look, at bit unnerving.

    Subsequent review, CREEPY.

    The kitteh never blinks!

    I, for one, welcome our robot kitteh overlords!

  15. Waayyyy too qte. I do think that little kitten looks like an anime character, the eyes are soooo huge. I love it, big eyes are the qtest things EVARRR. Imo 🙂

  16. dragon_sanctuary says:

    OMG! Those anime eyes almost hid the fact that that round-headed kitteh has JELLYBEANS!!! *Falls over* Cutest kitteh evah FTW! (For teh winz! X3)

  17. That second video looks like a moving poster from the 70’s.

    A teary kid with all wide eyes with a drooping flower.

  18. Is this little purr called Cotton? That’s just UNREAL, ppl.

  19. *GASPING*
    2nd video…. kitteh looks like an EWOK!!!!!! Must have NNOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!

  20. I am thrice leecked, the two Scottie Folds, then Sidney; in a fit of jealous rage, lays on the puter and begins to search for ppppppppppppppppppppppppp

  21. victoreia says:

    *staring into kitty eyes* [in monotone] I will bring you tuna….I will bring you yogurt….I will bring you chicken….yes, Master….

  22. (the original) Mel says:

    Ahn. Five heads are always adorable.

    Has anyone given any thought to the theory that perhaps Japan is taking over the world with their cuteness? I’m just sayin. It could be a diabolical scheme headed up with Scottish folds.

  23. Michelle S says:

    those eyes omg

    Japanese kittens are wayyyy too much!

    Can’t. Handle.

  24. Wow, those Scottish knew what they were doing!

  25. I don’t really like Scottish folds (I like cats with BIG ears!), but I do like the way they behave like proper cats, unlike some other posh breeds.

  26. A challenger appears! Looks like Memebon has competition.

  27. starling, you can always get yourself a ‘pert-eared’ scottish fold. 🙂 All the behavior of a fold with all the ears!

    I love my fold. She’s so dang weird.

  28. (the original Mel) Fear not, the cannie Scots have programmed their folds to return “Tae Bonnie Scotland ” once their mission of Tartan dominance is complete, (have you noticed the packets of short bread in your local supermarket), that’s just the begining of the onslaught. Y’all better start practising, now repeat after me “It’s a braw bricht moonlicht nicht to nicht, jimmy.

  29. LisaL that 1st thing I thought when I saw the 2nd clip – it’s most certainly an EWOK!!

  30. So cute. ^_^

  31. SophieMama says:

    Someone bring me a spoon! That belleh is puddinlicious!!

  32. i am so with athie with this one. immediately i thought ewok or gremlin in the second video. WAY TOO CUTE.

  33. Or perhaps a baby lemur??

  34. Nicolletta says:

    The cuteness…it burns…IT BURNS!!!!

  35. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought “Ewok!”

    I want one!

  36. Kitteh BELLEH!!!!!


  37. Stubbular bubbular joy!

  38. Someone crossed a cat with a bushbaby in the search for the Ultimate Cute! I think the kitty should be handed over to me immediately for the protection of the general public…aw, go on…please? (scratches at screen, whimpering)

  39. @Hon Glad: Hoots mon, as lang as they doont turn off the uisquebaugh.

  40. PS looking at the vid of the upside-doon, oops, down, kitteh, I got the impression that her nostrils were her eyes and vice versa– and that she had teeeny pin-hole eyes and wide, black-hole nostrils. Very weird.

  41. in the second one he’s all geez, what’s it take to get a snorgle around here?

  42. blair, I was thinking the same thing. During the 2nd video I was like “Well rub his belleh, already. Are you nuts?! How can you resist???”

  43. Eek! Eatin’ feets!

  44. MandaBain says:

    Gah…that is lethal. I can’t have a kitteh, since my mom’s allergic (and I love her and also need her baby-sittin skillz), but if I could, it would be THISONEOMGPON1ES!1!!

    *BLEEAAAGH…wipes mouth clean of rainbow barf*

  45. coughingpuppy says:

    I did need the extra hit today. Thank you.

  46. GreedySkunk says:

    Thanks for the birthday present, Meg!

    Here I am, sitting at work with the largest coffee available at the shop (which is still woefully too small). I am exhausted from the non-stop Olympics coverage, peeved that my cat peed on my couch last night, and miffed that I had to bring in treats for my own birthday. All in all, shaping up to be a not-so-good day…and I’ve only been up for two hours.

    Then I see the qte. And my head splodes. I think it was the strayche/fall in the second vid. Now I have an excuse to go home early and snuggle with my purrbodies.


  47. (the original) Mel says:

    @Hon Glad: I should have KNOWN. The Scots will be sending the Japanese a bill for the use of their cats I’m sure.

  48. Awwwwwwwwlll better Greedyskunk! Happy Birthday, many happy returns of the day and I hope someone gives you a bigger mug for your coffee!
    From your peeps, us.

  49. *splodes*

  50. The leetle pink tongue in the first vid has done me in. asplode!

  51. They say the wee Scots foldie comes in all colors, but I’ve nae seen one without some orange in the coat. My foldie Fred was a creamsicle laddie.

  52. mad skills: so qte even cameras can’t focus… they leave no evidence of the chaos they cause amongst the human race.

  53. I kinda thought it looked like one of those weird monkeys at first. The tiny paws were what did me in. <3

  54. the eyes in the second video did me in.

    @nismo-i may need to borrow your anti-head-splort helmet!

  55. berthaservant says:

    Happy Birthday Skunkie!

    I’m going to call “cutesies” on the amazing tortie coloring (or “colouring”). Only because no one else has yet.

    Now, to clean up what remains of my sploded soul and get on with the day.

  56. This almost made me cry. Porch Kitty, one of my foundlings, is at this moment undergoing exploratory surgery to remove what is probably a cancerous tumor. I desperately needed something to prop me up and give me a little hope, and this was it. Thank you to all the peeps at CO.

  57. W A N T !

    also, sending love to akzombie’s little one

  58. I hope Porch Kitty will be okay akzombie. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. Stay close to C.O. if you can…

  59. GreedySkunk says:

    Thanks, Katrina and berthaservant!

    All my love to akzombie and Porch Kitty.

  60. What nature (or breeding, rather) took away from Folds in ears, it gave back many times over in eyes. The eye-to-head ratio is painfully cute. Eyes like this own your soul.

  61. 2nd vid had me LMAO! Kind of reminds me of that creepy lemur video set to the THX music (but much cuter).

    Anyone else distracted by how clear that kitty’s nostrils were in that video?

  62. How’s the night vision on those Folds? With eyes like that they should be able to see into other universes.

    Akzombie, how lucky that Porch Kitty found someone like you to love and take care of her/him.

  63. momof2kitties says:

    I love how in the second vid kitteh is all like “Hy-yup! Nyerhe…nah…never mind…”

  64. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    This is such a great community! Happy Birthday to GreedySkunk, and best wishes to akzombie and Porch Kitty, as well… Now I know how I’ll spend my B-day next month. Visiting CO! You peeps are awesome!

  65. Awright, you guyz. You’ve really done it this time. You’ve absolutely killed me. Now what will happen to my own cute overloaders? There are 8 of them.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.


  66. I need one like I need air!!

  67. Leetle peenk paw pads!!! Death!!!

    I looked at the second video and said [out loud] “That’s not a kitteh, that’s a calico tarsier!”

  68. Wow… that is a very cute kittayn but it doesn’t look like it’s got much going on upstairs. Like it made room for the big eyeballs by cutting back on brains.

  69. I knew I wouldn’t be the only one to say ‘Not a real cat. Or at least not entirely a cat.’ I think part sugar glider. The eye part.

  70. Good luck AKzombie and Porch Kitty- sending you good thoughts. Keep us posted OK? Hugs.

  71. Joelle Taschereau says:

    AAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!! So cute I just want to eat it!!!

    * hands on cheeks *

  72. doomchild says:

    Thanks. The extra hit made my brain explode.

  73. I don´t know how many times I have come back from the “ded” seeing kittehs like this. I have lost count….

    Well, add one more time *sigh* 😉

  74. Not just WANT, but NEED!!!
    Not sure how the DCs [“darn” cats] would react, but they might just have to go butt a stump, as my grandmother used to say.

    akzombie, I’m sending tons of positive thoughts your way for Porch Kitty. I’m with vonvon — PK is very lucky to have you.

    And GreedySkunk, if it helps [it won’t!], I had to throw my OWN 30-10th [can’t say the “f-word”] birthday party! Lots of folks came, and brought prezzies, but still. Anyway, hope this one is happy all the same! (…and many moooooooorrrrre …)

  75. That second hit is more potent than the first – good stuff!

  76. I NEED to nom that warm belleh! Huge hind paws helping him turn over finished me off!!!!

  77. Red Beard the Awesome says:

    I just vomited up a baby seal from the sheer adorableness of that.