OK, I might have a problem

I’ve tried Bun Watchers, Bunny Craig, BunniFast, living at a hutch at Kirstie Alley’s—nothing has worked.

It’s Nom City, People, population 1.


Poor Chloe the bun is redefining ‘feed bag’. Thanks, BeautifulSoul.



  1. Silly rabbit……….

  2. “Field Greens” [snork!]

  3. bun-bleen!!

  4. Does this bun need Veghab or Baghab?

  5. Desdemona says:

    This bun does NOT disapprove!

  6. Man, that’s a lazy owner! [Yes, I keed, I keed…]

  7. I’d like to return this bag of lettuce. There’s a bunny in it. (I’ll keep the bun, though!)

  8. TrumanRabbit says:

    Instead of a doggy bag it’s a bunny bag. Much cuter.

  9. love the hovertext!

  10. Dang, I just bought a bag of lettuce, but no prosh wee bun! And I even got the Sweet Baby variety!

  11. Courageous bunny saves self by eating through bag

    “There was only one way out – I did what I had to do.”

  12. (the original) Mel says:

    Mmm. I need to go to the store to get me a preservative-free bun in a bag. You think Whole Foods sells this?

  13. They don’t sell Dole Bag-o-Bun™ at my local Tops. Maybe you can only get it at Easter.

  14. I like my salad also with bun toppings

  15. Wow, I love the silver color! Yeah, at least he’s a vegetarian – if it was me and I was that small, I’d be buried in a carton of Blue Bunny (no pun intended).

  16. Waiter! there’s a hare in my salad. Bring more!


  18. @Sas, you rock.

  19. Oh dear! I wanted to write something very profound, but all I can do is squee and make little talk-to-baby noises to the cutey-buns!

  20. AZCatFan4Draco says:


    “hare in my salad” LMAO!!!11!!

    ::: wipes tears from eyes :::

    Oh, man, that is TOTALLY what I needed this afternoon.


  21. hey, at least he’s preservative free!

  22. Awwww. Is the bunny sealed in for maximum freshness, I wonder? 😛

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    Hey,Doc! Get me outta here!!

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Hey…apparently it’s like a Lunchable Vegetarian Style sammitch! But instead of a bun, you get a BUN!!

    But then it’s not really a Vegetarian Style sammitch…hmmm…she IS nommably soff tho!!! Oh well!! 😀

  25. Does this bunny work for Zagat? I’d love a review of the salad. 🙂

    I love how her little bottom is still peeking out from behind.

  26. OMG! I thought that was a bunny photo on the bag at first, till I realized I’VE SEEN THAT PRODUCT and there is No Bunny Picture on it. I would have seen. So – what luxury for that bun! It would be like if I had a 6-foot bag of popcorn! (mmmmm… does anyone know where I could get one?)

  27. Nom nom nom, hungry bunny!

  28. I really wish that’s how they’d sell Field Greens. With a bunny inside.!

  29. This oddly reminds me of a story from a friend of mine with four cats. As they were gathered around, waiting for their dry food, a live mouse came tumbling out of the food bag into one of the bowls.
    The cats were all too startled to do anything by the time the mouse had already made it under the fridge.

  30. Pat Trenner says:

    This utterly adorabuhls pic reminds me of a call my rabbit vet received from a nearly hysterical rabbit owner: “Help! Bugs just ate a whole bag of Cool Ranch Doritos!”

    I LOVE that he specified “Cool Ranch.”

  31. charliewabba says:

    keep refrigerated?
    good thing she’s got a fur coat.

  32. I’ll take three!

  33. I didn’t know that you had to keep bunnies refrigerated.

  34. First they put ecoli in my greens and then they put bunnehs. Will my salad ever be safe to eat? Hmmm?

  35. @karlaB-That would be a really good way to advertise your salad though! I would buy the package with the cute bun on it.

  36. *SPLORT*

    I’d even let this bun steal my salad stuff. And I prize my salad stuff HIGHLY, y’unnerstan’.

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    That bag appears to be laying on a bed.. which suggests that the bun-in-a-bag was not accidental. I mean typically a bag of greens would be on the kitchen counter, no? I think maybe it’s the bun’s birthday and “mom” or “dad” is giving him a treat.

  38. That bunny is eating my bunny food!

  39. Elisha B. says:

    Oh…sniff… reminds me of my daughter’s Netherlands Dwarf. He developed Wry Neck syndrome the day we left for vacation in July. He is doing okay, but still has a tilted head. Makes me happy/sad to see pictures of a normal bunny.

    My daughter loves him very much and now calls him her “Special” bunny. She even called while she was out of town on a youth retreat to check on him.

    Sweet bun-bun…Enjoy!!!

  40. I actually squee’d out loud at this one!!

    Last time I bought a bag of salad it came with a slug :-X I haven’t bought bagged lettuce in over 10 years since that.

  41. I had to send this to my friend because I knew he would appreciate it. I sent it with the text ‘aren’t you get glad you didn’t find this in your salad that time?’

    About two weeks ago, while picking up one of those plastic, sealed edged organic greens container he found a little FROG in it!!! A little tiny one. He was sealed inside the container! And still very much alive. He bought the greens just to liberate the little guy. And he hopped away all happy and well into the nearby wetland type thing.

    I said…at least you know your greens were fresh! 😛

  42. CoffeeCup says:

    just say no to bagged lettuce! ick ick ick! I’ve heard too many horror stories. Anyway, it’s easier to cut lettuce, run it through the salad spinner and put it in a bowl.

  43. Nothing to do with bunnies, but OMG frawg in a salad bag?
    How precious (and lucky he didn’t get salad shootered)!

  44. “The Salad with the Prize Inside”

  45. @Red & Sabrina, I was once eating in a molto fancy Italian restaurant, and lifted a forkful of salad, and beheld a tiny- Snailio Iglesias!

    *Wash* the stuff, for pete’s sakes!

  46. UGH! I’m gonna go there. I’m sorry in advance.

    This is very cute, but there is Iceburg and cabbage in that bag…very bad for Bunneh digestion.

    *hangs head in shame*

  47. confused.brit says:

    Waiter, there’s a bun in my salad!

  48. >__> I totally thought he was a chinchilla at first >_>

  49. My childhood would have been so much healthier if bags of salad came with prizes back then.

    Does anyone else think Cocoa Puffs might have a new marketing tool?

  50. Or Trix even. My bad for getting my kid’s cereal mascots mixed up…

  51. Wait.. that dole veggie collection doesn’t come with the Bunny..I thought it was like extreme instant stew package at 1st glance..jk.

  52. CoffeeCup says:

    BunFF, I KNEW there was something about that photo I needed to point out!! When I first got my bun, I made sure that no one ever fed him anything but romaine lettuce (which was great, because it’s what I eat in salad). I KNEW there was something about this photo I had to mention, because it’s bagged salad and I couldn’t buy bagged salad (not that I would anyway) because of the iceberg lettuce that’s bad for bunnies.

    Ack! Someone tell the bunowner!!

  53. “It’s Nom City, People, population 1.”

    No no, you said that wrong.
    It’s Nom City, People, population BUN.

  54. Judy from MI says:

    I don’t think Dole Field Greens has iceberg lettuce or cabbage in it. The red stuff is probably radicchio and the pale stuff is probably romaine hearts or endive.

    I buy Dole Field Greens pretty often. On the negative side, it has never come with a bunny in the bag. On the positive side, it has never had a snail, frog, or slug in it, either. (I did find a live meal moth in a little cellophane package of saltines at a restaurant once, though. And I’ve found PLENTY of slugs in the lettuce from my garden.)

  55. good things come to those who ask.

    lettuce pray…

  56. I can just HEAR the noms.

    Nom nom nom…

  57. Oh noes and here all these years I’ve been throwing away food from the fridge when it starts to get furry. If only I’d known I could wait a while longer and it would grow into a whole bunny!

  58. berthaservant says:

    :: putting on shades ::

    The other day…I had a ricochet salad. A ricochet salad is the kind of salad that comes with a bun in the bag. The bun is supposed to bounce back off the wall and into your mouth. If the bun don’t bounce back…YOU GO HUNGREH….

  59. I have always eaten home grown veg. My Dad growdid it and now I do. A well cooked caterpillar was a frequent accompaniment.

  60. Geez … why is the prize always at the very bottom!

  61. Iceberg–not bad for bunny digestion, just holds minuscule nutritional value. Is a nice treat though and good for bunnies who are dehydrated. All it is is cellulose and water. Bunnies, unlike humans have the ability to digest cellulose.

    I doubt this person is raising this rabbit on bagged salad alone. Puhhlease.

  62. Off to Bag-Hab with that rabbit! 😉

  63. Off to Bag-Hab with that rabbit! 😉

  64. pat Trenner says:

    Sabrina: TEN THOUSAND points for spelling minuscule right. No, Ten MILLION.

  65. Winni-Pig says:

    Sigh…I went to the grocery store, and searched and searched among all the bags of salad, bags of carrots, even, and NO bunny OR frog. Not even a slug.

    I feel SO let down. Why does everyone else get the good stuff!

    Maybe it is for the best. I can’t think of the best dressing for a little grey bunny, except maybe russian?

  66. Time for Bunbaghab.

  67. *keeps track of her points*

  68. My first bun used to do this with any open bag of corn chips he could get at; he’d barrel right in and gorge. Of course this was back when we were pretty ignorant of bunny health matters, but somehow he lived to a ripe old age of 10 regardless.

    The funniest part was that if startled, he’d forget he had to back out of the bag; he’d bolt forwards and go *whump!* against the plastic. XD