And Now, This Cute Olympics Update

BEIJING — In Guinea Pig men’s doubles today, the Dutch team suffered a stunning setback when teammate Pyetr Van Dingledangledongle got the ball stuck in his mouth and was volleyed for over a minute before judges ended the match.   Reached for comment later, Van Dingledangledongle said "Mrhhph ghlrrfph thr fhlprrgth, sthllrth ig blurrpth."

I'll be fine; just get me a really big toothpick.

We LOVE heem, Camilla S.



  1. That’s a big piggy. I absolutely love Guinea Pigs.

  2. Cute peeg! My sister and I have just lost our piggie Gwennie who was exactly the same breed as that piggie above. We are so sad. She was only three and a half. So it’s lovely to see another Gwennie-pig, espesh on C.O.

  3. Bjorn Pork.

  4. Don’t you just love the Olym-pig games?… >;)

  5. Eeeeheeeheeee what an anerable piggy!

  6. From the Journalism Dept of Proofreading & Quotation Confirmation:
    Very nice Olympics Journalism !!!
    er …
    Just a consideration …

    Have you read the specific wording, back to the source, to confirm that you have precisely recorded the EXACT wording & phrasing?

  7. This is cute, but why no mention of the cuteness that was the Summer Puppy Games on Animal Planet a week ago? Puppehs! Playing soccer! Boxing! The cutest little boston terrier falling off a balance beam. And the fisheh judges!

  8. Well, Pyetr Van Dingledangledongle (Trans, Peter Big Willie) If you wear rip off Nike, what else do you expect!

  9. You can be a big pig too, ugh!

    Pyetr Van Dingledangledongle is a delightful athlete, whose cunning insight into the sport is admired far and wide. He certainly looks none the worse for wear. “He came to play ball”.

    Ginger, my condolences to you and your family on the loss of you piggy.

    Leslie-Pyetr Van Dingledangledongle is known for his ‘inside jokes and jargon’ during interviews-he’s an attention hog!

  10. It’s odd, though, the Dutch version of “Peter” is, um, “Peter”, or “Pieter” at a pinch. I wonder if he’s a Russian infiltrator? *shifty eyes*

  11. Janeyferr says:

    peeter? *dutch vowel obsession continues*

  12. Janeyferr says:

    oh wibbler, you’ve killed me 🙂

  13. What Pieter needs is a guinea pig cheerleader squad.

    I don’t really know if he needs it, but day-am, I would sure like to see it.

  14. Pytyr would have had better results had he trained more vs. selling out for those Nike millions! *glare*

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    You have to be a foosball hero,
    To get along with a beautiful pig!

    (Pyetr, don’t swallow the ball, whatever you do!)

  16. LOL starling – I’ve been laughing on and off for the past 2 hrs – Bjorn Pork indeed! haha!

  17. Wonder if he’s related to that prime minister Eddie Izzard mentioned, Sir Dingly Dang? That’s the first thing I thought of when I read that name. “You don’t know anyway, do you, you have NO idea!”

  18. i’m sorry, mr. peeg, you were in but the ball was out.

    advantage, mr. alpaca.


  20. That’s what the organizers get for using lettuce-flavored tennis balls! Of course, had they gone with the tomato-flavored ball, Mr. Van DingleDangleDongle would simply have chewed it up and taken the point. 😀

  21. Ya know…I would WATCH the Olympics if they had guinea pig events.

  22. Looking at that manicure, do we have a new shot of wildlife rescue barbie from many, many moons ago????

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, wibbler, thank you so much. Slide #3 in particular made me lol, but they were all great. I love the attention to detail — little bicycle gloves, etc. Too funny.

  24. I dunno, that pig looks underage to me… 😉

  25. Yes, but WHAT IS IT?

    Oh, it’s a guinea pig… thought it was a chinchilla or something. Either way – qte!!

  26. berthaservant says:

    Not to worry, Pieter is still in the running for the mixed doubles event with his partner (and sometime “partner”) Greta VanGrosseBuste.

  27. “Wonder if he’s related to that prime minister Eddie Izzard mentioned, Sir Dingly Dang?”

    Well, I thought of this guy (who’s a swimmer, not a tennis player, but wevz):

    My roomies and I were obsessed with him during Athens. Partly for his fun name, and partly for his adorable bro-mance with his Australian rival.

    Aww, piggy with a ball! My puppy dreams about piggies with tennis balls!

  28. @berthaservant. Is Greta VanGrosseBuste, Irina Knockabollockova’s cousin?

  29. If only I could teach my pigs to play tennis…

  30. berthaservant says:

    Hon Glad — yes, and they are both descendents of Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki.

  31. ThreeCatNight says:

    @Hon Glad and Berthaservant –
    And all are related to the infamous Olga Bovinakowska

  32. OMG I am dead from the cute Dead I tell ya… that and laughing so Hard I ran out of Breath.

    I lof the OLYM-PIGS ; )

  33. catloveschanel says:

    Finally, an Olympic Moment on Cute Overload! I bet he could get a medal on the uneven bars if he was from China.

  34. I still think it’s rather sad that Pieter dumped Greta for Gert VonFairyLand, but I spose you gotta give in to your urges …

  35. That’s ok, starling — Greta rebounded nicely with her globetrotting romance with Van von Vonn. With all the paparazzi around, I don’t think she’s given Pieter a second thought!

  36. Yay! More peegs of the guinea persuashe, plz!

  37. “Bjorn Pork.” *GSOML*

  38. Lauren the Lurker says:
  39. …”if”?

  40. Dutch names are hysterical all on their own,give one to an Olympic guinea pig and I’m laughing so hard my tummy hurts.

  41. Gail (the first one) says:

    @LaurenT.L.: Thanks SO much for the link!!! The captions are hysterical….as if CO had done them! On the last pic, there’s mention of a calendar (not nearly as good as CO, I’m sure!)

  42. Just wanted to thank Katrina for her message condolence about Gwennie. Thank you, meant alot.

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    Wibbler provided the link, actually. Thank you, wibbler, for many laughs.

  44. aquasaline says:

    You people crack me up. each. and. every. one.
    yeah, my tummy hurts from laughin’ so hard too.

  45. Lauren. T.L. Thanks for the link. I was laughing aloud, just as well my work colleague doesn’t know what day it is, let alone wonder what I’m laughing at. :0)

  46. Yay for Olympigs!

    Qte peeg! ::kees::

  47. Ginger-you are entirely welcome, that’s what we’re all about. Laughing helps, too!

  48. You peeps are nutz! I’m gonna have to start bringing makeup to work becuz LMAO makin’ my eyes tear. My cubiemate is lookin’ at me funny becuz of strange snorkin’ sounds comin’ out o’me.

  49. mberkie0- “snorking sounds-what snorking sounds would that be? I’m sure nobody else makes snorking sounds….no just you….


  50. @Katrina, the snorkin’ sounds, just like the ones you just writ down thar… them sounds, yeah, right, thems the ones.