Clinically-tested safer than caffeine!

Friends, is your drab, everyday calendar putting you to sleep?  Does your Sudoku have the same effect as Sudafed?  Have you learned 365 new words — for "boring"?  Then you need the mind-expanding power of the Cute Overload 2009 Desk Calendar, the only calendar scientifically engineered to safely stimulate the Cutanenal Lobe, that hard-to-reach area of your brain that makes you jump up and down and go "squeeeeeeeee!"

So order your Cute Overload 2009 Desk Calendar today, from, or!  Specially-trained pandas are standing by to ship your order!

... brain ... too ... weak ... must ... order ... cute ... ness ...

You may need the extra-strength version for that one, Zoe P.



  1. i just ordered my very own 365 days of proshisity, and cutetocity. my life is fullfilled. 🙂

  2. Basta Gia says:

    OK, “Mike,” enough already. We should be hearing from Meg only. It seems that she’s doing all the writing. If you’re only a stylistic clone, then we don’t need your name. And even then, your name only suggests a pathetic jockeying for position or recognition. “Not THAT Mike, the OTHER Mike”? Excuse me — what kind of name is that? If you can’t even stand on your own, then give it up. If Meg is too busy, then she should give you her password and let you post under her name. You’re useless.

  3. Basta Gia, What bug did you find in your coffee this morning, NTMTOM, has a great sence of humor, and you need to get one.

  4. iorderedmineiorderedmineiordermine.

    I can’t wait!! 🙂 Can I peak before 2009??

  5. such a cute photo!

  6. Wow… I don’t know what crawled up Basta Gia’s hiney, but oh my… Does it say anywhere that this is Basta’s blog? Um no… so if you don’t like the way they run the show around here then don’t come back. It really shows your character as a person when you have to come to Teh Cute and say terrible things about someone you dont’ know…
    That is an adorable kitty, and I still need to order my caledar *sigh* Don’t worry NOMTOM, we all <3 you :)

  7. hunnyb apparently Basta Gia’s
    been shown the door. : ) and yep that kitty is cuteeeee!

  8. That face! Yeeeee!

  9. (the original) Mel says:

    I know how that kitteh feels.

  10. CoffeeCup says:

    I nominate the fuzzy white chin as a secondary axis of snorgling!!

  11. Poor kitty. Brain all tie-tie after the sudoku puzzle.

  12. I will order a few for Christmas 2008, but not now. 🙂

  13. binky-mama says:

    Can the specially-trained panda be slipped in WITH my order?


    I NEED a panda. 🙂

  14. binky-mama- we all need a panda, my friend. I came too late for the ugly commenter, probably just as well if it got booted! We don’t need that.
    Cute kikkycat AND a very clever way to make that now famous announcement, NOMTOM.
    Nice to know the kikkicat does her/his puzzles in pencil.

  15. Totalee Puppy says:

    Got calendar!! Get your copy like a baby okapi!

  16. LOL!!!


  17. Squeemobile says:

    Awww…looks just like my tie-tie little girl. And yes, the fuzzy white chin is part of the axis of snorgling.

  18. snoopysnake says:

    Super Sudokittu Challenge! Solve the sudoku including the lower LH kitteh block!

  19. I’m serious: I am GOING to clean off my desk so I have room for a desk calendar.

    …right after I’m one on the computer.

  20. Sod your Soduku.

  21. “tie-tie” I love that.

  22. Awww, I feel like this kitteh.

  23. But the original formula of Sudafed contains pseudoephedrine which is a stimulant… ^_^

  24. Ooh, I’ve ordered mine from Barnes and Noble.

    /me waits by mailbox
    /and waits

  25. Hey sas — you should try what I did on Saturday! I went to my local Barnes & Noble and asked if they had the Cute Overload calendar for 2009. She said they had them in the back but hadn’t put any of them out yet — then she asked me if I really NEEDED it that day. Well, OF COURSE I said yes (I said one was a gift), so she went to the back and got two of them for me. When I got out to the car, I handed my son his “gift” and we both squeeeeed over the proshness all the way home (hubby was driving).

  26. Janeyferr says:

    mine arrived from the book depository today, cheered me up after opening my first ever payslip that includes a pension contribution but doesn’t include as much pay as it should have done.

    Lovely lips on january 1st remind me of my late mister laurieman *sniff*

  27. I tie-tie too…
    This is like looking in a mirror….

  28. Got mine, so much cute! 😀

  29. I’m glad the four I ordered [One for home one for work, one for a friend and a spare present, or to use as a travelling one] if I got it now i would lose the thrill of Jan 1.

  30. Don’t forget !

    You can get free shipping during August with the code 290FREE0808

  31. snorglepuppeh ^_^ says:

    I like Sudoku, but I do the half done ones.fkujyf; ;n ;’ ;.l,uirffk Sorry cat on computer. >^_^<

  32. “But the original formula of Sudafed contains pseudoephedrine which is a stimulant… ^_^”

    Aye, tell me about it! It’s either staying awake because of a stuffy nose or staying awake because of the Sudafed! The other one sends you to sleep, but doesn’t help your stuffy nose either …

  33. Mary (the first) says:

    Hey mgt, thanks for the link. I have never heard of that site. Now I’ve ordered my calendar (YAY) and a couple books as well (not so YAY, I have too rigga-dam many books already.. oh well).

  34. No such thing as too many books. I think I have around 225 (and counting) and the library is my friend. Where the heck did rigga-dam come from, anyway?

  35. …am having a client induced anxiety attack. I need to huff some Qte, STAT.

    I need to go find me one of these! Only problem is, I’d totally treat it like an advent calendar and huff all the Qte (eat all the choccies) way before the end of the year (December 25).

  36. Books are terrible. There are too dang many of them! How am I going to read all of those? I have no idea how many I have. The bookcase – a large IKEA Magiker, all the way to the ceiling – is full. There are three rows of books in each cube, and I have a bunch of books I don’t know where to put. Halp!

  37. I want more rodent pics, hammys, ferrets, chinchillas… the good stuff

  38. berthaservant says:

    Still resisting.

  39. Starling, I hear you. And then there is those places, like, just across from my local TSC’s (a girl has got to eat too), and they *sell* books. And everytime I walk by, I swear those books call to me. Then I go in there, and I buy them. They are stacked everywhere, my cat loves to climb the book towers. It’s for a good cause, I guess…

    = MORE QTE’s.

  41. Berthaservant….resistance is futile. The cute is gonna getcha! 😉

  42. We’ll just have to face up to the fact that we’re crazy book & cat ladies, Kallisto.

    When I moved my professor a few years back we had to move 7 cats and BEELLIONS of books! No lie.

  43. Mary (the first) says:

    I have books on top of books behind books everywhere. It’s insane. The only thing in my house that I have more of is dust.

  44. T I N E E T A B B E E E E E !

  45. Methinks the feline be on Benadryl, not Sudafed…. Or mebbe he be on the sherry…

  46. So far, I’ve managed to resist more cats (3 is enough). The books, however, they call to me….

  47. Charlotte says:

    I love cuteoverload, so much that i have converted all my friends and my boss, so now we can’t do any work til we’ve talked about the daily cuteness. BUT i am in england – where can i get my calendars from – and i mean multiple because i want one for every room in the house and at work.
    I NEED SOME!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!
    i may wither and die without one

  48. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve read The Little White Horse, part of The Stand (gave up, too gory), By the Banks of Plum Creek, American Gods, bits of Calvin and Hobbes, and I’m halfway through The Shadow of the Wind.

    Problem is … I have no book lined up after that.


  49. P.S., dear Charlotte!

    Search for “Cute Overload”.

  50. scooterpants says:

    off subject-
    please see ORSON on IBKC.
    he is needin some lovin and a furrever home in the seattle -tacoma area.

  51. I am so ordering multiples for stocking stuffers!!!!! I just hope all this recent attention to cute commerce doesn’t change the quality that I like most about this site: free cute. My parrot will undoubtably chew on my CO calendar. I will continue to need the website for un-tattered, un-chewed cute, with funny commentary.

  52. The kitties paw on the pencil is just too much cuteness! splode!!!!!!!!!

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    What’s IBKC ??


  55. IBKC = Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!

    Filled with lovely kittens and CHARLENE BUTTERBEAN!

  56. Mary (the first) says:

    They ARE lovely kittens and I wish I could adopt them all! Or at least, several!

  57. mines on the way from amazon (was on back order) ..thankusomuchie:)

  58. UPS just dropped mine off! I’m resisting the urge to rip open the plastic and discovering what cuteness has been placed on my birfday. (I have priorities!) 😀

  59. starling I strongly suggest “Founding Mothers” and “Ladies of Liberty” by Cokie Roberts-fabulous books, now I’m reading “Musicophilia”, then will read “Your Brain on Music” and “The World in Six Songs” and then I have “Havana Nocturne” just waiting for me! The Waterbury B&N didn’t have the calendars out yet, but knowing that I’m going back, well, in a little while, after reading the three magazines I also bought, the calendars will be on display next time, I’m sure. Meg, is the first printing in danger of selling out? Will there be a second printing? AND will someone give us a clue as to when, each day, to turn the page?

  60. Mine are hier! All the way to the UK – couldn’t wait until got them in stock. Customs & Excise had opened them to check on teh Qte factor but let them through without me having to pay any duty. I think they must have been scared by the disapproving buns!

  61. This is how I feel.

    Bang On !