The Lick Spot!

We ALL have one.

Don’t even TRY to tell me you don’t have a Lick Spot. Because I know you do. My Sophomore biology teacher told me about ’em.

Marco U., I’m not even going to ask WTF is going on in this freaky sitch. I’ll just enjoy.



  1. I are confused.

    But the kitteh is quite prosh.

  2. I can’t handle how widely he opens his mouth to lick himself.

  3. NOW we know where the on/off switch is!!!

  4. Yeah – all little fuzzies do! Bunnies, kittehs, dogggiez, ect. They all do! The secret is out. The Petra Sutra is now in print!

    [shifty eyes]

  6. My cat TOTALLY does this and I thought it was really bizarre because I’ve had other cats but I’ve never noticed this before. I’m curious, what causes it?

  7. My friend’s crazy brother had a cat they actually named “Lickit” … because this cat would lick whatever was in front of its mouth when you scritched a certain spot. Poor thing. They were insane college students and made that cat lick carpet and eat hot sauce,and it couldn’t stop itself!

  8. Michelle S says:

    Oh I love this video! 😀

  9. Michelle S says:

    lmao@Robbie’s “Lickit” story

  10. When my friend’s cat is staring at his meal and won’t eat it, we scratch him in the same spot and… well, you can picture it… he starts eating!!!

  11. this post just made my day. couldn’t stop smiling – esp when I read the contributions of fellow CO readers.

    jenn – that IS funny lol
    and also robbie’s lickit cat, OMG!!1

  12. If you skritch his back at the root of his tail, our Tim starts energetically licking the air. We call this “cleaning the universe”. I think there must be a direct neural connection between the elevator butt centre of the cat brain, and the lick centre.

  13. [gigglefit]

    Kittehs are so goofy.

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    Yup, my bunster would tewtally do this, too, resulting in Hot Bunny Tongue action. (No, seriously, the tongue temp seemed much higher than that of, say, a slobbery dog kiss.)

  15. That…completely made my morning.. too damned cute…what a beeeeyooooteefull kitteh <3

  16. misscrisp says:

    Cleaning the universe indeed…superpositioned and entangled kitteh definitely knows about this.

  17. (wispeing) ssshh, Killer Corgi has one, too at the base of her tail- it is very cute, but I don’t abuse it. Just in case she, well, let’s just thank God she has never discovered mine…shhhhh

  18. Ray Fisher says:

    Has anyone noticed what comes on after the lick spot? It’s dogs that have been shot dead, showing their guts spilled all over the ground.
    This has totally ruined Cute Overload for me. Doesn’t anyone check these things before their posted?

  19. Awwww! My boyfriend’s cat Ashe does exactly this. His lick spot is in about the same place (though anywhere on the spine will do if you scratch long enough.) The only difference is that he gets a wide-eyed “ohnoohnoohno it’s happening again!” look on his face for a second or two before he starts licking whatever’s in reach (himself, hand, floor, etc.)
    Sooo cute!!

  20. My Ozzie is one big lick spot! Actually, any scratching below his shoulders on his spine will immediately set him off. Above the shoulders, no. Weird, huh? He may just lick the *air*, but he’s just gotta do it!

  21. One of my cats looks at me very suspiciously whenever I approach his lick spot, he knows I am up to something !

    Note how the related videos gives us this also cutestest one:

  22. lucy's mommeh says:

    My other kitteh, Tabitha (I have 3, Lucy, Molly & Tabitha), actually has a lick spot-BUT..if you skritch a certain way, it becomes the “flea crack” spot! She’ll nibble on your finger with them teensey front teefs, like they do when they groom one’s not an actual bite, it’s more like she’s rubbing her front teefs on you…I wonder if anyone else has a kitty dat does that?

  23. puglets rule says:

    Ray – good try there dude!

    My normal pug turns into LIZZARD pug with his insanely long tongue when we hit the right spot. Love the purrrrrrs from the kitteh 🙂

  24. My Skye kitteh’s spine is one long lick spot, and before this, thought she was all alones in the world in having one.

  25. This is funny, I have a 26 pounder at home that is all white cept for grey in be tween ears and on tail. She does the same thing..

  26. Beth (in NC) says:

    My friends’ kitteh, Max, does the same thing. ‘Cept that it’s because he has a Leeekink Obsesshe!! Seriously, his nickname is Captain Lick-Lick, and he wears an “Outfit” so he’ll leave his hotspots alone.

    So needless to say I thought that this habit was due to his Lick Lick tendencies!!! But no!!! It turns out that many other animules do it too…. and that EVERYONE HAS THE LICK SPOT!!!!

    But not everyone has an “Outfit.” 🙂

  27. My kitty does this if you rub between his toes!

  28. AlbertaGirl says:

    @Kate: my Buster also licks the air when I scratch him just right! I love the phrase “cleaning the universe” and may have to steal it!

    When I scratch my boyfriend’s cat’s lick spot, she bites herself on the right front leg. Always the right front leg – nowhere else. It’s extremely amusing!

  29. If you’d scratch my old Mega-Kitty there, she’d stare to her left, moan, and clatter her teeth. It was kinda creepy.

  30. goodness, doesn’t everyone know about the “happy” switch just above the tail, and the “reset” switch (activated with a gentle kick) just below the tail?

    [I thought the reset switch was on the belly?… – Ed.]

    […yep, just double-checked. Ow. – Ed.]

  31. heheheh! so all kitties do have one! my old kitty boo boo used to just lick in mid air when i scritched her tailular region!

  32. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I used to have a cat who, when you skritched the “lick spot” just above the tail root, would raise her head and make multiple rapid biting motions, while bobbling her head up and down a little. It was quite strange to see. Her eyes would also be open wide during this.

  33. Erika- “tailular region” great!

  34. lol!

  35. Brak_Silverbone : My old cat Florence, went through the same action, I always assumed she was getting her rocks off.Perhaps It was just my dirty mind.

  36. Hehe..sure there isn’t a switch back there?

  37. Ed.:
    Nooooo! don’t touch the “shredder” switch on the belly (aka the “crazy-kitty” switch). You found out why the hard way. LOL!

  38. All my cats have that spot, but we call it the “Hot Spot” because they get all snarky and riled up when you scratch there.

  39. 😦 my kitteh doesn’t do that!
    Jonah is defective…

  40. I thought only my cat did this! When we scratch her behind and just starts licking her chest like crazy (or as my fiance calls it, licking her nipples).

  41. confusedbyanuffer says:

    What the HAYLE are you talking about, you sick-o??? i’ve gone on you tube and there is no such disgusting dog video. You have ruined this experience for me with your “gotta say something nasty and disturbing on a website that is ONLY GOOD.”
    Whyyyyyyyyyy????? Just let it be cute, people. Please.

  42. When I would scratch my kitty’s “lick spot” she would always whirl around and bite me!

    Other cats make strange gobbling sounds like this when you scratch their lick spot:

    I read someone say it’s a female cat’s pleasure center, since that’s where the male cat’s body is when they’re mating. I don’t know if that’s true or not. LOL

  43. cheesybird says:

    Brak_Silverbone, my favorite (shhhh… I know I’m not supposed to have favorites) kitty friend does the head bobble/air nibble too. After a couple seconds though, she’ll put her head down and start nibbling/drooling on the carpet/couch/cushion… whatever’s there.

  44. cheesybird says:

    Holy crap! I just watched the gobbling cat video that Meia linked to. Cats are some funny people!

  45. My Oscar, who’s never been much of a talker (his “meow” is more like a “squeak”), when his lick spot is activated, will turn his head rapidly back and forth while looking in the air, and make a chatter-squeak. He’ll alternate this weirdness with turning around and rapidly licking his shoulder.

    And if you pull his tail (gently! no cat abuse here!) he’ll start pawing fervently at the floor.

  46. Ray Fisher, just wanted to clue you in to the nature of YouTube (as you must be the last person in the UNIVERSE to know). It’s a wide-open arena with all sorts of anything you can possibly imagine in it. And I do mean ANYTHING. Links posted here are usually cute, funny, prosh, all that fun stuff, but once you start to ramble out there on your own, you’re on your own (so to speak). Don’t be such a whiner. Celebrate the Cute, but take responsibility for your own clickinks. [gingerly gets down from soapbox]

  47. Awww. That makes me think of my manx, Bisley. He had a lick spot, too. You’d scratch near the base of his spine and he’d go nuts licking your hand or himself or anything else within reach.

    I miss him so much.

  48. Haha! My cat does that, too, though she has a tendency to do love nibbles as well.

  49. Teh lick-purr soundz. Tehy slay me.


  50. We call it the “sneeze lick.”

  51. Hi Owners of Lickers,
    This is often caused by Flea irritation at that spot.

    They have sensitive skin there.

  52. video not available anymore 😦

  53. Please don’t shoot me…but I’m not much of a cat fan ordinarily. I didn’t even know cats did this!

  54. Koko — it’s working fine. Keep trying.

  55. Jenny — all cats act weird *somehow* when you scritch their lower back like that, right before the tail. I don’t know what you mean about fleas. None of our cats have them (they’re indoor-only) and they all have similar behaviors… though not specifically this “I MUST INSTANTLY LICK MY SHOULDER WITHOUT STOPPING UNTIL YOU DO” thing, like this kitty.

  56. AKA the silly spot, as Brak and noelegy have described. They both lurve and hate when you activate it.

    “ooh, drat, the hooman is going to make me do it AGAIN… but it feels soooo gooooood… just this once.”

    Big LOL’s at Lickit cat.

    I once knew a long-haired Siamese mix who, when this spot was activated, crossed her eyes, flopped her head back and forth like she was having a seizure, and pawed the air, while the tongue went in and out at double-time. Hours of laughs.

  57. Kate: “there must be a direct neural connection between the elevator butt centre of the cat brain, and the lick centre.”

    I LOL’d.

    Neither of my mom’s cats do this, they just kinda sit there for a second, then try to flip around and chomp or bat at your hand.

  58. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I wonder if this is at all related to scratching a dog’s tummy and watching the hind leg kick as if it’s doing the scratching…?

  59. Emily McCall says:

    so cute i’m speechless 8>

  60. geneticlemon says:

    My friend’s cat does this so I did some research out of curiosity — turns out it’s Feline Hypersensitivity Disorder. It’s neurological … as far as I know, it doesn’t hurt them.

  61. On both my girls that spot makes them lick their front legs. They won’t stop until you stop.

  62. LOL! Those purr sounds when he opens his mouth are so cute. 🙂

  63. lucy’s mommeh… my kitteh Tux does the grooming flea buster thing on me too. Count me in as yet another Mommy whose cat does this.

    Reset switch? Oh, to get her back into cranky butt mode? Yeah when I give her a gentle nudge in the reset spot, she meows angrily in protest and sometimes nearly “disembowels” my foot.

    Bf’s aunts cat Blackie does not have a belly switch. Actually, I don’t even think he has a lick switch, but I never tried the “reset” on him.

    Just watched the second YouTube video. Bf’s aunts other cat is Sissie/Sissy.

  64. My kitty does this too, and is a fur biter. My vet says its an allergy issue and when she’s on antihistamines she stops.

  65. can everyone hear the purr when he opens his mouth? Tooo cute! My cat, Smokey, does this. He also sneezes when he sits on my chest and I am petting him, normally right in my face.

  66. It’s weird how some cats are really sensitive to this and others not so much. With Bertha, honestly, it depends on her mood. When I hit what George Carlin called the “ass button” when petting her, if I get a second floor (women’s and babies), then she doesn’t lick so much, but if I get a fourth floor (sporting goods and luggage), then she’ll start to lick and nibble. Our first cat, Meow, was a machine, like this kittie. One little scritch above the table and she was in our power, licking and suckling away at whatever we put in front of her.

    But as Meg says, EVERYONE HAS ONE. 😉 I’ll show you mine if you show me yours…

  67. Err, tail, not table. (What a freaky typo).

  68. Sounds like third floor (home furnishings).

  69. Totalee Puppy says:

    Too tamed to be blamed…
    Totalee Puppy

  70. Kate, I think you might have a point (about the correlation between the elevator butt & lick center) but I think it might be genetic too. I have a pair of brother kittehs from the same litter – and only one has the lick spot. On the other paw, his brother really gets into catnip and he barely reacts. Either way, we don’t abuse the knowledge….unless we’re reaaaaly bored {:-)

  71. My Picky-cat only has the “butt-elevator” reaction to skridgeling the base of his tail, but he looks over his shoulder, and seems to say, “ok, yeah, wassup?”

  72. My “big-sister” princess Flipper her highness, who passed away two weeks ago, didn’t allow anybody touch that spot. She’d slap you in the face if you ever try to go anywhere near her end. I heard from her ex-mom-servant that she started behaving this way after realizing she’d been spayed. RIP, big-sister… 😦

  73. OMG it’s not just my cat that does this! She doesn’t do it so much now, but a while ago when we would pet her towards her tail (the same spot in the video), she would start purring and compulsively licking and gnawing on her front paws. It was really weird! We think now it had to do mostly with fleas, because she’s flea-free now and doesn’t do the paw thing nearly as much. Glad to know my kitty is normal in at least ONE aspect 😛

  74. Daphne Moss says:

    That is sooo funny! I especially love the thrah-thrah-thrah ecstatic purr!

  75. That’s hysterical. A buddy of mine’s cat also did that, and I agree it’s gotta be some kind of direct link-up between butt-scritches and the pleasure center of the brain. Dogs kinda react that way, too, except they just get all growly and squinchy-eyed.

    I have a “lick it” spot, sure. But it first requires getting past the “feral laughing and leering” spot.

  76. omg our fluffy white cat does this!

  77. I’m now going on a quest to find my kitteh’s lick spot.

  78. peachfish says:

    I don’t think it’s flea related, my cat is strictly indoor and hasn’t got a single flea and yet he has a “lick spot” as well…except with him it’s more of a “bitey” spot…you touch him there and he bites your hand. My other cat just gets elevator butt when you touch hers.

  79. and how long does this continue before cat gets annoyed and shreds hand or stalks off to restore dignity out of reach? (dignity restored by grooming, natch.)

  80. It’s a symptom of flea allergies. It could get worse as he gets older. As cute as it is, he’ll be happier if his skin isn’t so itchy.

  81. My Oliver does this and I thought it was just some crazy weird habit of his. I give him little rubs and then *lick lick lick* like mad. If I stop scratching, he stops licking. Then he gets tired and bites me. :/

  82. it’s not a kitty thing or female thing or a flea thing! my bunny is a male house bunny and does this whenever i scratch his lower spine. how funny that this is an interspecies thing!

  83. My hamster had a lick ‘sound’, everytime i clicked my fingernails together, she starts to lick everything O_O
    Something is going on, folks, something…
    I really love how the kitty’s mouth gets sooo big during the lickings XD

  84. Most cats we’ve ever had have had licky-spots (as we call them). We had one cat who had a clacky-jaws spot. Same idea, but would kind of repeatedly bite thin air instead of licking.

    The best part of licky-/clacky-jaws-/butt-elevator spots is that often the cat’s all “Erm, WTF, mate?” or alternately, “I totally mean to be licking myself compulsively. You scritching me is PUREST COINCIDENCE.”

  85. And it’s definitely not always, or even commonly, flea-related. Years and years of crazy-cat-lady-esque households full of indoor kitties with no fleas in a dry climate, and 75% or more have licky/clacky spots.

  86. Aww… she’s obsessive compulsive… I love those cats…

  87. my kitteh does the same thing! though you have to be careful cuz she’ll start biting herself if you do it too much.

  88. Reeeeeedonkalus!!

  89. Katherine says:

    My understanding is that, on cats, nerve endings are very close to the skin surface at the base of the spine. Consequently, any kind of touch feels very intense, either pleasantly or not so.

  90. you do know you’re masturbating your cat, yes?

  91. i thought marmalade was all alone in the universe, i cant even touch her there or she’ll twitch and lick. at first me and my mom thought it was funny but now that we made it so that we cant touch her there i feel really bad, because we didnt know about it 😦 i hope marmy will forgive us