TEEEEENY Caturday paw danglage

Puh-lease. Too, too moshe:

black and white?
miniscules and striped?
ear flappage and paw danglage?

kitten1, originally uploaded by Duckproductions.




You love it. Admit it, Lori W.



  1. :: ded ::

  2. :meep:

  3. i commented [BLIGGITY BLEEN TOITIE OYSTER] *yeah*
    My day is now complete with this little one. I love the little paw danglage! : )

  4. so not [NARF!]… ohwell… looks at kitteh again…


    [PS — http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#FP – Ed.]

  5. Ack. Oh the paw. The PAW. And the microclaws.

    [They’re like Velcro. :SIGH: – Ed.]

  6. OMG! That is pure Caturday proshness!


  7. Oh too precious!!! My day is complete.

  8. ::squee:: in a whisper tone as not to wake the bebeh.

    (runs outside)


  9. Oh my! Little mini-pawsie through the cracks with itty bitty needle claws. KEELS ME! I <3 <3 <3 heem.

  10. Gah! I want!

  11. Aww just Aww…..

  12. It is de Leeps that kill me….de Leeps I say. I want to stick my finger in there and feel the kitty breefs.

  13. I’ve been a lurker here for a long time, but I feel that the moment has come to speak up at last:
    OMG!!! LOOK AT THE WIDDLE BEBEH KITTEH WITH THE TEENY WEENY PAW!!! Thank you and God bless. I shall go ‘splode now. *head commences ‘sploding*

  14. I was just admiring some tiny claws out in the hen house. We were adopted by a beautiful black and white tuxedo kitty that my husband thought was a boy because he saw “him” spraying the trash cans.
    Now we have 4 tuxedo kittens and 2 solid black kittens. It looks like their eyes are just about to open. We also have 3 older kittens that the neighbor cat left at our place. Their mother showed up a few days ago and was swatting and hissing at them. Someone said she might be pregnant again.
    I hate to think of how much it is going to cost to get them all spayed and neutered. I hope they are mostly boys.

  15. KailisnRileysMom says:

    Can come live at my house!!!!! Tooooooo

  16. So precious! Only once have I held a baby kitten in my hands. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

  17. tinytabby

  18. Karen in Toronto says:

    I’ll be the first remark on that handsome masculine manicure.

  19. The kitty just killed me with its cuteness. Goodbye.

  20. *ded of teh qte*

    ghee hee hee!

  21. !!!


  22. TOTAL Anne Geddes reference. Well done.

  23. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Oh my… wow… just too much cute…

  24. He has FUDGE SWIRLS!

  25. cheesybird says:

    Umm… Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



  26. You know, ever since that day I absent mindedldy clicked on the 2 headed kitty and was broken hearted I’ve been afraid to even come to CO. Today I came with much hesitation but I have been rewarded for my courage. This kitty will start to repair my heart.

  27. Le sigh.

  28. Floyd's Mom says:


  29. oh so cute makes you wana bite the teeny toe nails off

  30. Precious baby.

  31. I’ve never envied a hand before…

  32. the other Brenda says:


  33. The other Brenda, ai cuddun hav sed it bettur.


  34. Pearl Ostroff says:

    That is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long, long time.

    BTW, I did notice the manicure too.

  35. Oh my god. So disgustingly and yet, deliciously CUTE. Look at those tiny little claws.. meeep.. I wants.. X 10..

  36. With this, you have reached the pinnacle of cuteness; there is no cuter picture left to find. Your job here is done. You can close the site now.

  37. LOFF EET! say with the CO accent (ackzhant)

  38. ButtaRumCake says:

    Moggyfan, I reluctantly must agree with you. I don’t think Meg & the crew can top this. If they do, I’ll… I’ll….

    hell, I’ll do like everybody else does & SQUEE till I pee

  39. angrycupcake says:

    OMeffingG. moggyfan is absolutely correct; there is nothing cuter. There can be only one.

    Also, I, too, noticed the impeccably groomed man hand. I want that hand to give me a back rub right…NOW.

  40. Even those leetle teeny claws are muy, muy picosos. When my Diana was that size, and I was having to bottle feed her 3x a day, I started wearing gloves to protect my bottle hand from the wee windmilling razor claws.

  41. Woods Walker says:

    The tractor pullers must be out of noise ranger of the kitty. Tractor Pulling Nationals In BG,Ohio.-Woods Walker

  42. Glad I’m not the only one who was thinking of Anne Geddes when I saw this pic!

    @ButtaRumCake (Lof ya name!): Squee til I pee…..!?
    …LOL! 😀

  43. I die from all the proshness

  44. Woods — Bowling Green?
    (born in Dayton)

  45. This is totally the epitome of Honk-shu…honk-shu…zzzzzz….

  46. Moggyfan has spoke da troof.

    This is super-concentrated cuuuuuuute proshness. Like a white dwarf made of cutonium atoms.

    He has made my brain splode into another deemenshun.


  47. Sharon Wilson says:

    Tugs: So what was your kitteh doing having her bebehs in the henhouse?? Was it so the hens could babysit for her when she went out?

  48. we need more cats for caturdays!

    preferably in baskets. or teacups.

  49. binky-mama says:

    Future generations will call this “The dangling paw that brought about world peace.”


  50. “Even those leetle teeny claws are muy, muy picosos.”

    Agreed! I volunteer for an animal shelter and have multiple little thin white scars on both arms – all from bebeh kittehs using my arms as launching pads. The claws are so tiny, but they are SO sharp!

  51. For ze Caturday brunche at ze CO cafe, mam’selle, we haf ze ear avec le nom sauce, ze steak au paw, or may ah recommend ze teensee tabbeh tailio, ma petite honk-shu.

  52. In a world of cute, this tinykitty is in a category of its own.

    By the way, this site has taught my cats that when I sit at the computer and squeal with delight, I will probably be receptive to the idea of petting them…

  53. if that picture was shown to those fighting russians and georgians, surely world peace would ensue?

  54. Totalee Puppy says:

    Thanks, MEG, for the
    happiest moment I have had all day!
    My comp is now daylete…

  55. There are no words to express how teeny and how cute.

    It’s like, how much more teeny could this be? None. None more teeny.

  56. Sharon Wilson – The henhouse is no longer being used. Although my husband said it is haunted by a poultrygeist.

    [He still believes in that?? Man, I gave up that ghost ages ago… – Ed.]

  57. OMG! Iz not even a kitten! It’s a kittenlet!

  58. Little kitty’s got sharp claws!

  59. oh. mah. gahd.

    That… is the most perfect specimen/morsel I’ve have ever laid mine eyes upon. *heavenly angel music* I am ded in its presence of perfect cute.

  60. But before I go all splat-ded, I must of course stuff it in my mouf. Nom nom nom! AGH I CAN’T GET OVER HOW PERFECT S/HE IS IN HIS/HER CUTENESS!

    P.S. Random confession: I’ve always secretly wanted to have Ed post on one of my comments, but my comments are never nuffer-like or interesting enough to provoke an Ed-postscript. Sadness.

    [Seriously?? OK, here’s another check mark for your bucket list… – Ed.]


    [Ooops… bebeh is slepping…]


  62. That killed me. *thud*

  63. I don’t remember my kitties ears evar being that small as a kitten…but then agin she did have freaky big ears that took 2 years ta grow into. But these must surely be the smallest, cutest kitty ears evar??!?

  64. irinasmom says:

    Imma gonna dies now, k?

  65. bebeh tigger – bebeh tigger

    let’s not overlook teeny muzzlepuff

  66. Totalee Puppy says:

    Now I meep myself to sleep…

  67. yes! finally!

    a sushi bar that doesn’t cut the neta too big!

    (single-bite noms kitteh nigiri)

  68. The lovely Isosceles triangle of the dee ear, dee mouf and dee dangle-dangle….

  69. I missed the kitty morsel pass out portion of this morning, clearly. Anyone up for sharesies?

  70. I’m gonna say I love the pawsie that we CAN’T see. The left one curled under onto the palm. Because it says to me, kitteh was kind of walking around the hand, checking it out, and said, “O, I think I will snoozies right here” and just plopped down and then the human opened his fingers and the other paw dropped through and kitteh started dreaming of sleeping on a tree branch. And Anne Geddes was there to take the photo and man-hand was all “Make sure you get my manicure, Anne Geddes!” and kitteh was all “honk-shu” and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  71. jackie31337 says:

    When my boyfriend saw my reaction to this pic, he said he won’t have a very hard job of converting me into a cat person. I’m kind of starting to agree…. It’s a Cute Overload conspiracy!

  72. It is a slippery slope, jackie31337, slippery indeed…

  73. That is absolutely precious….. awww.

  74. darkshines says:

    Putting the man in mani-icure. Very impressed!

  75. @berthasbutler: Mmmm-hmm. You makin’ me smile wit’ yr stories, man. But wit’ such inspire-ashun, who cares? Kitteh-bebehs’ honk-shus always make me smile.

  76. scooterpants says:

    “I iz not tiroad, I iz Growing!”

  77. Daphne Moss says:

    *salute Tugs*
    You and the hubster are good people. A mama cat “gave” me her second litter of behbehs after horrible neighbors took hers…tooo young…and then abandoned her. I gave her and kittehs home and kept them all…had them all fixed. Happy times. 😉
    As for dis behbe in the hand…
    lethal dose of vulnerable cute!

  78. Totalee Puppy says:

    Can haz take-home box? I only need the
    small size…

  79. Totalee Puppy says:

    Hear my bedtime prayer so fervent…
    to be a hit with the ladies, just like

    Thanks, teeny kitten–you bring happiness to a lonely puppy…If Berthaservant goes to Waterbury, CT, he has to sign autographs…books, too! Hearts are a-flutter in Waterbury…

  80. berthaservant says:

    No way, TP…that is so sweet!

    I am so not a hit with the ladies in the non-CO world. Sad, really.

    At the moment I have no plans to visit Waterbury, sorry. But thanks again for the props.

  81. OK, thanks guys, I am now a complete puddle of goo. How can I grab the precious kitlet and run away now that I am goo?

  82. …one of the top 20 best since I’ve been addicted to COverload.
    I esp. enjoyed the description of the little guy/ gal as being too small to be an entire kitten & is instead a kittenlet.

    Tugs: Congratulations to your “village”. I suggest you offer photos to Meg for the COverload audience to enjoy of
    “the rest” of “the story”
    (Phrasing & pause thanks to “Paul” “Harvey”).

  83. Squeeeeeee…Splode

  84. Haha, thanks Ed!

  85. Mary (the first) says:

    This is the first time I’ve truly understood the “I must put in my mouf and nom” reaction. Definitely that’s the only possible thing to do with this kittenlet. Nibble nibble nibble.

  86. Must Nom. Must snorgle -ever so gently-. Even my big he-man only dogs deserve love hubby was broken down by this little kitlen. Found out from the hubby that he always had the “no cats” philosophy as he HAS had cats, has actually had one berfed into his hand and had the Mommie cat leek him and the kitten clean. The kitten grew up-captured his heart and then like all well loved pets-passed away at a ripe old age. He told me he never wanted to go thru that type of hurt again. I think this kitlin has changed that. I caught him snorfin the neighbors kittens!!

  87. WOW! Now that is one precious bebeh! Good lo’ I’m aghast at the level of qte! I find myself singing “hush little bebeh don’t you cry, mamam’s gonna sing you a lullaby…”

    This photo looks like it belongs in a David McEnery (sp?) calendar.

  88. ah-dorable.
    how precious.


  89. Cutest picture ever, obvy. I could just plop him into my mouf.

  90. littleword says:

    moggyfan called it. i’ve been back to the site every day. i can die happy.

  91. Yitzysmommie says:

    Rose for the win – “kittenlet”.
    I suppose “kittenlette” if of the female purrsuasion.
    Bestest word EVAH!

  92. Beast of Burden says:


  93. corvideye says:

    meeep! *waves appendages in utter helplessness*