"DUDE! Where can I find the 2009 calendar!? It’s tewtelly sold OUT on Amazon!"

People, if I had a NICKEL for every time I hear that question, I’d have like, one-fiddy.

There are plenty of other places to find the calendar. Try:

Calendars.com !

More distributors to come. Watch this here space.




  1. I’d like to, again, point out that I got my calendar on Friday and yes it is everything that I hoped for and more. I’m already through March 2009.


    Just January.

  2. Wait, I’m confused… you expect people to keep throwing money at you but if they ask too many times HOW they can do it this is annoying you? Meg, maybe you should remember where you’d be without your users…

    Lina (DK) who hasn’t yet bought (or asked) and isn’t sure anymore whether she should…

  3. @lina: If you sensed any tone of annoyance in her post, i’d suggest re-reading it. ;p

  4. misscrisp says:

    But…I wanted to be all like…part of the most winningest calendar EVAR n stuff! I must admit it’s not quite the same back-ordering…and I know I’m gonna get it (there was never any question) but I want to break records.

  5. hmmmm I did back order…does that mean amazon wont be getting any more? happy to 86 that order and try the other place. 🙂




  7. I think I get a free copy cause my Prissy’s picture is featured in the calendar — I’m checking my mailbox every day!!

  8. I saw a big stack of them at my local Barnes & Noble!

  9. Robert M. says:

    Hmmm… just placed my order at Amazon; if I do see it at B&N, I guess I can either cancel the online order, or have a gift at the ready…

  10. I bought mine at Barnes & Noble and they had them all out on a table! I guess I’m glad I scooped mine up!!!!

  11. mommy25bunnies says:

    PUH-LEASE people!! Meg isn’t annoyed!!!! HUMOR HUMOR HUMOR!!!! Meg, you blogtastic purveyor of cute: I bow in awe!!

  12. Lina — Lina, Lina, Lina.
    If you were my kid, I’d sit you down and have a serious talk about “entitlement”. Also “responsibility” and “initiative”. And “being polite.” Heck, I’d do the same if you were my *sister* and were acting this way.

    Come to think of it, you know, most of the internet could probably benefit from a concerned parent or two. But that’s maybe a bit out of scope here.

  13. Theo- the whole world needs good parenting.

    I got cursed out because I asked a young man who’s radio was louder than I can scream,(I tried it) to turn down his radio.

    What’s wrong with people? No parenting and not enough cuter! Or maybe in the other order.

  14. Cute.


  15. anonymous says:

    i found the calendar at a couple of other places:


  16. My three from Amazon came yesterday and they are cuuuuuuuuuute.

  17. scooterpants says:

    you could also do a search at Bizrate or Shopzilla and find it too.
    (not that i’m promoting or anything)
    but “i already have possession of MINE and its fabulous and i’d hate for anyone not to have one”…

  18. wagthedogma says:

    Wow, first it’s the wingnut over on the lick post talking about spilling dog guts, and now over here we have Princess Lina and her Very Big Attitude. Is it a full moon or WHAT, peeps?? :O

  19. Yay, I am now a proud owner of said calendar! It was on full display at a downtown Barnes & Noble. I love immediate gratification of B&M stores.

  20. I’m going to Narnes and Boble today, so I’ll check out the Waterbury, CT hub of your fine empire.

  21. I found mine at Hallmark

  22. Still haven’t purchased one. What’s wrong with me?

  23. Dude. What IS wrong with you?

    [realizes something]
    [hops into car]
    [drives to Barnes & Noble]

  24. Berthaservant- you may join me in reconning the Waterbury, CT Narnes & Boble, as I can wait for a while to go. Any Yale or UCONN or Wesleyan interviews set up?
    If so, then for heaven’s sake don’t miss Waterbury!

  25. Or me!

  26. OK, I’m back from Boones and Nooble now, where I did indeed pick up the 2009 Cute Overload Page-A-Day (they had them all OVER the desk-calendar table, couldn’t hardly miss ’em) *AND* the 2009 Stuff on My Cat daily calendar (hi SOMC!) for comparison.

    I haven’t opened them yet, but what’s immediately odd to me is that the SOMC calendar is from a publisher in San Francisco (Chronicle Books), while ours was published in New York (Workman Publishing).

    Not that there’s anything WRONG with that, of course. I just thought it was funny. Ploop!

  27. PS — there is *no* Waterbury–none!–save Vermont’s.


  28. Cool, there IS an option for getting the CO Page-A-Day delivered daily via email, once you own the calendar. Each one comes with its own unique “CUTE-##########” registration code that you enter along with some other info at: http://www.pageaday.com/

    Meg has also included a page for the Glossary (highly abridged, of course… ahem).

    I spotted Rufus (ROOOOFEEEEZ!) in there too, doing the Chizzomp. And a “PAWS UP!” bumper sticker in the wild. Kittyfeets. Penguin parents. Lapine disapproval. Somebody even managed to snap a shot of a *hummingbird* sitting still.

  29. Does anyone know if there are more calendars being supplied to Amazon? Mine’s backordered and they won’t let me cancel it.

  30. scooterpants says:

    seems for the free page-a-day you have to wait til after jan 2009 to register, according to when i tried to do eet
    .i am so not willing….
    but its an option.

  31. Totalee Puppy says:

    Got one at Barnes & Noble! Okay, so I did have to wait in the car…
    MEG, I believe in you–I’ll ask the Tooth Pooch to leave you some nickels (no loss of tooth is needed)–XO to you too…
    Totalee Puppy

  32. I am getting the calender for Christmas but I saw some at my local university bookstore. (UNB Fredericton if anyone is from up here 🙂 )

  33. is there any distributor selling to other European countries? Czech republic?

  34. cheesybird says:

    @Lentilki, you might want to try http://www.abc.nl – in the Netherlands. Annica linked to them elsewhere, and I’m pretty sure they ship everywhere in Europe.

  35. TheIglets says:

    I got mine! LOVE it. Still trying to make that hovertext thingy work with it though.

    [Me too, dang it… – Ed.]

  36. germangirl says:

    hi european worshippers of the cute you can also order at play.com, they will deliver from 1.october.08

  37. saintevie says:

    i got mine at barnes and noble! it’s so great.