Crank It Up, Man!

Get your nose a-sniffin / Head out on the highway / Lookin’ for aromas / And whatever comes our way…


(THUMP-tha-da-THUMP-tha-da-DUDDA-da-da-THUMP!  THUMP-tha-da-THUMP-tha-da-DUDDA-da-da-THUMP!)

Objects in mirror are more blissed than they appear.

Totally awesome submish-osity from the aptly-named Joy H.



  1. BAMF

  2. Like a true nature’s child
    I was bleen, bleen to be wild

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG almost bleeny on the adorable dog that made me SMILE !!

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    I do wish he was closer than he appears.. I would love to snorgle his earsies and kiss his nose!!

  5. Awww, totally blissed out Mr. Born to Be Wild. I’ll go cruisin with you any day!

  6. What a way to spend a weekend.

    I wouldn’t mind sitting in the back seat for this joyride.

  7. He must be oblivious to the PRICE OF GAS!

  8. No way can that pup be more blissed than he appears. He would just splode if he was!

  9. Adorable. Hope there’s not a fender bender, or Fido’s toast.

  10. Is that a Corgula? Listen to ears *whap* in the breeze!

  11. There’s a hound dog in our area whose owner puts swim goggles on it to protect its eyes when they’re cruisin’.

    It’s hard to top the sight of a hound dog with goggles, but this little pupster comes mighty close!

  12. Whee!!

    Totally happy.

  13. My favorite picture in a long while. Totally defines summer!!!

  14. Angela-Eloise says:

    Mary (the first) I was just thinking: dogs in the mirror are closer than they appear.

  15. I lurve this pic!!! My puppehs have “doggles” for their eyes..hanging their head out the window after a long mornign at the park is the best thing in the world! BTW, does the puppeh in the pic look like he has some shaved bits on his front legs?? Co

  16. Love the mutton chop!

  17. Hey, is that freedom rock? Well, turn it up, man!!

    (Yeah, I’m really dating myself there).


  19. Michelle S says:


  20. I’m not sure I’ve ever been as happy as this pup looks. Oh wait, there was that day that involved a hot fudge sundae, Vicodin, and a Daniel Day-Lewis film festival.

  21. That pupper is having a “zen moment” as I like to call it;)

  22. Not only does this pup-sicle have an open window to stick his head out of, it looks like he has a whole open CAR to stick his head out of! I can imagine many doggies from my past who would have given their left hind leg for that!

  23. wagthedogma says:

    LMAO @ “…lookin’ for aromas”! XD

    It’s Friday, Easy Riders! Roll a fat one and gitcher Dennis Hopper on!

  24. eikoleigh says:

    YAY – ready for the weekend!

  25. CoffeeCup says:

    I’d like to ask those who own convertibles and pups a question:

    How do you reconcile letting puppy ears flap in the cool blissful breeze while making sure they don’t spot a cat or squirrel and leap out. I would imagine dogs are smarter than to just leap out of a moving vehicle, but I have no idea whether dogs grab the concept that 3,000 pounds of steel and rubber are a bad thing to be hit by.

  26. COME ON 5:00!!!! Help me, peeps, I dunno if I can make it. Ugh, I don’t like it here. Quick, someone hand me a marmie – EMERGENCY FIX!

  27. I can almost feel the breeze. You go, doggie!

    Glad to see the pupster has a human hand on him to prevent him from vaulting out of the car if they drive by a kitteh.

    My 2 doggies luv luv luv riding in the car.

    (hehe…driveby kitteh cracks me up)

  28. That is one happy dog!

  29. stop i see a bunny i want to kick his butt

  30. Doggies in the mirror are as cute as they appear!

  31. The vibes are just too good in this pic.

  32. Puttin’ this week in the rear-view mirror!

  33. Brak_Silverbone says:

    That’s the very definition of “happy” right there, ladies and gentlemen!

  34. >sniff sniff< "Momma? I smells waffles."

  35. omg Chanpon…you made wine come out my nose.

  36. objects in mirror are
    closer than they appear

    (i had to say it.)

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Someone mentioned human hanging on to prevent leaping.. didn’t see at first but now I do see the fingers lovingly wrapped around left shoulder/neck. YAY !!

  38. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    That pic and the news that Judge is going on vacation (therefore I get to babysit Boomer again), totally made my week!!! Maybe I’ll take Boomie on a joy ride… Or walk, as someone mentioned, it’s expensive to drive (though it’s getting a bit better recently).

  39. CoffeeCup – it looks like someone’s holding the dog in the picture. In general, it’s probably not the safest thing, but I’ve seen lots of dogs riding in the backs of pickup trucks and they never bailed. It probably depends on how excitable/stupid the dog is. My dog, for instance, would probably leap out in the window if it was ever open far enough.

  40. Totally agree with you Brak_Silverbone (hi btw!)
    Absolute definition of a HAPPY CHAP!

  41. Totalee Puppy says:

    Get a bag from Arby’s/Head out on the highway/Lookin’ for the bike babes/And whatever comes our way…

  42. wandapepper says:

    The infinitely pleasurable:

  43. That cute. But I’d advise having the dog tethered to inside of the car with a leash in case of an accident.

  44. ***SLOW RIDE***
    bam bam bammmmmmm
    bam bam bammmmmmmmmm

  45. So thats the Bastard that wakes me at 3a.m. every morning, with his thumpy thumpy music!

  46. Daphne Moss says:

    I don’t think we need worry about this puppeh…Loved everything about this photo, and the posts… esp. the idea of putting this week (sounding like Eddie Vedder: In mah … REAR VIEW MIRROR!…)

  47. Anytime I take my dog for a ride I adjust the side mirrors to watch her “wind” action… dangerous? Sure but worth every second!

  48. Totalee Puppy- very nice, very nice…..
    Woah darling gonna make it happen….etc., too cool, and earworm for the rest of the day and I have a concert tonight! Oh, well, I’ll deal, it was sooo worth it. Just so you know, Killer Corgi is scared to death of riding in the car.

  49. it looks like this doggy is recently celebrating an escape from the animal hospital. The shaved spot on the leg indicated where an IV catheter was placed.

  50. Hmm, sharp eye, Fuji, I hadn’t seen that. The dog’s “sideburn” patch kinda dominates the photo.

  51. This puppeh looks exactly like my Elvira. How did she sneak away to go for a joy ride in a strange black sports car? And who is driving?

    You can see what she looks like in this pic with the famous Sheba from

  52. I hope this one makes next year’s calendar!

  53. Could you put in on March 24th-oh, no reason… i lied it is my buthutthday and I’d Soo love to have this on my buthutthday. Can I please?

  54. LOL at Chanpon and Daphne Moss!!!!

    For those of you who are too young to remember Freedom Rock:

    (P.S. This was in 1987, when the sixties weren’t cool).

  55. Re. the captioning:
    That was quite a lengthy bit of thud/ thump detail.
    I, for one, commend your scholarly attention to detail!!

  56. equiraptor says:

    That car would be a first generation MX-5 (Miata). It looks to be an M Edition, based on the headrest speakers (you can just barely see the holes in the leather on the top of the seat). And it has a slightly bluish hue to it, which makes it look like it’s Montego Blue in color. That’d make it a 1994 M Edition (and yes, there’s a bit of green in Montego Blue, as well).

    While many talk about how much like their dogs the one pictured looks… “That looks just like my car!” I own a ’94 M edition. *grin* Miatas are about as much fun as a person can have driving a car. Rest assured, the owner is grinning like the dog! 😀

  57. “Lookin’ for aromas”?!

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That’s beautiful. Just beautiful.