“Dude, check it out — total hottie at three o’clock!”
“Where?  Where? By the vending machines?”
“No, man!  Quick, you’re gonna miss her!
“I still can’t see any — OW, STOP PUSHING MY HEAD!”

two marmalade kittens

So, Karla A. — you come here often?



  1. tracyFlick says:

    Summer Friday Bleen.

  2. Dude, I think the babe is BEHIND you. (tshh!) Cats…

  3. cinderELLA says:

    Ehh.. I’d give her a four. But her FRIEND…. Well, she’s a definite nine.

  4. They are so playing the “real or fake” game! You know how those ornj ones are……

  5. What kind of cat is it that looks like a marmie but is all kinda cream-colored like the little kitteh on the right? I love those!

  6. My ex has a cream coloured marmie, he’s goooooooooooorgeous (and a wimp).

  7. All I can see are marmeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!
    Well, one marmee and one creamsicle. Nom.

  8. That would be a good coca-cola commercial:)

  9. Tssh. Boys and their GD ogling. *rolls eyes*

  10. CoffeeCup says:

    The one on the left has raccoon eyes…maybe it took to wearing goggles a la Olympics mens swimming teams?

  11. how YOU doin?

  12. Except 3 o’clock is the other way. That total babe is at 9 o’clock.

  13. They’e making mewsic to watch girls by!

  14. @ Kat – haHAAAA! I didn’t really watch that show much but I’ve seen enough clips of Joey saying that. Perfect! It cracks me up just to say it.

    @ Kimberly – I thought the same thing.

  15. ThreeCatNight says:

    Short and sweet,
    and sleek and furry,
    The cat from Ipanema
    goes stalking,
    And when she passes,
    Each cat she passes
    goes – “purrrr”
    When she moves it’s like a samba,
    That plays so hot, and
    swings so gentle,
    That when she passes,
    Each cat she passes
    goes – “purrrrr”
    Oh, but they watch her so sadly,
    How can they tell her they love her?
    Yes, they would give their hearts gladly.
    But each day as she goes to the machine,
    She acts as if they’re never seen.
    Short and sweet, and
    sleek and furry,
    That cat from Ipanema
    goes stalking.
    And when she goes stalking by those two,
    She just doesn’t see.
    Just doesn’t see.

  16. Gail (the first one) says:

    @ 3GatosNoche: Brilliant!!!!!!!!

  17. wagthedogma says:

    @starling — The marmie or the ex? ;D

  18. kids these days.. still green behind the ears but already up to no good.

  19. Erebella – the cream ones are “dilute.”

    My mother’s cat is a dilute marmie, so light he looks like an albino. He’s almost the color of buttermilk.

  20. Marmie, marmie,
    The sun shines east,
    The sun shines west,
    But not as bright as your orange chest, oh,
    Marmie, my little marmie,
    My heartstrings are tangled, you totally charm me.
    I’m comin’,
    To snorgle in your orange fur,
    I’m comin’,
    Just to hear your kitten purr, oh, oh, oh,
    Marmie, my little marmie,
    I’d walk a millon miles,
    For one of your smiles, oh,

  21. momof2kitties says:

    Normally I hate the whole guys ogling girls thing, but I would give these two cuties my phone number in a New York minute!

  22. I had a cream colored kitty once – her name was get this! Creamy! HA! How original am *I*

    I wish these kitties with ogle me – I need a confidence boost today. (bad haircut)

  23. Orange Creamsicles for everyone today! Yay, happy Friday!!!

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the marmie look because I *hate* orange color but that little guy on the right is diluted enough to be extra adorable. And the both of them are definitely scrumptiousy. YUM. yum yum.

  25. staticgirl says:

    NTHTOM, you are obsessed with sex! Still as long as you keep posting cuteness …. 🙂

  26. Ermine_Violin – You have a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. I think you can pull off a bad haircut. Your photography is also beautiful!

  27. Lurker and DreiKatzNacht — you guys are awesome! (I’m the only Al Jolson fanatic I know!)

    I will repeat: Marmies are gods, whether full-blooded or creamsicles (the kind Cartman would call “daywalkers”). Even Bertha is looking at them right now and thinking, “Those are two handsome young chaps.”

  28. “Yeah I’ll give her a four. Four on the floor!! Hahaheehee Oh.”

  29. Ermine Violin-did you get shaved for the Summer, too?

  30. 3CatNight and Lurker — you are the next Rice and Lloyd-Webber, obvy. Brilliant!

    Lurve tehm YELLOW CATS!!!

  31. “Ermine Violin-did you get shaved for the Summer, too?”

    Katrina | Aug 15, 2008 at 10:38 AM

    Boy, my mind went straight to the gutter with that question. :-O

    Cute kittens! Makes me want to get one…

  32. darkshines says:

    Its me, isn’t it nomtom? 😉

  33. binky-mama says:

    What IS it with all the sun-kissed marmie kittehs lately? *cleans lipstick smooches from monitor*

  34. bees on pie says:

    So, live around here much?

  35. Marmie paw on head–SQUEEEEE!

  36. cats can be dogs too, heh

  37. Totalee Puppy says:

    These guys are awesome:
    THREECATNIGHT for “The Cat from Ipanema” (Yes, I sang the song)…
    LURKER for a rousing
    “I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles…Marmie!!”

  38. Totalee Puppy says:

    “Buddy you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinkin…”

    (from the Broadway tune “Standin’ on the
    Corner, Watchin’ all the Girls Go By”…)

  39. Awww! I love the babies! I have a one-eyed creamy marmy who is currently preventing me from working by sprawling cutely across the stuff that I have to translate.
    ¡Qué travieso!

  40. 3cat nacht und Lurker.Bravo, Bravo,or is it Brava, Brava?
    May I join in?
    Cream coloured Kittens
    Like looking at hotties
    Their totaly smitten
    By the shape of their botties
    They wait on the corner
    are ready to pounce
    But Hotties aren’t bothered
    Their come on’s they’ll trounce.

    No I am not going to do all the verses of my favourite things.

  41. Hey! Yay! My boys made it to Cuteoverload! Thanks guys!

  42. So young and they’re already ogling that calico next door. Tsk tsk.

  43. Ermine Violin said she had a bad haircut. I was trying to help her see some humor over what was obviously a trying experience. *sheesh*.

    Eastie-I’m not responsible for your interpretation.
    I assumed it-oh, never mind.
    (walks off in high dudgeon…bring back the damn penguin. Uff da!

  44. they are anerable! *squish & nom!*

  45. Totalee Puppy says:

    HON GLAD…I have been singing your clever song…
    I had to confess to the All-Knowing-Kitten that I thought
    “the shape of their botties” rhymed with
    “hooties…” And I’m supposed to be neutered…!