Um, what kinda animule IS THIS!?

Will you please check out this pygmy anteater—who has a SERIOUS case of proshness going on. The limbs! the slow-moving, sloth-like, cuddly-looking-but-prolly-dangerous limbs!

Oh, and that SCHNOZZLE?! It must be stopped.


Now, check out the acrobatic climbing action and dual coffee-stain styled fur (on front and back)

Debra Y., I LOVE it when a species is new to moi. Thanks evah so moshe.


  1. Quite snorgleable! Love the knees!

  2. All I can think of watching this creature is that a banana and a sloth made sweet tropical love.
    *cues Billy Ocean

    3rd video is the best. “Theres far too much tree, and too little ant. Place my proshness upon the nearest ant hill”

  3. Want!!!

  4. cheesybird says:

    *rubs eyes*


    *rubs eyes again*

  5. What the…? Oh it’s WAY too early for this. WAY too early.

  6. That, is a great Thing. I am glad I have found it. I think it is my new favourite Thing.



  8. The fuzziness! THE FUZZINESS! *asplodes*

  9. Benny's Mum says:

    it has jelly beanz????

  10. Todays alternate curse is “Sweet tropical love”, as in “sweet tropical love that’s some prosh stuff!”.

  11. lol new rule of cuteness.. if you dont have knees your cute hahahah

  12. Come to my house, wee one — all the ants you can eat.

  13. Whooooooo !!!! Qtness factor off the charts !!!

    Acrobatic tree swinging of furry blob on hind legs so prosh ! Anyone spotted the long sticky anteater tongue swooshing out at the end of 3rd video ??

    Must say that the blond anteater keeper (male) is serious competish to this critter in the cute depahtment. And that’s saying a lot.

  14. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    This is, like, unholy levels of cuteness.

    Though it seemed more to me like a platypus and a sloth making the “sweet tropical love”…

  15. Whooooo!!!!! Cute factor off the charts !

    Acrobatic tree swinging of furry blob on hing legs is too prosh ! Has anyone spotted the long sticky anteater tongue swooshing out towards the end of 3rd video ?

    Must say, though, that the blond (male) anteater-keeper is giving this critter some serious competish in the cute depahtment. Just saying.

  16. ewww double post

  17. I know a video is particularly cute when I feel a compulsion to narrate it.

    ‘I want things. Give me things. I want to climb on this tree. And on your back. Either way, but climbing must be involved. And what do I have to do to get my belly rubbed around here? It’s striped for the love of pete. Striped! Yet it’s not being rubbed. So who’s going to step up to the plate on this one, hmmmm?’

  18. This is one of those high-tech Japanese animatronic cute-bots, right? Right? Because if not, you are trying to freeking kill me with this. Quickly, someone tell me where these things live so I can get on the next plane there!

  19. Brandi7920 says:

    Ohmahgawd – I wants to lurve on that leedle bebe!!

  20. What the?! Cute! Is that some kind of a mini-sloth?

  21. I must have eet!!!

  22. Yay, shrunken anteater is mighty cute! Who’d a thunk they come portable and purse-sized.

  23. Prehensile privacy tail in the first video. Does it get any better?

  24. ohmahgawd…
    and he’s got a drizzle of chocolate sauce on his back and tummy!
    for more nommability!

  25. oh yes indeedy i first saw this little fella on the jeff corwin show, and i nearly DIIEEED from the cuteness. prosh prosh.

  26. (the original) Mel says:

    Helloooo hot blonde guy.

  27. Aaaaaaahhhh! So it that a baby, or is that as big as they really get?! I think it has to be a baby… but think about what the baby of that baby would look like!

    *head explodes*


  29. furry slug!

  30. WANT!

    This little guy would look great on my desk right now, and he can climb on me as much as he wants then I’ll take him home and he can have all the ants he can eat. (My backyard is like Antropolis)

  31. *I know a video is particularly cute when I feel a compulsion to narrate it.*

    Edward, I love it. “Compulsion to narrate” as a cute-o-meter.

  32. Image-Google “pygmy anteater.” The cuteness continues!

  33. I never realized that anteaters and sloths were cousins. Love that tail.

  34. Angela-Eloise says:

    Oh. My. God. Too, too cute. He’s SMILING! And the eyes, the eyes. And the legs, the legs. And, and . . .

  35. I could schnorgle that belleh SOOOO bad right now!! I wish I had one at my office to just roam around my desk and keep me company.

  36. And I thought the stripe on the back was cool, then the “look ma, no hands” bit in the last vid and then I saw the most awesome stripe down the belleh. Totally cool, but it sure looks like a fuzzy little sloth with those claw feets.

    I saw a teeny baby toad last night, only about a half an inch long. Sooo cute!

  37. whoa

  38. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
    I like in the first vid when it “attacks” her hair with luff.

  39. I think you can see its tongue on the 3rd video around 46 seconds.. o_O

  40. MaggieBee says:

    WHY?? WHY IS IT SO FURRY?!?!?!? It looks like a stuffie….


  41. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    “it’s called a privacy tail FOR A REASON, LADY!”

  42. MandaBain says:

    Such a sweet little Gonzo face! LOVE when he hangs by his feet in the third video. Want to nuzzle!!

  43. He resembles a silky anteater, but methinks he is some form of delectable chocolate drizzled pastry…

  44. Stripey belleh!!!

  45. =/ Eh ehe eh eh!!! I want-that little fluffy anteater needs me to snuggle it oh so hard

  46. mmmm – do you have any ants in your ear?

  47. GreedySkunk says:

    Ah, so cute! It looks like a furry little caterpillar with legs. But who is Mr. Blonde? Yum!

  48. Eatin’ cocaine off America’s gravestone!


    Kill all your friends, ride their corpses like a carousel!


  49. Teehee, if you go to this site, about midway down the page, you’ll see one of these cuties doing a Jean-Claude van Damme split (click to get a bigger pic).

    Beware that privacy tale doesn’t work in this position.

  50. Paula Helm Murray says:

    i think it is one of these:

    cute, prehensile tail, marsupial.

  51. darkshines says:

    I started saying “aw, thats so cute!” out loud, by the time I got to the third video I had atavised back to “oioidodododo!”

  52. due to the marking on its back I gotta go with 2-toed female sloth? Any sloth experts out there?

    Regardless it remind me of those orange snake like toys from the 70’s that would crawl on your pencil!

  53. Guys, a few minutes ago there was a praying mantis on my window sill, pawing at the glass. Aren’t they the neatest, weirdest things? I went outside to say hi but it was gone. Cool, though!

  54. Whoa! Fuzzy pipe-cleaner tail!!!

  55. Yep, That thar is a Silky Ant eater if I ever saw one. And I seen one- getting harassed by a monkey in Bolivia.

  56. LOVE!!! Loooooooove! His little belly stripe is SO CUTE and I love how he hangs by his back legs. That takes ab strength!

  57. wow my submission got posted! i feel like a celebrity!!! :)

    @jen: i first saw pygmy anteaters on that same jeff corwin show you mentioned! And it was so cute it prompted me to search for more videos of it, and when i came across this i had to submit it to CO!

  58. Silky Anteater!

    If you scroll down this Wikipedia entry, these very clips show up under ‘images’!!

    And then there’s this picture…

    Definitely a silky anteater.

  59. OMG! Who needs furniture? (frantic shoving of all sofas out of living room) Come live with me and my 7 hams! Pwwwwwwease!

    He is perfect! Paws Up…–13061278/sp–A/Pygmy_Silky_Anteater_South_America.htm

  60. Rly Rly scandalous Silky ant eater action ova heeya!

  61. With that kind of nose, the wee thing can locate an axis of snorgle anywhere on any creature. That’s a super-power I wouldn’t mind having!

  62. momof2kitties says:

    You’re telling me the hoomin in vid #2 is a guy? I thought it was a girl. Hmmm…

    *goes back to looking at much cuter stripedy critter of cuteness*

    I thought it was one of those fuzzy 70’s pencil thingys, too! Anybody remember what those were called?

  63. Someone had the brilliant idea to cross a sugar glider, an anteater, and a sloth? Who could have done such a glorious thing?

  64. It’s a pygmy anteater, I do believe. (Which I only know b/c of watching Animal Planet last night – they ahd a show about Amazonian claw-family animals.)

  65. whoops – I was wrong, AND other ppl already figured out that it’s the SILKY anteater. Double lose for me.

    But win for teh QT.

  66. Ooooh…I must feel it’s schnozzle in my ear! Too cute…it kind of reminds me of my hedgehog Roscoe if he had no quills and his nosicle was just a leetle bit longer..

  67. Yesh, it’s all about the belleh stripe!!! The belleh stripe!!!

  68. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:
  69. He throws up in the third video at :46

  70. Ceejoe — that’s not chocolate sauce. It’s a tramp stamp.

    Not sure about the lady checking out the animule’s junk in vid #1.

    Not sure about the “guy” in #2, too (thought it was a girl at first, then changed my mind).

    Sure that this thing is super cute, and that’s all that really matters.

  71. These little dudes don’t even weigh a pound fully grown! :O

    now I NEED one


  73. Omg! So prosh! He should get “looks like a stuffed animal” points. That amount of fuzz should be made illegal on accounts of too cute to handle!

  74. Hi Miaoux’s mom,
    Miaoux is a real cutie but I think you should know that my Mouseau is actually the softest cat in the world

    Meg and Theo thank for continuing to broaden my cute horizons

    And again I say,

  76. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Now I know what to suggest to my friend who has a major ant problem at her house. Of course, I’ll have to go visit her… heh heh heh…

  77. Scrodd, that’s his long, ant-grabbing tongue.

    @Theresa, cool thanks! This one here had green eyes to match its body. I keep looking to see if it came back.

  78. Actually, guy and animule = matchingks. Exactly at 0:14 in vid 1, same uncertain smile !

  79. Dum-dumb, that’s vid 2, as in tuwooo.

  80. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    Wait… you mean the cute blond guy with the uncertain smile’s not included? Shoot… I would only visit my friend for her handy pet, then. Not a bad deal. She’d be free of ants, and I could visit her snuggly prosh anteater.

    I do like how dude’s eyes match his shirt, and his smile matches the anteater’s…

  81. I don’t know what that is, but sign me up for one!!!

  82. I totally thought the dude was a woman too, till I saw his hands. His hair is prettier than mine!

    How can it be a silky anteater, when he is so clearly FUZZY??

  83. omg omg omg omg proshhhhhhness up the hizzle!
    so cute:-)

  84. Yes! Yes! He is seeking the axis of snorgling on teh hoomans. He wants to nuzzle them. Prehensile tails and belly stripes FTW!

  85. It’s like a tiny dinosaur rolled around in dryer lint.

  86. Jeff Corwin about stroked out when he was taken to see on once by a little girl in the Amazon – he said they call them “Angels of the Forest”… one can obviously see why. :D

    This is ridiculously cute – I love love the belly stripey thing!


    That is the cutest little thing EVER.

    Aw aw aw. I want to pet it.

    I do love your blog! Very nice layout too! :D


  88. OMG, I totally need one of these in my house – come live with me, pigmy anteater! You will FEAST!!!

  89. It’s the reincarnation of Jimmy Durante!

  90. Alice Shortcake says:

    Every shoulder should have one!

  91. so pudgy & fluffy & floofy & furry & stubby!! I really would love to feel it!!! ^_^
    and it looks like it constantly wants to tell people secrets, you can almost hear him whisper.

    wow sometimes I feel that I’m living in a cave, there are so many odd creatures I haven’t seen before. This earth is full of wonders.

  92. According to a couple of websites, their creole name is “Thank yee God”.

    It’s nice to see that everyone appreciates the proshness…:)

  93. WANT!!! *grabby hands* He is the perfect size for stuffing into mah mouf! One or two noms oughta do it…

  94. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    Cute animal: good

    Blurry video of said cute animal: BAD

    Camera operator needs glasses? Or a real camera, perhaps?

  95. plaid-shirt pyrate says:

    Oops, never mind.

    In looking through all the linked photos of silky anteaters, it seems they must generate some sort of overwhelming cuteness field that camera lenses simply cannot overcome.

    That, or they’re *all* in the witness protection program.

  96. anastasia says:

    sloth-like aminul: duss eet feels guud???
    this the spot mebbe dees spotee??? posseeblee dees areas?

  97. what a cute little bugger!

  98. OMG, he looks like a cute fuzzy lil alien!

  99. knightofmonarch says:

    After watching the first video WITH THE CUTE GIRL all I could say was THAT IS AN AUNT EATER

  100. gravyboat says:

    Hey, it’s the keyboard player from Jabba’s barge! Except not blue.

  101. yayyy! Want!

  102. Edward, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who involuntarily narrates the especially cute videos in my head… or out loud when there’s people around.

    I know, it should be the other way around, but I just can’t help myself!


  103. Scrood, I don’t think he’s throwing up, I think that’s his anteater tounge in the third video at 0.46 :-P

  104. The highly developed snorgling instinct PLUS the auto-wrap tail feature put this model at the top of the cute scale!!

  105. amaretto_bunny says:

    OH EM GEE…. O.O
    I must have it! GIMME!

  106. Beth (in NC) says:

    Baaaaaaah!! Enh. Enh.

    I really have no idea how else to express myself right now!

  107. The blonde person is androgyny incarnate. At first I thought “Hey, he’s kind of cute…” and then a second later “Wait a second, is that a woman?” And then “nah, that’s a guy… or maybe not?”

    The sloth’s movements in the 3rd video are almost animatronic-like. It kind of reminded me of the way mogwais moved in Gremlins.

  108. Amanda M. says:


  109. beady eyes…check
    fuzzy and squishable…check
    prehensile tail…wait one, is that a cute rule? It should be OH MAH GAAAAWD!! Talios that encircle things like a caress ARE SO KEYOOOT!!!

  110. Zot Zot!

    [Is this a B.C. reference? - Ed.]

  111. are those oven-mitt feet I see?!?!?! So cute!! almost TOO cute…

  112. That is the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever seen! haha

  113. Pygmy Anteater (Cyclopes didactylus) look him up = cute!

  114. cubbybutt says:

    yep. that thar is a silkuh anteater and they were shown in an animal planet show last night. cute lil thangs they is.

  115. I see someone else knows of UCI’s war cry.

    Silky Anteater lives up to the name of being snuggly. And delish. *nibbles on tail*

  116. Totalee Puppy says:

    How cute and wuvable!
    I will be up early looking for silky ants…maybe one of these cute little guys will drop by…

  117. Oh Em Gee. Look at that prehensile tailio action! This is on my list of ‘would like as pet but will sponsor if can.’

  118. hirisheyes says:

    excellent mosh of goon/eatanter/elephant seal/monarch caterpillar/sloth/jimmy durante/tamarind
    with tart art.

    Put them all together, and you spell ‘Ehn!’

    And I loved the hands in vid 1 before I saw the shy smile in vid 2:
    Hunks of CO calendar next,pls!

  119. MoonCatty says:

    I’m devastated by the cuteness, plus how this (I’m assuming) wild critter is so open to climbin’ on the hoomans!

    Wonder if little Silky Anteater is their backyard resident and accustomed to people?

    Anyhoo, I kept banging my fingers on the monitor trying to reach through and have my turn at holding the precious one! So sweet, so prosh, so made of different bits of cute critters!

  120. ADORABLE!! You know that if any need rescuing Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary has room!!!!!

  121. What a strange and adorable creature. Looks so cuddly!

  122. Like the chubby limbs and ever smiling face wasn’t enough, the prehensile tail killed me. DED. Slain by the wrappy-aroundy-ness of it.

  123. Daphne Moss says:

    Day was horrible. This was cure. Am dizzy from da cute chubby floffo. Want to see with its mumsy and do they come in a litter o singles or whats? More of … these little tree-climbing maple bars, preeze…

  124. Want! WANT! So much want! Floofy!

  125. i think it actually eats nectar, im sure ive seen this species in several nature documentaries, i know i have but i can’t for the life of me recall where it lives and it’s proper name D:

  126. …and the feets clampy-aroundy action, the acrobatics! Cute+.

  127. It is a caterpillar wearing a slow loris costume.

  128. Silky Ants! Wonderful!

  129. Prosh new bebeh needs a way-prosher name…how about “cat-toy-pillar?”

  130. Wow, today there’s a baby possum outside my window here at work. Yesterday there was a praying mantis and now a widdle possum. It’s so cute with its little pink nose and Mickey Mouse ears and dark eyes and just chomping away on seeds. Whee!

  131. Erebella- you gots camerameramera, mayhaps?

  132. Momof2kitties and others: the pencil-crawly thingies are correctly classified as “Squirmles.” My kids played with them and also use that name to refer to the plastic-popcorn packing peanuts.

  133. I don’t!!! I know, I need to get a digital camera but I’m low on funds right now. Need a better job!

  134. Erebella We love you just the way you are… may describe it to us some more! (when you have a chance, being, as you are, at work)

  135. pandasocks says:

    In my head I hear him saying “Whee!” every time he goes upside down. :)
    What an adorable find!

  136. Queen ZOla says:

    Was surviving okay until the pink paw pads in the third video. (Keels over with proshness…)

  137. In that first video, that little guy’s all like:

    “Please, my darling… your smell… your touch… come, let me kees… please… your hair is like silk… there are no words, just a kees… please my love, a small kees. What? what’s that? You turn your head away! Ohh.. I am rejected by my love.”


  138. It’s like someone crossed a sloth with a sugar baby and then the offspring was bit by a radioactive twinky!


  139. Another Angela says:

    A truly great CO post.

  140. binky-mama says:

    Mmmmmm interesting. *Pushes glasses up on nose* This creature appears to be made of felt. Excuse me as I melt into a puddle.

  141. OMG…Do I detect a teeny smile on that face? And how about them little feetz grabbing onto shirts and branches? And that brown squiggle on his back — looks like the chocolate drizzle they put next to your dessert at fancy restaurants….

  142. Daphne Moss says:

    *LMAO* You guys are hilarious! I had to check back…I noticed nobody mentioned the troubling “trying to look under the tail” action by the humans — and little baby fluffo’s modest refusal to cooperate.
    *will melt with the felt-poster now*

  143. OMG WANT!!!!!!111!

    :) #3 is *ehn ehn ehn*

  144. Nissa- “bitten by a radioactive twinkie”- toooooooooo wonderful! What a wonderful way with words you enjoy!

    Are you a real Nissa? YOu are whimsical enough! Do you speak to the animals at midnight on Christmas? (Norwegian folk tale)

  145. Unh-huh.


  147. Did I say I love the tail?

    I LOVE THE TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!

  148. I LOVE silky anteaters! They look so soft! I wish I could hold one. I looked for them in costa rica but I didnt find one.

  149. Joelle Taschereau says:



  150. travis norton says:

    This was the original, thanks Werner Herzog:

  151. I think the humans are fascinated by the patch of bare gripper skin on the underside of the tail. You can catch a glimpse in the first video at about 14 and again at 40.

  152. I wish that I hadn’t looked. I’m pregnant, and that’s so cute that it makes me want to hurl.

  153. OMG,it’s cute!
    but somewhat it’s reminds me of pokemon Oo

  154. DO WANT.


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