Look Sharp, Armchair Detectives!

Hidden in this seemingly ordinary photo are clues to help you solve … (pause for dramatic effect) … A MURRRR–DERRRRR!  (dun, dun, DUUUUUUNNNNNN!)   Study this scene carefully — can you unravel the mystery?

CSI: Cute Scene Investigation

NEED A HINT?  Pay close attention to these clues:

Wow! She was my sixth-favorite Friend ever!

A magazine opened to a picture of Courtney Cox-Arquette!  The victim must have been engrossed in an article about the lanky Friends co-star, allowing the killer to sneak up from behind!


A dead chicken clutching a billiard ball!  Could this have been the murder weapon?

Oh, hello there!

A custom-made fur-lined beer-can holder! (partially obscured by dog)  Ah-HAH!  Alcohol must have been involved!

Ask your mom.

A basket with a variety of Japanese honeymoon accessories!  Well … maybe we shouldn’t talk about these.

And the answer, says super-sleuth Dona R.: "The cat did it!"



  1. lol mike!

  2. yankeebird says:

    It’s not often I’ll say LMAO, but… well… LMAO!!!

  3. Puppeh’s alibi of blaming the cat is NOT going to hold up once the fang mark experts are on the case.

  4. Particularly since there’s no cat!

  5. Aesthetica says:

    “A basket with a variety of Japanese honeymoon accessories! Well … maybe we shouldn’t talk about these.”


    well done, NTMTOM

  6. I think the pup needs a crate :[

  7. “Ask your mom.” LOL ;D

  8. Love it!!

  9. LMAO. The Japanese honeymoon accessories thing is so grossly accurate. I’ve seen their love hotel props on TV. Shudder.

    Puppeh is so sneaky.

  10. Now hold on a minute. By using my little grey cells, I can say this crime scene bears a striking resemblance to the murder of Miss Scarlet in the library with the lead pipe. And yet I see not the pipe of lead.

    Japanese honeymoon accessories are not necessarily lethal (use as directed, void where prohibited, close cover before striking, do not use if you have high blood pressure or if your significant other is inflatable). But in the right hands they have been known to produce screams…

  11. Oh, sure! Blame the cat! It’s always the cat’s fault.



  12. The cat would say, I’ve been framed by a walking rug with glowing eyes! I didn’t even touch the bed toys!

  13. binky-mama says:

    Naughty = Cute!!!

    (especially if someone else has to clean up the mess)

  14. Being the owner of a schnauzer myself, I must say this: they are never, NEVER, NEVAYHR guilteh. Just lookit dat faaaaaace! Who’s the widdle snugglybugglyschnooumseses? You are! Yeah, yeah, you are! *rubs its belly and plays wif its bearrrrd*

  15. I created a Flickr account just to show picks of my puppeh… http://www.flickr.com/photos/66591333@N00/2762274752/
    ^^One of mah favourites!

  16. Wait! I forgot the motive.

    The cat, spying the photo of Ms. Cox-Arquette in the glossy mag, immediately came to the conclusion (erroneous but understandable) that it was a photo of a stick insect and instinctively pounced on the intruder.

  17. OH NOES PUPPEH! Tell them you didnt do eet! I believe you!

  18. Dexter Fishmore says:


    Heh heh…. aheheh heheheh….

  19. Michelle S says:

    You all have failed to take notice of the sunbeam cast across the floor in front of the sofa, which indicates the photo was taken at approximately 9:48 a.m., when the cat was sunning himself on the far end of the house, in the window closest to the bird feeder, which was filled the previous afternoon. He has a solid alibi. Not only that, but there was no evidence of disarray on the surface of the credenza, the usual modus operandi of cat crimes in this jurisdiction. I say there’s enough evidence to exclude the cat.

  20. Michelle S says:

    Wait. Is that a pee pad covering the dead chicken? I’m going to have to rethink this one.

  21. darkshines says:

    Japanese honeymoon accessories made me lol. I’m pretty sure I used to HAVE at least ONE of those. And I don’t HAVE a dog…. 😉

    (I’m joking….*shifty eyes*)

  22. “A dead chicken clutching a billiard ball”

    man that cracked me up, i don’t know why. 😛

  23. Hang on, none of you sleuths have seen the chicken clue. Why is the chicken clutching a billiard ball? Was it trying to steal it and did someone have to prevent this heinous deed? Perhaps the goggie was only acting in self-defense?

  24. cheesybird says:


    Starling, you may be on to something. That line of evidence convinces me that the crime was actually committed, NOT as Decca earlier suggested, in the library, but rather in the billiard room. Which means the body has been moved. Hmmmm… curiouser and curiouser….

  25. Is the chicken the body? Or is it just a red herring, um, hen?

  26. This post made me happy!! ^.^

  27. wagthedogma says:

    Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of Qte. (Time to lawyer up, dude. I hear the cat has Dershowitz on retainer!)

  28. snorglepup says:

    Ahhh, the meeting of great minds…

  29. snorglepup says:

    At some point, alcohol is always involved.

  30. ButtaRumCake says:

    Japanese honeymoon accessories…

    *creates visual*


  31. Oh, Mike… Lookit, if you’re not gonna accept my proposal, then you have to stop making me love you. Zee heartache, eet ees too moishe!

  32. Iiiiii don’t know. That puppeh looks pretty guilty.

  33. Gail (the first one) says:

    “Tonight, on a very special “Murder She Wrote”, Jessica nearly breaks a hip investigating the scene of a MURRRDERRRR most Fowl!”

  34. Not guilty by reason of insanity (temporary at least). Look at the photo – proof that the dog was possessed by the devil.

  35. LMAO!

  36. *removes sunglasses and looks at dog*

    The cat’s alibi holds up. So it would seem to me…

    *dramatic pause, puts suglasses back on*

    That we have our dog!

  37. Very strange… we have one of those baskets too…

  38. that love seat is tacky

  39. Oops, that should be sunglasses in the third line. Left out an “n”. Bad me!

  40. If that love seat wasn’t tacky, it wouldn’t match the football!

  41. oh man-that’s a a$$ beating for days-yeap.

  42. The pupler did it!


  43. New theory! The CHICKEN was the murder weapon!

    *taps nose*

    Now we only have to find a body …

  44. Ok, it wasn’t a new theory, Nomtom already came up with that one.

  45. bucka-bucka-bucka-BONK


  46. It’s obvious the perpetrator of this crime is Courtney Cox-Vavoom-Nik-Nik-Arroogah-Wibble-Ptang-Ptang-Thpppbt-Arquette. In her persona as Monica she has spread all the trash as a decoy.

  47. cheesybird says:

    Thanks for reminding us of Rule #32 Alex! I had forgotten about naughty leeepsteeeecks puppeh! That picture tickles me pink (no pun intended) every time.

  48. ThreeCatNight says:

    No, I’d say it was Colonel Mustard who did the deed, and purposely created the mess, along with those questionable honeymoon – er – gadgets, to incriminate said pup. The chicken knew too much, and just got in the way.

  49. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    I used to have a Schnauzer as well. Winston was his name. I re-homed him because I got a divorce. It was a sad day indeed, no because of the divorce, but because I had to give the dog away.. serioiusly.

    Anyway, Schnauzers are NOTORIOUS for being complete and utter devils, tearing things apart, barking at everything, running through the house like a banshee.. then looking at you like WHAT? And of course.. you think.. ‘Nothing! Carry On!’ It’s amazing how the look on their faces erases your brain of all the naughty things he may have just done.

  50. japanese honeymood accessories….that was definitely saving the best for last.

  51. warrior rabbit says:

    Hon Glad, the only trouble with that theory is that Monica was a total neat freak, a la Felix, and would never strew trash about! But Phoebe would.

  52. Y’all are cracking me up. 🙂

  53. BWAHAHAHAHA! Japanese honeymoon accessories!!! I almost peed my pants!

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    @Decca, snort!
    Yes I think Ms Cox-stick-arquette was the inadvertent catalyst for this. *NOT* saying that the cat had anything to do with it, mind you. If the cat were involved there would be nothing on those bookshelves. You know cats feel compelled to push everything to the floor. So clearly, there IS no cat.

  55. weensicka says:

    I want a Chewbacca noise to be added to this photo somehow. Peep-uhl??

  56. Hon Glad, I thought Courtney married Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht.

  57. Is the chicken the body? Or is it just a red herring, um, hen?

    starling | Aug 14, 2008 at 03:10 AM

    Clue – The movie reference – FTW!!! (Also Tim Curryish)

  58. Briscoe's Mom says:

    Briscoe (named after Detective Lenny Briscoe of Law & Order no less) is the puppy in question. He did this in like 10 minutes when no one was looking.

    And whadda ya mean my loveseat is tacky???

  59. ROFLMAO@Mouseovers

  60. Aw, then puppers is like the evil twin of his namesake — causing crimes instead of solving them.

    The loveseat looks perfectly fine to me, Briscoe’s Mom.

    The first line of the post makes me wonder if NTMTOM is a regular viewer of Craig Ferguson’s show.

  61. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @lurkertype: No, not a regular Craig Ferguson viewer; what bit did I accidentally steal? 🙂

  62. Gail (the first one) says:

    Yeah, what’s wrong with the loveseat??

  63. Brak_Silverbone says:

    A friend of mine had a schnauzer once. As a gift, I got her a figurine of a schnauzer playing with a roll of toilet paper. When I gave it to her, she laughed so hard she nearly choked–and she then told me the dog had, in fact, decorated the living room with 3 rolls of toilet paper that very day, and she’d just finished cleaning up the carnage before I arrived.

  64. darkshines says:

    Hon Glad, I think I am developing a crush on you.

  65. yankeebird says:

    Briscoe’s mom, I feel like I need to introduce you to my friend. He actually named his dog Lennie Briscoe but just calls him Lennie.

  66. I make crime shows for a living, and this really cracked me up!!!

  67. Totalee Puppy says:

    GAIL (the first one)…LOL for “MURRRDERRRR MOST

  68. TW, it’s spelled Luxury Yacht but it’s pronounced Throat Warbler Mangrove.

  69. eikoleigh says:


    The pic is great, but the close ups with the narrative is ICING….! Too funny!

  70. warrior rabbit: Precisely!
    Ms Cox-Anorexia-Arquette, has spread the trash, so as to fool us that it could not possibly be her.

    Decca/Mary (the first) Double snort.

    TW, I’m sorry to say, to this day, I still read Yot as Yakt and its Seen Connery (James Bond)

  71. Is that a three ball in the chicken’s claw? Could be just the clue we need…he could have chosen any of them, but the three seems filled with portent…..

  72. GUARANTEED that little dog is wagging its little short tail at the camera operator…You can’t see it, but I GUARANTEE it. My parents have a little dog like that, and that tail is always wagging…

  73. Briscoe was just defending the family from that nasty billiard ball-wielding cheekeen! Give him a medal!

  74. Aahh! I thought that hand was a child’s hand. It freaked me out.

  75. I have nothing to add except to say this was super hysterical! ;D


  76. So, did we ever solve this thing?

  77. i have had 3 schnauzers in my life..they all did that same thing as this puppy…they used to tear up the garbage can and snack out of it..i would come home to them sleeping with very big bellies

  78. Dude! this is exactly why dogs are sooo NOT cute

  79. Twas the dog cause it’s always the dog lol!

    [pawsing for dramatic emphasis…]

    Except when it’s the cat.

    [continues by way of explanation…]

    I had this cat years ago that used to snack out of the dumpster. Nothing I said or did would stop her. Her illicit snacking finally caught up with her, though, when I woke up one morning to crap and stuff all over the apartment floor omg!!! I didn’t know that much stuff could come out of one little furball! Then I watched in horrified fascination as the sick kitty’s tail raised up and she wizzed right from where she was sitting and then lowered her tail back down! Kitty had a fever and everything, but kitty was fine after about 24 hours.

    I had the carpet professionally cleaned a few days later.

    Kitty still dumpster-dove but stayed away from the really bad garbage and lived out a very long, un-sick life afterwards.