We’re #1! We’re #1! (on Amazon Calendars)

USA! USA! Wait—


THANK YOU to everyone who has purchased a 2009 calendar! Wow!

Buy, Buy Buy like a baby…. _?




  1. Bleen bleen bleen like a baby… spleen?

  2. Save me 1!

  3. Buy, buy buy like a…

    -railroad tie?
    -pizza pie?
    -piglet sty?


  4. eikoleigh says:

    ooh!! gotta get my copy!

  5. Buy, buy, buy like a…

    – smarmy guy?
    – private eye?
    – tsetse fly!?


  6. Like a fry! But bebeh fish aren’t that cute…

  7. Carrie R. says:

    Buy buy buy like a baby aye-aye!!


    …okay maybe not. Worth a shot though.

  8. Buy, buy, buy like a…

    – towelette 2-ply!?!
    – italian rye!?!
    – WAIT!



    That’s it! (also, check the winglet nubules)

  9. Buy, buy, buy like:
    a bird on the fly!
    a hammie on rye!
    a pig in a sty!

    churning brain for more… 😕

  10. Buy buy buy, like a baby Phelps?


    Ok, enough of that. I have to say I was a little swollen with pride when I saw those results on Amazon today. Go Meg!

    Buy, buy , buy
    Like fuzzy Platupii?

  11. BabyOpossum says:
  12. Congrats, Meg!

    “Cute Tycoon” might actually BE a feasible career option!

    There’s hope for all of us!

  13. Not American says:

    You do realise that you have people from all over the world watching this website, right?

  14. Surely my purchase put you over the top.

  15. 😀

  16. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Who the hell are the 23 people selling USED CALENDARS?!

  17. tarzankun says:

    Buy Buy Buy like a baby lice.

  18. jeezlouise55 says:

    I’z wif PoohBear on dis one:

    Buy buy buy, like the velvety platypi!


  19. Get get get, like a babeh ferret?

    Er, no, not quite…

    Buy buy buy like snuggly octopi!

    Now that’s not even close…

    *goes to bed*

  20. Spend, spend, spend,
    Like a pup’s rear end.
    (Ehh, maybe not so much.)

    Money, money, money,
    For Meggy and her honey!
    (Better, but kinda crass, I’m thinkin’.)

    Buy, buy, buy,
    A tuxcat in the pie!
    (Hey, that might just work…)

  21. Buy buy buy like a baby magpie! http://www.mostphotos.com/preview/264321.jpg

  22. Well, actually, that WON’T work, but THIS will:

    (Apologies all around. The punctuation fairies got overexcited, as they are wont to do.)

  23. BUY

    like a tie-dye aye aye pie!

    I have buyed 3! It was me! That sent the CO Calendar to the top of the tree!

  24. It’s available in Germany too AND Number 1 in English Books > Entertainment > Humor > Cats, Dogs & Animals AND English Books > Home & Garden > Animal Care & Pets! I linked the page as my URL.

    So buying it! 😀

  25. Buy buy buy!
    like a butterfly!
    Get get get!
    grab one for your pet!
    Shop shop shop!
    the newest kitten crop!
    Score score score!
    the Qte you waited for!

  26. Gooey : ze best so faaarrr. Now zat we have ze screept, we must shoot ze commerciale !!

  27. Hi
    I’d like to buy one of these calendars to my GF
    I’m from Argentina, and I have a paypal account, but amazon doesn’t accept paypal

    Does any1 know what could I do to get it?

    If so, mail me to

    kabeza AT gmail.com


  28. Numbère tuwoooo nao !!!1!!!11

  29. (that was for sillymoo)

  30. Let’s keep this simple-

    Buy, buy, buy like a baby fly!

    (There must be some kind of cute baby-fly-bug out there! Some shiny green and black thingy, no?)
    Congratulations, you number one-er you!

  31. It seems like the fine folks at woot.com give CO nice shout outs… especially today. Wouldn’t it be cool if woot.com sold the CO calendar as one of the daily specials?

  32. wagthedogma says:

    Katrina, why not a baby dragonfly? They’re kinda cute, as evidenced by this little dewd (he’s even working a bit o’ BEF!):


    Buy, buy, buy, like a baby dragonfly!?

    (Oh, and go, go, go, best-seller CO!) 🙂

  33. yankeebird says:

    a. Not American, I’m quite sure Meg is aware this site is watched worldwide. She’s in the USA and her calendar is #1 on the American version of Amazon, so I fail to see why a “USA” cheer would be inappropriate. Next time maybe just say Congratulations.

    b. Why did someone on Amazon associate a ZOMBIES tag with this????

  34. Did anyone see the report on pandas during the Olympics? The reporter actually used the word “cuten.” As in pandas “cuten” up the place. I suggest this for a new cute dictionary entry.

  35. buy, buy, buy, like tiny baby Platypii



  36. Yay!! I just bought one! My FIRST TIME ordering anything on-line…but I HAD to have this calendar!

  37. Enrique and everyone else with Paypal issues, they now have a plug-in thingy for your browser that will generate a credit card number to use on websites that don’t take Paypal. https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_vdc-plugin-intro&login_access=1216166374#

  38. Wow, that link didn’t really work!

  39. punkinberry says:

    Buy, buy, buy, like a baby wallaby!

  40. Like a baby magpie?

  41. …like a zombie that won’t die?

    Sorry, no coffee yet.

  42. snorglepup says:

    Buy one too..
    Like a baby gnu.
    Like a kangaroo.
    Like a big Barooo?

  43. I think gooey had the best line up!

    For myself, I want, want, want like an elephant!! 😀

  44. Theo – LOL.

  45. WAHOO! Thanks for publishing it – I got one and talked my co-worker into one too! We love the Cute Overload!!!

  46. I think gooey had the best ones too, but I read through all the comments to see if mine had already been thought of. It hasn’t so I say:

    Buy, Buy, Buy like baby iguani!

    (You have to pronounce it with a “long i” at the end. 🙂 )

  47. they’re already out of stock!!

  48. i think the publishers have underestimashe the popularity

  49. warrior rabbit says:

    @punkinberry, I was going to suggest that, too! As an eye rhyme. 🙂 But I think Gooey came up with some winners.

  50. A baby Dragonfly! YESSS!

    Buy, buy, buy like a baby dragonfly!

    Thank you wagthedogma.

  51. Marianne & Blair — huh, that must’ve happened within the last 30 minutes. At least it’s saying “Temporarily” out of stock.

    Try browsing here:

  52. I bought 15… *cough*

  53. (the original) Mel says:

    I think NOM TOM should do a calendar for those of us who have the quirky humor thing going on. Not that this isn’t an absolutely awesome calendar. It’s the best damn calendar this side of the Pecos and all. I think I’m going to buy several as gifts.

  54. (the original) Mel says:

    Oh and I’m thinking coffee table book.

  55. Is CO taking an unusually long time to load for all you guys, girls, stoats, and dragonflies out there? It’s taking my browser a couple of minutes to load each page.

  56. OK, I’m going serious for a minute- how about buying one for the nearest kids hospital?
    I think I’ll buy one for the Pediatric ward of MidState Hospital or the Connecticut Children’s Center or a Ronald McDonald house- that would be a nice thing to do.

    OK, serious if ‘off’ now.

  57. Janeyferr says:

    like a baby Cuy?

    hehe, i’ve just spotted some familiar inter-species snorgling on WikiP> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guinea_pig

  58. Whew, it’s working fine now. Apparently my cache was getting a leeeeeetle on the full side.

    @Katrina — That’s a good idea. In addition to the 3 I’ve already bought, I’ll get a couple more as soon as they’re back in stock and take them to the kids’ floors at the local hospitals. Way to be all benevolent and altruistic and whatnot!

  59. buy buy buy….

    Like a baby dragonfly


  60. Buy Buy Buy
    Or else you fry
    Ol Sparkys waiting!
    And I don’t mean Meg’s hubster.

  61. scooterpants says:

    jumping up and down and up and down with glee!
    yippee yippee yippee!
    not to brag, but i’ll proly have MY COL calendar B-4 YOU get yours.
    huh, it’ll be all dog eared and dirty and ‘fingered’ by January.

  62. I don’t need one anywhere near as seriously as a kid in a hospital.

    Good adult friend just had a double mastectomy- very worried- needja, peeps.

    I’m on my way to Barnes & Noble, need other things, too.

    Thanks, Lana!
    Mel2- me, too, thanks!
    Janeyferr- I just adore Guinea Pigs-those little faces slay me!

  63. wow! $11.04 for a calendar where not a single penny was paid to the people who actually took the photographs.

  64. scooterpants says:

    Bangs head against wall…

  65. Lisa, people who submitted photos were fully aware of what was going on. It’s not like they lied.

    Buy buy buy like a SAMURAI!
    Hey, they can be cute.

  66. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Lisa.. interesting point. I am not going to be a nuffer tho.. cuz I love this shit. 🙂

  67. Way to go!

  68. Who’s the idiot who has already given this a one-star review on amazon?

    [Does it really matter to you? It doesn’t bother me… – Ed.]

  69. scooterpants says:

    i love it when pitching a fit and banging my head against the wall gets the attention it deserves.
    like a dragonfly!
    like a sneaky guy!
    like a TWEETY PIE ! (that’s it)

  70. I couldn’t be more thrilled for you, Meg. I want you to rule the world. This calendar is just the FIRST STEP.
    And I’m not just saying it because my kitty’s in it. I’m buying one for everyone I know.

  71. Diana — how did *this* get to be the first step? I think we’ve been sneaking up on you for much longer than you suspect. [sinister paw rubbingks]

  72. Buy
    Like a mediterranean fruit fly

    K. Maybe not.

  73. Theo – so true! der! Still, I’ve been regaling my coworkers all morning with the calendar’s steady progress up the best seller chart – and these clueless peeps are all – oh. is that from THAT website you’re always on about?
    ha ha ha ha.
    Anyways. I am just so happy that the world is falling into step with all y’all’s mission.

  74. snorglepup says:

    Buy, buy, buy
    Like a sinister paw rubbingk guy?

  75. wagthedogma says:

    @Katrina: Ex-say-lahnt idea to spread Teh Qte™ where it will do the most good via this calendar! I can’t think of a better way to make anyone’s day! 🙂

    (Oh, and best of luck and good-health vibes to your ailing friend…)

  76. It’s out of stock!!!! WAAAAAA!!!
    temporarily they say… I hope so.

  77. #1 in calendars, #23 in BOOKS overall!!! Maybe we can throw Breaking Dawn out of the top spot…

  78. scooterpants says:

    SNORT! bah ha ha!
    (chokes on coffee)

  79. Starlingk : LOLLL !!!!

  80. snorglepup says:

    Buy, buy, buy
    Like a scooterpie-pants?

  81. Yitzysmommie says:

    Have bought 2 so far.. (shifty eyes)..Hanukah, xmas, bdays, etc are comingks up!

  82. mediterranean fruit fly!

  83. Since one of my pics was picked for this calendar, I have to buy at least 20 for Christmas presents. I’m bummed they are out of stock and yeah, what is up with the zombie tag?!?

  84. Mary (the first) says:

    and give one to your guy?
    Meanwhile, I can’t buy any because they are out. :sob:

  85. Yitzysmommie says:

    Check out my tewtally unbiased review on Amazon: BJeffries.
    Thanks Meggie et all! I am uber excited to get mine.

  86. demolitionwoman says:

    ::le sigh::

    i vowed long, long ago never to buy from Amazon (they messed with my favorite bookstore in Minneapolis! i hold a grudge…)

    Is there any other way to buy this? or is it an Amazon.com exclusive?

  87. scooterpants says:

    what is this zombie tag you speak of?
    i dont know what that means.

  88. If you don’t buy
    You make the kittens cry…

  89. BUY BUY BUY LIKE A BABY FRY. as in a baby fish!!!!!! and you could show pictures of my new telescope-eye goldfish, Chuckie Finster! Now I just have to get you all a photo. Hold still, Chuckie!

  90. “Order like a otter!”

    Or “you otter order?”

  91. Secure secure secure!
    Like a baby lemur!

    (Ach, that’s TERRIBLE).

  92. snorglepup says:

    Buy one for your peeps.
    Kiss a pup on the leeps!

  93. whys it out of stock 😦

    if i order a few now will they still exist?

  94. momof2kitties says:

    LOL @ BerthaServant! I luvs ya!!!!!!!!

  95. I ordered mine yesterday from Amazon and it just arrived!!!! Too bad there’s four and a half more months until I can use it.

  96. mommy25bunnies says:

    I had to have 3 of eeet!! I’m spreading the cuteness around as gifts.

  97. Thanks wagthedogma.
    snorgelpup-a sinister paw rubbink guy? I can see that, actually….

  98. ConCATS!!!
    Grate minz thimk alyke.

  99. Oh, no….I was just trying to break myself of my impulsive buying on Amazon and now I have to go back and get the calendar! I’ll just have to work on my obsession later I guess….hmmmm what other cute stuff do they have on there….

    Katrina…My prayers are with you and your friend. I hope all is well and she makes a full recovery. Hang in there!

  100. All gone? Already? Snif. I gonna haffa wait? How loooong, huh?

  101. Heya thanks Janeyferr – ordered mine from Book Depository as you suggested – FREEEEEE delivery to Spain too! WHEEEEE!
    But what a shame, 3-7 days to wait – I cannot!

  102. Silly me forgot to add – http://www.bookdepository.co.uk & free delivery worldwide. I didn’t know that – shows how much I read books 🙂

  103. baby hippopomi!

  104. I blew it! Baby hippopotomi!

  105. bn.com has them in stock…for now!

  106. Oh dude, dude, dude, YES! I’m so TEWTALLY getting another copy now to send to my former residential eating disorder recovery program. Several, actually, because I can think of at least 3 staff members who will want to take one home. When I was there, I was on CO pretty much all day to keep my mood from being completely rock-bottom-minus-about-3-miles. Their “inspirational quote” day-by-day calendar sucked. Rock the cute!

  107. Buy buy buy like a baby Goldeneye!


    This one is 1 day old.
    photo by Mark Mallory, Canadian Wildlife Service.

  108. Buy buy buy like teh qtest wallaby~! Wha? It’s spelled Walla -BY, no? >^^<

  109. TheIglets says:

    It still hit #21 in Amazon BOOKS with it being out of stock! Never mind Amazon Calendars! We may see a Top Ten Amazon BestSeller here. What an accomplishment! PUT THAT ON YOUR CHEESEBURGER LOL!

  110. Thelglets – I no wantz bunnehs on mah cheezburger! I can has bunneh eating lettus off mah vejiburger?

  111. @Shannon – Omg. The baby Goldeneye HAS to be the winner. SO cute and fuzzy.

    Buy! Buy! Buy! Like a baby Goldeneye!

  112. Tewtally awesome peeps! If this doesn’t prove the world needs qte like never before, then I don’t know what does! Rock the cute indeed Lizzy! Animal lovers of the world – unite!…through your consumptive powers, bwahahahahah – rubs hands together and looks sideways –

  113. ITS SOLD OUT!!!

  114. just bought mine from half.com, wee-hee!

  115. AuntieMame says:

    Like a hunky CO rescue guy!

    (When is THAT calendar coming out??!?)

  116. Yay! Congrats bebeh!

  117. Voice of Reason says:

    OK, there are already people who are RESELLING them for $30. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Good luck with your damaged character.

    [Mostly not, though… – Ed.]

  118. Or:

    Buy buy buy like this little guy http://www.flickr.com/photos/11095145@N02/2760443385/

    He et too moshe 🙂

  119. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    WOW! I should have bought last night when I read that the CO Calendar exists in print… now I will have to wait, too. Oh well, congrats to the popularity team!

  120. WOW! I did not order it yesterday via Amazon, and now I regret. Omg … out of stock in 1 day! But I just placed my order via BN.com and hopefullly I will get my shipment (three is a good number) of 3 calenders will be arriving soon.

  121. Angelique says:

    Well what else do ya expect from the delightful soul-owning website of cute?
    I ordered my copy!

  122. While I think it is great that CO is selling lots of calendars, I think readers should be made aware that Amazon.com is also in the business of selling animal fighting magazines (cock fight and dog fighting). When I wrote to Amazon and questioned this, I got an arrogant email reply stating that they did not believe in censorship and would continue to sell such publications. To me, not selling such magazines is not censorship; it is doing the right thing.

    I am reminded of Michael Vick and the poor dogs that were his victims. His female dog had no teeth when she was rescued. It is speculated that her teeth were pulled because females will sometimes refuse mates. Do you think they took that dog to the vet and had her teeth removed? No, someone went after that poor dog with a pair of pliers. Selling animal fighting magazines contributes to this sort of animal cruelty.

    Amazon.com may try to cry censorship but all that is just a distraction. It is the bottom line is what is more important to them.

  123. nice job!

  124. AuntieMame says:

    “Get Get Get!
    Like a ‘lil blue tit!”

    Nabollo wins the Internets!

    *hands Nabollo teh key*

  125. Would that be the “Any” key, AuntieM?

  126. Theo – I don’t see any “Any” key! I think I’ll have a Tab…

  127. walleye? not cute. horsefly? not cute.
    magpie? that’ll do. 🙂

  128. Heather, you are making the walleye fry cry.

  129. they are already out of stock! amazing how many people out there need CO!

    buy buy buy like baby octopi!
    they have 8 arms…which means 8 calendars. hmn…could be why they are sold out for now…

  130. martha m. says:

    Yay! My husband has already been informed that this is on my Xmas wish list!

  131. RE Not American’s comment…

    I’m pretty sure Meg’s USA chant was a reference to the Olympics. As in we Americans are currently so used to chanting for the USA’s Olympic victories, that when experiencing her own personal victory in reaching #1 on Amazon, her first (joking) reaction was to chant something and USA popped out.

    Surely she’s aware that the site is viewed worldwide. And if she wasn’t already, your spelling of “realise” would be evidence enough 🙂

  132. scooterpants says:

    people pleeze.
    refresh your QUE.
    there are MANY viable options for obtaining your
    COL’9 desk calendar-
    take a breath peeps, its gunna be O’Tay.
    Use the knowledge the web Gods have given youuuuuu..
    Feel the Luv.
    Pet the kitty…
    search and Yee shall find your passion.

  133. sorry patito, in my minds eye i was seeing adult walleye. the fry are indeed cute and i stand corrected. 😉

  134. scooterpants says:

    off subject- sorry T.
    is ANYBODY else watching the mens syncronized diving ? (i didnt spell that right)
    tell me? ( i am watching it)

  135. AlbertaGirl says:
  136. tigerbunny says:

    Buy, buy, buy, like a birdy in a pie!

    (I couldn’t figure out the link thing. Go to google images and advanced search ‘bird’ and exact string ‘baked in a pie’)

  137. Buy Buy Buy like a red panda with his arms up to the sky sky sky!

  138. Less self-congratulations, more cute. txu!

  139. Buy, buy, buy like a baby who’s so tie-tie, honk-shu!

  140. i bought my two,
    like the groovy guru
    (have to watch Get Smart to get that one)

    i bought my two,
    like Paku Paku

    i bought my two,
    like a baby ‘roo

  141. Wow!
    Buy buy buy like a
    baby cow! 🙂


  143. Amazon is such a rip-off!!! UK & European people BUY YOUR CALENDAR for only 5 quid (7.49 Euros + Free Delivery!) HERE:


    Release date 1 October (one month EARLIER than Amazon!!) 😀

  144. Really, Amber, now you’re just being silly.

  145. I ordered two for Christmas gifts the minute I saw it here. They have been shipped! Now, where to hide them so that I 1) can find them at Christmas and 2) don’t tear into them the minute they get here? Should have ordered 3. Or 4.

  146. Holy cow. Congratulations! I never order daily calendars, but I’m buying a bunch so I have emergency gifts. I can’t believe a desktop calendar is the hot new item this year. You are THE BEST.

  147. sped over there and got mine yesterday (they’re already on their way home to moi) ..

    was amused/slightly shocked to see the “used” calendars going for 29 bucks!!

  148. number 1 on Canadian amazon as well.

  149. Buy buy buy
    it only costs
    7.33 times the square root of pi!
    (i know i’m a dork) 🙂

  150. Buy, buy, buy like a baby feline! =)


  151. Seriously. Seahorse fry.
    The snorgling handmade angora plush and pink fleece kind.

    [You are an odd duck, PG… – Ed.]

  152. I don’t get why it’s only $8.00 now that it’s sold out? I’m confuzzled…. which is, by the way, nothing new at all.

    Buy buy buy
    Like a little aye-aye!

  153. OH… hey, when will the calendars be back in stock… and out of curiosity – how many were in the first order?

    This is so very exciting!

  154. Shop, shop, shop and fill your crop!

  155. Buy buy buy like a porcupi’e?