What a steal!

OMG, Dee-skuss-tingks.

I’ll take it.


Cats are included, right Emma U.? Photo via Craigslist, natch.



  1. goodlookingelf says:

    Yup, I have seen other things like this on Craigs. But, in the mean time, the cats are so cute all together.

  2. Steven Baranowski says:

    My couch is too kittylicious for ya, baby!

  3. Love it! I’d take it in a sec! Love the Siamese (?) squashed in the middle. And the marmies, of course.

  4. But if they sell the couch, where will the kitties sleep?! What’s that, 11 cats? I don’t know if you can get 11 cat beds for $300.

    Also, I wouldn’t say GOOD condition.

  5. How much for the sealpoints?

  6. Marmies and meezers and tabs, oh my!

  7. Owner forgot to add:
    Must come pick up. Must pry off cats at your own risk.

  8. Well, at least they put towels on it to keep the cats clean!

  9. cinderELLA says:

    *YYYAAAAWWWNNNNN** Sooooooo tie-tie. i might just settle down on that comfy looking on the right. oh, no. Darn it. the gray tabs is there. (walking of, grumbling and mumbling about human rights)

  10. Couch $10.00
    Old towels and newpapers $1.00
    Spending Caturday lounging together? Priceless!

  11. I’ve been having an off day. This made me laugh.

    Thank you.

  12. I count 11 kittehs. How do they get along so well? If that couch were at my house it would be accompanied with hisses and spitz, and claws and swats.

  13. Is this a serious Craigslist post?! $300?! You can get a brand new one from Ikea for $399.

  14. No to the couch – but how much for the pile of sleepy kittehs?!

  15. They forgot the standard disclaimers:

    “Serving suggestion”

    “Kittehs may be closer than they appear”

    “Kittehs sold by weight and not by volume. Your kittehs may not be as fluffy after shipping.”

    “Number of cats shown is exceptional. Your experience may differ. Average cat adoption rate for most couch owners is 1-2 cats per week.”

    “Due to licensing requirements, adoption of kittehs is required for purchase of couch.”

    “Couch and kittehs are sold AS IS. Kittehs were plugged in and powered up, but not tested.”

    “Do not taunt Happy Fun Kitteh(TM)”

  16. It proves the “very comfortable” part!

  17. Indeed, indeed, the cuteness that is thy animal and bcattus breed.

  18. Kitty City, population…me please.

  19. eikoleigh says:



  20. (the original) Mel says:

    The Crazy Cat Lady is selling her couch?

  21. 11 cats snoozing on an old leather couch
    purring the day away
    3 marmalades
    pretty as you please
    and 3 cow kitties
    dreaming of bees
    2 siamese snooring in peace
    2 tabby kitties
    black and grey
    and a tuxedo kitty
    dreaming of Play.

  22. AuntieMame says:

    What? Is the gray and white one on top too snooty to hobnob with the hoi polloi?

  23. Gee, I just buy my cat toys. These people give their cats an entire couch.

  24. cliffette says:

    I love the blissful one stretched out on his back and about to disappear into the crack in the couch!

    So warrrrmmmmmmmms.

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my.

    The slave of those cats is SO getting a smack down if he/she manages to sell their throne!!

    I had to throw out mah fuzzy buddy boy Nermal’s christmas bear last night!! How this…THING held up for TWELVE YEARS I’ll never know!!! The last seven it was bald on three sides, and just before I tossed it the back and remaining hairy side had this black burnt clumpy look in the fur, and a gaping hole in the neck!!!

    Surprisingly, it didn’t smell horrible!!!

  26. I need a couch full of kittehs! It’s raining here and I’m freezingks!

  27. This is the best I can do:
    They got me *way* beat!

    I have 13 cats in my house and they all get along remarkably well – an occasional swat and hiss. I think they all know that they’re warm and safe and *loved.* I think the love is the most important part.
    (And no, I did not go looking for a single one of them. I used to foster cats, and the unadoptable ones ended up staying…)

  28. Annie – that was great! Did you make that up yourself???

    Our 2 dogs own the bed and the couch – they let us sit and sleep there from time to time. But, 11 cats? 11 cats is INSANE.

  29. Cute cats…ugly couch. I might even pay $300.00 for the cats, the couch–not so much.

  30. Ooh, I love the magpie all by his lonesome on the back of the couch! You just KNOW he’s waiting to pounce on his brothers once they’re all asleep!

    Ceejoe – they may have more kittehs, but your are arranges FAR more artistically!

  31. ThreeCatNight says:

    …”And as an added bonus, we are happy to include 11 assorted cats in various color schemes to coordinate further with your decorating needs. Notice the mellow, the frisky, the sullen, the happy, and the blase – all suitable to your mood, and all complimentary to this fabulous leather couch. Scratch posts and towels are not included.”

  32. comes with 11 throw pillows that land on their feet!

  33. puglets rule says:

    ceejoe – I agree with Lurker and love-love-love those guinea piglets! Oh I Need to snorgle a piglet 🙂

  34. They should have captioned it as “Deluxe Scratching Post/Cat Bed”. That would be truth in advertising.

  35. That would be fine if you wanted a claw-marked, dedicated quadruped couch. 🙂

  36. Piggy Mama says:

    Whoa! Crazy cat person! I have 4 cats who won’t even sit on the sofa together! Let alone make a kitty pile! Plus all my piggys (piglets rule, you are soooo right!) Gotta love the furrrrr animals!

  37. In a minute, that grey-and-white job on top is going to be all “CANNONBALL!”

  38. This photo reminds me of a place I stayed at in New Delhi in 1975. Mrs D’Souzas (a lady of Bountiful proportions).
    In her main room on the mantle piece, was a particularly gory version of Christ exposing the ‘Sacred Heart’ and next to that, was a anatomically detailed ‘Sacred Heart’ seemingly throbing on a stand, all on its own.
    On a leatherette sofa with the stuffing hanging out, lay two mangy dogs chewing at their arseholes. Our room, was shared with a drug addict and an old man, who lay completely covered by the bed clothes and laughed to himself, about I don’t know what. There were several glass panes missing from the windows and pidgeons flew in landing on the broken ceiling fan, made one revolution, caused by the momentum of their flight and flew out again.

  39. ‘GOOD CONDITION’???? LOLOL. look at all the dried up leather!

    HOWEVER, it cannot be argued that the couch is indeed VERY COMFUHBUHLS, as clearly demonstraiched by zee kittieees

  40. awesome rollover/hover text!

  41. i’m surprised this person even included a photo with the ad…either it’s a joke, or the seller is seriously deluded (not an unusual quality in cat-collectors, in my experience). and $300! you could put it on the curb with a “free” and nobody would take it except possibly frat boys who planned to use it on their porch.

    as for the kittehs…they look pretty healthy and happy. and they must LOVE this cowshe if they’re willing to share it like that!

  42. Wow, look at those scratch marks. $300?!?!

    Kitties are cute. Couch should remain what it is…a scratching post!

  43. scooterpants says:

    hey! if that there fake wood paneling and par-kay flooring comes with, I’m SOLD! that’d look great on the see-ment patio of my
    po-dunk single wide. and all them kittehs will keep the mouse population down.

  44. Anner — I think it’s real AND it’s a joke. Seriously, if I had a couch like that and needed to *sell* it, this is exactly the sort of thing I’d try.

    Now if I simply wanted to get it the hell out of my house, I’d post it on FreeCycle. But I’d use the same photo & text.

  45. …well, I might add “cats not included” too

  46. but you, Theo, are relatively sane and able to function in society. what? i said RELATIVELY…

  47. These folks need a set of 16 white-painted cubbies to organize their kittehs. Maybe they can buy one with the $300.

  48. Ahh, my dream: a sofa full of kitters. The one on the back looks a lot like my Milky.

    By the way, I’ve noticed names for just about every pattern, but I don’t know what Teggie is (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3081/2682459212_bba31ed61b.jpg?v=0, on the left). I don’t think she’s a proper tuxie, and she’s definitely not a cow cat, so what is she?

  49. this must be what my fiance’s parents’ house looks like. they have 8 cats.

  50. ButtaRumCake says:

    LOL @ Blair – good one!!

  51. i luv it its beatiful all the kattys.

  52. Sofa king, full of cats!

  53. LOL @ Sabrina…I’ve often thought of that as a way to get past censors (and young child readers) but there’s never really been a good opportunity before.

  54. You are both Sofa King naughty.

  55. I didn’t get it. But then I read it out loud, and it made me laugh very hard.

    Sofa king funny!

  56. I love how the kitty on the back of the couch is relaxing with his chin on his hind legs. So flexibules.

  57. Hey Hon Glad, nice writing.

  58. Okay the SOFA KING has left the building ; )

  59. Hon Glad, you and berthaservant should get together and write alternate chapters to a book. I’d read it. It would be full of delightful details, I’m sure.

  60. Yeah, I’d read it too.
    In fact I’d even buy it.

    (I’ve been getting all my books through bookmooch lately).

  61. Totalee Puppy says:

    A leather-bound volume of thanks to…
    PATTY P for “Priceless!”
    REV WALDO for “standard disclaimers”…
    ANNIE for the poem…
    THREECATNIGHT for “And as
    an added bonus…”

  62. Glix: it’s called bicolor. Color on top, white on the bottom, formal standard calls for the white ^ on the nose and chin like yours has.

  63. Katrina and Kimski: Thanks for the compliments. Although, I have spotted a missing comma in the second to last sentence….. Oh the shame!

  64. kitty babie couch awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww