The Cute Overload Calendar is HERE!

Your wait is OVER.

The Cute Overload calendar is here. Order your copy TODAY!

CHECK IT OUT! only $12.99 at Amazon. Swears!

Just what can you expect on your desk with this little Slice of Heaven? Just the hilariousness and proshness you’ve come to expect from Cute Overload, only in daily, tear-offable, print form:


Yay! Goes great with Gerbera daisies and Red Pandas on your desk. Pencil and/or doing actual work is optional.


Look how easy it is to change the day! [Ffffffftttt]


Here’s what some of the pages look like—check it! [wiki wiki wiki! hand on turntables]


Shuh-zaaam! Look at these helpful tips!


Yes, yes! To answer your questions—all your favorite posts are in there…


Who would love this more than your favorite back-to-school student!? Think of the ridiculous wall art you could make from the torn off sheets just in time for Burning Man! In conclusion, you must have eet.

Available at and other fine online establishmints.

Check it out!



  1. KB in To. says:

    Well, I like it.

  2. Whee! (warming credit card)

  3. This actually makes me want to go back to work just so I can get a desk to put this on. Nah, never mind, I’ll stay unemployed and put this on my…um…floor.

  4. I can’t wait for 2009 now!

  5. TrumanRabbit says:

    Holy Cripes! Like I’m going to be able to wait until 2009 to take a peek at these photos. No way! Where’s Dick Clark? I need him to fire up his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special right now! I mean RIGHT THIS SECOND!

  6. brinabrina says:

    omg its so cute i cant wait to get one of my own!

  7. lol

  8. Kan ai hav teh dogless varyetii?

  9. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    wish list!!!

  10. Ohhhh, I know what everyone on my Christmas list is getting…

  11. CoffeeCup says:

    OOH! I want!

    One, awesomeness for it being $12.99, which is much less than most other desk calendars.

    Two, Mac power!!

  12. *ordered one instantly*

  13. BeckyMonster says:

    Great Googley Moogley!!! My birthday isn’t till November, I can’t wait that long! This, plus the Bad Cat daily calendar will officially lower my productivity while raising my overall sense of well-being. FAIR TRADE!!!

  14. Wow. CO – you are so BIG TIME!
    Great job.

  15. woohoo looks fabby!!
    Will certainly have the proshest desk in the office now – hurry up & finish 2008!

  16. cheesybird says:

    Have just placed an order with my local independent bookstore! (Shameless plug – support the little guy! Buy indie! :D)

  17. Cute Bling. Want NOW!

  18. I’m wondering where the profits are going. A nice animal charity, I hope? That’s a lot of photos without releases, btw.

  19. Good grief, there are only 3 left? I wonder how many they started with?

  20. A Tuesday September 14th AND a Tuesday September 17th? Is this a month of Tuesdays? Fascinating!

  21. Oh. Em. Gee. If the preview photos are keeeeeeling me like this, I can only imagine the horror – tha hahrrahr! – when the Real Thing arrives. *dies of antici…


  22. Emma Leigh says:

    Not to mention the Tuesday September 11th.

  23. WANT! XD

  24. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Ummm, Herself. Why would you think there are no releases? I am one of the ineffably lucky people whose pet’s picture was chosen. I had a picture of my cat posted on the site. Meg liked it a lot, and she asked me if she could use it in the calendar. I gave my permission. There is no reason to think that she didn’t do the same with the other lucky peeps. She even asked for submissions.

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    The infamous “Axis of Snorgling”! I love it!
    What – only 3 left? This is not good.

  26. OK, now start work on the gerbil jigsaw puzzle.

  27. Bunneh disapproves!

    Amazon already lists three for sale used – how can that be???

  28. I have started with three. But will I be able to stop there???????

  29. Will there be any anticipatory luurkensproinging? No actual ‘action’ per se, but the dreaded ‘virtual luurkensprioinging of desire’ perhaps??
    Hey, is that Red Panda Luurkensproinging?

    I love the directions! Too cool!

  30. *dies of antici…



    My Amazon Prime acct. is all fired up! Yay!

  31. And Tuesday September 8. I guess it’s because Tuesdays are, by default, NOT Monday, and therefore awesome.

    *adds to cart*

  32. @Katrina – I lurrkensproinged (luurkensproung?) for a moment before buying, wondering if I reeeeally should put $15 of my remaining $20 in my bank account for cute… and then, wait, duh, of COURSE! SPROING! Who needs food? Must have teh kyoot!

    @Ermine – *throws toast at you* 😉

  33. A page for EVERY DAY? Totally ordering one. Yay!

  34. Woohoo! Can’t wait to get it!

  35. scooterpants says:

    so you guys had at LEAST 20 of these made right?
    cuz theres, lets see, ME, and then berthaservant, and amy and Liz and liz and katrina. i think thats about it, we might want to order some extree’s!
    I GOT MINE! 🙂

  36. Janeyferr says:

    for the british amongst us: £6.53 including postage ->

  37. Wonders when those of us who have pictures in it get our free one…

  38. yankeebird says:

    Want! I just can’t let myself buy it yet. If I did, by the time January 1st actually rolled around, this thing would be so dog-eared from my having flipped through it so many times that it would be falling apart.

  39. Sweet!

    But I bet the editor was utterly confused by CO lingo 😉

    [This is very funny, to me… – Ed.]

  40. Totally ordered one, from here in the UK!

  41. “Think of the ridiculous wall art you could make from the torn off sheets just in time for Burning Man!”

    I <3 you. (says the girl who leaves a week from Friday)

  42. I just ordered 2, first time I’ve ever ordered on line. Hope this isn’t the start of a very bad habit.

  43. Thing is, if I ordered it NOW I’d be way too tempted to look at every single day, thereby ruining the joy of ripping off the pages day-by-day NEXT year. So I might hold off for a wee bit. But this is bound to be a holiday gift for some aminal lovers in my life.

  44. P.S. I hope the “pasickie” kid is there.

  45. Only $11.04 at the moment! Just bought mine.

  46. Seven Paws says:

    How can there be prices ranging from $8.06 to a whopping $28.94??? This is wack.

    [I think you’re looking at the links to the Amazon partners, rather than Amazon itself; third-party sellers presumably all have their own independent pricing structures & overhead… – Ed.]

    That said, I will need several.

  47. Couldn’t you at least donate 10% to an animal organization of your choice? I would defiantly buy one then, they are cute, though

    […or you could just donate 10% to the animal organization of *your* choice, of course – Ed.]

  48. These are also available at Barnes & Noble, for those boycotting Amazon.

    (The Humane Society of the United States is suing for its continued sale of illegal animal-fighting materials:

  49. !! Know what I’m getting everyone for Christmas 🙂

  50. I just bought 3!!!!

    One for me, one for my sis, and one for my niece.

    This is perhaps the earliest jump I have ever gotten on my Christmas shopping…EVER!

  51. The jelly bean toes on Sept 17 ARE TOO MUCH!!!! *nibbles*


    Why are all 3 of those pages show above a Tuesday, but the dates can’t match?

    What kind of shim-shammery is this?

    I kid, I kid.

  53. Yeah, and that Friday pic CLEARLY isn’t an animated .GIF either!

  54. Aesthetica says:

    ordered! but i still want a bare-chested, animal-snorgling *men of cute overload* calendar.

  55. Yay! I’ve ordered it at
    (very nice for us Dutch CO-lovers ^-^)
    OMG I can’t wait for it to arive!!!

  56. 320 pages?… Where did the other 45 days of the year go… >_>

  57. Euh… that is…

  58. Very cute calander!

    @Pheas: actually, if you look at the books that are about cockfighting and dogfighting that amazon sells, they are actually historical documents published in the 1700s and 1800s that are being reprinted as books of historical interest. So, while there may be other reasons to boycott amazon, I don’t think that is one.

  59. 45 days would be the Sat/Sun combination page – I’ll just bet ya.

    Whoever asked about the hamster puzzle – There is a website that will make puzzles out of your photographs. I even think the “big name department store that is taking over our country” offers it with their photoprocessing. But I shouldn’t be quoted on that one. 😀

  60. Annica — either URL worked fine for me

    Kira (and Pheas) — I think it’s not so much about books, but rather paraphernalia & accessories. And don’t forget, Amazon allows partner sales, from third parties, not just their own stock. All of this is waaaay off-topic here, though.

  61. 1. OH MY GOD.
    2. I wonder how many of these I’m getting for Christmas? And is it worth it to buy one for everyone in my office for the end of the year, or will that just backfire when everyone has the same idea?

  62. @Herself – might want to check your facts before you speak. You could assume Meg and Theo know a little something about what they’re doing.

    @Woohoo – do you check the donating practices of the sellers of every item you buy?

    How anyone can find something to complain about in a cute animal calendar is beyond me.

    I may be feeling a tad snarky today.

  63. Cute Overload Page a Day is the bestest! My daughter has been waiting for MONTHS for this to come out. Meg, thank you for compiling this and all the work you did (yes, she did get releases!) My daughter’s hamsters will be in print!

  64. @Lizzie: I think the past tense of “luurkenschproing”, (the German martial art mastered by most kittehs and many other animals, in which a predator lurks just beyond a corner or under a bed skirt and then schproings out at their unsuspecting prey–usually a besocked foot or another hapless fuzzuzzle) would be “luurkenschprung.” Or you could keep it in its noun form and introduce an easier-to-conjugate verb, as in: “I tewtally unleashed a four-door luurkenschproing on THREE Cute Overload 2009 calendars.”

  65. I’d get it just for Noodle– but there’s SO MUCH MORE!

  66. @Mel2, the infinitive has to be “luurkenschproingen.”

  67. This. Is. Amazing!

  68. @Mel2 – I’m pretty sure it should be “luurkengeschprungen.” As in, “Hilfe! Die Katze hat mir luurkengeschprungen!”

    (Wow. The Firefox spell checker does not care for that paragraph ONE BIT.)

  69. (That’s the past tense I’m giving. I agree with Theresa about the infinitive.)

  70. I thought die luurkenschproingen was all about the ferrets? You know? Kneesocks with eyes?

  71. momof2kitties says:

    Must. Have. Eet.


  72. @Theo – Yeah…I don’t know how to say “ferret” in German.

  73. scooterpants says:

    if you sell all twenty of these,
    you’ll have…[gets out big-number calculator]
    Have mercy! you’re gunna be REECH beyond your wildest dweems! 🙂

  74. snorglepup says:

    Yes, I must have eet!


  76. I would also like to add that september 11th is my birthday, and I ALWAYS call it my bird-day, so that page is soooo appropriate! I am buying this, like, now!

  77. @Theo: You’re right, die luurkenschproingen first came up over a discussion of my carpet sharks stalking my hound. However, having been a victim of luurkenschproing at the paws of my sister’s pernicious kitteh Lola, I feel confident stating that any naminal that has claws and is capable of being vewwy, vewwy quiet can unleash quite the nasty can of luurkenschproing.

  78. Having taken 3 years of German in high school, I am astounded and deeply ashamed that I did not properly infer the correct past and past-perfect tenses of “luurkensproingen.” I guess it would be …

    Ich luurkensproinge.
    Ich habe luurkensproingen.
    Ich luurkensproingt.

    But doesn’t “geluurkensproingen” soind a smidge better? Then it would be “Ich habe luurkengesproingt!”

  79. ?? for Theo: I am always gratified when you find exactly the right slap-down for the nay-sayers that get their jollies by coming here with no purpose other than to fling poo, but I really, REALLY want to know: how do you deal with people like the commenter who made the assumption that CO didn’t ask for releases?? I’m serious – how do you deal? I would lose my freakin’ MIND, and would be far, far less kind that you (usually) are in your responses. Or was patience and self-control one of the job requirements for the Ed. position?

  80. @Hey-h and Theresa: Way to bust out the mad German grammah skillz!

  81. I was JUST thinking about how I hate those little page-a-day calendars and how mine fell behind the desk and I am not picking it up. And how I hope nobody ever gives me one again. Then I saw this, and I have changed my mind.

  82. TheIglets says:

    I haven’t been this excited since the Far Side calendar came out a couple of years ago! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

  83. gravyboat says:

    Christmas gifts!!!

  84. I just ordered mines!!! I also splurged on Amazon … ooops 😛 cannot wait for my cute filled 2009 😀

  85. @Mel2, my memory disintegrates when it comes to the cases. 😉

  86. Oh noes! How am I going to be a nuffington now? I guess I could say it, but that’s wasted nuffing! It must be heard by all!


    [Huh?? – Ed.]

    […did he just go crazy and jump out the window? – Ed.]

  87. Christmas just came early.
    VERY excited.
    I hope the author of CuteOverload gets crazy rich.
    When I think of how much joy she’s brought – why not reward it. There are lots of things out there making people rich that do nothing good for the world.

  88. Yay!Just placed my order! Thanks CuteOverlord! (What?!)

  89. I was included in the calender but I moved! How do I make sure I get mine!?
    Im so excited!

  90. Janeyferr says:

    uu sounds too dutch to be deutsch…

  91. Gail (the first one) says:


    I could buy 2; one for the rest of this year and one for next!!

    By the way, did anybody notice that the *used* ones on Amazon start at $29.66??

  92. SixFootJen says:

    I clicked on the comments JUST to see if some nuffer had become outraged, hurt, and righteously indignant that one of the featured days was SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH. (Hadn’t anticipated No-Release Nuffer or Donate-Your-Profits Nuffer.) So happy bird-day to Aubrey! I’m glad the only 9/11 comment wasn’t a 9/11 comment.

  93. Gail (the first one) says:

    P.S. Is “luurkensproingen” an irregular verb? Diese verruckte Katz ist gestern Morgen geluurkengesproingt?” instead of “….hat gestern Morgen geluurkengesproingt?”

  94. YAY!!! I dont know if I can get it yet though… As was mentioned earlier, I might fall victim to flipping through my pages early and wear it out before 2009!!
    🙂 Yay to Meg and the rest for the excellent job!

  95. @Gail(1st) – Oi, no, not the irregular verbs! I vote we go with good old regular “haben.” One less irregular verb to remember, ja?

    @Janeyferr – “uu” is a little more Dutch, but the languages can be pretty similar. Maybe a u-umlaut would Deutsch it up a bit?

  96. Amanda M. says:

    WANT NAO!!!! *adds to Amazon wishlist*

  97. Janeyferr says:

    umlautation would satisfy me verily 🙂

  98. Janey, these are ferr ÿöü.

  99. I must agree with aesthetica- I am definitely purchasing this. Right now. However, a bare-chested animal snorgeling “men of cuteoverload” calendar would also be an AMAZING and delicious addition to my desk at work!

  100. Janeyferr says:

    *well and trully satisfied*

  101. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!! *runs around* zomg zomg zomg!!!

    *runs around some more*

    dang, i’m tired. i need this calendar! WHOOT!

  102. Pizza, anyone?

  103. TheIglets says:

    Holy Guacamole! Tis already #49 in Amazon Book Sales Ranking! Sweeeeeet. She has hit The Big One. Congrats!

  104. Am I wrong, or is that hammy’s tail airbrushed?

  105. Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I am gittin’ one!!!!

  106. @Gail(1st) – Omg! So embarrassed! It should *totally* take “sein”! Die verrückte Katze IST lürkengesprungen!

    I’m still pulling for the vowel change in the past tense tho.

  107. Of course, this being the International Community of teh Qte, we should be able to get an actual German person to conjugate it for us…anyone? anyone?

  108. 365 days on 320 pages?
    Either Amazon got the details wrong or we’ve some serious space-time anomaly.

  109. I’m in line with the people who worry that if they buy it now, it’ll be totally doggie-eared by Jan 1. Solution? Buy two. Heck, buy three or four! (Especially those discount $8.99 ones…)

    A smile a day! Thanks, CO!

  110. Meg is a capitalist pig. We send in teh cute, she gets rich.

    I am waiting too see Meg’s new Ferrari with the Paws Up bumper sticker 😀

  111. I can’t wait to chew on this

  112. Will it be available on teh kindle?

  113. Meg promised me a free copy if she could use the picture I sent it!!! (runs to check mail box…not here yet..checks again – just in case)

  114. “Geluurkengeschproingt” sounds a lot like “Gnechtigesseundt,” which of course is what you get Spilkes in.

  115. CoffeeCup says:

    What I’m wondering is why Amazon recommends people buy the CO calendar with…another calendar. It says “buy this book with..” and recommends the Cat-a-day calendar. I’m sure the Cat-a-day would make a great stocking stuffer, but I’d rather support CO and buy two of them.

  116. This looks really cute! I know this question will make me yet more unpopular, but are there commentraversial pics in there?

    I want to buy it but I want to make sure it’s up to the standard set by my beloved puppy-a-day calendar. Without human boobs or two-headed cats. The examples suggest it’s more along the Hello Kitty super saccharine cute lines I prefer, in which case I will gladly purchase one!

    [I haven’t seen one yet, but seeing as it’s got > 300 Cute Overload photos, chances are there’ll be at least a few examples of the more unusual posts we’ve run… – Ed.]

  117. I’m German and I would say it like this:

    Ich lürgensproinge.
    Ich bin gelürkensproingt.
    Ich lürkensproingte.

    I didn’t really follow the discussion about this new word creation.. so.. what does it mean? ^^ I guess something with “jumping”?

    (That’s why I cojugated it like this ’cause jumping in German is

    Ich springe
    Ich bin gesprungen
    Ich sprang

    so sounds better like this.)

  118. I’m glad Meg included a visual aid on how to remove the pages from one day to the next. Whew! I feel confident enough to order one now that I have instructions on how to use it.

  119. I’m so happy for you!

    Now CO can be spread to all the crazies who refuse to use the Internets.

    [Like, oh I dunno, certain RABBITS? For example? – Ed.]

  120. I have just started my x-mas shopping!

  121. i never use calendars but cuteness is so addicting..

  122. i don’t think i’ll be able to look at only ONE photo per day. i’ll probably have to sneek peeks!

    [There’s always the *original* version of Cute Overload too, you know. We’re there for ya… – Ed.]

  123. Uh-ohs. We have see theese befores. First eet starts with steeckères. Then eet progresses to desk calendères. SOON IT WILL BE A FULL-ON MERCHANDISING EMPIRE ON THE SCALE OF MARY-KATE AND ASHLEY’S! Only cute.

  124. Nakey — I certainly hope so. In fact, our hidden agenda has that particular empire dead in its sights. We’re gonna tear your Full House down! Buhuahahaa.

    (Um, *previously* hidden agenda, I guess.)

  125. oaklandcat says:

    About the 320 pages– most page-a-day calendars have Saturday and Sunday sharing a page.
    Also, now it’s up to #33 on Amazon’s bestseller list!!1!!!12

  126. I saw this calendar for sale TONIGHT (August 12) at the Fred Meyer near my house! I’ve never seen the coming year’s calendars out so early.


    I have no space on my desk. I will MAKE space.

  128. nevarbackwards says:

    Are there any McSnakersons in the calendar?

  129. Theo – you start throwing in kittehs, bunnehs, hammies, puppehs, and any other manner of snorgleable goodness in with a cup of coffee, and you will have Starbucks on its knees and bleeding out its eyeballs in no time!

    I, for one, welcome our new cute overlords. I would like to remind them that, as a self-admitted addict to cute, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their supremely cushioned takeover offices.

  130. Awesome! Hopefully I’ll have some room in my paycheck in a month or two. 🙂

  131. jmuhj-wahchoogaatahgaynschtthedoggehssss,hmmmm?

    Cheryl- I know, now that Meg has empowered us all with her quick n’ easy one-step process for using the calendar, We ARE so much more empowered! She makes it look easy, but then the pros always do, don’t they?

  132. Just for the record …
    most especially enjoyed the
    “sample page tearing”
    instructions, the verbs
    shproinging &
    lurkenwhatever conjugations (I also attempted to install German into my human hard drive in college)
    … & the cooperative provision of umlauten in the comments.

    Keep on makin’ things CUTE!!

  133. I truly believe that luurkenschproing is an international word now. It can change as the linguistic form changes, but we all have the concept in our brains. It can be applied to any animal-even a fish if necessary. I have in mind Angel fish who love to luurkenschproing their fellows. Well, maybe not sloths and snails, but maybe they have their own, slower version of luurkenschproing that I just can’t appreciate.

    If I knew how to make an umlaut for the second ‘u’, I would, by the way.

    Now we have a word that we can use for international peace such as in the treaty between Upper and Lower Somewhereorother, it shall read-“The two parties shall cease and desist luurkenschproing on this day, the ___ of _____ in the year _______”, thereby ending hostilities on the ground” See? Perfect!

  134. Gail (the first one) says:

    Thanks, Lis who speaks German!! Now we are grammatically correct in our made-up word!!!!

  135. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Katrina! You’re right, it’s perfect for peace treaties!! Let’s send it to somebody at the UN!!!

  136. I came for the calendar and stayed for the German conjugation. I shall now seek out a German nickname for my cat, Ginger, who is featured somewhere within those 320 pages.

    I am sooooooo excited about mail today!

  137. I’m SOOOO excited! Ordered mine last night – wheee! like Liz said above, I will MAKE space on my crowded desk for this! Now I’ll have CO on the computer…AND on my desk…but which is cuter?

    Brain melting… 😀

  138. Yay for the calendar! I always end up forwarding posts to my friend R, so now she shall have her own year of cuteness on her desk! Must wait until at least next week to buy though. We are moving on Friday!

  139. I LOVE luurkenschproing. I speak no German, would the perps be “luurkenschproingen”?

  140. warrior rabbit says:

    @Limegirl, how about Rote Gruetze? It’s a tasty fruit dessert (I loff eet!), so you can call her that and nom her, too. Not that you don’t nom her already.

  141. Theo, Meg, I bet you would make a bunch of money if you sold a calendar holder that holds the calendar high ABOVE the desktop!

    OK, writing a peace treaty between two anciently-hostile parties can’t be so hard…..

    For the person who was looking for a word like the L word- the English word ‘pounce’ is a part of it, but it doesn’t give enough credit to the predatory waiting before the actual ‘L’. “Wait and pounce with a single-minded mission to inflict bodily harm to some unaware loser” is closer to it. Yes, peeps?

  142. aww… i just received my daily dose of cuteness in my inbox and its sold out already :/

    *checks again to be sure*

    yup! its out of stock 😥

  143. Guess what’s going on MY Christmas list this year? Dear Santa, please bring me oodles of kyoot!

  144. L I Z Z Y-
    One fewer irregular verbs.

    However, yes I agree.

    I’m a tell ya, Meg und Theo und NOMTOM, next year, calendar holders- up about 18 inches high above the desk- biiiiig money! Wood, with a simple squeeze clamp on the the edge of the desk- unruly amounts of cute, too.

  145. ohhh the lovebird is too beautiful.


  146. Katrina — I don’t get it. You mean like a goose-neck lamp, only less lamp, more calendar? What?

  147. I’m a little horrified right now that it’s “temporarily unavailable”. I was completely ready to purchase!

  148. Theo- a separate do-hickey. In wood or Platinum, your choice. I’d go for the wood, I’m Norwegian, we’re drawn to wood. Sorry, Vood.

    Anyway keep it simple simple, so the peeps don’t have to worry about more intricately flerning directions.
    Clamp on one end, an 18 inch dowel in the middle and a music stand-like supporter on the top. Except the music stand is juuuust right for the size of the calendar! OK, maybe a Post-It holder, too. But I’m addicted to Post Its.

  149. @Katrina — Yes, Luurkenschproing isn’t just the act of pouncing on someone. It implies practiced premeditation, the exercise of patience and cunning.

    Anyone ever noticed how a kitteh about to unleash a fierce Luurkenschproing will be totally still, with just the tip of the tail swishing? Like there’s so much anticipation that it can only be 97% contained.

  150. The Amazon reveiws are somewhat incestuous.
    As for used copies, I suspect the are reveiw copies.

  151. Any chance for a daily email version?

  152. Kar — look in the right-hand margin under “CuteMail”

  153. Well, I hate to be a party pooper and all, cuz I love Cuteoverload and this calendar is awesome, but Amazon still sells dog and cock fighting videos and books, and is still refusing to stop. The Humane Society of the United States has taken them to court, and they are currently in litigation about it. The President of Amazon claims that they have the right to sell whatever anyone wants to buy… which sort of doesn’t really go along with ‘cute and fluffy’… go to the HSUS’ website and click on the legal action link if you want to know more.

    [You hate being a party pooper, just like I hate smacking party poopers, I bet. Amazon also sells both the Bible and Quran, you know, not to mention Lady Chatterley’s Lover and the Improvised Munitions Handbook. Still, there are plenty of other vendors selling the CO calendar, both storefront and online. Google link repeated below… – Ed.]

  154. Zoe Doom…. your right! Chumurka’s tailio appendage is missing! Was someone afraid of certain double entendres? Anything else been digitally amputated?

    I can’t wait till I get my copy

  155. Theo, it’s not quite the same.

  156. Mel2- yes and a childish and almost innocent malevolence, especially when it is the small thing L’ng the much bigger thing. Remember in the Loooeny Toones when the ‘Chicken hawk’ actually a hatchling himself, tried so hard to get ‘the chicken’, which was, in truth a big old dog?

  157. Chumuka’s tail wasn’t amputated, it was just written over. You had me worried there.

  158. I just bought mine this morning! 🙂 🙂

  159. Danya- tail? You just bought your tail this morning?

    just joshin’ ya.

  160. “Temproarily Out of Stock”!!!
    The Cute moves multitudes!!!

  161. @Katrina, Day-am, I wish I could buy a tail!!! I would stick it on my nephew’s butt.

  162. K A T R I N A

    Holy hell, did I just do that? I’m the one standing in line at the grocery store clenching my fists and mumbling under my breath at the “15 items or less” sign. (Except at this one Trader Joe’s in Daly City, who got it right with “fewer.”)

    Hundreds of thousands of bowings and scrapings and self-flagulations. Never again, I swearz!!!

  163. For those who have no idea what I’m talking about…

    “Less” and “more” refer to things that occur in volume as opposed to units. “Fewer” and “greater” refer to units, not volume. Fewer cows, but less milk. Fewer words, more meaning, etc. Fewer items, less money. Damn you Safeway!

    Now NEVER, and I mean NEVER, mix those up around me… or, apparently, around Katrina.

  164. Oh, Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy – you’ve grown up so fast—-noooo—-QUICKLY!

    Now, let’s make a campaign to bring back the adverb.

    One goes quickly, because-Lizzy-would you like to tell the nice peeps?

    (An adverb describes the verb-such as ‘goes’ or luurkensproings. One luurkensproings quickly or slowly.) Not fast or slow.

    A car can BE fast or it can GO quickly you have you choice. English huh?
    ARE YA WITH ME LIZZY ????? (beckoning loudly in your very best pirate voice!) It isn’t your fault Lizzy, it is the system. (I went to Social Work school and obtained a exaltedly-haughty BSW.

  165. They have it at Barnes and Noble! Online and in the stores. I just ran out and got a couple. Was tempted to get more!

  166. Squeeee! Love the daisy in an Erlenmeyer Flask! Geekiness rules 😀

  167. Thank goodness 2009 is a long time from now– sold out! And what’s with the people selling the calendars for $30 on Amazon Marketplace?

  168. Katrina – Oh no – a car can go fast. Fast is an adverb as well as an adjective. Check yer dictionary. To quote mine: “fast – adv. 3. in a rapid manner, quickly.”

    Actually, a car can go slow, too. Here’s my dictionary’s amusingly snarky commentary, under the entry for slow, adv.: “Some commentators claim that careful writers avoid the adverb ‘slow,’ in spite of the fact that it has had over four centuries of usage.” (And goes on to explain the shadings in usage, but, long story short, slow is an adverb, too.)

    The dictionary, for reference, is Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate, 10th ed.

  169. p.s. Totally with you about less and fewer, though. Well, in writing. I think a lot of things can slide in speech.

  170. Darn you adjectives that act as adverbs and vice versa! And you know what I actually saw in print the other day? SUPPOSABLY. Yes, that’s right, “supposably.” And when people say they “couldn’t care less,” do they realize that really means they care at least a small amount? Call me when you COULDN’T care less. My brother and I have long conversations about how the English language is rapidly descending into the abyss.

  171. Uh, that first “couldn’t” should be “could.” See, I can’t even make myself write the wrong bleen when I’m trying!

  172. Whoopsie! Hee hee. – Ed.

  173. Theo, you’re mah favoreet nut.

  174. Lizzy and hey-h,
    my point about adverbs, however is incontravertible.

    “Irregardless” and “supposably” and “ax” are ruining the English language.

  175. Katrina, I’ve heard of junior high and even high school kids who use lolspeak and txt-speak in their papers because, to them, those are real words. *shakes head sadly*

  176. Heh. I once took a seminar in college where someone had to summarize each week’s discussion and give it to the other class members as a handout the next week (back when people still used paper, you know). I devoted about a half a page to explaining why “irregardless” was not acceptable.

    But I think it’s kind of pointless to engage in grammar correction on blogs, because then I’d have to point out the misspelled word in your last comment, too, Katrina. 😉 (Ok, I’ll admit – I had to look it up to make sure it was wrong.)

  177. (And I should note – it was a science seminar. Not one where anyone actually *cared* about “irregardless.” People used it for the rest of the class just to annoy me. Which I deserved.)

  178. hey-h, which word was misspelled, please? It got through my spell-check-(no surprise there). I LIKE adverbs and I think I’ll just use them as if eberyone else does!, yes, I misspelled that. (heh,heh)I thought ‘word’ was the funny part of that comment. However, I’m pro-adverb. Thanks for the anticipated correction!
    Lizzy-may I join you in your sad head shaking?
    *shakes head sadly*. Have a great day, grammar peeps!

  179. Ooh, ooh, can I play “Spot the Misspelling” too?

    It’s incontrovertible, not incontravertible.

    But my real pet peeve is the abuse of apostrophes and quotation marks.

  180. Oh, Jaye, yes! Apostrophe abuse makes me cry. These days I cry a lot.

  181. Allistair says:

    well that’s one of my christmas 2008 pressies for the girlfriend sorted 🙂 thank goodness it’s on amazon uk too 😀

  182. Of course you can play and of course you are correct!

    Of course, ‘contra’-as in ‘against’, I’m sorry, good spelling fairy. Thank you.

    “”, ”……..I’ll really try to do bettererer.

  183. Contro? OK< if you say so, you are one degree of separation from 'the Theo'.

    OK, I’m going to nap now.

  184. I bought three, although I think I will probably have to buy more. This will be this year’s Christmas gifty for my friends!!!

  185. OOOOOOOO…I haff not been this excited since…um…well…let me think a minute…gee…oh! I know…EVER!! Am checking mailbox approz every 37 and a half seconds with bated breffs and the wait to see all the prosh cuteness -including my own photo(for which, by the way Herself, a release was obtained)

  186. Kawii ^_^ but if I buy it I won’t wanna tear off the beautiful pages T_T oh no wat should I do?

  187. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m a bit of a word nerd, too, though hardly as fasc…obsessed as some of you. (And I’ve learned through experience that people on blogs prefer to remain marginally illiterate, thankyouverymuch. Though, really, CO and ICHC have very intellectual peeps, across all subjects. Funny and smart, just the way I like ’em.)

    If your PBS market carries it, my PBS station creates a weekly radio show called A Way with Words that is quite enjoyable to all who are into etymology, grammar, and usage. You can visit them online at

    Another (nerdy) fun site is

  188. rubber duck says:

    LOL, I notice I wasn’t the only one who was wondering about the hamster’s tail…That really was my first thought when I saw the picture, “Wait, have they censored the tail?!”

    And no, the text isn’t covering her tail, the tail was higher up. It really looks like it’s been airbrushed!

  189. rubber duck says:

    Here you can see where her little tail should be:

  190. Thank you Warrior Rabbit,I have heard of the NPR program, but we don’t receive it when I can listen, apparently.

    We do love words around here, don’t we – and I love the way we play around with them. I will luurkensproing onto the links as soon as I am able. Thanks very much! They’ll never see me coming- bwahaha!

  191. Yup-you’re correct, it hasn’t been obscured by the words-but I do understand why they airbrushed it out for the mass market. Only peeps would know it was a tailio at first glance.

  192. Elisha B. says:

    Wow, have I missed alot!! My internet has been down at home and work has been pure heck. Haven’t even had a chance to enjoy this site on my birthday (August 12), when the greatest calendar EVER came out! I will definitely save my money for this one!!


  194. Happy Birthday Elisha B.!

  195. charlotte says:

    so, i think i’m supposed to be featured in the calendar (signed a release), but can’t buy it to find out. it’s sold out. any way we can find out if our photo is in there?

  196. I sent in a photo to cuteoverload awhile back and I had a reply offering me a free 2009 calander in return for my photo being in it.

    I hope it’s still in there!