Sooooooooo Self-serving [eye roll]

OMG, these bunnehs are soooo self-serving. Literally.

They’re all: "Me me me!".  [Shaking head]

Exhibit A: Bowl Bun

Exhibit B: The Ever-Nomming Loaf Bun

Leo affamato, originally uploaded by diegodelca.

Sherilyn F., I cast a  disapproving look in the direction of your submeeshon.



  1. rosamundi says:

    :steals top bun:

    :noms ears:

  2. I didn’t know Ramen made Instant Bowl-O-Bun™.

  3. Dandelion says:

    Cute! My neighbor has a rabbit that looks like that big white fluffy one. They let it loose in their backyard or something because it always ends up in my yard. Then I start worrying about it, thinking it’s going to run into the road..they shouldn’t let him loose…

  4. omg, at first glance, I thought that ear was a duck bill.

  5. Janeyferr says:

    oh there’s too much doe* in that bread pan… i shall just have to nom a teeny little bit off the top….

    (*see what i did there?)

  6. I think bunnies need Bowl Hab…

  7. Looks like some furry angel food cake in that second picture!

    Bunny needs to go to Bowlhab, but she says NO NO NO…

  8. Ah, the ever popular sin of glutbunny.

  9. I remember my sisters bunny. She was a tan mini-lop and loved to lay on the air-conditioning vents during the summmer. She would pick stuff up with her mouth and toss it if it was on her vents, lol.

  10. Disaproving Bunny says:- On this occasion , I heartily approve of my co-workers actions, Bun one: is merely at the all you can eat salad bar and Bun two: is using his loaf.

  11. When I first saw Exhibit B, I thought it was a duck *is ashamed*

    [LOL! Since you mention it, I can totally see how you’d think that, now… – Ed.]

  12. Nicolletta says:

    I love having a big bowl of bun-bun in the morning. Stays crunchy, even in milk!

  13. That bun on top is LAVENDER!!!

  14. Looks like buns-n-bowls is giving cats-n-boxes (and other snuggly fitting containers) a run for their money.

  15. Gonna sit on mah fuds den eat dems.

    Om nom nom nom

  16. giggle giggle. Giggle! Lol. ROTFLMAO. My husbun had to come see what I was looking at…

    I LOVE bun loaf… we have a wheat, a white, and a pumpernickel!

    On a side note, anyone else find the American Apparel add really scary and in bad taste?

  17. Selianth, uh, yes that AA ad is really freaky. 😦 Oh well. Teh bunneh is soooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pat Trenner says:

    Meg, you are the Adored Queen of Hovertext.

    I bow before thee.

  19. Souffle of Bun
    and banana bun loaf

  20. OMgosh! I want me a baby bun. Sew kewt! The lop-eared bun cracks me up too. Oh gawrsh.

  21. Paul D. Waite: Do you think Budhist Bunnies, go
    Ommmm nom nom nom. :o}

  22. Oh My! I need new glasses! I thought the second picture was a duck !

  23. Put me in the “I thought it was a duck” category. I have to brush up on my bun poses.

  24. Further proof that buns are self-contained.

  25. Well, speaking for myself, I like to keep *mine* contained.

  26. CoffeeCup says:

    I was having such a crappy day, and CO totally brightened up my spirits with not one, but TWO buns! And also, many entries. Usually it’s just one or two, but today seems to be jackpot!

    Thanks, Meg and Co!

  27. ButtaRumCake says:

    I thought it was a duck too….I was gonna post saying that that was the floofiest duck I’ve ever encountered LOL

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    I always love the vanilla with caramel sauce buns best.
    Lavendar buns run a very close second.

  29. Lavender bun runs… worst thought ever? Discuss.

  30. omg sooooo cute is it sleeping i like its is

  31. These guys REALLY don’t want to share!

  32. knightofmonarch says:

    Bun in bowl- Greens are all mine- you got to go through me to get to them – MINE,MINE ALL MINE

  33. Oh no…it’s been a long time since another bunny has gotten my bunnilogical clock ticking…but…I…I must fight the urge…to get a tiny rabbit eating in a glass bowl…


  34. this is one of the BEST POSTS EVER! Nicely done!

  35. Um, Teho, I don’t think anybunny wants to discuss lavender bunny runs.

    [All for the best, probably… – Ed.]

  36. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
    Do you know what that means, bun?
    She got her own bowl,
    she got her own cage,
    Nom noms, chew hard, you a bad broad.

  37. SQUEEEEEEE!!! I want the bowl bun!

  38. The containers are to catch the drippings from the running lavender bun, sill peeps!

    I’ll talk about it, Theo, it is all a part of life.

  39. At first glance I thought this was a DUCK!

  40. Adorable, yes, but I suspect that the bowls are just too deep for these buns to eat from while outside the bowl. The rim is just about up to Bowl Bun’s chin, and I suspect that the white bun has a similar height issue with his container.

    I don’t think they’d look nearly so greedy if the food containers were shallower. Of course, the photos wouldn’t be quite so adorable.

  41. Totalee Puppy says:

    It’s too late at night to be howling-out-loud, but I love all you guys who thought it was a duck. I can see it! Thanks for sharing…
    Now for Unforgettable Ideas…LURKER for “Instant
    Bowl-O-Bun”…EREBELLA (instant recognition applause) for “the sin of
    glutbunny”…and SHARON for
    “bunnilogical clock.”

  42. Thank you.
    Bowl Bun is my rabbit.

    The photograph is put, and come to see, please.

  43. Minnie, Bowl Bun is Momo, yes? Momo is very pretty, and too cute!

  44. Minnie — I speak no Japanese, but this post speaks for itself:

    Universal narrative!