Just five more minutes, Dad…

"Aw, Dad, I don’t wanna get out yet!  You better leave me in here because … ahmm … I’m a mad dog!  Yep, that’s it, check out the foam!  Growl!  I’m completely off my rocker, better not get near me!  Growl, growl!"


"No?  Well, then … uhmmm … I’m SANTA CLAUS!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  See, with the hat?  Ho, ho, ho, you’d better not take me out of this tub yet, or it’s no presents for you, nuh huh …"

Jeez, what's the point of being cute if I can't get more tub time?

They’re such a handful at that age, Scott H.



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    Ow I snorted too hard at the “santa claus”

  2. Pup’s looking at first AND third, shooting for… second? Home? The moon?

  3. “I see what your doing over there… and over there…”

  4. Katiedid – LOL!

    Rubber ducky puggie bubbles!!!

  5. Aww too cute! I wonder how he can see out of those eyes though. hehe

  6. Starts Humming Tiny Bubbles in the bath
    Make me Happy
    Make me laugh!


  7. It looks like Aunt Edna, “Hon Glaaad, fetch me a towel” “Do I hafta Auntie Ed “. Thinks: “A semi-naked, Aunt Edna, Gak”.

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’ve heard of dogs foaming at the mouth, but THIS – well, it’s just shameful! You get out of that tub this INSTANT, young man!

  9. Your personal battery operated bath cloth is ready. licking is optional.

  10. tracyFlick says:

    Rock me Amadeus!

  11. If you use baby bubble bath, which is tear free even for pets, your animals can enjoy bubbles too! My parents dog used to think bubbles were some sort of edible food and would leave the bath looking like a rabid dog.

  12. Puggies love to be clean and love a bath. My three (Poe, Baby and Daisy)really love to be clean. They get really frisky and kinda goofy and ready to play afterward too. This little baby is too sweet, love his googly, puggly eyes.

  13. I ain’t got nobo-dy, and
    No-body cares for me.

    I have a suggestion for this sassy strabismic’s name — it’s pronounced Eye-gor.

  14. LOL @ Berthaservant! And he has a brother named Fro-derick! And they WALK THIS WAY!!!

  15. Lands sakes, there’s a man in the bathtub!

  16. LOL – I’m gonna see “Young Frankenstein” on Broadway this Saturday! Can’t wait!

    His name was Abby something…

    Abby… Normal

    I lurve the wall eyes on this lil pug. Sweet!

  17. Berthaservant and Erebella:

    Put. Zuh candle. BACK!

  18. Dressed up like a million-dollar trooper,
    Tryin’ mighty hard to look like Gary Cooper-

  19. No tongues.

  20. cutie patootie.

  21. In the second pic it somehow reminds me of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

  22. A riutt iss an oogly thinkk…….AND IT’S ABOUT TIME WE HAD ONE!!!!!!

    You guys are so much fun!

  23. “Igor, help me with the bags.”
    “Fine, you take the blond, I’ll take the one in the toiban.”

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Yes, YES!! He vas my BOYFRIEND!!”

  25. Really, really love these pics and the super-cutie inside.

    I just hope they rinsed WELL. 😉

  26. You all are too kind. Stamps (this dog) will be losing his manhood tomorrow morning. Hopefully he’ll still wrestle viciously with his favorite alligator.

  27. Auwwww poor Stamps – be sure to give him lots of extra lovingks!

    My little bebe’s (standard schnauzer) personality and enthusiasm didn’t change after his change.

    Love the pics – he’s a cute little guy. 🙂

  28. “What knockers!”

    “Sank you, doctor.”

  29. “Damn your eyes!”
    *points* “Too late.”

  30. Can I move in with, like, ALL you guys?!?!?!

    “He would have an enormous schwanstuker.”
    “That goes without saying.”

  31. Hee hee!
    “I was going to make espresso!”

  32. “What happened to your hump?” “NEVER, with tails!”

  33. doggie sez:

    Let me say this as slowly and as clearly as possible:

    get me the h*ll OUT OF HERE!

  34. Awwwwww, so sweet..:-))

  35. warrior rabbit says:

    “Would you like to go for a roll in zee hay?”

    One of my favorite movies.

  36. What kinda of dog is this? He’s soooo adorable!

  37. Frau Brucher says:

    Enough with the Mel Brooks jokes!

  38. Frau Blucher!!!!????

  39. THAT was a Frau Blucher joke.

    Great gobs of giggly goo everyone is ‘on’ this morning, or whenever you wrote it.

    Yeah, they rinsed well and repeated, too, I assume.

  40. LOVING all the YF references!!!
    This pupster is SUPER DUUUUUPER cute.

  41. Stay close to the candles. The stairway can be… . treacherous.

  42. Put…the candle….back….

  43. I’m sorry, I didn’t see that aready posted until just now….

  44. @Katrina: “Ah, …well. That’s different. Um, …never mind.” [Runs out of range of pudding toss]

  45. Get me outta here!!!!!!

  46. S’allright, Katrina. I was quoting Inga, you were quoting Dr. F.

    AAAHHHHH, sweet mystery of life at last I found you!

  47. That’s right, Juno, ummm, yeaah, that’s the ticket!(Thank you!)
    No pudding, no pudding. Wouldn’t dream of it. And I thought I read the whole damn thing through, too…I’ll try to be more careful. It WAS before my nap.

  48. Totalee Puppy says:

    STAMPS–You’re the cutest!!
    Hand-wash, scamper-dry, so

  49. Totalee Puppy says:

    Ever seen those retro “Felix the Cat” black-and-white clocks that are in gift catalogs?
    The bulging eyes move from
    side to side with the ticking of the clock…


    My dog panics in the bath too, but it’s not quite as funny because her eyes go in the same direction.

  51. bahaha. that is so cute. i have a pug the same age. love her to death.