XTREME Ham Mosh Pit

[Smashing Pumpkins blasting in the background]


We got MORE SQUIRM, MORE PAWS UP, MORE ‘EHN’ THAN YOU CAN HANDLE (handle handle handle echo)





Paws up won’t SAVE YOU NOW!




F. J., Did you manage to smuggle some of them away in your purse as planned?



  1. Pearl Ostroff says:


  2. *dives in*

  3. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    It’s a ham-saw puzzle!

  4. *awaits overcrowding issues nuffer*

  5. Oh lawd! *wished she was small enough to stage dive onto moshing hams*


  7. *puts frozen burrito in hamowave.

    If you dont mind sharing your food or an odd hair it turns out ok. :9

  8. There were 50 in the bed and the little one said “roll over, roll over” so they all rolled over and 1 fell out, there were 49 in the bed and the little one said…..

    you know the song?

  9. I’m wondering if these are Robo Hams, ’cause if they are, I definitely want one. The smallest and longest living of all hammies!

    But if they aren’t, they’re still cute and I still wanna love one. X3;

  10. Umm, does this remind anyone else of the Hamster Dance fellas, circa mid-90s?


    (Also, why did we find that so funny way back when?)

  11. Totalee Puppy says:

    “Seems like these Back-to- School sales are getting
    worse every year! I hear
    you can hardly find a
    Hammie Montana 3-ring binder ANYWHERE! Then I have to face more crowds at the supermarket–just TRY to find Munchables lunch-packs with the section filled with tofu–My little hammies won’t leave home without one!!”

  12. AlbertaGirl says:

    I want to put all those hams IN MY MOUF!!!

  13. biscuithead says:

    Squee, bleen etc.

    Could someone with utterly intense Photoshop foo transform this photo into a desktop wallpaper?

    I would be most grateful if this wish were to come true for me.

  14. fURRREEEAAAL?!??? I JUST LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  15. MoonCatty says:

    Oh this pic would make the most anerable jigsaw puzzle!

    This fur pile is ‘sploading wif cute. Those hammies are striking the most awwwwwsome pozishuns!!! I wanna get hammie size, roll around and snorgle with the gang.

    Is it pics like this that get “Furries” started?

  16. FlyingRat says:

    They are definitely Robos.

    And as far as overcrowding is concerned, I imagine that as long as these little guys have enough extra space to run and exercise in, they could all live just fine in a big happy ham-pile like this (Robos are very social.) Hopefully they are all boys or all girls so the pile doesn’t get too much bigger…

  17. Er, not to ruin this photo at all, but I once had this type of hamster and about this many together like this. They all killed one another and ate one another so quickly and until there was just one left… I hope these guys were separated after this photo was taken.

  18. So many cute hammies I can’t pick a favourite! I wants dem alls!!! *puts on bathing cap, pinches nose, and dive dive dives!*

  19. E, I don’t know what your personal experiences with hammies are, so I’m not going to judge you one way or the other. All I know is (in my limited hamsperience) is that hammies live like this in pet shops until people come to take one home. If they were prone to kill one another, I’m sure pet store owners wouldn’t keep them like that. On the other hand, I could be completely bat-poop insane and not know a lick about anything ham-related, so take me with a grain of salt. Alls I know is, Robos are awesomely soft and I wish I owned one.

  20. Hey, why isn’t “Tailio” in the C.O. Glossary?

    Should I make a motion or something? OK here goes…

    Honnerable Teho and fellow cuteologists, I hearby move that the term “tailio” be added to the Glossary of teh Qte.

    Does anyone second that emotion?

  21. (the original) Mel says:

    That is rather a large collection of rodents. Something deep within my female psyche recalls Ben and shudders. Then the Inner Cutologist takes over and squees.


  23. So much Ham – can’t breaph – too cute…

  24. One is good and fine to own. This many and keeping them together, not so much..

  25. It’s a ham sandwich!

  26. Stephanie says:

    Where’s the mechanical claw and the coin slot so I can fish one out?

  27. I’ll take two scoops!

  28. Aesthetica says:

    i would love to body surf on these guys but they would get squooshed. supercute, though. i was eyeing the hams at petco recently but finally found some control. two cats and a fishtank is enough for me.

  29. Meg — early 80s Frito commercial reference FTW!!!

  30. ::headspin::


  31. *incoherant squeals of glee* I want!

  32. “Come on Charlie, squeeze in, you can do it, Yay! we’ve gotten us the World record” Whoot! Whoot!

  33. I love the jigsaw puzzle idea! That would so rule.

  34. I want to HamSurf the crowd!

  35. I hate to rain on the cuteness parade, but unless the hamsters were like this for a short duration, crowding them like that is ANIMAL ABUSE.
    Whether or not they live like that in pet shops is irrelevant. An animal will live in whatever hellish environment you put them in–they have no choice. That level or overcrowding torments them. I hope they were kept like that only for the photo and have non-abusive housing????Yes?????

  36. It looks like the have a larger cage, they just crowded together in the corner. I think hams tend to do that.

  37. Notice the sawdust to the side. For whatever reason they pile together—This is THEIR choice in the pet stores I’ve visited.

  38. cheesybird says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Hammy pile!!

    Kelly, before crying “abuse” read Meg’s comment three up from yours.

    Meg, durned you, now I’m craving Fritos.

  39. I swear there´s a tabby and white *kitteh* hidden in there somewhere too! LOL

  40. Awwww *snugglepuffs*

  41. Weeeeeeeheeeee Robos! Pile-O-Cuteness!

    Unlike Syrian Hammies, Robos like to live in groups. But it would be very wise to separate males and females.

  42. “I just want to get there faster”
    (one, two, three, four…)

  43. snorglepup says:

    Thanks for the earwig, Meg!
    With ear-extensions the could pass for baby buns.
    Mmmm, munch a bunch. Nom, nom,nom…

  44. snorglepup says:

    I mean, worm. Earworm.
    Must be thinking about bugs again.

  45. Um, hello, it’s 8:15 am on the east coast, I’m sitting at my desk, and my head is about to explode! I may have to call it a day…does anyone really expect me to work after that? C’mon!

  46. Holy monkeys, that is a freakin’ lot of ham! Can you imagine the softy floofitude? Ahhhhh…

    @Meg: Well, I would think “tailio” is not in the glossary because it’s fairly obvy was it means. Ear, right?

  47. Er, “what”, not “was”. Have not had me mornin’ cuppa yet.

  48. Meg — this wasn’t you in the “related” videos, circa 1975, was it?

  49. Fuzzy Wuzzy and Warm….

    I want a hammie pile :{

  50. Mmmmm, Fritos! I’m gonna have to go get some for lunch now!!!!

    Snorglepup, I am SO glad you caught yourself with the earworm/wig thing. EWWWWW!

    That’s a LOT of hamsters.

  51. Somebody tell me how many!?! Quick!

  52. darkshines says:

    I wanna just shove my face in there and feel them all squirm against my skin.

  53. Oh schnap. I will take four tnak you.

  54. HAM sammiches indeed. The little tiny pawlets – they hurt me they are so cute.

  55. Monica – yes, I know the song. I sing it for my dogs and my grandchildren and they all think I’m nuts! Sqeeeee in high-pitched voice when the little one says, “roll ovah, roll ovah.” Very cuddly hamtribbles.

  56. i counted 21

  57. Get the rights to the picture, make it a puzzle and sell it to us, Meg!

  58. Beth (in NC) says:

    I am so thankful for the COXCs of the paws-up back sleepers. I was all “SQUEE ZOMGSsss I want to see that closer” and then BAM.

  59. Beth (in NC) says:

    PS- Are Siberian Dwarfs and Robo hams the same? Cause if so, I loved mine. 😀 Yay!

  60. Stephanie says:

    You know what would be a dream come true? If those ball pits that you played in as a kid were filled with hammies instead of balls. I would never get out!

  61. It’s like the were all slam dancing and then got really tired suddenly and fell asleep.

  62. I’ve been blessed with lots of wonderful dwarf hamsters over the past decade, and I just love playing with them. So impossibly silky soft, so cute, so winsome. Sticking your hand into the pile of these hammies is going to be fur overload! Imagine letting all of them crawl and slide all over you. I love it when my hammie sits on my shoulder and snuggles into my neck – so soft and warm. Even their feet are furry!

  63. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Cute, but I’d hate to clean out THAT cage!

    Not to mention Hams are li’l nippers! At least they are to me! 😦

  64. Hamtographer says:

    *waves her hands* Hey, I’m the person that submitted this photo, and I just want to put to rest the overcrowding concern. The actual cage they were in was huge, but empty. All of the little Robo’s (yes, they are tiny little robo hams X3) had smooshed themselves together in this one corner on their own.

  65. That really is a cuteness overload!

    (Oh, and Vicki, you are right about them being Roborovski’s and thank you for visiting my site!)

    Please go to my site, http://roborovskihamsters.webs.com/ for all the info you’ll need about Roborovski hamsters!

  66. OK, my head explodes when my boyfriend’s three gerbils do that. What am I supposed to do now? (Other than wish that my lap was where they were having their sleep pile)

  67. genevieve says:

    This looks like a jigsaw puzzle I had in the ’70s – only it was kittens. sweet!

  68. Kittoons? KITTOONS? Pleez, SEND IT TEW MII!

  69. darkshines says:

    I think I count 23…..

  70. Brak_Silverbone says:

    This kind of reminds me of what happens when you drop a box of chocolates on the ground, and then pick it up and open the lid and all the chocolates have shifted position inside the box. Except cuter and furrier and it’s got little pink paws and noses.

  71. I think hamsters pile together to keep warm. I had two dwarf hamsters in one cage, and they used to huddle together. Soft, warm little balls of fur.

  72. :: backing away slowly from the computer ::

    oh…my…god…MEG KNOWS I EXIST!!! MEG SPOKE TO ME!!!!

    This is the bestest August 11 ever!!!!

  73. Robos are not the same as Siberian dwarvies – they are smaller (and IMO cuter!) and very VERY VERY very shy. They dash and run and freak out at pretty much ANYTHING – and piles like this happen usually when they see a human hand appear they PILE UP INTO THE CORNER AND RUN FOR DEAR LIFE EEEEEEEE even if it’s someone who’s taken care of them for years and washed out their pee pee and fed them organic hamster food. Sigh. Their cuteness definitely makes up for their unrelenting fear of you tho XD

  74. Awwww…Robopile! Who can resist those sweet widdle faces?? Yue is right–they’re extremely shy. I had one (RIP Sparxie)that was scared of her own shadow, but her sister broke the mold and actually climbs on my hand.

  75. I’ve heard tell of people being able to snuggle with their robos, but mine still run away from me. However, they have made enough daring escape attempts by now that they’ve started to recognize my hand as a way to escape from the Giant Evil Cat rather than AAAAH HUGE SCARY THING AAAH. They don’t struggle so much anymore. Although one did spray me with his rather fragrant urine the other day.

    Ah, hams.

  76. “(Oh, and Vicki, you are right about them being Roborovski’s and thank you for visiting my site!)”


    Oh no problem. Yours was the first Robo site I visited after my very first encounter with Robos at a pet store. I had to know what the name meant. I thought they were tiny cyborgs or something. X3;;

    BTW, Tic and Tac are absolutely adorable and they need to be featured here at CO. *nods knowingly*

  77. eikoleigh says:


  78. Totalee Puppy says:

    STEPHANIE–LOL mechanical claw and coin slot!!

  79. Daphne Moss says:

    They all look so happy and clean and nommable!

  80. Stephanie says:

    Totalee- quick, I’ll get my roll of quarters!