Blood-Thirsty Hounds Appreciate Cuteness Too

UK’s Mail Online is reporting a pack of blood-thirsty hounds decided to spare the life of Mr. FawnPants here. In fact, the fawn, known as "Bam Bam" trots along happily with the 60-dog pack and huntsman on their daily walk.


The fawn fits in perfectly as he is the same size as the hounds, and seems to enjoy hanging out with the pack, much to the complete surprise of onlookers!


Apparently, Bam Bam’s Momma abandonned him right near the huntsman’s house, most likely scared off by the dogs. Since then, Bam Bam has received his daily milk and seems quite content.


Bam Bam will be rehomed in a deer sanctuary next year. More pics and more on this story here.



  1. Haha, cute. Though slightly ironic. 😛

    I bet McFawnersons enjoys having such a huge “herd” with him!

  2. lucky BaAm Bam…

  3. aw, cute. well, sure, foxhounds. now scottish deeeeeeerhounds, hmmmm.

  4. He’s like a cool exchange student that gets along with everybody in the Senior class, yet somehow stands out as a little special.

  5. I wonder how such a cute little deer managed to get the name Bam Bam.

  6. Once again, animals surprise us. Go Bam Bam!

  7. Do these dogs actually participate in hunts, then? I’m British myself, but have lived abroad for years, so I can’t quite remember what the laws on hunting there are these days. (Naturally, I hope it’s all illegal; it’s nothing but a bunch of toffs trotting around to feel mighty anyway.)

  8. Photoshopped images.

  9. scooterpants says:

    oh yah. but theres no END to “smeelin that a**”
    dang doggies anyways!
    bah hahahahahahah! very cute!

  10. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    (singing) “One of these things is not like the others/One of these things does not belong…”

  11. Deer? No, I don’t see no deer here. Nothing but us dogs. Yup, just a big ol’ pack of non-deerlike dogs.

  12. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    yeah I thought it looked photoshopped too for some reason. Something just doesn’t look “right” with the pics.

  13. I’ll tell you what doesn’t look right: it’s a FAWN

  14. I don’t think the images are photoshopped. You can see the little deersie’s shadow.

    I just hope it doesn’t become so fearless of dogs as to be in danger when it grows up. Not all dogs are going to be as nice as these ones!

  15. I know more about American foxhunting, but British isn’t too different. The dogs do participate in the hunts. Typically (again, in American foxhunting), the riders follow the huntsman and the master who ride nearest the pack of dogs, and the pack follows the fox. I believe the main difference between American and British foxhunting is that in American, the fox is never killed on purpose, and in British it may be (but isn’t always).

    That said, I can believe the fawn hanging out with the hounds–they aren’t stupid dogs, and know the difference between prey and not prey. Plus, at least in the US, foxhounds are bred NOT to hunt deer, and it’s considered a serious fault if they do go after deer.

  16. That’s utterly adorable. They seem to get along better than my cat and dog do.

  17. Does the deer smell of scooby snacks or something?

  18. I was basically gonna say what Maggie said. Hunting dogs typically don’t kill the prey; they just give chase. I’ve heard several stories of dogs hunting deer, and they chase the thing down until it’s too tired to keep running, at which point the dog just kinda stands there like, “uh… hm.”

    So I’m sure they know it’s a fawn, they just don’t seem to care. The more the merrier, right?

  19. I dunno. In that last pic, the dogs seem to have awakened to the food possibilities in their “pal.” LOL

  20. What a great life for those dogs. What beautiful, healthy, happy puppies. They have the life.

    The deer is cute too. 🙂

  21. GAHHH!!! TOO MUCH QTE!!!

  22. Goggies say “Well Dear, you look a bit odd but as your Mum’s pissed off, you mights as well stay with us.Dinner at Six and don’t worry, it wont be you”.

  23. Sian, hunting live quarry with more than two dogs is illegal in the UK now. The hunts are allowed to go after fake scents, but actually pursuing foxes/deer with a pack deliberately is a big no-no.

    As for the pictures…squeeeeee!

  24. I remember a doc a few years ago where they still chase live prey, but in this case it’s a couple of guys who try to outrun the hounds.

    When caught, they apparently get the licking of a lifetime.

  25. Awww, that is adorable! And it doesn´t seem scared of the pack of doggies! Bless.

    Sadly, those doggies will later go out and kill some poor fox – even though hunting is now illegal in the UK, the “traditionalist” still continue with it in defiance of the new laws saying it´s their bloomin *heritage* etc. blah.

    I say, move on, this is the 21st century and we have *evolved* to be *better* humans by now. Or am I just dreaming?! :O

  26. Bambi 😀

  27. Neat! In the one picture the dog’s like…Well, if your ears didn’t stand up so much, you could be just like us…

  28. ThreeCatNight says:

    My friend just emailed me this story this a.m. from the UK newspaper. Hoping that BamBam will be left to live out his life when he’s released. Now if only we could get his “humans” to stop hunting those poor foxes; what irony!

  29. Crueltyfree says:

    Yeah, cute fawn…..BUT what an oxymoron…they save one animal and kill/hunt another precious animals.
    I couldn’t get excited about this rescue because as soon as I saw him and his hunting dogs, I knew that he is a hunter. Nothing against his dogs but against HIM and his mentality.

  30. MAN is in the forest!!!

  31. My fawn spots bring all the hounds to the yard.

    Wait, what?

  32. Daphne Moss says:

    LOL@Theo…makes more sense than the real song, idn’t it?


  33. Don’t feel too sorry for Foxes. If they get into a chicken house,they often kill every one and only take one, for food.

  34. Yes heavens forbid a fox should have a natural instinct for survival. They should go down to the local supermarket shouldn’t they!

    Nothing pleasant or cute about fox hunting at all. No matter how many “cute” baby animals you put in the picture.

  35. Jill: If your sarcasm was aimed at me, you missed by a mile.

  36. Yeah, I agree… Photoshop. The first two DEFINITELY look like the fawn images have been superimposed. The third pic looks a little more legit, but still, I dunno…

    (And Meaghan, you can add shadows with photo editing software.)

  37. the sad part about these photos is that the mother probably didn’t abandon the fawn. when a mother and baby deer get scared (for example like from a huge pack of dogs) the baby will curl up on the ground to try and blend in and not be seen, the fawn has spots for this reason. the mother will then take off, but when the danger has cleared the mother will come back for the fawn. however if the fawn has been touched by people and smells like them, the mother will never come back because it recognizes its child by scent. so its most likely the mother never came back because these people were trying to help, when really they probably made the little one an orphan.