Two-faced Kitteh Caturday

Only on a Caturday could we post this.

Apparently, a two-faced kitteh was born in Ohio to a Mom cat who likes hanging out in her litter. [Throws hands up in the air]

Justin C., the kitten meows in unison too—love it!



  1. Looks like the mom is still happy to care for it, she seemed affectionate.

  2. Oh snap, my first first post. Or however you’re supposed to phrase that.

  3. aww bless it.

  4. Hmmm…cute, but weird. I wonder if it will survive and grow okay. Mom does seem to care about it at least, so that’s good.

  5. tanneken says:

    I know this isn’t terribly uncommon in cats, but I’ve never seen a live kitten in this condition. I’ve only seen them still born or that died shortly after birth. I hope it isn’t suffering.

  6. How…um…cute?

  7. ashagato says:

    ohh poor baby! momma is so sweet, you can tell she loves the kit…

    hugs & prayers for the little babette XOXO

  8. yankeebird says:

    I had to stop at about 10 seconds in. That definitely falls under the “sad” of “cute or sad”.

    And according to the actual YouTube page, sweet baby kitty died Wednesday evening. Rest sweet, beautiful little baby.

  9. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    The kitty doesn’t carry a lucky coin with scratch marks on one side, does it?

  10. Poor kitty :0(

  11. Paunchie says:

    Wow. I sort of with they’d take this one down. Makes me sad.

  12. Charles J T says:
  13. 😦

  14. I’m glad him Mamma didn’t reject him. Good Mamma!

    My dear departed Duster used to sleep in her litterbox. I never managed to break her of it.

  15. Maybe the kitteh meows in unison because it has jsut one brain.
    Of course, its left front paw and right front paw (for example) don’t move in unison, and the pne brain controls them, so I could be wrong.
    I hope it will have a happy little life as a pet and not be treated like some sideshow freak.

  16. Yeah this made me cry a little bit. Not that I don’t appreciate the effort, but I kinda hope this one comes down.

  17. zuchinno says:

    They died…:(

  18. Valerie Owens says:

    This is sad. I wish they would take it down. Not cute at all. It made me cry.

  19. um, this may be my first nuff, but very unhappy, mercifully speedy outcome on this one makes it definitely sadder than cute. 😦

  20. Kitty eated a nuklear?

  21. Purple Phoenix says:

    This kind of makes me sad. Animals with this kind of deform normally don’t live that long because there is more underlaying things wrong with them. 😦

  22. Since the kitten(s) died, would you please remove the post? There’s nothing cute about dead kittens (or even malformed ones, IMO).

  23. JulieRaven says:

    Sorry to kill everyone’s mood, but this kitty died the day after it was born =(

    But apparently it would have been fine had it not, because mommy loved it and nursed.

  24. mom2twinzz says:

    Weirdly enough that is the second one in Ohio in the last two years. The last one was born in July 2006.

    It disappeared after it was on the news for a few days here near Columbus, OH. Northwood is in NW Ohio near Toledo.

    Sad to hear this one did not fare any better than the last one.

  25. industrial pollution is to blame, birth deformities have skyrocketed as the earth has become more polluted

  26. Please review every post on CuteOverload and delete every one in which the animals are now dead. It’s only sensible, because things that are dead could not have been cute at one time.

    [I realize this is satire. Most won’t, though… – Ed.]

  27. i come to cuteoverload for (obviously) cute material. this was exceptionally depressing. a little more discretion next time please?

    [We are what we bring with us… – Ed.]

  28. Kitteh’s “…In the arms of the Angels” All is ok now.

  29. Kittens born with deformities can still be cute, but it’s also a downer when you know that they’ve died. I don’t care what the news story said, most kittens born with a deformity like this die soon after birth if they’re born live at all.

    [Every living thing dies. Nobody dies in *this* video, though. – Ed.]

  30. Paunchie says:

    you know most animals know not to sh*t where they sleep, maybe Mama’s a little, er, challenged herself.

  31. Paunchie says:

    I wants ponies now, pleeze…

  32. Whoa, weird… I am currently read a book on conjoined twins – the ways in which the mutation occurs, the different ways they are joined, the myriad of problems and successes they can have. One thing that the author – who is part scientist and part philosopher – stresses is that these twins, be they human or animal, are not DEFORMED. They are DIFFERENTLY FORMED. If you believe in God and the whole ineffability thing, then these are not mutants or monsters or mistakes but just a demonstration of the vast variety of life that God can create. And, as a creation of God, they are beautiful.

    I wonder if they purred in unison, too. That would have been awesome.

    On another note, if these kittens are gross – did you know that each one of us carries the sum of the “bad genes” of all past generations? 3 in 4 gene sequences are ultimately detrimental to us as a species so the human race is destined to degrade into such “disgusting mutants” as these kittens.

  33. Lisa Kate says:

    This post actually made my 26 year old manly man fiance cry…and me too :o( it was cute, but its sad to know that they aren’t here anymore.

  34. I get that you like to mess with CO viewers, but this is a bit much you guys. :/

  35. Michelle says:

    Sweet lil kitteh.

    *kisses both foreheads gently*

  36. Lizzy wrote “One thing that the author – who is part scientist and part philosopher – stresses is that these twins, be they human or animal, are not DEFORMED. They are DIFFERENTLY FORMED. If you believe in God and the whole ineffability thing, then these are not mutants or monsters or mistakes but just a demonstration of the vast variety of life that God can create. And, as a creation of God, they are beautiful.”

    Yeah — what could be more beautiful than a calf born with 8 legs, or a hydrocephalic baby? I’m sure that the gods are lining up to take credit for such “creations”. And as for our gene sequences passing on exponentially “detrimental” genetic material — it’s a good thing you’re not a geneticist, hon. Our species couldn’t have evolved over the past 7,000 or so generations the way we did if that were true.

  37. freya_kahlo says:

    Oh, that’s kind of sad because those animals never live long and you wonder if their insides are messed up too. I’m in favor of putting them down gently.

  38. freya_kahlo says:

    oh, just read update… that’s for the best. Poor kitteh!

  39. 8-legged calves, hydrocephalic babies, and conjoined twins deserve love, too, not revulsion. I’m not saying it isn’t sad for those around them – dealing with people/animals who have genetic mutations is hard physically and emotionally. My grandmother had 6 sons before giving birth to her one and only daughter, who sadly was born with Downs’ Syndrome. Did she reject her daughter, think she was a freak or a mutant? No, the little girl was loved and accepted by her family who dealt with her disability as best they could.

    Karen, are YOU a geneticist? Most genetic mutations are so minor that their effects cannot be seen for hundreds of thousands of generations. The very first humans (who eventually became homo sapiens) were highly muscled, thick-boned, and small-brained. Today we are more poorly-muscled, thinner-boned, and bigger-brained. That took several hundred thousand generations. Who’s to say that in several hundred thousand MORE generations we will not be scantly-muscled, fragile-boned, huge-brained weaklings that have survived only because we have the ability to change our environments to suit our needs and invent devices to assist us? Or whose to say that in just a few years the machines that our huge brains have created will not choke us to death on our own smog? Maybe we should have stayed Neanderthals.

  40. elledoubleu says:

    Kp: “i come to cuteoverload for (obviously) cute material. this was exceptionally depressing. a little more discretion next time please?”

    KP: It’s not like you’re paying for services of cuteness, and the owners of the blog can post whatever they like. The word discretion IS key — it is up to MEG’S discretion, not yours, as to what she finds interesting and wants to post. If you don’t like it… don’t come. If everyone just wants what they personally finds cute… the puppeh people who don’t like kittehs would outlaw kittehs, and vice versa, big dog people (like me) would outlaw chihuahuas and toy poodles, people afraid of rodents would outlaw a buncha the pocket pets… and… well, I don’t think anyone would outlaw panda bears. It would be panda overload.

  41. cubbybutt says:

    which one is the eating mouth?

  42. Oh, and no, I’m not a geneticist. I’m an artist. But before I decided on that path I also studied psychology, veterinary medicine, biology, genetics, forensics, physics, astronomy, zoology (orinthology, a little mammology), Muppets, sociology, and comparative religion. I’m 22 years old.

  43. elle doubleu says:

    It only had one mouth, according to the youtube info. The left side has a mouth, the right, just the little division down from the nose, no mouth, if you look.

  44. elle doubleu says:

    Er, left on the screen, not the kitteh’s left, now that I think about it! 🙂

  45. tubbysnuggles says:

    omg please don’t post stuff like this in the future. this made me cry (and not in a good way). oh my god.

  46. poor darling kitteh. what are the chances of it having a sort of normal life? is it in pain somehow? anyone knows?

  47. Lizzy: I think what Karen ment to say was that it’s hard for some of us to believe that babies born without brains or with other fatal/severe conditions is an act of a good and allmighty God. Of course all humans should be treated the same, that does not mean seeing these things as a blessing.
    And as a geneticist: Yes, we all carry genes that could give diseases etc in our selves or in our offspring, but their activation could be dependent on environmental interaction,or they might not be compatible with life, which probably was the case here. Our genepool is luckily quite diverse, and is probably getting more diverse with globalisation.

  48. I read an article about this kitten on the BBC. It died after 6 days.

    Tragic, not cute.

  49. Lizzy-
    If you actually have studied genetics like you say, you obviously did not pay attention in class. Everything you said in your last paragraph is complete bunk, and I hope no one takes it as fact.

  50. The “owners” of the cat and her newborn kittens were so creepy that I had to stop watching. I enjoy your website, but feel that it was a mistake to publish this posting. Sad, not cute.

  51. I really don’t think this belongs on cute overload. This is tragic and sad.

    the first time I’ve been bothered by a post on CO.

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    People, nature is sometimes cruel. Despite its eventual death, which was probably inevitable and merciful, the Janus kitty is cute and sweet. Moreover, she was loved by her mommy and her humans, even if those who only want to see whole, perfect beings cannot seem to tolerate her presence.

  53. BenPanced says:

    Yeah, count me in on the “sad, not cute” vote.

  54. I’m sorry Meg but I have to agree this was just too sad. As soon as I saw it my heart broke. It was a beautiful little baby (babies?) kitteh but we all know these cruelties in nature occur & these little angels don’t usually live, without having to be reminded of such things. This was really depressing. I battle every day with a Major Depressive Disorder & I can usually rely on CO to put a big smile on my face every day & leave me feeling a bit better! Not today. God Bless the little one, it is now at The Rainbow Bridge.

  55. Lizzy — So now you’re conflating being “differently formed” and “beautiful” with “worthy of love”, eh? Who said anything about a deformed *anything* being unworthy of love? The two are unrelated. People have the capacity to love any number of things, despite their health or appearance. Being loved or unloved, lovable or unlovable has nothing to do with the physical reality of being deformed. And yes: DEformed. People with Down Syndrome have a deformation of their 21st chromosome. Thankfully, organisms have a tendency to be self-correcting since deformed copies are unlikely to survive and/or reproduce. And that is why we’re not going to “degrade into such ‘disgusting mutants'”.

    “Maybe we should have stayed Neanderthals.” We NEVER WERE Neanderthals; they were a separate species. And their brains were larger than ours are.

  56. Aesthetica says:

    commentroversy, yay!

    I’ll go get a large soda and pop some popcorn. someone open the pack of twizzlers.

  57. Industrial pollution at work here. Birth defects have skyrocketed as industrial pollution has increased. This is a sad sign of big business and governments’ greed, corruption and stupidity.

  58. I have looked after anencephalic babies and babies with severe hydrocephalus and other major deformities. Are these children beautiful by society’s standards? Maybe not but each is beautiful in their own way. The challenge is to look for the beauty in each situation. Sometimes the beauty is in the compassionate way people offer palliative care. In this case : look how the mom accepted this baby. I think this is totally appropriate for cute overload – which is afterall a site for people who love animals – even ones like this kitten.

  59. I find it odd that people are asking Meg to take it down. Yes, it is different and yes, it did subsequently die but it’s not any less beautiful. Its owner loves it, its mother loves it. Who are you guys to call this sad or revolting? Have yall never seen a child with Down’s syndrome? Yes, they are different, but they are beautiful. So sorry this offends you perfect people.

  60. Sad. And one wonders how much sensitivity the people heard in the video have to the potential suffering and distress of the mother and kitten.

    This post should be moved from CO to FO (“”).

    [I’d tell you to go ahead & do it yourself, you know, show a little initiative, but it looks like some domain squatter already claimed that URL… – Ed.]

  61. you guys at CO a little “editorial eye” as the divine Tim Gunn would say.

    Many of us are bummed out now.

  62. I think classifying this under “Cute or Sad?” is why this is turning into such a controversy because it’s definitely not cute. It’s very much a sad thing that the kit was born in such a way but it’s not so sad that it’s wrong for this to have been posted. Nature can be quite cruel sometimes and though the kit’s condition was not cute, the kit looked very sweet and was loved and I think being able to see that is a nice thing. The moment where the mama kitty nuzzles the baby is heartwarming.

    RIP little kitteh.

  63. tigerbunny says:

    So, I followed the meowing in unison link. On little sidebar at youtube, at the top of the list of ‘related’ videos, was a very sweet one of an adult cat with two faces. They don’t all end in sadness:

  64. Why can’t we appreciate how cute it was for its short existence? I think it’s what the kitty would have liked..

  65. If anybody is curious about the technical side, this condition is called diprosopus. It’s caused by too much of the Sonic Hedgehog protein.

    Anyway, on the emotional side – I don’t think “cute or sad?” is the right way to pose it. This is both “cute and sad” or “cute but sad”. And I would argue that it’s LESS sad than people deliberately breeding deformed animals like Persians, Pekingese, Twisty Cats, etc.

  66. Pearl Ostroff says:


    Thanks for posting that video. The cat was lovely and obviously loved.

  67. Despite what some are saying, I think s/he was cute. It’s sad s/he didn’t make it, but definitely cute!

    I guess some people might think extra toes on a cat isn’t cute either.

  68. Here a baby what made it to a big, snuggly lovie kitteh. Bless the ‘unlovely’ and them dat love them.

  69. Like an odd exotic creature on display inside a Zoo,
    I saw children asking questions made me ask some questions too,
    Should we thank the laws of nature, should a Lion love a Lamb,
    Can we see beyond this Circus, who will love me as I am?

    from the Musical Sideshow.

  70. “I really don’t think this belongs on cute overload. This is tragic and sad.

    the first time I’ve been bothered by a post on CO.”

    Agreed here too… I don’t come here to see tragic, depressing content, and that’s not what CO should display on the front page.

  71. scooterpants says:

    hmmm. well then ,what “page” should it be displayed on?
    cute is in the eye of the beholder.
    it tis what it tis. and so is life.

  72. “How’s the enna the world comin’ along?”
    “It’ll happen today. I’ve seen signs. National Examiner reported a two-headed cat born in Queens. Today for certain.”

    Very depressing little kitten. 😦

  73. VERY upsetting picture – i couldn’t watch the video. this kind of malformation happens in most mammals – certainly in humans. it’s a kind of “siamese” (conjoined) twinning. there are inevitably serious consequences, usually fatal before birth. no way could i watch that. . . what a downer. i agree with the posters – i come to CO to get AWAY from unchangeable, sad realities such as that. i am sure meg meant no ill but oh my god, i have to go cry now.

  74. Very sad. Still, I think Cy (the cyclops kitten) was even sadder.

  75. Yep — commentroversy!

    I agree – disfigured animals that die young aren’t cute to me.

    Unlike previous controversies at CO, this isn’t a “moral” overreaction with a judgmental, holier-than-thou approach [IE – Cats ‘n; Racks, ‘sup, bitches’, etc]

    I think many of us feel overwhelming sadness and and helpless heartbreak when we see the suffering of animals.

    Just one lesbian’s opine!

  76. Is it too soon to tell the one about the dog with no nose?

  77. Srsly, though, over the eyars I’ve had my share of disabled and birth-defected cats, including one baby with twisted paws who couldn’t walk and didn’t live long. They were all not only cute, but beautiful, sweet creatures.

  78. Karen–actually, scientists are thinking more and more that neanderthals “disappeared” because they were absorbed into the human race through interbreeding.

  79. That kitten is CUTE. And it would NOT be the first kitten with two faces to survive and be just fine with a little extra medical attention. The overwhelmingly negative reaction here is incredibly disheartening. God, what do you think when you see people with obvious physical deformities?

  80. Catherine says:

    I think it’s cute, and of course a little sad. But, as others have noted, beloved by its mother and its humans during its short life.

    As for suffering; I saw no evidence that it did.

    Xenobiologista, thanks for the Wiki link. So interesting! (kcd, you should check it out: I was suprised to discover that it’s *not* actually a case of incomplete/conjoined twinning).

  81. Catherine says:

    I think it’s cute, and of course a little sad. But, as others have noted, beloved by its mother and its humans during its short life.

    As for suffering; I saw no evidence that it did.

    Xenobiologista, thanks for the Wiki link. So interesting! (kcd, you should check it out: I was suprised to discover that it’s *not* actually a case of incomplete/conjoined twinning).

  82. The baby kitty is sad. But the momma kitty hanging out in the litter box is ADORABLE!! (Though a teeny bit gross.) Did you see how she responded when baby was brought close to her. Awwwwwww. So much love.

  83. Take it down. This isn’t “cute,” it’s disturbing, because the site is promoting the exploitation of suffering instead of promoting responsible vet care for animals. Kittens don’t die after a day unless they are suffering, your video “diagnoses” to the contrary. The responsible thing would have been for the owners to take the kitten to a vet and let the vet make the call–which would likely have resulted in a quick, painless death instead of a lingering, day-long death. There are many instances on Cute Overload of people anthropomorphizing animals and characterizing distress behavior as “cute,” and it’s making me rethink my visits. To the people who found this “cute”: caring about animals means more than talking lol-speak to them. Sometimes it means doing the difficult thing.

    [So, your solution would be to kill it. Does that remind you of anyone? – Ed.]

  84. It’s just kind sad. It’s not going to live very long.

  85. This is not cute. This is a birth defect and a deformity. This kitten might not have much of a chance of survival. This is sad, not cute.

  86. Kate — being a biologist, I’m quite familiar with the competing theories for what became of Neanderthals. That’s quite different from what Lizzie claimed — that H. sapiens *came from* Neanderthals. This is simply not the case. We shared a common ancestor, about 500,000 years ago, and that there may have been some interbreeding as recently as 200,000 years ago, but recent tests on Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA proves pretty conclusively that H. neanderthalensis is long gone, and H. sapiens today have none of their genetic material.

  87. Very, very sweet, but definitely sad. Although, would we all be as bummed (and some, judgemental) if the kitty was still alive and thriving?

    The little baby was very cute, and it’s mama obviously loved it. Plus, the owner was extremely sweet and gentle with the baby.

    People, this isn’t our site and we don’t get to decide what’s posted and what isn’t. If I got to decide, you’d be treated to eleventy-million pics and videos of my dog. If you don’t like what’s posted, just wait a bit. Something more to your liking will be along shortly.

  88. My family has foster cared for rabbits since I was five. I would like to share three stories of beautiful animals who have touched our lives.
    Abby came to us with a litter of babies, and the smallest of them all we named Boots. Boots was always the last to get milk, and she probably had some other things wrong with her body. One morning, Boots wasn’t there anymore. All her sisters and brothers lived, and were adopted.
    Penny had been Easter trash-adopted for a child, and neglected for years. Her cage was never cleaned. She was never let out for exercise. Penny should never have been given to a foster family in her unstable condition, but she was. She spent her last days in the vet’s.
    Blizzard. Blizzard was a tiny Himalayan with a gimp leg. She couldn’t see very well and her left hind leg dragged along the ground. Blizzard lived. Blizzard lived!

  89. Yitzysmommie says:

    I think the kitten is cute. Its deformity is sad, and I’m sad that it died, but I’m not offended or horrified or anything else.
    Meg sometimes enjoys commentroversy, and posting this prosh little bebeh was an almost certain commentroversy sparker. As this is her blog folks, love it or leave it.

  90. Yitzysmommie says:

    PS, I’m wif Michelle, above: “kisses both foreheads gently”.

  91. I’m glad this was posted. I saw it on CNN before I saw it here. Not everything cute on this planet is perfect. I think this little kitteh was adorable and though it’s not with us anymore, I would like to hope that seeing the video would teach everyone a lesson in acceptance. It certainly shows the strong bond between a mother and her offspring, she cared for it as though nothing was wrong with it.

    I saw postings on another site I frequent about a “faceless” cat that was injured in an accident as a kitten. It now is full grown, but it is missing I think it’s nose and eyelids and while it’s pretty freaky looking, it’s not in any pain, and its owners take great care in making sure that the animal is not suffering. The best part of this story is the cat is now being used as a therapy cat for *humans* who have been similarly injured and are now deformed.

    Face it, the world is full of abnormalities and bad things sometimes happen to good/cute people/animals. Being open-minded and optimistic is far more constructive than being judgmental and offended.

    I’ve been reading this website for a few months now but this is pretty much the first time I’ve commented because these self-righteous comments quite frankly disgusted me. Next time I hope to have a happier comment! I love this site!

  92. elledoubleu: there’s no need to be so defensive in response to my post. it’s not like i was asking for my money back, i was giving feedback. it was sad to me, even before i knew that the kitten(s) died. it is up to meg’s discretion, my opinion was that it was in poor taste.

  93. So by the rationale of several commenters here, something that is deformed can’t be cute and must needs be depressing. So my friend’s adorable adopted child from China who was born with severe bladder exstrophy and spina bifida is hideous and depressing. I’ll be sure to point that out to the mobs of people who swarm around them in public to ooh and ahh over his cuteness.

    I felt sad about that sweet, sweet deformed kitten, but I knew it would be going straight to heaven in a short time, and it made me appreciate wee kitteh construction all the more.

  94. kittenclaw says:

    cried for kittehs

  95. When I saw this online, I couldn’t look. I knew the tiny baby wasn’t long for this world. I think it’s really all just sad, even though I know it happens fairly often. Poor tiny kitteh.

  96. Dogbreath says:

    Saw the pic, read the caption, I know it’s not my cup of tea, I choose not to watch the video. Cute or sad? Cute and sad? Cute but sad? Not cute? Don’t know, don’t need to know, don’t need to have an opinion on everything.

    I love CO. I love knowing I can visit here every single day and always find something to make me smile, laugh, or just lighten up a little. CO is what it is because of Meg and I love what it is, so I’ll just skip the two-faced kittens as they come along from time to time and continue to enjoy and love and feel grateful for the rest of it, and grateful for Meg because she keeps doing it and thus CO is here and that is a wonderful thing, two-faced kittens and all.

    Thank you Meg!!!

  97. You know, I’ve been somewhat impressed that, this time, even the nuffers have shown admirable restraint. There’s been none of the name-calling and blatant condecension that’s been prevalent in some of Meg’s previous commentroversy-worthy posts. I think most of us feel the same thing, just some express themselves a bit more strongly.

  98. I don’t have a problem so much with the cute-or-sad debate, or the fact that people are trying to compare human babies with birth defects to animals with birth defects to make a point.

    What I have a problem with are the people going on and on about how the kitten is “in heaven”.

    Unless you are a child, if you believe in Heaven/Christianity, you should know by now that animals? Like, our pets and stuff? Don’t go to Heaven. I mean, really.

    All dogs DON’T go to Heaven, there is no “Rainbow Bridge”. An animal dies, is buried if it was like, a family pet, and it decomposes. If it brings you comfort to know that your pet is contributing to the fertility of the soil, so be it.

    But your pets are NOT waitig for you in Heaven…


    [OK, let me just say that I am not religious, and I mean not at all. I know that plenty of people *are* though, and that plenty of people derive a great deal of comfort from their faith. So, while normally I’d just un-publish such an egregiously callous comment, I’m going to let this one stand, because little girl, you need to learn… – Ed.]

  99. oh LOOOOVE the precious little “Ed.” comments. Before you were just trying to be a bitch. Now it’s time to hang the “Mission Accomplished” banner.

    [Oh ha. – Ed.]

  100. Dogbreath says:

    Amanda, Heaven is a concept believed in by many people not of the Christian persuasion. And non-Christian concepts of Heaven may or may not include animals. (Even some Christians may believe that animals got to Heaven, but I wouldn’t presume to speak for them. I’m not a Christian.)

    Whether Heaven or something like it exists, who or what goes there, any other little nit-picky details I think I’ll find out when my time comes. Not having yet come to that experience, I will refrain from making insanely authoritative statements about what it’s like.

    Oh, but that’s right. I’m not a Christian. Christians know the one and only truth, right? Sorry. I forgot.

  101. AuntieMame says:

    And there’s no Santa Claus and no Tooth Fairy either, is there, Amanda?

    (Sheesh. Way to be a wet blanket and a spoilsport and a party pooper and a prime example of why, if you have nothing polite to say, you should just keep your trap shut.)

  102. Jeez yourself, Amanda.

    We all end up with Ceiling Cat one day.

  103. Poor kitteh. I vote sad but cute.

    Two-faced kittehs do better in comics books. They get to smoke cigarettes and everything.

    (Lurker: A dog with no nose!? How does he smell?)

  104. Dogbreath says:

    (RevWaldo: Terrible!)

  105. Dogbreath says:

    (sorry, Lurker, I just couldn’t stop myself…)

  106. PLEASE get back to your beginnings and stop exploiting doomed animals.
    Your title is “Cute” Overload, not “Cruel” Overload.

  107. Sweet Scout says:

    Amanda, I too am not sure about the human constructs of ‘heaven’ or the ‘rainbow bridge.’ But what I DO know is that since my 17-yr-old beloved cat Maggie died last year, I have seen her several times. Mostly out of the corner of my eye, and when I turned to look she was gone. I’ve also heard her meowing even though it’s been over a year since her death. Crazy, much? Maybe. But I have friends (much saner than me) who’ve told me they’ve had the same experience with pets that have died. A trick of the mind to bring us comfort in our grief? Maybe. But I for one believe that just because they are physically gone doesn’t mean they aren’t still with us.

  108. Karen Merten says:

    We’re too used to having people with unusually shaped bodies hidden from us – they’re not put in the media (at least not in a good light) and we’re afraid to look at them in public for fear we’re staring. But that doesn’t make them monsters or freaks – it just makes us ignorant of the true diversity of life. Likewise this little kitty: it’s sad that its unfortunate condition took its life so soon, but it’s no less sweet than any other little kitty – or two! The love and acceptance it was given while alive from both humans and mom is beautiful and warmed my heart.

  109. I think two-faced kitten is very cute. The only sad part is that it didn’t make it. Although it’s probably for the best that it passed on, if it had other deformities.

    And, y’know, when *I* don’t like the content of a website, I just stop looking at it. Imagine that!

  110. Amanda, as a Christian, I used to believe like you. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve come to see that animals don’t belong to us. They belong to God. He created them before us. We are their caretakers and I fully believe God will hold us accountable for how we have treated His creatures on this earth. Why should heaven be exclusively for Humans? And who has been there and returned to say? It may not be mentioned in the Bible, but there are other things not in the Bible as well. I also truly believe that every animal knows who its Creator is.

    I suggest you look at a website with regards to animals in heaven. It has some really important ideas you might learn from.

  111. Oh and Lizzy, you must be a comedian to write what you did, right?

  112. For the CO Pratchett fans, perhaps Greebo* has been roistering through Ohio.

    * Greebo, tatter-eared feline lothario which by dint of some effort is currently every male ancestor for at least 30 generations of Lancre cats

  113. angelcatbeds says:

    I did not even watch this…very disappointed in this website for posting this. It is not cute to make side-show freaks of deformed animals. Shame on you.

    [If you truly think that’s what we do here, then I’m truly sorry for you. – Ed.]

  114. Dogbreath: I knew dat :p

    Could’ve been worse – could’ve been that joke about the three-legged dog from the Old West.

  115. the two-faced kitty didn’t bother me…

    what did bother me was that the mom and kitty were in the litter. i’m not a cat owner, but isn’t litter horrible for kittens’ respiratory tracts and stomachs as it is extremely absorbent?

  116. Dogbreath says:

    RevWaldo: I figured (who doesn’t?), but I just couldn’t stop myself… I couldn’t I tell you .. it’s like not being able to not respond to a knock-knock joke.

    But turnabout’s fair play… What about the three-legged dog from the Old West?

  117. Poor thing. I guess it’s at peace now.

  118. AuntieMame says:

    Dogbreath…He’s lookin’ fer the man who shot his paw…

  119. Dogbreath says:

    lol @ AuntieMame!

    I never heard that one before – lol!

    Good one!

  120. Her cuteness should be celebrated! There are no ugly bebeh animules, even one with two precious faces. I would have loved to snorgle both noses just for a moment.

  121. i wonder if all the time momma kitty spent too much in her litter box may have played a role in this?

  122. Christine H says:

    The kitten’s situation is sad, but its two little faces are still cute.


  124. Gail (the first one) says:

    I was troubled too at first by the pic, but I must admit I was *assuming* that it was being done in “freak show” way. Why I would make that assumption when I know damn well this blog is a place of peace and love, I don’t know. Jeez, amazing how one can be so negative without even realizing!! Sorry!!

    And speaking of negative: Isn’t it lovely to have someone to explain the “true nature” of Heaven to the rest of us heathens?!!

  125. Man, what is WITH these people who think this kitty doesn’t deserve to be on CO? It’s a baby kitteh, for heaven’s sake, who cares if it has a Janus-like double face? It’s not like it has to go to a job interview or prom, and I wish these genetic perfectionists would just accept that a deformity does not automatically make an animal unworthy of attention. The all-knowing kitty (below) would be ashamed of some of these posts.

  126. yes, it’s sad that the kitten didn’t survive. yes, it’s cute to see those two little faces with the squinty eyes, and to see the mom perk up with the kitten was near. cute is not synonymous with happy, nor does it apply solely to those things that are perfect, common, or normal. just my opinion.

    also, i’m a christian who believes people should focus more on *this* life (which almost certainly exists) and how we treat others while we’re here than on “heaven” (which may or may not exist) and who or what is or isn’t going there. again, just my opinion.

  127. Here, here Miga! -raises glass-

    Guys it’s just a poor kitty who has a little deformation or what ever you may call it. Who says deformation is bad anyway huh? Some people have webbed toes and it doesn’t bother them. Anyway.. forget all the hullabaloo and just remember this poor kitty :C

  128. Two Faces…Two Mouths…TWICE THE NOM!

  129. Destiny, I’ve seen the sweet no-face kitty, too. She was a bit hard to look at, at first, but I have admiration for her humans for caring for her even though she looks different.

    As for this poor little fur-angel, well…it’s a reminder of how many things can go wrong, and how fragile life can be, but still be beautiful in its own way.

  130. I agree totally with Destiny and really couldn’t say it better.

    And seriously, it certainly won’t be heaven for me if my animals aren’t there.

    This kitty was cute and I enjoyed watching the video. I enjoyed watching the one of the two-faced adult kitty even more…especially when he’s licking his mummy’s face. 🙂

  131. Beth (in NC) says:

    😦 Sorry. It just made me sad. Not saying whether it should have been here or not, just saying it made me feel really helpless, and loving towards it, and sad.

  132. elle doubleu says:

    Paunchie: “you guys at CO a little “editorial eye” as the divine Tim Gunn would say.”

    The irony of that amuses me. You need an editor — where is your verb in that sentence??

  133. Wafflecat says:

    Hmmm. So exactly which Rule of Cuteness applies here?

  134. Except for Amanda, I, too, applaud everyone for having a reasonably civil discussion about this, which is a pretty complex video to watch for all of us, I think. It IS a VERY cute kittie — as unusual as it is — and, at the same time, it’s horrifying because I think instinctively we all feel that such an aberration is unlikely to last long. That kind of stark physical difference — whether in a human or an animal — instinctively sparks a very deep tinder in us, in a place that reminds us all too much of death and mortality. Some of us think “Poor thing, it’s gonna die.” Others think, “Poor thing, put it out of its misery.” I’m sure there are other reactions as well, but they are bound to be strong — it has to have value because God created it, or it has no value because it is so different, etc.

    Now, Amanda: there’s no such thing as love or fear, either, and yet people pretty much organize their lives around pursuing and/or avoiding them. There’s also no such thing as “cute.” We make up words to stand for things we can’t explain, and heaven is one of those things.

    Finally, to make an argument against “Christians” (or for them for that matter) is fairly ignorant, because Christianity encompasses a very wide range of possible beliefs and behaviors. Saying that Christians are illogical, naive, reactionary, dogmatic, etc. is like saying that women can’t do comedy or gay men are neat freaks.

  135. A faces only a mother could love. Sadly, I can’t usually watch the videos because I’ve already been spotted spending too much time on C.O.–or, as my co-worker put it, “the site where you look at kittens and ducks while you’re supposed to be doing reports.”

  136. If I believed in heaven, I’d think there were more animals there than people. Animals make nicer beings than humans do.

  137. raggamuffin says:

    What a sweet little kitty. I’m glad she/he is with the angels now, I hope her/his death wasn’t painful!

    I feel bad for the mama cat, I don’t know how animals brains work, but I bet the mama is still sad. 😦

  138. I thought the wee thing was adorable and, yes, very, very cute. Wasn’t with us long but was loved while he or she was here – I can’t ask for than that for the little luv.

  139. Hey guys, memento mori, y’all. CO didn’t make this cat. If people were breeding two-headed cats for our pleasure, by all means get up in arms. But they’re not. It’s not going to kill you to feel love for something imperfect and ephemeral. I say: love to the kittens! Including the unfortunate, genetically anomalous ones!

  140. Folks, this is not a place for cruel discussions.

    I found the kitten cute. Just like I find kittens with extra toes to be cute. Yes, it’s sad that it died, but animals die. People die.

    NOTHING lives forever. Get over it, and for crying out freaking loud act your ages, stop tearing people apart like five year olds fighting over the last darned cookie. It’s BS, and it doesn’t belong here.

  141. Definitely sad. Genetic mutations are occuring more often due to chemicals in the environment. Genetic mutations are more common in species further down in the food chain, but have also begun to happen in humans too. It’s a result of chemicals such as cleaning products (there are environmentally safe products like baking soda readily available and large factories putting the chemicals into the air which then goes into the drinking water). Wake up people.

  142. I’m interested in knowing why so many people have dysmorphophobia. As a person who has spent years and years studying anatomy, I’m fascinated by the extraordinary variety of syndromes, mutations, and anomalies that occur in humans and creatures. Of all of the things that can terrify us as humans… war, crime, illness, etc., why are people so repulsed by dysmorphia? This is a serious question to you people who are freaked out by this sort of thing. I’m not talking about pity for a creature that won’t survive. I’m talking about being repulsed by the sight of deformities.

  143. I thought it was beautiful, sad and sweet.
    I agree with an above poster, not everything cute has to be “perfect”.

    Looking at a lot of the comments posted, We are the flawed ones. So very flawed : <

    Thanks CO, cos sometimes we do need the rain to appreciate the sun

  144. I understand it’s sad that the kitten died, but it is still cute nonetheless. It’s a precious little dollop of cuteness, it’s just a little different.

  145. Mmmm cute-sad? Don´t think it belongs on this site though… 😦

    Sadly (but maybe luckily) it died, but with this mutation it would have not lived long anyway cause the “insides” are usually all “wrong” too with these kinds of siamese twins… 😦

    Besides, if it had lived, there probably would have been some sick cat breeder somewhere trying to BREED two-faced cats from it! :O

  146. Two-faced kittens are born every so often, but here’s a video of a two-faced adult cat! I think it’s pretty sweet, and it seems to be healthy.

  147. Melody, I agree with you completely. I am a Christian, and as a Christian, I believe the Bible is fact. It mentions horses being in heaven many different times throughout the Bible and last I checked, horses were animals. ^_^

  148. darkshines says:

    That will haunt me in my dreams tonight.


  150. The posters who are unhappy with this video are probably well aware that nature is cruel, that nothing lives forever, and that this is a sad reality of life.

    It’s not an issue of being disgusted or fearing that which is different, but an issue of these truths following them into their safe zone.

    People come here to look at cute images and feel better. It cheers them up, and they get to escape the real world for awhile. So when an image this sad makes it way to the blog, it’s understandable that people would be upset. We all know there are images out there of deformed animals or animals that have been badly abused, but we don’t come here for that.

    I’m not nay saying the post, but I understand where people are coming from.

  151. Awwww, poor little thing couldn’t help if it was born that way. It’s sad to read that it didn’t make it though.
    But I watched one of the videos about that adult 2-faced cat so it’s entirely possible for them to grow up and live a normal kitty life.

  152. OMG i never thought i’d join the ranks of nuffers but i never thought CO would post something so utterly depressing and tragic. Take this down, the kitten obviously suffered…whether it knew it was suffering or not is beside the point, does a person with profound mental retardation realize his situation?

    If i want to cruise youtube for freakishly tragic video’s I will certainly go and do that. I don’t visit this website for things like this.

  153. fish eye no miko says:

    Lizzy: “One thing that the author – who is part scientist and part philosopher – stresses is that these twins, be they human or animal, are not DEFORMED. They are DIFFERENTLY FORMED.”

    Oh, for the love of Aang! They’re deformed. There is physically something wrong with them. No fancy words or PS bull will change that fact. That’s not to say they can’t have wonderful, fulfilling lives–many people will all sorts of problems do– but flowery words don’t change the facts.

    “If you believe in God…”

    …then you have to wonder why he’d wouldn’t reach into the womb and fix these things before they were born, The fact that he doesn’t suggests that either he doesn’t exists, or that he’s a cruel bastard.

  154. fish eye no miko says:

    “[So, your solution would be to kill it. Does that remind you of anyone? – Ed.]”

    Are you really comparing someone Hitler for talking about putting down a CAT?

    [I was also trying not to run afoul of Godwin’s Law, FENM. Also, the kitten was fine, until it wasn’t, so maybe it’s a case of hindsight being 20/20. I’m just not eager to kill living things simply because they’re not “normal” – Ed.]

  155. Ok, after incredibly seeing the Editor *trolling in the comments*, I’ve lost a lot of faith in this website.

    Keep the video up if that’s your decision, but for goodness sake, do you have to pick and prod at every comment, writing snarky little remarks in them?

    I’ve been coming here for months and have mostly enjoyed the content. Now I need to start getting my cute fix elsewhere, because today, I discovered this place has an ugly underside that I’d rather not touch.

    [Once again for clarity, “Ed.” is for “Editor”, meaning me, Theo. And you can call it what you like, but some folks aren’t surprised anymore at the ugliness that human beings are capable of. So yeah, you mess with my peeps, I’m’a mess you up right back. That, as they say, is how I roll, and I have my reasons. – Ed.]

    [Let me remind everyone: The *post* is a short video of a living (cute!) kitten who happened to have two faces, and her momcat. The *comments* are where it got rude and nasty. – Ed.]

  156. This gives a whole knew meaning to the term “Siamese cat.”

  157. vivian Fernandez says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. Poor little kitten, I hope she did not suffer.
    I vote to take this down. It is just heartbreaking.

  158. There are things in this world that I cannot comprehend that includes people’s reactions to what seems to be out of their comfort zone (I include myself in there). I am not religious and do not follow a specific doctrine but I do believe in live and let live. When faced with something ‘different’, I cannot help but think of a text written by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971), known as the serenity prayer to some.

    Thank you C.O. for taking me out of my comfort zone and showing me that it’s OK.

    As for the kitty, I am glad it felt its mother’s love no matter how short a time it was.

  159. This video only made me think, “Poor baby, what a sin.” and I was relieved to know it is not suffering anymore (and Mommy’s nuzzles and love warmed my heart too).

    But Chase No Face disturbed me. 😦 I feel sorry for him, but I have a hard time looking at him. 😦

  160. Chelonianmobile says:

    Amanda: Wow. Did you know I believe that idiots who whine over nothing on inappropriate forums on the internet don’t go to heaven either?

    Everyone else: Don’t like the post? DON’T. LOOK. AT. IT. A two-year-old could work that out. You personally are not the eternal judge of what’s cute, and several people DO think this is cute, so leave them alone to enjoy it.

  161. not cute, just disturbing; this poor little beastie will not live long….might as well post some twisty kats while you’re at it, Meg

    [Aren’t all cats twisty? – Ed.]

  162. *gets out the popcorn*
    *gets out bowls of pudding*

    Kicks back to watch the peeps.

    Srlsy people. Lighten.Up.

  163. Ah, this reminds me of dear, dear Cy. Remember Cy, the kitteh with one eye? It was cute, geniuinely cute. And it goes to show you that we live in a natural world ruled by causality, not fairies.

    Cy was a temporary symbol for atheists around the web, but the Flying Spaghetti Monster won out.

  164. That was tasteless. The owners were tantamount to monsters – they should have been bringing that poor little kitty to a vet to be humanely euthanized, not filming it for YouTube.

    I’m disappointed in CuteOverload – I’ve always enjoyed looking at this site and it often helped me through a stressful workday. I think I’m done, though.

    The comment “We are what we bring with us” from the editor was almost as equally tasteless as the white trash who filmed the sad little kitty.

    You put up this sensationalist and very sad dreck, and didn’t think my pony trying to convince everyone he was a good boy in order to be fed carrots was “worthy” of this site?

    Feh. So long, CuteOverload.

    [So long, Susan. See you tomorrow. – Ed.]

  165. miffedkit says:

    (delurking here for one comment only!!) Usually I don’t post because people have already said what I wanted to say. In this case, I feel like it should be reiterated: This is not your blog. This is Meg’s blog. We’re visitors. We don’t get to tell her what to post. We don’t get to vote on what she posts. If you don’t like it, she’ll have something new up soon. I understand that many of us come here to unwind, but that doesn’t mean that we should completely drop our defenses and blindly consume everything posted to the site.

    I’ve enjoyed the commentroversies where people discuss what the nature of teh kitteh’s disability (DEFORMATION? would you say that to someone in real life? MANNERS!!) or the possible causes thereof in a RESPECTFUL way. I know, I’m opening the door to nuffers, but I’ve learned some interesting things in those comments! What really pushes my buttons is when people start saying that they want things taken off the site or that Meg “shouldn’t” have posted something. Again: NOT. YOUR. BLOG.

  166. High-5’s Meg and the Ed.’s for staying cool despite supreme provocation.

    Waves goodbye to the reactionary offensisensitivists affronted by poignancy, who choose to take it as a personal attack on their belief systems or signs of the apocalypso. We live 20 years longer and we’re 6 inches taller than 100 years ago, people: be grateful, don’t moan!

    XO’s other heathens, snax on popcorn ‘n’ puddin’, and settles back **gratefully* to await the next Ham’n’Pony pix by goddess Meg and the demigods.

  167. TeratoMarty says:

    Speaking as something of a mutant myself, I’m glad that this kitten made the cute cut, and sorry it didn’t live to adulthood.

  168. Crabbysue says:

    Seeing a kitten with a mutation like this that is in all likelihood already dead – made me sad. Seeing said kitten laid down next to the mommy cat in what appeared to me to be a litter box with cat poo in it made me cringe.

    I’m definitely in the “not cute” camp. It’s just my take. If it gives somebody warm fuzzies well, then, that’s weird.

  169. TWO-FACE! This kitty’ll spend the rest of its life having its plans thwarted by Batman.

  170. This has nothing to do with God – it is genetics.
    I think you should keep it up as yet another reminder of why people shouldn’t breed their animals.
    Poor little tyke, bless his soul, he didn’t ask to be born.

  171. That kitten sure doesn’t look dead to me. I don’t think that’s a mutation that makes it incompatible with life, and I don’t think we can judge the quality of life of a non-suffering animal that just looks unusual.

    Cast my vote for “CUTE!!!”

    I’m a big fan of animals with extra body parts. Maybe because I myself have an extra body part.

    I wonder if it likes to listen to Cher like The Great Mutato on the X-Files…

    Walkin in memphis…..

  172. Cute or not, the animal’s now dead; could you take it down? It’s getting a bit morbid. JHMO.

  173. Some of the comments here have again made me wonder about the state of humanity in general.

  174. LesbianNeoCon says:

    I’m not one for censorship or anything like that, but one of the earlier posts stated that the little kitty died. Maybe removing this video would be a good idea, out of respect. I mean, we are all about loving and respecting animals. Poor little thing, R.I.P.

    [So like, pretend it never existed, “out of respect”? No, that won’t be happening. Would you petition a newspaper to “take down” their obituaries, out of respect? – Ed.]

  175. Yes, this is sad, but it’s also a cute kitten. And deformity (Yes, miffedkit, “deformity” is the word for it.) doesn’t necessarily mean the animal is suffering, even when the deformity leads to death. It can, but it’s not a certainty at all.

    Topper, I’m sure this is hardly the only animal on this website that has died since posting, or even since its photo or video was taken. That doesn’t lessen the cuteness. Is it morbid for me to show my friends cute pictures of my now-deceased dogs?

    I love this kitten. I am sad that it died, but it was adorable during its short life.

  176. Rule 0: All bebeh kittehs are cute.

  177. Thank you for posting this and keeping it up despite all the negative comments. What a beautiful little kitten! So sad that it passed away, but it had several days of motherly love. What could possibly be better? And just think, if it had lived, it wouldn’t have had just one nose to snorgle, but two! Much love to the sweet little thing…

  178. Oh poor kitty. This little fella’ seems to have a really strong will to live though! S/he’s actually pretty cute.

  179. I love CO. I come here every day just to ‘take the edge off’, although I’ve never posted. It’s interesting that this clip, admittedly disturbing and sad, has hit such a nerve. But rather than thinking of whether the pro- or anti-posting position is the ‘right’ one, I’d suggest that we consider the whole range of comments in their totality, a range that reflects what the community of CO’ers comes to expect from Meg and Co. If some people are unhappy and others are ok with it, well that’s the point. We’re not robots and not supposed to think in lock-step. My take is that the emphasis of the CO subject matter is necessarily artificial – truth is animals suffer so tremendously both ‘naturally’ and IN PARTICULAR as a result of humans’ barbarity. Cute fluffy chicks aren’t followed into adulthood and into the slaughterhouse – to coo about them while simultaneously butchering them for consumption is a sign of cultural schizophrenia. It’s not clear whether some known teratogen or ‘natural’ mutation caused this but maybe this is an opportunity to find out and learn something. The post has made folks thoughtful and exchange ideas with the community. That’s never a bad thing.

  180. “[So, your solution would be to kill it. Does that remind you of anyone? – Ed.]”

    Let me get this straight: by suggesting that the humane thing to do would be to euthanize a deformed, obviously suffering kitten so that it might avoid a horrible, lingering death (as opposed to exploiting it for entertainment, as you and the YouTube posters have done), you’re suggesting I’m…Hitler?

    That is moronic and beneath contempt.

    You have the opportunity to use this site to teach people how to treat animals humanely, but instead you are normalizing the idea that animals exist on this planet solely for the amusement of human beings. With this kind of material, your site devolves into a circus, no better than a sleazy roadside attraction with two-headed goats and flea-ridden wildcats.

    Shame on you for your cruelty and your abject stupidity. Holocaust = Euthanizing a Kitten?

    Cute Overload = Moronic Exploitation

  181. MK — if I had one, I’d take my hat off to you.

  182. MHL — this is why I say “we are what we bring with us”. That’s quite the ten-layer cake of assumption and ugly, right there. Epic fail.

  183. God bless the lil thing. It breaks my heart. I have a soft spot for deformed baby animals and I could never, ever say that this little baby is not cute and lovable. I would love it all the more.

  184. Miga – RFOL at the idea of kitteh going to a job interview.

  185. And for everyone who assumes lil kitteh is doomed to die soon, check out the vid of the lady with the full grown two-faced kitty.

    If it’s suffering terribly, then yes, I believe it should be euthanized. Otherwise, let it live as long as it can function as normally as possible and be loved.

  186. There is a great documentary that those people who can’t stand the sadness of this kitten need to see. It is the story of two conjoined twins and their parents struggle to find the best care for them. The parents had to decide to separate or not. The documentary makes you really think about what is “normal”. There is a more recent documentary on conjoined twins in the US (one body and two heads) who drive and play and generally just act like two happy teenagers that people need to see. Just because something is not normal is not a good decision to euthanize it or ignore it or relegate it to a hidden corner. It may be hard to look at at first but after a while you start to see the beauty of the person/animal and not the deformity.

    On the other hand : pasickie!

  187. Oh, I see now from other posts that it died. Well, this is common. Sleep sweet, lil one.

  188. omg..i have never commented on this site before, but I feel compelled to now.
    I work with people with disabilities, so I take big time offense to people feeling sad and sorry for the kitty. Just because something is not “normal” doesn’t mean its in pain uncomfortable or unworthy of life. Remember Hope, the dog with only hind legs? He’s the happiest do there is. what an injustice to the world if he was put down just because people assumed he was in pain. Or the animal’s with hyperdiplasia (sp?). They look like they might be suffering but they are not. While Im on it, next time you see a person or animal with a disability please do not pity them! They deserve respect and dignity, and shouldn’t be made to feel different or ashamed!

    Meg dont take it down!.

  189. (hands teho a hat)

  190. “Epic fail.”

    No, that was a cogent argument, one to which you don’t seem to have a response.

    Characterizing those who endorse euthanasia for suffering animals as “Hiter” or cruel or godless–whatever it was the Editor was trying to insinuate–is inappropriate, and you know it.

    Why haven’t you posted in the caption to the video that the kitten died after a day? Many of the people leaving comments erroneouly think that the argument is about an “abnormal” but otherwise loveable animal, when the evidence (the fact that it survived only a day) points towards a birth defect so severe as to render life unsupportable. It is disingenuous of you to allow this assumption–that the kitten might yet survive–to continue. Maybe, instead of making snarky comments to me, you could go back through and make a notation for everyone who pleas for the kitten to be allowed to live a long and happy life that “No, actually, it died after a day.”

    Oh, I see: that would be honest and true, but not cute. Got it.

    I reiterate, the responsible thing would have been for the owners to take it to a vet, where the vet would have examined it and probably said something like “this kitten isn’t going to survive,” and then maybe the kind-hearted adults in the room would make the difficult but humane call. Instead, they made a video and posted it on the Internet. By perpetuating the video, yet obscuring the unsavory outcome, your site is normalizing the exploitation of animals.

    If you’re going to comment, please address the merits of my argument.

  191. Not cute at all – it’s sad.

  192. “Epic fail.”

    No, that was a cogent argument, one that you don’t seem to have a response to.

    Characterizing those who endorse euthanasia for suffering animals as “Hiter” or cruel or godless–whatever it was the Editor was trying to insinuate–is inappropriate, and you know it.

    Why haven’t you posted in the caption to the video that the kitten died after a day? Many of the people leaving comments erroneouly think that the argument is about an “abnormal” but otherwise loveable animal, when the evidence (the fact that it survived only a day) points towards a birth defect so severe as to render life unsupportable. It is disingenuous of you to allow this assumption–that the kitten might yet survive–to continue. Maybe, instead of making snarky comments to me, you could go back through and make a notation for everyone who pleas for the kitten to be allowed to live a long and happy life that “No, actually, it died after a day.”

    Oh, I see: that would be honest and true, but not cute. Got it.

    I reiterate, the responsible thing would have been for the owners to take it to a vet, where the vet probably would have examined it and probably said something like “this kitten isn’t going to survive,” and then maybe the kind-hearted adults in the room would make the difficult but humane call. Instead, they made a video and posted it on the Internet. By perpetuating the video, yet obscuring the unsavory outcome, your site is normalizing the exploitation of animals.

    If you’re going to comment, please address the merits of my argument.

  193. Wee_Squirrel says:

    Oooh, got’s’ta get in on the commentroversy. Cute? I personally believe so – a little kitteh who epically struggles to live, aided by their loving owners and mother? What’s not endearing about that? Sad? Yes, because the kitteh didn’t make it. Gross? I can’t say that I want all kittehs to look like this, but I would still love such a one all the same. It is tragic when a mutated animal doesn’t make it, but when it survives (even for so brief a time), can’t we appreciate the beauty of the flexibility and willpower of life?

  194. I’m an occasional visitor to this site–and am kind of amazed at what I’ve stumbled onto today. To my mind, bloggers have a right to post what they wish. When comments are solicited, commenters have the right to say what they wish in response. Aren’t those the rules of blogging–and of free speech in general? I did watch the news clip featuring this same kitten, and have only one wish in retrospect: that the posters might have issued a similar “these images might seem disturbing to some people” disclaimer. Perhaps that may have warned off those viewers expecting unmitigated Disney-style cuteness–and preempted some of the rawer reactions?

  195. Meg – I love you, and your site, dont ever change!

    Theo – I know you’re married, but will you consider taking a second wife? I scrub floors and do windows, if that helps with the decision making.

  196. I’m with Blair – all baby kitties are cute. The video is adorable, especially momma cat loving on it. Young kittens (and puppies), normal or not, are very fragile and die this young more often than you think. Anyone who’s raised bottle babies can tell you that. I’m curious to the actual medical reason why this one died, if anyone knows, since the articles I googled said it was nursing normally, etc.

    In response to the people saying it’s bad taste to post video of something that’s died.. dead people’s pics and video are shown all the time. It’s called a memorial. Maybe the title should be “memorial to 2 faced kitty” so some of these folks would chillax.

  197. WOW long comments – some of you have way too much time on your hands & need to grow up/get over yourselves.
    Meg dont take the post down.

  198. mhl: “your site is normalizing the exploitation of animals.”

    It’s a kitten, with two faces. Please get over the fact this is a heated situation where you are arguing. You have overblown the situation in to monstrous proportions. Now you’re saying this site is exploiting animals?? It’s CO. Not “CLICK OR DIE”.

    It’s just a kitten, and you’re arguing over whether or not they should have done this or that; it’s done. It’s over. Get on with your lives.

  199. Arachnophile says:

    Really gang… 😦 Really?!

  200. I think the kitten is very sweet. and priceless, like the owner says. while it is sad that the baby died, I hope it is at peace

  201. As always, I think meg can post whatever she wants, and I think its OK for people to comment on whether or not they think it is cute. And I agree that comments should be polite (or impolitely funny).

    I don’t think this is cute.
    I can’t imagine that this poor kitten was suffering anything but unmitigated pain and confusion while it was alive. Consider how the visual cortex processes information from both eyes, and then sends that information to the brain to organize. Now imagine that you actually have 4 eyes–but you weren’t meant to, and that your visual cortex and brain are struggling to organize this.
    I think that’s terrible to contemplate, not cute. I do think its sweet that the mama cat and the people love the kitten, but not cute. To me, this is like saying that a video of a cute kid with terminal invasive brain cancer is cute just because the child is physically appealing and has a loving family. I realize others may not agree, and I cast no aspersions on them, but that’s how it seems to me.

  202. MHI people were stating their opinions. you seem to be the only one arguing, and angry.

    some people didn’t want to see the kitten because they didn’t want to see such a sad ending… The kitten is cute. and it is sad that it died.. but all of life is about living and dieing. Many people like to state their views and opinions on the occasional controversial posts. sometimes people make a simple post into a controversy even if it is anything but controversial.
    Most of the time people state their beliefs in a thoughtful considerate manner. Once in a while things get heated. This has not been like that with the exception of a few comments.

    Now go play nice with the other kids in the sand box.

  203. MHL — I *did* address the merits of your argument, such as they were.

  204. MHL: Theo never used the name “Hitler” and in fact he clarified that comment earlier.

    MK: That’s a great post, I’m glad that there are others out there who “get” that the point of open/free exchange of ideas is not about forcing people to agree with each other but learning to live with difference.

    Here’s one of my rules of thumb: Anyone who opines that someone else they don’t know “should have” done something in a certain situation is usually full of beans. For a little while, this kittie was alive, and the people it lived with happened to make a video. For what purpose, we don’t know — it’s a few minutes out of a very short life. Maybe they believed in giving the kittie a chance to live and it died on it’s own. Maybe then ended up putting it down themselves after a little while. But if you’re one of those “they should have terminated this pathetic freak’s life instantly” people, maybe these people had children and wanted to teach their children a lesson about the mysteries of nature, or honoring all of nature’s creatures.

    This week visiting the vet, an absolutely charismatic golden longhaired tom came up to me and started rubbing my leg — and after talking with him I noticed he only had three legs. The receptionist told me that Chester was born with the cord wrapped around his little paw which was amputated after birth. That was 13 years ago — and in many circles, that kittie would have been left to die. But he’s still living and has a wonderful attitude and weird sproing in his step and is beloved by many.

    I think Theo’s point is that there have been many many cultures and prominent people who have advocated the eradication of aberrant physical types — including some very progressive thinkers who embraced eugenics in the early part of the 20th century, otherwise smart, sensitive people who legitimately advocated that differently abled people be isolated from society, sterilized to prevent future “defects” and/or eliminated for the sake of their own well-being (“it’s cruel to keep them alive”). That kind of bias has extended to invisible “defects” (like different sexual preference or mental disorders, which for the record I personally do not consider “defects”). I do not personally believe that we have the right to tell someone how to manage another being’s life or death when we happen to have that power — an elderly relative who is living on a machine, a kittie struggling to survive a physical aberration, or even the decision to end our own life when we are suffering (something I am all too familiar with, sadly).

    But I think it’s okay that we keep talking about it. I wonder what Michel Foucault would make of this discussion.

    And P.S. The whole INTERNET is a freak show, people, because in a way, we are all freaks. This kittie is FAR less disturbing that what is going on in Georgia, Darfur, in a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office, or backstage at American Idol (or ON stage on American Idol for that matter) – to cite both the truly horrifying and the horrifyingly dumb. If you want to see something truly disgusting in a world full of starving, suffering people, watch a food-eating competition. There are bigger dragons to battle than the sad fate of a kittie with two faces.

    By the way, by strict definition, this is not a “tragedy.” Sorry, I teach theatre history and dislike how people misuse that term. Tragedy involves a series of ironic dramatic reversals based on a character’s hamartea (fatal error), usually the hubris of a character disregarding or attempting to control his or her fate. Nitpicking, to be sure. Nixon’s fall from grace = tragedy. Kittie dying = very, very sad.

  205. Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him? ~Pierre Troubetzkoy

    Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. ~Albert Schweitzer

    Heaven is by favor; if it were by merit your dog would go in and you would stay out. Of all the creatures ever made [man] is the most detestable. Of the entire brood, he is the only one… that possesses malice. He is the only creature that inflicts pain for sport, knowing it to be pain. ~Mark Twain

  206. I am baffled by the argument some people are putting forward that because things like this exist, therefore they belong on this site. Uh, no. I come here to see CUTE things. Along with a lot of other people, I didn’t think this was cute.

    I think it’s reasonable for the viewers of a site to engage in a discussion around editorial choice, and whether that choice was not well thought through in this instance.

    It may be that a large swath of the human race is hardwired to be disturbed by things like this as a way of preventing us from investing too many resources in offspring that are unlikely to survive. We can afford to do that now, thankfully, but that was not always the case. Just a speculation on my part.

  207. Actually i’ve been reading back through the comments.

    I think Theo is intentionally trying to provoke people in order to get more hits. He doesn’t just respond in a polite, reasonable way, even though he wants others to be polite. So, basically, he’s like a nuffer.
    YOU are what you bring to the site, Theo. You are supposed to be the moderator, right? I didn’t realize that included being snotty. I think its fine for you to defend your territory, but I don’t think its fine for you to be snotty–even if other people are. As the moderator I thought you were supposed to try and set an example for reasonable discourse?

    And well, there actually ARE enough sites on the web for me to get my cutefix elsewhere, and I also won’t be recommending this site to anyone else
    any more, because I think that the creators of this site have changed, and have begun to really use it to make money, which they make by getting more hits, which they get by being provocative and unpleasant.

    Why not take a page from the Daily Kitten master?
    He actually seems to care about his role as a moderator.

    so long. The video was sad, but Theo’s comments were really what made this the last straw.

    [Yes, Cat, I know who I am. I’ve never been a turn-the-other-cheek kind of guy. I will do what’s called for, sure. But there’s no need for me to act provocative in order to generate traffic; it doesn’t work like that. The *comments* aren’t what anybody sees *first* you know. What I’m trying to do is to keep things civilized for those who keep coming back, yourself included. – Ed.]

  208. puglets rule says:

    My oh my, so all knowing Amanda is going to inform me that our loving pets and animals are not going to be waiting in heaven for us?? If any living creature deserves to be in heaven after life on earth, animals/pets deserve it much more than anything else – especially people. Oh, and there’s no Rainbow Bridge either – really? 😦
    Thank heavens, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, there is a Meg, and Teho, and NTMTOM…etc to brighten each day, and I feel blessed they take time (and somehow endure some of the most inane comments)to spread the cute in all it’s diversity.
    Such a sweet babeh kitteh and loving mama!
    (Teho a troll – that made me snort! LOL!!)

  209. bye bye catablob. No one gives a damn. consider that while you sit on your high horse casting judgements on people you don’t actually know.

  210. wagthedogma says:

    @Celia: So “a large swath of the human race is hardwired to be disturbed by things like this as a way of preventing us from investing too many resources in offspring that are unlikely to survive”?

    You mean like…eugenics?

  211. I agree that the post should be taken down- because I go to this site to see cute things that let me forget about other not-so-cute things. Now this puts a big turd in the middle of the cuteness! Not that the kitten is a turd, but that it brings up lots of thoughts and emotions, for me, that are not so light and fluffy- again, the reason for my visit to CuteOverload. I think it is great for those who can look at the kitten and see something adorable or something they want to embrace, but for those of us that don’t, please take it down!!!

  212. puglets rule says:

    catablob, I’m sure Meg is ready to quit her real ‘day’ job and live off of CO – cuz it’s all about the money for her! Teho probably gets a bonus for every snarky comment he makes too!

    I’m dumbfounded by some of these posts. After all the time and effort these lovers of animals, and all things cute and sweet and furry give to us – peeps they don’t even know – and this is what they get? Sigh….

    (Berthaservant – excellent post!)

  213. I find it ironic, if not disturbing, the way that so many people here (including editor Theo) say “the kitten was fine until it died”, or “it wasn’t suffering”. How the hell would you know? Because it didn’t open its mouth and say “I’m suffering here, folks, and could somebody please get me a shot of morphine?” The kitten was what — a week old? An adult cat can have a difficult enough time expressing its suffering; a baby like this has no way to even suggest it.

    I find it hard to believe that a kitten with such an extreme deformation wasn’t so messed up inside that it was constantly suffering. I think we’d all extend that benefit of the doubt to a human infant in this condition. The editors should NEVER have posted this picture without seriously considering the likelihood of the kitten’s life being miserable and short. You blew it this time, folks. Please be a little more circumspect in the future.

  214. So a duck with four legs/ cat with four ears is okay, but not this? I’m wondering if people are responding more to the ‘ick’ factor, rather than out of actual concern for the animals welfare; you shouldn’t automatically assume that the animal is in pain.

    & for those who don’t find it cute: pasickie!

  215. Catablob and Celia, I’m with you both. I’ve been a devotee of the site for a year now and have never commented before.

    But this was so far out of the range of cute. There was also a snake post recently that freaked me the hell out. I am sure I am not alone in my phobias.

    And for those of you that are confused: just because there are things that deserve resepct and love, does not necessarily mean that they are cute.

    As for Theo, I can’t tell you how disgusted I am. Not by the post so much (indicative of a CO that’s been getting less and less cute recently), but by your equation of euthanising a deformed and dying kitten, and Hitler’s genocide of the disabled. Those that cannot differentiate the moral difference between animals and humans are utterly revolting.

    So see you later CO. I’m done here.

    PS. For those geniuses who squawk that this site is free so we should just accept whatever’s on it: advertising. If there are enough people like me who are finding themselves far more revolted than encutened, then those ad revenues are gonna shrink. We pay for this site exactly as we pay for network television. It ain’t rocket science.

    PPS. The only scientists who think that sapiens and neanderthals “meshed” together are those who have trouble understanding why the rest of the scientific community has completely ostricised them.

    Bye CO. There was a time when you made my soul glad.

  216. MHL, I certainly understand what you’re saying about making a judgment call about the kitten’s health and well-being. The problem with that, however, is that it is simply that, a judgment call. Go to 5 different veterinarians and you will get 5 different answers. One will see a kitten that cannot survive and recommend euthanasia. Another will have seen the video of the alive, healthy and happy two-faced cat and recommend that nature and biology determine whether this kitten can survive or not. Mix in the individual veterinarian’s values and their responses will be as varied as the comments on this post. A veterinarian, no matter how skilled, cannot see into the future and determine whether this kitten will be able to survive. Without extensive CT or MRI scanning, it is also impossible to determine how the diprosopus may have affected internal structures. CT or MRI scanning requires an animal to remain completely still, which necessitates anesthesia. Anesthesia can be very risky for animals in any fragile state, and may be more likely to cause undue harm and stress. Without being able to see into the future and determine the outcome of the diprosopus or anesthesia, even a veterinarian can only make a judgment call. Choosing to allow the kitten to stay in a familiar environment with its mother can be every bit as legitimate as choosing to take the kitten to a veterinarian, even if we don’t agree with the decision.

  217. This has obviously been posted for contraversy & to get hit rates up. Note that Theo etc are coming here, yet not posting anything!

    I also find it extremely childish when Theo hacks into other people’s posts and writes those infuriating and sarcastic comments. Not professional at all, antagonistic, yes.

    I also note that the regulars, from a year or so ago, the names that were familiar, have ALL gone.

    Sad day.

    See you guys.

  218. This is a good discussion, albeit difficult. Many commenters here look to Cute Overload for uplift and humor–a smile, a bit of calming down from the world’s horrors and everyday stresses. Exactly because the compassionate are never spared the sight little kitty saddens us. Given kitty has already died it appears exploitative. But maybe not. Maybe we should just celebrate its little life.

  219. That’s like saying that human conjoined twins are cute, when they’re actually in for a world of difficulties. This is SO not at all cute, it makes me kind of sick and gave me the opposite feeling I usually get at CO. WTF? This is more like something the jerky guys at the office send around with “cute” in the subject line because they know you’ll be fooled and open it and be truly upset by it. Who on earth sees anything slightly cute about this?

    CO, if you bite me, I won’t pet you.

  220. CO owners: PLEASE post something else so that we can move past this, literally, on the blog…

  221. Quite a few people have commented that this video is “exploiting” this tiny cute baby. I think it is a lovely video even if it did have a sad ending.

    Those of you who wish to commit euthanasia on this baby, what would you do if a human baby was born with two faces? You wouldn’t wish to do the same thing for the child.

    It is beautiful that s/he lived even for a brief while, and it was sad that s/he died. It’s also sad that this post has been met by detrimental and scathing posts about how it is “inappropriate” for this site. This is Meg’s domain and not any of yours, the kitty is cute to her.

    The hypocrisy of some of those who are commenting is horrible. Cute overload provides us all with an escape from life, and one potentially controversial post and you all turn on the hand that feeds you.

    Keep the baby, they’re beautiful. I’m very happy that they were loved by momma and their humans.

  222. Wafflecat says:

    I think CO has officially “Jumped the Shark”. Apparently the site has run out of cute options and has proceeded to do a stellar job of running itself into the ground. The pics and the comments are progressively disheartening. I’m going to go look at some disapproving bunnies now. They don’t make me vomit.
    Good riddance.

    [That URL again is and it *is* a good one… – Ed.]

  223. Some of you need to relax and maybe take a walk outside, try to get control over yourselves.

  224. I think I <3 Berthaservant. :)

  225. Not eugenics! I was thinking more at the wild animal level, like some species that will give birth to two infants but only nurse the stronger one. I’m curious about the strong “ick” reaction so many people have to this (me included) and where in our non-rational past it might come from. I’m not talking about any decisions made from a thinking POV.

    Some things that squick people out have a protective function in them somewhere, others do not.

  226. puglets rule says:

    lisa, some of the peeps are still here but like most internet sites the players change – my guess would be because of life or maybe they get tired of the negative comments and just want to enjoy the cute for what it is. I somehow found this site in it’s early years – 2005 – and have been enjoying it ever since. I think it has only improved with age and am so glad Meg and others are still here for us hardcore fans.

    Teho doesn’t comment in every post either. I can only imagine the restraint he must have – I know I don’t have that quality or the humor or wit for that matter!

  227. P.S. Thank you, Meg, for continuing to challenge my concept of cuteness. A butter duck, a two-faced kitty, a pasicky baby, and even snakes and bugs can be cute when seen with the right eye. If all you ever posted was pictures of puppies and kitties, you wouldn’t have kept me coming back for so long. It’s your unique view of the world that I like and appreciate, so don’t change. 🙂

  228. Beth (in NC) says:

    I’m with Shaz…

    Meg, Theo, NTMTOM… please please please post something else, stat! I’d love to move on.

    Pretty please? With cherries??

  229. every single one of the earth’s creatures is beautiful and special in its own way. cute baby kitteh!

    everyone here that is offended is being dumb. have you no love in your heart for the imperfections of life? i hope they don’t act that way towards people!

  230. Dogbreath says:

    Berthaservant, great post, as usual.

    To Alex, who won’t be reading this because he’s among those who have left in a huff: your comment about the “recent snake post” really cracked me up. A phobia of the world’s smallest snake? That’s unfortunate for you and you do have my sympathy, but can you rationally expect any blog owner to take into consideration the possibility that among the Teeming Zillions who surf the Net someone somewhere might have an extreme phobia to something they might want to post? And then practice such excruciatingly thoughtful self-censorship that nothing containing anything that anybody ever had or might have a phobia of would ever get posted? Thus barring potential animal-phobia-triggering posts from – wait, what is this again – oh right – an *animal-centric blog*? Silly Alex. I know, you were just joking, right?

  231. I never, EVER thought I would make a comment like this, but…This entry is just painful to watch.

    I’m not going to say i’ll stop reading CO over it or something silly, but I won’t be visiting again till this entry’s either removed or gets bumped off the front page.

  232. I have no problem agreeing with the people saying that it’s sad that the kitten died. It is sad. What’s sadder, though, is the people who are quick to say that the kitten should’ve been put down immediately rather than being given some chance at life.

    If some of you people out there really think that way, then I sure as heck hope you aren’t doctors who deliver babies. Would you be telling the mother the same thing? That her ‘hydrocephalic baby’ (bytheway, I do have hydrocephalus and a shunt to keep it under control) or her conjoined twins need to be offed?

  233. I think I <3 Berthaservant too.

    Well said, man. Very well said.

    *offers puddings to the non-nuffers*

  234. This is just sad, not cute. I wish you’d remove it.

    What’s next. A “cute” picture of the dead kitten?

  235. Gail (the first one) says:

    @crys: Thanks for the quotations….SO TRUE.

  236. Since a lot of other posters have said their piece, I’ll say mine. The video made me uncomfortable because of the mom being in the catbox AND because I thought the baby probably would not live long and if (s)he did, (s)he would be exploited.

    As a non-Christian and member of another Faith, my personal belief is that there is one Creator of all, and that One Creator created all living beings and certainly has regard for all living beings (though admittedly, it may be hard for some of us to see that manifest itself in this world of suffering and tribulation). As it is only humans who commit the most heinous acts, for any or no reasons, I feel that the Creator probably has special regard for cats, whose demonstrations of unconditional love and loyalty are unparalleled. I know this kitten is certainly safe in the Care of the One, for which I am grateful. Few, if any, humans could claim to be as blameless and innocent as a cat, nor to possess love as pure as a cat’s.

  237. to Lisa. lots of the regulars from a year ago are still here and lots of people from more than a year ago…. some people don’t post as often because of time constraints etc. Tehos’ comments are never cruel and are usually entertaining and thought provoking. I doubt this was posted to create a commentroversy. I have seen seemingly benign posts turn into a commentroversy because people make it that way with their comments.

  238. cheesybird says:

    Cute and sad both. Thanks to all the folk here who have contributed to this discussion (on both sides) in an intelligent, reasoned manner, without casting judgment or pointing fingers. Theo, hon, you just keep on keepin’ on! IMHO, you, Meg, and NTMTOM are doing a fantastic job.

    Tamara: “Take this down, the kitten obviously suffered…whether it knew it was suffering or not is beside the point, does a person with profound mental retardation realize his situation?”

    Wait. Huh? How does a being suffer without knowing it’s suffering? As far as I understand it, “suffering” is completely subjective to the person/animal experiencing it. It seems incredibly presumptuous to me (not to mention totally lacking in logic) to suggest an animal would be suffering and not be aware of it. If the animal doesn’t *know* it’s suffering, it’s NOT suffering.

    A person with profound mental retardation may not realize his/her situation, but that doesn’t mean that they are suffering. We can never truly know if this kitten suffered. Maybe it did. maybe it didn’t. The difficulty with animals (and infants) is that they have no way to communicate whether or not they are suffering, and we have to make incredibly difficult decisions concerning their welfare without benefit of any certainty. (Have you ever had to have a beloved pet euthanised? I’m sure many of us have agonized over the timing of the decision because it is often quite difficult to know how much your animal is suffering in their illness.) Don’t assume this kitten suffered based simply on the fact of its deformity. Deformity does not automatically equal pain or suffering.

    And I have to laugh at the people who would “vote” to take this video down. Since when is a blog a democracy?

  239. Eeerrr, so not cute. 😦

    Sadness is not cuteness. 😦

  240. bookmonstercats says:

    Thanks, Meg, for the post. Thanks, Theo, for the interjections. Thanks, also everybody, for the link to the beautiful two-faced kitty who lived. Yay. Thanks, BerthaS and everybody else who provided such cogent philosophy. I don’t know why the kitteh had 2 faces, perhaps s/he was an ovum that was going to produce twins, but didn’t divide properly. Whatever, s/he was, and still is, one of God’s own special ones, as is the beautiful 2-faced kitty who lived (yes, Tony James, twice the noms and licks with the rough tongues). I feel very priviledged to have seem the vidoes and it is wonderful to know that there are folk who love and care for the malformed whether human or beast. I feel very moved today. Lisa, I’ve been coming here for a few years now and I’ll keep coming back.

  241. Wow, fascinating comment thread – especially to see how upset people are by physical deformity and how they instinctively equate it with suffering. I think that’s a natural evolutionary response for us, but still, it’s interesting to see it play out.

    Anyway, it’s kind of amazing when you see outcomes like this kitty to think that reproduction ever works properly! There are a *lot* of steps that have to come together to get a baby!

  242. fish eye no miko says:

    “[I was also trying not to run afoul of Godwin’s Law, FENM.”

    Just becasue you don’t actually use the name doesn’t mean your intent is any different. In fact, imo it’s even worse because you’re doing it, but don’t have the guts to be honest about it.

  243. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I’ve been around for more than a year. I don’t post often because I have nothing witty to say, but I enjoy reading and seeing. This post did disturb me, but the kitten was cute.

    I don’t like snakes, small ones bother me more than big ones, for some reason. So I just passed over the tiny snake next to the quarter.

  244. fish eye no miko says:

    Theo said: “Epic fail.”

    Considering you compared him to HITLER, I’m not sure you have room to judge.

  245. MaureenF. says:

    This is so sad.
    Please don’t put this up anymore.

  246. wow, a lot of peeps are drinkin’ the Haterade on this post.

    while i can’t bring myself to watch the video cause i’ll cry…it’s still a cute little thing. and it’s her blog, she can post whatever the hell she likes.

    you no likey? you can go somewhere else. or scroll the EFF down. or wait a day or two for them to put up something else.

    there’s been a few things here on this site that don’t make my head asplode from teh qte but so what? life ain’t fair, life ain’t easy.

    i think a few people need to take a large ol’ chill pill and get over their high horses.

    i love CO and won’t ever leave. ever. even if they did nothing but show videos of baby kittehs who didn’t end up making it for very long.

    rock on, CO. ROCK THE EFF ON!!!!! 😀

  247. MoonCatty says:

    Actually, the only disturbing thing (for me) about the video was when the little kitten was placed in the litter box. Such a tiny kitten crawls with its face right on the ground, right on top of the litter and that isn’t healthy! Litter has drying agents in it, plus dust… and that sweet kitten had two noses, so it may have been breathing twice (?) as much dust into its little lungs. That may have played a part in working against the kitten’s chances for survival.

    Since there are two faced kitties who survived to healthy, loving, adulthood, it’s reasonable to consider that this kitten had a chance to survive. I’d take my cue from mama cat, she obviously loved and accepted her “different” baby.

    Just an observation, but why are the posts that are from people who purport to care the most about cuteness in this world, and “saving” animals from suffering, tend to turn out to be kinda mean, negative and judgmental?

    Gimme my cute JUST THE WAY I WANT IT or I’ll punish you!!!

    Hey, lookee what I brought: Homemade Snark!

  248. Thanks for the love, everyone.

    I hate snakes (as you may know), I mean really hate them. But if Meg wants to post what she thinks is a cute snake, she can (by the way, I’ve seen many two-headed snakes, or pics, anyway, not that I wanted to, and they seem to live okay). I might comment something like “Not cute” and move on, but I don’t personally feel the need to call for something to be taken down or never talked about or posted again.

    As for the calls that this site has become too concerned with hits or ad revenue — well, even if that is the case, so what? They’re not charging us anything and I mostly ignore the ads (some of which, including the current “River vs. Heath” ad, I find INCREDIBLY offensive), as most of us do. I hate cigarettes, too, but if a magazine has a cigarette ad, I don’t boycott the freaking magazine. Zsheesh.

    You guys go on and get as rich as you want.

    Meanwhile, nuffers: I offer you the chance to prove to me that Theo making comments/edits on posts leads to “more hits” in such a substantial number that it changes ad revenue.

    I, too, am here for life. Not just because of Meg and Teho and NTMTOM and the unquestionably cute stuff, but because of the community that cares so much about images that make us happy.

    The whole idea of CO to me is that cute is subjective and subject to discussion. Really, do we all think that undersea creatures are “cute”? Or iguanas? Or babies shouting “pa-sickie”? Some of us (yes, they are here among us), HATE CATS AND KITTIES. But we come together to discuss what is cute and why, and it’s okay to disagree.

    I’m just sorry that some people — and otherwise good people — are so afraid of difference that they begin to project their own fears onto a situation they know nothing about. The cat “must” be in pain (we don’t know); the owners “must” take responsibility for the creature’s life and death; Meg “must” not post anything like this or else it means that she has lost her soul and sold out hoping to get another 65 comments (and by the way, the comment total here is way, way, way short of the record).

    And it’s Theo’s birthday, he can be as bitchy as he wants.

    [Stick it, B-boy… – Ed.]

  249. Re: all of the screechers threatening to leave above – Yeah, I envy the CO folks for thinking of having a site like this first, too.

  250. Yeah what Berthaservant said times 15.

  251. kimicheese says:

    oh my. can’t we all just get along? since when does a video of a strangely formed kitten bring on so much religious arguing? since caturday, apparently. some might think this is an appearance of Janus, the Roman god who looked forward and back. where are all the Janus-zians to defend their faith? where? and what the ach ee double hockey sticks difference does it make if Christians think pets go to heaven or not? what would Jesus do?? maybe He’d have HEALED that kitty, or maybe He would have suggested that how we take care of it is the true tell of a persons’ heart, or maybe He would have pointed out that how it brings people together or tears them apart is the tell of how our society functions, folks. get off it already! i’m going to failblog to see the fail boat and chuckle a while where people don’t argue about if God exists, then why would He let a boat end up on land, etc.

  252. In a way, this post was a good thing because it was like a selection process of people who are open-minded toward cuteness and shallow b#tches who can’t accept anything less than a calendar-worthy picture of a cute animal. Those who threaten to boycott should go ahead — plenty of better quality fans will take their place. Happy Birthday, Theo, and don’t give in to the calls to take Janus down.

  253. MEOWAND WOOF says:

    Meg, through it all, you remain the wind beneath my wings. I never doubt you and find warmth in everything you post. That’s because I choose to see it that way

  254. snorglepup says:

    Double snorgle for two-face kitty.
    Love to my peeps who can still see beauty in even the not-so-lovely.
    A round of Chableen and raised glasses to Theo, Meg and that other Mike.
    Happy Birthday Ed!

  255. CoffeeCup says:

    As soon as this got posted, I knew there was going to be commentroversy…I didn’t realize that the “cute or sad” debate would eventually go into a “what is worth keeping alive” debate. Thanks, peeps, for making CO more than just a haven for cuteness.

    Everyone’s said their piece, so I’ll just say that berthaservant said everything I wanted to say, but didn’t think I could say without getting kind of riled up at some of the nuffers here.

    Teho, you’re still an awesome mod and I don’t think any of us (maybe except lisa) mind you “hacking” into our posts to add a comment.

    I didn’t watch the video, because I read the caption, I knew what it was, and I knew I didn’t want to see it. Others had the exact same ability. I don’t see how seeing it and not liking it means you have the right to demand the mods take something down that isn’t to your liking, reasoning for why aside.

  256. Thats a bad karma kitteh!

  257. Jo Flournoy says:

    sooo…this baby kitteh is absolutely precious!!!and should be treated like all other babies…it is a gift from God no matter what some might say and should never be put down at all!! shame on anyone for not being able to see the beauty in this baby!!!thank you God for all your creations and we know that nothing or no one is perfect!!!!thank you for sharing….I love this little guy and i just bet it`s mama loves it too!!!

  258. Like Meg says, you people are crazy.

    That is all.

  259. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    I love kitties I love CO.. I love humans.. I love all of you people.

  260. Yitzysmommie says:

    Wow. I’m not surprised at the commentroversy, but amazed at some of the thinking behind the comments.
    1. Most disturbing are the commenters that believe that because the kitten is deformed he MUST be in pain? What a strange idea. None of us know if the precious bebeh was hurting or not. S/he didn’t look like s/he was in pain.
    2. The idea that something must be physically perfect to be cute bothers me. As a former maternity nurse, I took care of countless babies with cleft lip & palate. The deformity is ugly but the baby is beautiful. I always made certain to share with the Mom how beautiful her baby was.
    3. The absolute nerve of Amanda believing we should all believe like her. It is barely a week since my beloved Lucy was euthanized, and you’d better believe that I am looking forward to meeting her again at the Rainbow Bridge. Fantasy story? Yes, but a lovely and gentle fantasy that is very soothing for this bereft pet owner and countless others.
    4. The dictators telling Megster and Teho how to act & what to post ON MEG’S BLOG! Don’t like it here? Make your own.
    5. To those who are leaving: good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the arse.
    And to the goofball who says NO ONE from the past is still posting here? Oh so wrong, small minded one. I have been here for a llooonnnggg time and will remain here.
    I love it when (T Ed.) writes somefin in one of my posts. I like/respect Teho ( even tho the Cat Cave curtains are a bit much) and I almost alwyas howl at his stuff.
    OK, that’s enough of my opinions. I’m off to snorgle Yitzy some more even though he just accidently scratched the hell out of my right leg.

  261. Wow. There are some really stupid people around.

    Different can be cute.
    Deformed can be cute.

    For the person who implied that mentally retarded people are suffering, I hope you spend some time around mentally disabled people. Those who I know are the happiest, sweetest, most inspiring people I have ever met. I would never imply that they needed to be told something for their own good or that someone needed to advocate for them because they weren’t bright enough to realize whether they were suffering or not.

    For the person who thinks CO is no longer cute because of things like this and snakes– seriously? Really? I think tiny wee snakes are cute. I happen to not be a cat person. But I keep coming back here and seeing ALL of the posts because they’re different from what I see everywhere else.

    I can’t believe I’m trying to reason with you people.

    Also, might I add, if YOU PEOPLE (and I) have the opportunity to comment on here to state our opinions, the Powers That Be on this site have the right to comment back to us. It’s their site. They give us the right, and they get the right in return.

  262. lapinguina says:

    Amanda: In matters of the afterlife, I defer to people older, wiser, and deader than I. To wit:

    “If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons.” – James Thurber

  263. Wow… dat’s a lot of opinions. Here’s mine: the only thing I see that’s deformed in this post is some of the commenters’ hearts.

  264. I just don’t get how this kitten is particularly cute! I know my sister sent in a couple photos of her extremely cute menagerie having interspecies snorglathons and those were all REJECTED as not meeting the demanding standards of cuteness. So how is this kitten cute? I guess the way this blog works is that Meg picks a random number, opens that email on her list, posts the photo, and then hires Theo to kick anyone’s ass that questions why she picked it. Plus recently he’s started insulting the commentors as well.

  265. Um…someone else is posting as Shaz…it ain’t me. I posted once and I said this kitty was cute. Theo, I’m sure you can see that it’s not me.

  266. Haha@Yitzysmommie! I love it when Teho spanks my comments too!

    To all of you who saw something remarkable, worthy, and cute in the tiny faces of this kitten, please thank your parents for raising rational and thoughtful human beings.

    Happy Birthday, Teho! Rock on! <3

  267. I’m going to vote sad, not cute on this one.

  268. cheesybird says:

    Monique, those grapes are pretty sour, aren’t they?

  269. I honestly don’t get what the big problem is. This was cute, way cute, and no different than any of the other cute stuff posted on this site. If people think this is cruel, well, they don’t understand mother nature’s sense of humor. And if people think this shouldn’t be on here because the cute wittle kitty (-ies?) died a few days later, then by that standard, none of these animals should be on cute overload at all, because they will eventually die!! Oh, the horror.

    It doesn’t make an animal any less cute. Just because the kitty looks different or didn’t live as long, doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve to be on CO, because it certainly was. Touched my heart. 🙂

  270. SallyMutant says:

    I don’t want to watch the video. But the still, showing there’s a post of the subject matter is valid for the topic “Cute and Sad.” Very sad. Poor precious kid.
    This is the first time I have ever commented on CO. I’ve used the site forever and I email cute to co-workers constantly. (This is a very important and useful site when there’s a slack moment at work. Beagles to Dale, Schnauzers to Mandy, tiny turtles to Debbie.. . Shih Tzus to everyone. . I have my workplace priorities!) It’s distressing to see this site disrepected because some folk think cute can’t be sad. People say they will leave CO forever? WTF. Sad makes you think. It’s sure made a lot of commenters think per this poor kitten, sorry they think that they can’t let tragic “Cute and Sad” be a part of the CO mix.

    To not enhance the aura of bad taste surrounding the poor kit, my screen name is not a comment on illness, imperfection or real genetic mutation. I thunk it up about 2004 to be all glib about being a Texas native yet a lifelong liberal- thus a mutant.

  271. double the love

  272. sad. i hope he’s okay. beautiful mama.

  273. stealingsand says:

    Thot about unsubscribing after I read this one, and am still undecided, esp. because the video on the YouTube page is a video response to something I won’t repeat. Makes me cry. I never read YouTube comments because of filth like this, but I didn’t expect CO to lead me right into it. Guess not even the editors here have the ability to bring me cute without cruelty. Took me until today to even go back to this site, so I hope somebody listens.

  274. stealingsand says:

    And for the record, am not upset about this video, just what it is a video response to on YouTube. Trying to get over it, but am a little sensitive to animal cruelty issues.

  275. Like many posters, I am upset to the point of feeling sick. Unlike many, I am not sickened by the precious kitteh, but by people’s unkind reactions to the kitteh and to Meg.

    Did you all not see a couple of months ago the pictures of the child born in India with two faces? And what was the reaction of the mostly uneducated neighbors of this child? Kindness. They brought flowers and treated her as the incarnation of a goddess.

    But here we are, with all our education and knowledge of genetics, saying the kitteh should be put down (too late), should be taken from the site, makes us vomit, and so on.

    Who knows, maybe the kitteh is an incarnation of a goddess. Reminds me of an old joke, which I paraphrase here. A man dies in the hospital and is brought back. The nurses ask him, “What did you see?”

    He says, “I saw God. She’s a cat, she has two faces, and boy, is she pissed!”

  276. Aw… Mama Cat loves her babies no matter what!

  277. This isn’t cute at all. Sorry. Animals that die soon after birth and go through pain and suffering just doesn’t strike that “aDORable!!” chord in me.

  278. Troost&Frankie's Mom says:

    While it certainly makes me sad to know that this kitty died, I still think he has two adorable little faces and I don’t think it needs to be taken down. I don’t like words like deformed and disfigured, because we shouldn’t necessarily describe such things with words that have negative connotations.

    One of my kitties dies last year, and I would never want to stop looking at his photos, even though it makes me sad that I’ll never be able to snorgle him again. I also wouldn’t want to see the adorable pictures of Numo the hedgehog taken off of CO, either. Life is all too short for our little animal friends, but they bring so much cuteness into the world.

  279. “[So, your solution would be to kill it. Does that remind you of anyone? – Ed.]”

    No, not really … who does it remind you of?

    If you’re implying that euthanizing a suffering animal is ethically equivalent to a human eugenics program, you are disregarding the commenter’s point – no matter how much animals remind us of humans, they are not the same as humans, and we do them a disservice by expecting them to be exactly like us. What might be appropriate treatment for a human might be wrong, wrong, wrong for a kitten. Number me among Team The Right Thing to Do Would Have Been to Take That Poor Kitten to the Vet For an Expert Opinion.

    This is exactly the point made by animal behavior experts like Vicki Hearne and Temple Grandin – you cannot treat an animal humanely unless you understand both the similarities and differences between animals and humans. To imply that euthanizing a kitten is the same as euthanizing a child misses that point.

  280. I think CO and the interwebs should also take down the Christian the Lion vids that have been populating so much lately. I mean, that lion/human reunion happened way back in the SEVENTIES. Lions only live about EIGHT YEARS in the wild. Even under the bestest of circumstances, the oldest lionness on record (and Christian was a boy lion!) was only TWENTY. This means Christian the Lion is now dead!! OMG!! The video of that lion and his hoomans makes me SO SAD because I know he is dead now. Why would you guys post it on CO??

    On another note, it’s edifying for a misanthrope like me to know there are plenty of you out there who feel that something born with imperfections or deformities should be mercifully put down. This way to the gas, ladies and gentlemen…

  281. stealingsad. Since this is not a subscription blog, you can’t unsub. Meg and Co have absolutely NO control WHATSOEVER over ANYTHING outside of CO. Meaning, they have NO control WHATSOEVER over the stuff at YouTube. At best, if you were upset and offended by a video response ON YOUTUBE, that video can be reported TO YOUTUBE as offensive.

    There’s also the option of not clicking things.

    Mandy, you have no more proof that the kitten was actually suffering than I have that it wasn’t. Yes, the kitten died. HOWEVER, might I point out to you the little understood concept of celebrating a life, no matter how short or how ‘deformed’ physically that life was? Or the little understood concept of the miracles of nature? Yes, abnormalities such as this little kitten are still miracles.

    Monique. ReallY? YOu received rejection letters stating that said photos did not meet up with some arbitrary definition of cute? The rest of your post is just, well, I’ll come right out and say it, immature stupidity. I pictured you stomping your foot and pouting, threatening to hold your breath until your face turned blue until you got your way, that being Meg posting every single existing photo of your sister’s pets and banning Theo from the internet while apologizing for her passive agressive bullying.

    Grow up. See the world in all it’s strangeness and learn a few things along the way. It will do you a great deal of good.

  282. Poor little thing. Looking at it, I didn’t think it looked like it would be viable. I hope its short life was a pleasant one.

  283. Lizzy,
    Your comment is older, but I still wanted to say something. You listed that you studied all of these subjects. And you are 22. You make yourself sound like some kind of scholar. When in reality you are more than likely listing college classes you took. I can say that I’ve studied German, microbiology, counseling and physics, but it doesn’t mean I’m an expert, just means I sat in class, crammed for exams and know a little about each. Just putting that out there.

    About the kitten: Dayum, nature can be cruel sometimes. lol

  284. 1 The kitten is cute regardless of “deformities” and the mother is awesome for caring for it.

    2. I am a Christian and I can very well believe what I like-thats the beauty of America-freedom of religion,speech,etc.etc.

    3. Pull your panties out of your A** please-it has seemed to made you cranky.

    4. It is meg and theo’s website-they can do what they please.

  285. “[Trying to get over it, but am a little sensitive to animal cruelty issues.]”

    Stealingsand, I hope you won’t leave CO because of that Youtube link. I highly doubt that the individual who posted this video connected the two for any reasons other than they involve kittens who need/needed help. That video, while dealing with a terrible case of animal cruelty, was made because the woman who rescued the cat needed monetary assistance to get him the surgery he needed. She was trying to save him, and from what little we can see from the video of this unique little guy, his owners also tried to give him the best chance at life.

    Personally, I think the kitten is beautiful. I think the interaction between the mother and the kitten is adorable. I’m sorry that he passed, and I certainly hope that he didn’t suffer, but I also hope that this serves as an eye-opening experience to some of you: What defines something as ‘cute’ in your mind? Is it sheer physical traits of fuzziness and big, perfectly formed, button eyes, or can you look a bit further to find the happiness even in the worst situations? Life isn’t always going to be something you can escape from, you’ve got to find the happiness in the most trying of times in order to make it worth living.

    Thanks Theo and Meg, for keeping this one up.

  286. @Monique
    Does Meg send out rejection letters? Did your cuteness just not get posted because there are a gajillion submissions, and only a few a day get posted? I sent in a cute picture of my baby, and it was not posted, but I didn’t take it personally. Geesh, there is more cuteness in this world than one blog can get to.
    As for the kitten, cute. Sad that he died, but cute while he was alive. His (or her) cuteness is captured in this video forever.

  287. Commentroversies are fascinating to me, especially on something as personal as a blog. Which is what CO is. I think because it is such a worldwide phenomenon, we forget that CO was someone’s hobby at one time; if you search, there will be other typepad addresses for various subjects that don’t interest you. Remember that the authors do not care about people who do not share their interests, unless they have issues about being “liked” by everyone. I’m pretty sure Meg does not have that issue.

    I adore CO, and come here several times every day. I am usually not interested in human babies, or cats nestled in boobages, but the way I get around that is to scroll past them. I saw the image of the kitten with two faces, decided that it would be too depressing to watch, and skipped right to the comment thread, which, at 237 comments, promised to be more interesting anyway.

    Meg can “hire” whomever she wants to make comments in the thread, and it has nothing to do with being “professional”, because this blog isn’t based on customer service, no more so than my blog, or your blog, or blogs about Miley Cyrus or what kinds of yogurt someone might like.

    And . . . I have a facial deformity. There’s no other way to term it. It’s not nice, I would prefer people not stare, or talk about it, or ask me about it, etc., but I also don’t need people to get all PC and call it a “facial difference”. It looks horrible, but usually I don’t feel any physical pain. Please do not offer to put me out of my misery.

  288. It’s not about sour grapes, just for the record. I never submitted pics of my own animals because they’re already all over the blog I share with my husband.

    The fact that I made a perfectly polite comment that I didn’t see how the two-faced kitty was cuter than a one faced kitty (less cute in my opinion) and got called immature and stupid shows my point. The posts are hit-or-miss, but instead of allowing feedback to see what others agree is cute, there’s for some reason the idea that Meg-and-Theo are infallible and any of their true fans don’t dare question the choices. Isn’t this site supposed to be lighthearted?! It has a picture of a flying hamster, and that’s just not jiving in my head with the rage from devotees.

  289. Ms Perfect says:

    “Perfectly polite”? You need to read your comment again, Monique. Sure, you started out with “I don’t geddit” but then rammed full-speed into “Meg is unfair and I hate her and Theo”. And yeah, capslock of rage (“REJECTED”) does have a distinct whiff of the sour.

  290. THat was anything but a perfectly polite comment Monique, hence my response to you was geared at a level I’m sure you would be able to understand.

    Don’t try to backtrack hon, your original words are there for all to see.

  291. In fact, for anyone curious…here is Monique’s initial post.

    “I just don’t get how this kitten is particularly cute! I know my sister sent in a couple photos of her extremely cute menagerie having interspecies snorglathons and those were all REJECTED as not meeting the demanding standards of cuteness. So how is this kitten cute? I guess the way this blog works is that Meg picks a random number, opens that email on her list, posts the photo, and then hires Theo to kick anyone’s ass that questions why she picked it. Plus recently he’s started insulting the commentors as well.”

    TEll me folks, was that perfectly polite or more than a little snarky. Note that I have not changed one single word either. Scroll up to find it.

  292. To the small number of folks who actually need to read this:

    I was kicking ass here waaaaay before I ever got paid to. So to speak. And, if somehow this has managed to elude you, it’s only those specific asses which need kicking. And guess what? That’s *my* call to make, at least on this blog. (Well, it certainly could be Meg’s call, since this is her place, but that also entitles her to first pick of the daily duties, and her background is creative, whereas mine is IT.)

    If the above confuses you, then at the very least you might try being *polite*, if that’s all you think you can handle. I really don’t dig rudeness. (Maybe think of me as Hannibal Lechter Lite™.) Anything above & beyond that is extra credit — and reflects well upon you in everybody’s eyes, not just mine.

    None of this is new. The internet isn’t new. Widely-practiced civilized behavior, within an established society, isn’t new.

    I’m going to go back to being funny and nice now, like almost everybody else here, hokey dokes?

  293. I think Monique might need to call the Whambulance. I also think she might not quite get the overall gist of the blog. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  294. Ooh, does George Michael drive the Whambulance?

    (actually Andrew Ridgeley would be more likely to drive, I assume, given his racetrack days)

    (yeah it was the 80s, sorry)

  295. I’m sorry; I couldn’t even watch the video–I got upset just seeing the post. I have to agree: I come to CO to brighten my day, not bum me out. Too many more of these and I won’t return.

  296. Ok, I’m really sad and bummed out now. Need a cute and happy fix to get over this sad, sad kitteh.

  297. Joe Beese says:

    Scenario #1: Cute Overload advertising salesperson calls American Apparel: “Our web site today shows a video of a kitten wearing a funny hat.”

    Scenario #2: Cute Overload advertising salesperson calls American Apparel: “Our web site today shows a video of a kitten so radically deformed that it was unusual for it to live the few days that it did.”

    See the difference?

    American Apparel might also prefer if the editor refrained from appending their defensive, belittling snark to our baffled and disheartened protestations at being served content *diametrically opposed* to what we expected.

  298. I have never been upset by any images on this site since I started reading in 12/05, but this made me horribly depressed. I could not watch the video and I had to consul my partner who did. I actually dreaded coming back to the site all weekend for fear that sweet sad little face(s) would be what greeted me yet again. I, and others like me, know the world is full of pain and imperfections. I don’t need Cuteoverload to remind me.

  299. I also normally enjoy Theo’s comments, but in this thread they seemed very mean spirited in the face of people who are honestly upset and distressed by this post.

  300. I completely agree with Theo. I think every one just needs to calm down about this. If this video offends you, you should have never even played it, as you could clearly tell from the title and the default picture what it was going to be. These guys put a lot of effort into bringing us so much stuff EVERYDAY. It is so rude and ungrateful to be leaving all these negative comments for them. If you don’t like the video, that’s all well and good and you’re definitely entitled to your opinion. But there’s no reason to get to angry about it. They didn’t post this with the intention to offend or upset anyone. So let’s take a deep breathe and move on. =)

  301. Okay, so how many of you who said you were leaving CO for good are now reading this comment because you *came back* to see people’s responses to your post?

    Just curious.

  302. Daphne Moss says:

    It’s sad, but sweet and poignant, too.
    It was dear, the way the mother cat loved her baby, despite its tragic state.
    Short, happy and loved life of flawed little fluffo. Not so sad when you think of it that way… 😉

  303. Joe…I’m pretty damn sure there is no CuteOverload Advertising Salesperson. In fact, a quick check shows ALL ads on the site being automatically generated, either by Google or BlogAds.
    CO is hardly the only blog out there who uses these, hell, I have google ads on my underused and neglected craft blog.

  304. Rest in peace little one…

  305. Probably nobody is still reading these, but just for the record, I was not intending to be rude at all. Capitals were to emphasize, not whine. It’s really easy to interpret text as nasty if you want to, but why would you want to?

    And I stand by my belief that flying hamsters would not endorse snarkiness.

  306. Totalee Puppy says:

    A poem about a child or a pet who dies young. If you know the name of the author, please help me out.
    Also, the words may need correction…but here it is…
    “The sweetest rose dies soonest,
    its scent survives its close,
    but the rose’s scent is
    to him that loved the rose.”

    Rest in peace, little kittens. Knowing about you
    has helped some of us grow in our awareness of love.

  307. I love CO. Just LURVE it. I’ve been tuning in since close to the beginning, back when Teho was Teh SnarkMeister* for free. This is a well-deserved title. I, for instance, don’t deserve such a title because one needs to be clever to be snarky, otherwise, it’s just being bitchy. …maybe I’m the BitchMeister. BitchMistress? That sounds weird.

    Anyhoodle, I’m off to click a whole bunch of times on the advertisers links to indicate my support for Meg’s blog. I love the posts. They’re fantastic. When I see one that looks like it might be a bit sad, I DON’T CLICK ON IT FOR GODSAKES. (That’s self-control–see how I did that there? With the not clicking? On the two faced kitty movie? Kudos goes to ME for figuring out that one all by my onesies.) On the other hand, I will read the commentroversy that ensues and bathe myself in the full spectrum of opinions from the peanut gallery, and cackle with glee with Teho lays a little “… -Ed.” smackdown on the chuckleheads who lower themselves to personal attacks on their fellow


    …nah, that’s a bit extreme.

    In fact, maybe I’ll buy some Hartz products, even though I don’t have pets. Ooh, and by the time I comment next, I could be a trained pet groomer. I could quit my day job as a lawyer and wash dogs instead!

    PS: Berthaservant–the mawwiage offer is still open (subject to me becoming single first). Wait, then I’d be choosing Berthaservant over NTMTOM. I’ve never been good with decisions. Let’s move to Utah!

  308. I tried to add to the commentroversy, but the bot thinks I’m spam.

    Sigh. I had fun composing it, too.

    [Found it & fixed it… – Ed.]

  309. jessdandy says:

    I, too, use CO as an escape for a little dose of happiness, to see pictures of surefire cuteness to brighten my day. And i think many of the people who had problems with this post felt that this image intruded on that, sort of brought the real world into their fantasy land. I wonder if that is difficult for Meg and Theo and other contributors, to have a cute mission as an artistic goal, but also have an audience that uses this site as an almost therapeutic refuge? I also think, that for me and all the other therapeutic readers, stuff like this is good because it challenges and helps us grow.

  310. I tried to run away from this post earlier, after being on the verge of adding to the discussion/commentroversy. I guess I failed.

    First, lest anyone accuse me of being clueless about animals, I have fostered 40 kittens and a dog and had nearly countless rats (11), hams (2), rabbits (1), dogs (6), cats (8), and mice (11) of my own.

    Second, that baby could not tell you that he was in pain any more than he could tell you he was not, so stop acting (all of you) as if you know.

    Third, taking YouTube footage instead of taking the baby to a vet seems gravely irresponsible. Perhaps they did take him to a vet, but I doubt it. As a cat mom, the very last thing on earth I would consider doing in this situation would be taking video and posting it on the internet.

    Fourth, all of you who claim that you have a wide appreciation of all things potentially cute – and mind you, I have not said this kitten was not cute – are being significantly more hateful and vitriolic in your responses than the supposed “nuffers”. Just because you like the post does not mean that your nasty comments are acceptable.

    Fifth, while I appreciate that this is Meg’s blog and Theo is the moderator, I think he has overstepped the reasonable bounds of “moderation”. No, this is not the place to cry and scream about a person’s First Amendment rights, but as a place that seems to encourage intelligent discourse (most of the time), it strikes me as very unfortunate that Theo has taken it upon himself to valiantly defend Meg’s honor by belittling people. There are times and places for euthanasia; while this may not be one of them (or it may), accusing people of horrible motives is not appropriate. Neither you nor I nor the people who have suggested that this baby was suffering actually know if he was. Let’s not throw stones when we ourselves live in glass houses.

    Finally, no, I will not quit coming to this site, but there have been a fair number of not terribly cute things lately. Please refrain from telling me that I don’t have to click or come here at all – I understand that simple equation.

  311. I realize I’m late to the commentroversy (that’s what I get for going out of town for the weekend), but I wanted to add a postscript.

    I’m a small animal vet; I’ve been practicing for almost 15 years, the past 6 for a busy vet hospital here in San Francisco. I’ve never dealt with a diprosopic animal, but I did participate in a few dissections of animals with severely deformed heads (mostly calves), when I was a student at Davis.

    Severe cranial deformations aren’t just something on the surface; they extend inside the anatomy of the skull, with open or fused fenestra and/or sinuses, sutures (the bony ridges inside the skull that stiffen it) that extend into the brain area or even bisect the brain, and so on. I’d comfortably bet on this kitten having some pretty novel deformation inside; I’d be very interested to see a set of x-rays. Because of this, I can tell you that this kitten probably had a pretty miserable life. Breathing trouble, perhaps an inability to swallow, gastric distress; a host of potential issues.

    So for those of you who would like to think that it’s cute, was happy and loved…you’re fooling yourselves. It was probably in constant pain. Would any of you recognize symptoms of constant pain from a video of a week-old kitten? Doubtful. That’s the trouble with anthropomorphizing animals to the extent that some here seem to do; you project human quality-of-life values onto non-human animals who can’t tell us that they’re suffering and can’t hope for improvement.

    If this kitten had been brought to me I would’ve, without hesitation, recommended euthanasia. The odds of it merely surviving into adulthood were astronomically against it. The likelihood of it being in constant discomfort until it died is almost certain. The fact that it didn’t last more than a week ought to prove something to you. And to the good folks who put on CuteOverload: I normally enjoy your blog, but please…if an animal has severely deformed skull, don’t presume it’s happy just because you think it’s cute. There’s nothing cute about suffering.

  312. I dont know… I’d be sad to take it to the vet. It snuggled right up to mum and likewise when they gave it to mumcat – I’d be hard-pressed to take it away from mum at all, especially if I knew it was not going to survive…

    But whoa, whats with the beating up on Theo? I didnt see anyplace where he was more obnoxious (did I say that?) or sarcastic than usual. Maybe it just seems like a lot since there are so many more post on this one – that must be it.

  313. that’s why people should spay and neuter their pets! poor little creature.

  314. Ohhhh, I see what the theory is: If you’re the moderator, you’re forbidden from “belittling” people. If you’re just a regular commenter, go right ahead and belittle away.

  315. LMNOP – Yes, in fact, that is my theory. While we should all try and have an on-topic discussion, I cannot see the point of a moderator if he or she has taken sides and joined in the flaming.

    [This is not a town hall meeting. This is a private website. You are a *guest* here, and subject to our rules and whims. There are similar blogs which require every comment submitted to be held for approval by the owner, with no guarantees that it will ever show up. Some blogs disallow comments completely. It’s also true that you can find places where folks can post absolutely whatever they want with no interference whatsoever, until law enforcement finds a way to shut it down. What I do allows CO to stand fairly comfortably in the middle of all this. – Ed.]

  316. kind of messed up that the guy put it in the litter box in the end with the mom.. I realize it probably wasnt ganna live much longer but still he could have put it in a nice warm box with some soft blankies… that is what i would have done anyways… 😦

  317. Theo, how does that have any bearing on the point of a moderator?

  318. Updated my comment. If you can’t understand it, then I can’t help you.

  319. The beautiful little Indian girl born with two faces is named “Lali Singh”. You can google her to find out more. This wee kitty, despite its short life, is, in my humble opinion, likewise a creation of beauty.

  320. Theo, you’ve missed my point, but clearly there’s nothing I can do to help you.

    Aren’t thinly veiled insults so much nicer than direct ones?

  321. sickntired says:


    1st, nobody accused you of being clueless about animals, but glad to see you’re already on the defensive.

    2nd, I agree with you in that regard.

    3rd, you don’t know whether or not they took the poor thing to the vet. You don’t know whether video was taken after he was or was not taken to the vet, so please take your own advice and stop acting as if you do know.

    4th, I would hardly say the people defending the post have been any more or less “hateful and vitriolic” than the “nuffers”. I’m aware that you seem to fall in the latter category, but let’s not be biased here. Everyone on BOTH sides has said some hateful things, so please don’t try to point fingers at those who have an opposing viewpoint.

    Fifth, it’s not the moderator’s responsibility to sit there and take all the hateful crap that’s being slung at him, nor is it your place to tell Theo what his job does and does not entail. He’s done a fabulous job of moderating this site for quite a long time without your “assistance”. I doubt you could do a better job yourself considering you yourself haven’t exactly remained neutral either.

    Finally, if you “get” that it’s their site and you don’t have to click on or come here if you don’t like what you’re seeing, then what exactly is the point of posting an entire essay on the subject followed by accusing Theo of making thinly veiled insults when you yourself are guilty of the same? If you “get it” then just let it be. If you don’t, then please get off your judgmental high horse.

  322. OK OK, eNUFF already. Sheesh.