Night of the HUMANS!

Coming soon to this theater: NIGHT OF THE HUMANS!  Witness the blood-curdling terror of marauding humans and their ghoulish hunger for DOGGIE BRAINS!  Nothing can stop these mindless beasts as they comb the countryside, fiendishly feasting on furry flesh!

SEE! Terriers terrorized!  SEE! Dachshunds devoured!  SEE! Mastiffs masticated!  Due to the shocking graphic nature of this film, children under 17 will not be admitted without a ticket!  See NIGHT OF THE HUMANS — in gut-wrenching 3-D Snorg-O-Vision!

Well, I really wasn't using it anyway, so...

Let’s schnack on a schnauzer, Stacey S.



  1. Doggie is all: “See what I have to put up with?…”

  2. bookmonstercats says:

    Doggie is actually “Wait until you put your foot in your slipper tomorrow morning, ‘bean.”

  3. falnfenix says:

    hah, nice writeup. 🙂

  4. See Beagles beleaguered!

  5. The dog got nom’d!

  6. temperance says:

    See! Poodles Pulverized!

    (will i need special doggles to view this in 3-D?)

  7. temperance says:

    See! Pom-Poms Pummelled!!!

    (Meg, close your eyes)

  8. nice hovertext 🙂
    i have a spare brain lying around here as well, i’m not using it, anyone interested?
    it’s as good as new, never used.

  9. Looks like a rat terrier. Their heads are very kissable.

  10. I do hope medical personnel will be on hand.

    (Seriously, Mike, will you marry me? Seriously.)

  11. See them chow on chow chows! Oh the horror!

    And I loved the line, “children under 17 will not be admitted without a ticket!” Great review, NTMTOM!


  12. I love Lhasa for Linner!

    Happy Friday All!

  13. SNORT!

  14. HEY! Is it possible that this pic was not taken with a digicam? It looks like an analog photo to me! 😀

  15. Haha…I love the hovertext. Totally matches the pups expression.

  16. It’s Nom-tacular!

  17. Let’s go snack on a schnauzer
    Let’s go snack on a schnauzer
    Let’s go snack on a schauuuuuzer
    And have ourselves a treat!

  18. Nosh on a Newfoundland!

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Silly boy Nom Tom, the hooman is merely trying to inflate the Jack Russel to Mastiff size. Take a look behind any dogs ear and you’ll find the valve for blowing them up. :0}

  20. ThreeCatNight says:

    Puppeh is saying:
    “OMG! He’s trying to suck out my brain again! Help! Won’t someone help me ?!! What did I do to deserve THIS?!!”

    Graphic content; may disturb some viewers!!


  22. wagthedogma says:

    SEE! Scotties scarfed! (Sorry…couldn’t stop myself.)

    @NTMTOM: Rockin’ that hovertext yet again!!

    @HonGlad: Is that valve anywhere near the “bark off” switch? Because I have yet to find either. 😀

  23. violetgreen says:

    I’ll have the #3, please: a Leonberger, French Bulldog Fries, and a Chocolate Maltese.

  24. I must confess… I chew on my kitties. They are tasty!

  25. Could I have some beagle on a bagle? Poodles with noodles?

  26. I’ll take a Weimaranar, with lime and bananar.

  27. Erebella says:

    Yeah, it’s a brain sucker. And omg it’s starving!

    The dog’s like, “Uh, you’re just kidding, right……RIGHT?!”

  28. Dexter Fishmore says:


  29. scruffylove says:

    As it happens, I do love to schnack on my schnauzer. I love to dig into hees leetle lambchops.

  30. The “without a ticket” detail nearly escaped me!

  31. He isn’t noming brain, the Doggeh is shocked that its super secret ear beuty secret is out, they are so nomable because they have been tenderisied.

  32. Jocularity! Jocularity!

  33. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    You guys slay me. Love the look on the dog’s face. It’s like he’s my teenage son, and the parent is doing something horrifyingly embarrassing.. like.. existing. No, but seriously.. that’s the look on his face.. I swear my son looks at me like that daily.

  34. ‘So, you’re just going to photograph this? Seriously? That’s all you’re going to do. Not…you know…help or anything. Fantastic.’

  35. freetomato says:

    I’m with tallgeekgal….pup looks ‘zactly like my ratty Speck (aka Princess Frecklepants – see what you DID to me, CO???)

  36. <3 the alt-text!!

    and I don’t mean to nuff, and I’m sure all interspecies snorglers will get on my case about this, but I think I am going to be haunted for the rest of the day by disturbing delusions of what it’s like to have dog hair inside my mouth. But oh well, if the cats can deal with it, so can I.

    Anyhow, cute picture and awesome caption totally worth said delusions anyways.

  37. If that is indeed a rat terrier…then no, he wasn’t using it. 🙂

    *knoooows of the rat terriers*

  38. And the cat sez: “what’s dis? Martian brain eater. what’s it doing? STARVIN!!”

  39. Hmmm when I try to nom on my pit bull mixes ears he generally gets up and goes into another room. I thinks I need to have lessons on the proper form of dog nom-nom-noming. Perhaps the guy in the picture gives lessons?

  40. wagthedogma says:

    I just did this to my cat a half-hour ago and now I’m hungry again…

  41. Got to love the expression of horror and disapproval on the pup’s face.

  42. Michelle says:

    Braiiiiins. BRAAAAAAAIIIINS!

  43. Every time I try to do this to my beagle mix, he gives me a look of indifference and sighs very huffily. Of course, that’s how he reacts to most things, cause he’s emo, but still. He’s never as exciting as puppy up there.

  44. Srsly. I want to know where NTMTOM lives and if he’s single. Anybody that damn funny can leave fur on my couch any time. 🙂

  45. (And yeah, I myself don’t really know what I meant by that “fur on the couch” comment, but it sounded cute at the time.)

  46. Dexter, I think you mean BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!

  47. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Babs: Why you, I oughta… 😉

  48. yankeebird says:

    I just attempted this with my kitteh, and she couldn’t even be bothered to open her eyes from her nap. I guess she knows even if I did successfully eat some of her brains, she’d still be smarter than me.

  49. wagthedogma says:

    BRAAAAAAANS? No thanks, I had a bowl of FiberOne this morning.

  50. I hear they’re already shooting Night of the Humans 2 with Sandra Bulldog and Spaniel Day-Lewis.

  51. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Are you guys sure this isn’t some new kind of musical instrument?

  52. Bluemenro says:

    LOL! I love horror films, and I love CuteOverload, so this is just too perfect. Love the hover text, too!

  53. @Theo, did you know that “Lime and Banana” is actually Cockney Rhyming Slang for Weimeraner?
    “Luv, would yer take the Lime ‘n’ Bananers out for walkies?”

  54. How about a slab of Lab, washed down with a mug of pug?

  55. charliewabba says:

    and chocolate labs for dessert!

  56. “Srsly. I want to know where NTMTOM lives and if he’s single. Anybody that damn funny can leave fur on my couch any time. :)”

    Hey, back off, I call first dibs!

  57. As the crowd chanted:

    “Whole head! Whole head!…”

    Awesome, pawsome nom-ness.

  58. I should have written:

    “nom thirsty crowd chanted” because let’s be honest:

    Who here isn’t nom thirsty?

  59. Doggeh’s like: “Dewd! WTH?!”

  60. I think the dog’s not entirely sure whether he should be pleased or embarrassed. I suspect he’s embarrassed about being pleased… and a bit sheepish.

  61. Just another crappy David Cronenberg idea.

  62. binky-mama says:

    What are you guys all looking at? I see nothing wrong with this picture.

    *Runs off to stalk kitteh*

  63. darkshines says:

    *pushes everyone out of the way*

    *adjusts hair*

    Why hello there, NTMTOM 😉

  64. Dear NOMTOM,
    I think you need an agent or a bodyguard. See where being absolutely brilliant gets one?

    I know what a burden this must be, having women fall all over you-but courage, courage…

  65. Gail (the first one) says:

    LOL-ing at the captioning!!!! “Gut-wrenching Snorg-O-Vision”, it KEELS me!!!

  66. With no apologies to Stephen Sondheim:

    “Shepherd’s pie peppered with real German Shepherd on top.”

  67. roisin formerly known as ka9q's wife says:

    Awwwww my Brittany is asleep and an easy target, but I am full. Darn I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that last waffle.

  68. ladies, i think the only fair way to progress is a NTMTOM lottery for his hand…

    …er, paw…



    And we could use the proceeds to fund a great big CO wedding reception!

    (i’m totally j/k, NTMTOM. we’re not stalking you. honest.)

  69. warrior rabbit says:

    Like hell we’re not!

    (Preens, takes glasses off and stares in what is perceived to be his general direction. “Why, hello, NTMTOM…How are you this fine morning?”)

  70. Love the look on the puppeh’s face. It’s perfect.

  71. Tastes like chikken.

  72. darkshines says:

    NTOMTOM, not a word of a lie, I still have to put on my make up and do my hair before I post on one of your entries, just in case you can “see me through the screen”…..

  73. NOMBIES!

  74. It took me a while to realize, the text is truer than you think at first… humans really do roam the countryside devouring furry flesh! When piggies and goats start to make their own horror movies, this could be one of the ads!

  75. darkshines says:

    On Futurama they did a spoof of a sci fi b movie called “It Came From Planet Earth!” about a human who attacked and ate hideous robot creatures.


  77. Stacey Adams says:

    Ladies, ladies, relax! His name is Jeff and he used to be my boyfriend. I haven’t seen him in years but I still run into his mom every now and again. I called and left her a message to let Jeff know that he is semi-famous (of course none of the pics of MY pets have been posted but I had to submit this one; it’s a treasure). I have no idea if she called him but he really is sweet and loves his Bisque (rat terrier). All I will reveal is that he lives in Colorado and I don’t know if he’s avail.

  78. Cute: it’s what’s for dinner.