Honey? you got any black hair dye?

‘Cause I’m making a video about a "Panda Dog" [does air quotes] and I need some.

Honey? What—what’s that look for?

Um, Nice try, Brinke G. but no cigarillo.



  1. chibawafu says:

    oh god it has eyebrows!

    i love dog with eyebrows…so cute

  2. oaklandcat says:

    What’s with the pron soundtrack?

  3. victoreia says:

    Lemme guess…his name is “Bandit”, right?

  4. That’s sweet. He seems terribly confident in his panda colors.

  5. Haha that’s so awesome and cute!

  6. Felicityanne says:

    …but what did he use to dye it???

  7. Hon Glad says:

    He seems a happy little bug.
    De die don’t appear to be doing any harm, he even has a panderish gait,

  8. WANT!

  9. Too Late says:

    OMG! How much longer to Halloween?!!!

  10. He’s not a real panda unless he has a name like Ling Ling or Ping Ping.

  11. Michelle says:

    😀 panderpup! <3

    Old but awesome footage!

  12. A pandog! I’ll take one with some mustard…

  13. Here’s a news story about “Columbo”…


    Highlight: “Columbo was adopted by a pet store owner who happened to also be a beautician.”

  14. You’re posting this in “Bears”? LOL

  15. Words fail me.

  16. I want to know.. what danger is there in dying the dogs fur? We are told that Hair Dye for humans is toxic and we’re a much bigger animal.
    Also… what kind of place was that in China? So many dogs. I hope it was a good place. I heard they eat dogs there. I hope this is not the case! They are just too sweet and trusting to eat. It would be like eating children. WRONG!

  17. What’s with the pornojazz soundtrack?

  18. super cute.

  19. Oy vey, this dog is confused!

  20. oaklandcat, twisted minds think alike! 😀

  21. wagthedogma says:

    @Hope: Then you might want to skip the “Night of the Humans” post.

  22. I kinda wanna get black hair dye and do this to my mom’s bichon…. >_> <_ <

  23. Love the Shaft-era “wokka-chika wokka-chika” music.

  24. Oh boyy LOL @ soundtrack…

    And the sensitivities came out early on on this one.. whoa lol!

  25. There are hair dyes that are 100% safe to use on pets. Manic Panic is a vegan dye and that’s what most people use when they color their pets (or food coloring, which is also safe). I worked for a pet grooming company and we got requests from owners all the time, and knew how to safely dye the pet.

  26. @Hope, He probably used something like this:


    Yay for rescutes!

  27. I actually really liked the music – anyone have any idea what it is? as for the hair dye, maybe it’s Aveda. they make haircolor that’s not bad for anyone. just a thought.

  28. What a happy tail!
    Very happy puppy… 🙂 🙂

  29. @Hope: They don’t eat PET dogs in China, only dogs that have been raised for food, much like livestock. And it’s considered a delicacy, not a daily meal. Saying that they shouldn’t be eaten because they are “sweet and trusting” is a bit silly – cows are also sweet and trusting and we eat them by the herdful. Yummm, cow.

  30. If you like panda dog, you’ll LOVE this — talk about a soundtrack!

    So addictive, I have to revisit it every few months because it cracks me up and it’s so catchy. This girl is hilarious.

  31. Kiragirl says:

    It’s a Pandog.

  32. scooterpants says:

    rabbit is also very tasty and is eaten widely around the world. and , hold onto yourself now… In Peru- they eat !!!!!GUINEA PIGS!!!!!
    and you are right Elaine, they dont eat Pet dogs in China, but to an american, any form of eating dog would be repulsive i guess. i understand from a news report that their government has requested that all dog be removed from menus for the duration of the olympics, so as not to offend visitors.
    this being pandog, it is also an endangered species , and there is no threat of ‘woking’. (i’m going to h*ll for that)

  33. I’m a bit confused – where is it ever said as fact that the dog is dyed and doesn’t just have cute natural coloring?

  34. Dark hair dyes are primarily a problem for the hair dresser not the client. The level of exposure to the client is pretty low, but the hair dressers dye many clients and have a much higher level of exposure. Don’t worry about the pup (although dyeing fur so close to the eyes made me uncomfortable), worry about the colorist.

  35. Wow. No leash law? My puppy would be so happay! Do I have to paint him like a panda too?

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    ACK! Adorabuhls puppy Pandog.
    I like the moosic, and having never visited a pr0n site, would not know that that’s what they sound like. Guess I always tought pr0n sounded more like “OOOH yeah,baby, don’t stop, harder,deeper, more, DOOOON”T STTOOOOOPPPPPP….”, yaknowwhatImean?

  37. Paunchie says:

    Please tell me they didn’t put dye right there around his eyes like that! (kicks ground and Nuffs)

  38. poordoggie says:

    this should be tagged “cute or sad?” for it is indeed sad. poor nice white dog w/idiot owner

  39. warrior rabbit says:

    poordoggie, doggie is happy and playing and frisking and frolicking away. He has a human who loves him, and a buddy, too. Nothing sad about it.

  40. Kiragirl says:

    love it. I’ll take the adorable leetle shelty! And, check this, the first moment the vid starts, the guy looks like he has on a huge fuzzy wig (tree in background)!!!

  41. katiedid says:

    This is like how reese cups where invented… you got dog in my hair dye.. you got hair dye on my dog… Thus the panda dog was born

  42. happypiano says:

    Hope, you are one of those people I like to call ignorant beyond “hope.” -.-

  43. While I’m sure there are dyes that are safe to use on dogs, and while this pup looked perfectly happy, I do think it’s a little sad that the owner couldn’t be happy with his puppeh being the colour he was…

  44. Dobermama says:

    Nuffers make me so tired. The little dog is happy and somebody is taking care of him. He doesn’t know he’s supposed to be “offended” that his hair is dyed. I wish every little doggie in the world had problems like his!

  45. WEell,

    That beats the lime green bulldog I saw here in my home town! I’m assuming they used Jello. Yes, I’ve heard it works for temporary dye for human hair.

  46. I liked the other dog too. It looked like a sweet senior pup & I wanted to pet it.

  47. lurkingsmirk says:

    oOoOo and whenever I see an unleashed dog faithfully following his owner I am muy impressed. I bet he is a spoiled one.

  48. Showed this to the BF and he came up with Shaft-esque lyrics on the spot for the pandacular pup. May he rock double species forever!

  49. Okay, that is hilarious and adorable, lol

  50. A panpig is usually, obviously, the next step 🙂

  51. Oops! Typo, I meant ‘clearly’ not ‘usually’! I was up watching the Beijing Olympics last night 🙂

  52. Ok, I get the panda-dog. Panda’s are freakin’ cute; who doesn’t want one? But what is up with the Kim-Jong Il hairdo? *perplexed*

  53. Hahah! That is so cute. It better be safe dye for the dog though! And the guy looks like Jackie Chan, LOL. 😉

  54. Zaferina says:

    Im sure this video was on the news a year or so ago. The dog had been given up by his owners as he had a problem with discoloration of the fur around his eyes. It made him look really ill all the time. The person in this video took the dog in and had a brain wave with the fur dye! Now he be a Danda / Donda / Dogda / Pog / Pogda / Pandog. Soooooo cute and happy!

  55. The first little segment is really old footage. I remember reading about this dog a while ago. They dyed its fur in hopes that it would be more appealing and would get adopted quicker.
    Very cute puppy.

    … but…
    there is still a part of me that cries out: “ABOMINATION!!!!!!”


  57. Only in Japan.

  58. I am drinking to that, pitkat.
    [Cue clip of Masi Oka in bellhop uniform saying “We are not Chinese. We are Japanese.]

  59. You guys should see the dogs here in Korea. I saw a white Shi-Tzu only the other day with brilliant royal blue ears, feet, and tail. And another one a couple of weeks ago with bright red/orange/yellow ears that looked like flames as he hung his head out the car window in the wind.

    The dogs don’t care. They don’t even know what’s going on. It’s WE who think they look ridiculous (but secretly applaud the cuteness)!

  60. Awwwwww……Pandadog is so adorable! I want!

  61. Must… Hug… PANDOG!

  62. Totalee Puppy says:

    Cutest Pandog! Pick up some
    doggie beef stew with diced carrots and fine-chopped bamboo shoots…put in stoneware dish on T.V. tray…watch
    T.V. with dog…