And one, and two and one, and feel the burn and one

Come on, and one
and two, and one,
and step it out and—


Don’t panda to me, Avital B.!



  1. catablob says:

    Is that panda like hanging out on someone’s back deck?
    If so, where do I sign up for that?

  2. Stefanie says:

    This panda is insisting that he is, indeed, saying BOO-URNS.

  3. My goodness, love that athletic apparel! I’m guessing Lululemon or Sport Chek.

  4. LOL! thats the kind of aerobic instructor I’d like to work with!

  5. Erebella says:

    Those leg lifts are brutal! ‘Course when your legs are shorter than your arms, I guess it’s not so bad.

  6. It’s Panda2: Electric Boogaloo!

    Someone needs to lay down a piece of cardboard for him so he can showcase his street break-dancin’ skills.

  7. (the original) Mel says:

    I always get a bamboo smoothie after my morning panda workout.

  8. he should be on So You Think You Can Cute

  9. Hon Glad says:

    Back in the Eighties, to my undying shame, I did Aerobics,What possesed me? gawd only knows.One of the movements was called doggies i.e. like a dog pissing up a lampost, boy did it hurt my arse. Still in mitigation, I did not wear Lycra or a sweat band.

  10. i think im stuck

  11. *I* was saying “boo-urns.”

  12. Way to work those hip abductors, baby panda. You’ll appreciate it when you have to fit into next season’s line of skinny furs.

  13. OK, these animals have been put on this earth as the court jesters of the animal kingdom, I am convinced.

    the feets!!!

  14. It was there, sitting on the deck during Zookeeper Bob’s summer barbeque, that it occurred to little Ling-Long: holy moly, those burgers smell DELICIOUS.

    Ten years later, on a steady diet of burgers and chili-cheese dogs, Ling-Long stands four meters tall and is rippling with muscle.

    Pandas… are BACK.

    At least that’s how I’d like to imagine it happens.

  15. Jimbeaux says:

    The smile is just too much! He’s such a HAPPY panda, it’s hard not to be happy with him!

    Yay happy panda!

  16. miltoncat says:

    NOM NOM I want to neeble on his leetle ears!!

  17. And here I thought he was trying to resurrect breakdancing.

  18. Now see if I had a fitness trainer like that I could be motivated to exercise. I would burn loads of calories running after him to snuggle him time and again.

    snuggle, release, chase, catch, repeat (at least 10 reps a day)

  19. I bet he has the most anerable of tooshies.

  20. Cue Jane Fonda & requisite synth music…
    And Four more…
    And Three more…
    And Two more…

    Would love to work out with the Pandas!!!

  21. darkshines says:

    We need a modesty tail, hahaha!

  22. sunnymum says:

    Panda bears. Nothing. Is. Cuter. The end.

  23. Do pandas have tails modesty or otherwise? Maybe just stubbins of tails?
    Nothing is cuter than that tiiiiny pom earlier, but this comes close!

  24. charliewabba says:

    Jane Panda! I had that workout tape, but I don’t remember it being so cute. Hon Glad – I’m with you all the way. Did you have leg warmers?

  25. Love to see a panda getting his daily dose of exercise!


  26. Ze bleck around ze eyes — eet ees very sleeming, no?

  27. Hon Glad says:

    Charliewabba: I am a Guy, there are limits! At the same Gym there were exercise machines that spoke, with statements like “You’ve got the best body in the Gym” I mean puhlease.

  28. [peeks sideways at Hon Glad while pretending to dab brow on sleeve]

  29. Weeeeheeeeew!

  30. Hon Glad- your masculinity is never in question. Even leg warmers couldn’t shake our confidence. “In am Hon-Glad, hear me roar!”


  31. charliewabba says:

    Hon Glad – I have seen stranger things in my life than men in leg warmers.

  32. There’s “Men in Tights”.

  33. awe!! i love him! he is a happy panda. happy happy!! i want to take him home and snuggle with him. yay.

  34. @Hon Glad, I did aerobics too, and that’s why I still have earworms of “1999” and “Give It To Me Baby”

  35. charliewabba says:

    there are certain songs I can never listen to again, lest they conjure up memories of butt-tucks, sit ups, endless arm circles and (shudder) doggie leg lifts.

  36. He’d keep me in top shape for sure cuz I’d never miss a class!

    Look at that face – so commanding and yet so preh-cious!

  37. First my haid was spinning cause of this adorable pictures and now my haid is spun clear OFF after finding out that the Hon Glad is a GUY!!!

    Holy gender confusion on my part Bathman…

  38. I believe that even I (who has never been to a gym) could be motivated by this cutie!

    Let’s get Animal….

    Just missing the headband.

  39. Mmmm The Club Med has got new instructors, it seems. I may consider travelling with them next winter. “Paws up – Panda paws up – Give me your heart, gimme gimme your heart…”

  40. Tewtelly a person in a pander burr suit. you cant fool me. 🙂

  41. ashagato says:

    holy shit! since when is Hon Glad a dude???

  42. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Hon Glad is a dude??!! Wow.. see..that’s what we get for assuming.. Maybe it was the Hon and the Glad.. I always thought Honey.. Gladys.. I have no idea why.. Your comments make much more sense now.

  43. New spokesperson for gymnastics in the Beijing Games.

  44. Hon Glad says:

    Theresa:I had never heard of Rick James before…and I still wish I hadn’t (he’s camper than a row of pink army tents, the hair,gak!. My aerobics tune is Gloria Estafan’s “I can’t stay away from you” used on the cool down session at the end.

  45. he looks like he’s about to poot.

  46. Awwww, who’s a roly-poly bebeh?

    ::boop on panda nose::

  47. Gail (the first one) says:

    Props to you, Hon Glad for your manly foray into aerobics!! (Even though you don’t like Rick James!)

  48. Eat your heart out, Jane Fonda:

    ‘Tocks of Steel.

  49. Aw crap, I forgot to breathe!

  50. binky-mama says:

    Good grief. Is that a baby panda…in a panda CRIB?

  51. smiling panda FTW!

  52. The bear smilling for the camera.