Pop-up Video, C.O. Style

0:15 Bat Bat

0:36 Curled Paw Rule of Cuteness #22

0:45 Cats ‘n’ Crotches

1:08 Crossed paws

1:35 Baby Boxhab

1:44 Oh, I am soooo beau-tee-fuhls!

1:55 Is this thing on!?

I LOVE IT when a song just MAKES the video. Sweet work, AVPhibes. Credit for this find goes to Karen C. [You win golden Binoculars award]



  1. turboFloof says:


    Bebeh Scoteeeesh FOLD!!!!!

  2. *thud*

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    This song was made for this video! Kawaii baby…

  4. Urgh… going into sugar coma… get help…

  5. …must…find…insulin… Japanese woman singing cutesy song set to cutesy cat = headsplode!
    <3 <3 <3

  6. Even just looking at the video without playing it, I KNEW this was Katamari of omgkitty.com fame. And then I looked into it and bam. It’s her.

    She’s still cute!

  7. Without playing the video, I knew this was Katamari from OMGKitty! She’s so adorable <3

  8. wow, having watched 2 hours of “I survived a Japanese game show” last night, and then this video this morning, I’m going into Japanese Overload… *maniac grin with peace sign*

  9. 0:50 – Nomming the grass!

    My dear departed Mittens was a crotch-sleeper. You could shove her away a thousand times, but that’s where she’d be when you woke up.

  10. simply adorable:)

  11. I was surprised to see that it wasn’t a Japanese woman singing…that actually was Connie Francis! From wikipedia: “Francis remade many of her hits in foreign languages, including ‘Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool’ and her signature song, ‘Where the Boys Are’. Francis recorded in thirteen languages throughout her career: English, Greek, German, Swedish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian (and its dialect Neapolitan), Hebrew, Yiddish, Japanese, Latin and Hawaiian.”

  12. knightofmonarch says:

    Calicos rule – Looks like our Samantha when she was small- the big eyes kill me

  13. cowdoctor says:


  14. awwwweeee! I THOUGHT that was Katamari from OMGkitty! Then of course you watch the vid and giggle with glee about the atrociously cute little face that is Katamari, the itty bitty little Scottish fold who you just want to snorggle 😀

  15. Erebella says:

    I’ve been mortally wounded by the deadly QTE! I’m fading fast……….oh, the humanity………..mommy……….. *

  16. Yay! Are we going to have a cats n’ crotches category now?

    My kitties used to love to crawl into crotch pits when they were wee babes, but sadly they don’t fit as well anymore.

  17. Those ears . . . I want to tickle them.

  18. Michelle says:

    I’m going to be singing this song all day. Hai!

  19. What is the song? I must have it!

  20. ai muhst hav teh kitteh!! muhst hav her!!

  21. Oh teh cute of teh teeny ears and beeg eyes!

    Now if I had only watched it til the end, I wouldn’t have had to spend the last 30 minutes of finding out that it was Connie Francis who sung this adorable 60’s tune..

    Oh, and google obviously doesn’t know the word Kawaii, and if anyone has the lyrics, I’d be forever greatful! =D

  22. Hon Glad says:

    At first I thought the Japanese had pwned us again, shakes fist at sky. Then I am thinking hey that looks like Western writing and Western books. All is revealed at the end with shot of a Western guy and the fact that the song isn’t sung by Yokaso Fujimari, but Connie Frances. My fav bit @ 00:28 the huge eyes with the Cleopatra eyeliner.

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    That is one little sweetie face- those eyes! For a minute, I was almost fooled into thinking that this was a Japanese singer, too. Too much adorable for a Wednesday morning…

  24. Why do scottish folds always look like Lindsay Lohan?

    (I wish I could take credit for that observation but I once read it here)

  25. Space Cowgirl says:

    What a little angel! The crossed paws knocked me ded.

  26. Return of the Lindsay Lohan cat!!!


  27. OMG it’s so cute!!!! And it’s Calico!!! I want it!!!!

    Could have done without the almost naked person in the towel in the background though. A little higher shot and oh my, this would have been a different kind of site!

  28. Gail (the first one) says:

    The song totally makes this video!!! I was surprised, too to see that it was Connie Francis. I would like to hear the Yiddish version!!!

  29. Hey Katamari! Back where we first met my little Brooklyn cutie :0)

  30. (the original) Mel says:

    *packs bags, moves to Japan*

  31. She’s lovely, and so loved!

    – off to explore omgkitty.com
    thanks for the website link!

  32. The annotated captions are fine, with the exception of one item which was sadly missed:
    Kitten dangling, upside down, on his rear, with all four suspended UP!!

    Perhaps we should simply make a national/ international document of declaration that Scottish Fold cats are in charge of the Planet. Any votes?

  33. Thank you, thank you… Katamari’s second CO appearance! This was my attempt to make “The Citizen Kane of Scottish Fold Kitten Videos.” It is not easy competing with the Japanese… we have to beat them at their own game!

  34. Crossed paws YAY! One of my kitties does that (the same one also lies in wait for the other to go to the litterbox). She’s the first kitty I’ve had that does it regularly, so I thought it was unusual.

  35. oops… shoulda used Preview first; THEN Posted.
    *Located at :46 seconds
    *s/he’s actually suspended on his/her HEAD, not on his/her rear. Sorry about that, Chief …

  36. If you go to omgkitty.com, Katamari and her owners live in Brooklyn, New York.

  37. YARGH!!!!!

    I’m on kitteh withdrawl, as my babies are visiting with my landlord until 9 pm tonight while our house gets sprayed for those urban pests…roaches. They left yesterday for their overnight visit and I miss them soooooooooo much, this vid just about made me cry!

    10 hours until my babies come home. WAAAAAAAAH!!!!

  38. flyingfish says:

    Was that a Pee Wee Herman bobblehead??

  39. Aww, man, that kitty was super cute.

  40. Awwww…..I love the crossed paws, my kittycat Coal does that too.

  41. I love the list of things to watch for! Hope you will do that more often.

    And okay, now I’m dead. What a cute cat.

  42. Barbara and Aunty – totally – the kitty is LiLo.

  43. Sweet. Love the Egyptian eyeliner!

  44. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Ok now I get why the Japanese like scottish folds so much– they look like anime!

  45. I want onneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  46. I love katamari! Recognized her immediately! She is a star.

  47. The crossed front paws: an authentic sign of class and pedigree! Just a kitteh right now but already quite a demoiselle! Pretty soon, no crotch will be good enough for her.

  48. warrior rabbit says:

    Blanche, “no crotch will be good enough” — ha ha! I don’t know why, but that really made me laugh. I hope she doesn’t become crotch superior, though.

    Are we sure this cat isn’t a cross with a lemur/bush baby? Those eyes are reeeeaaaaallly big.

  49. nicefrenchgurl says:

    ok kitty is cute, very cute!
    but does anyone have the email of this cute big guy? *grin*

  50. Rachel of Cyberia,

    In anime they even have a term for this – “super deformity”, abnormality that actually makes something cute (eg. children’s disproportionally large head and eyes).

  51. I love Katamari

  52. A Baby Ate My Dingo says:

    I must be the only one who thinks Scottish Folds are fugly, messed up looking cats. They look damaged to me.

  53. AKZombie says:

    @A Dingo Ate My Baby: Yes, yes you are.

  54. OK, I checked the photoblog out, and Katamari is indeed the mostest prettiest Scottish Fold cat.

    I think we need to set her up on a date with Winston.

  55. bookmonstercats says:

    Scottish folds are not, I confess, my favourite breed, but OMG the eyelinerzzzz.

  56. Szilvia: couldnt you just look up the original lyrics to Pretty Baby?

    and OMG ROLLING ON BELLY CAT. I need one of those.

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    AKZombie, no, she isn’t. I am not really a fan either NOR of Winston. ALthough I would not call any cat “fugly”. They’re all some level of cute.. but these not as much as others.
    On the other hand that song was too moishe. Connie Francis in Japanese! who knew ?!?!?!

  58. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a DOLL! I bet she’s a handful though.

    + Points for her name being Katamari 🙂

  59. snoopysnake says:

    I hope Connie Francis herself sees this! Sooo cute and even more so with the song!

  60. Sweet Pea says:

    That’s Katamari!
    I’d recognize that lil nose birthmark and pretty eye-linered eyes anywhere.
    Cute vid!

  61. Pretty little baby, indeed. And I thought the bobblehead looked like Astro Boy.

  62. J. I did google pretty baby but all the versions I got were all in english, I’d love to have this mix of japanese and english lyrics.. oh well either way, this danged video is still teh cutest evah! 😉

  63. I absolutely LOVE Katamari. I’ve been following her blog omgkitty.com since I saw her the first time she was on co. When Meg said she looked like Lindsey Lohan.After lurking on the net for years I was inspired to make my first comment on Katamari’s site. Now that she’s back again on co I’m inspired to make a comment on my second site ever. She is the cutest cat ever!

  64. Katamari! So cute.

  65. I love it when she bats are her own tail, then tries to save it by attacking the blanket and then licking herself. “I meant to do that!” Yeah, right.

  66. I thought the bobblehead was Kip’s Big Boy…could be any of the above, though. maybe new sub-category: cats ‘n’ bobbleheads?

  67. The crossed pawsies just KILLED me ded. *thud* 😀

  68. omg – a kitty who doesn’t give a hoot about Brett Favre…life, with all its wonderful variations, unfolds according to THE PLAN!

  69. Katamari! I love you, bb!

  70. Anyone else get “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available?”

    Yet I can still the chinglishnesenam music playing in the background.

  71. Yet I can still *hear*


  72. omg its a scottish fold?! Iwannaseeeeeeeee 😦

  73. my head just blew up.

    [Yeah, we get that a lot… – Ed.]

  74. Does anyone else prefer– “0:15 Stares into your soul and knows all your innermost thoughts”


  75. sorry, 1:13.


  76. Christine says:


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