Live Tribble!!!

However, as far as I know, Tribbles don’t have teeny tail fluffs and jaunty bouncing action.

This may be another species altogether… [Say in stilted Kirk voice]

The Trouble with Pomeranians, Christine L.




  1. OK So, how fluffy can fluff get?!!! Such a handful of cuteness!

  2. and it does dressage, too! That is the cutest living creature.

  3. CUTE!

  4. Catherine says:

    That puppy is freaking adorable! I need one!

  5. fuzzilicious!

  6. Oh dear God I just keeled over from the adorableness!

  7. Minutiae says:

    So much feisty stubbular puffulence! I bet there’s not much pup in there at all.

  8. mimimimimi says:


  9. It’s Meg’s Kryptonite!

  10. DustPuppyOI says:

    “We has tribbles and also troubles”

  11. The puppy is too cute :3

    but the woman sounds like a dirty phone call xD

  12. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Part Tribble, part Wookie, part Ewok!

    Just tumble dry with some Bounce sheets(BOING BOING BOING!!)For that extra fluffeh powderpuffeh feel!!


  13. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^Oh forgot to mention, just watch “Rugged Bear” from Disney, with Donald Duck and Humphrey the Bear!! Best part @ 4:26!

  14. catablob says:


    Almost as good as
    “Pug Breathing Noises.”

  15. Michelle says:

    That is insane. Just insane. It even chirped!

    Good lo’ I’m dizzy from the cute.

  16. Normal: “This may be another species altogether.”

    Kirkese: “This may (pause) **BE** another (pause) speciesaltogether.”

  17. Erebella says:

    Life doesn’t get any better than that. Fluffy puppikins to play with. Aaaaahh. It’s really a teeny tiny grizzly bear fresh outta the dryer.

  18. Captain Kirk on CO! I’m confused. I must admit I prefer Captain Picard, though. Not as handsome but much more charm.

    Yes, must be another species altogether. Had it shorter legs it would definitly be tribbles. Me think I saw some tiny ears sticking out of what appears to be the head (on the other end of the wagging little tail). Should we fear invasion? Who’ll have the heroic strenght to beam it back where it came from (just in case)?

  19. Erebella says:

    And you know what, I used to have one of those ’80s toy tribbles as a kid. Wasn’t nearly as cute as this one.

  20. this is the most beautiful puppy i have ever seen!

  21. How cute is that pup?!

    I’d like to see the whole litter playing 🙂


  22. sunnymum says:

    This puppy pwns tocktober! And the waddle-like walk is adorable and

    head asplode

  23. ….so…..





  24. @ Katrina: Dressage! Love it.

    Nothing cuter than puppies incapable of walking or running in straight line.

  25. “and it does dressage, too! “
    LOL @ Katrina

    I have to agree…cutest shoulder-in and renvers EVAR!

    I just want to nosedive into all that floofiness.

  26. Did anybody else read the post title as ‘Love Tribble’?

    I just had to see what it was, but then I was disappointed to re-read it properly.

  27. However, now that I’ve actually watched the clip, I’m wondering why nobody has mentioned the tail that goes in circles?

    The tail, people, THE TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. scooterpants says:

    my sugarbear used to look/act exactly like this when she was a pup.
    and if you have a gigantic fluffy-fur diaper between your legs you’d run and walk funny too!
    in one of her other
    you-tube vids she gets playing so hard she runs head first right into the wall, its hilarious because her little round furry forehead makes her bounce right off before any damage is done. 🙂
    so adorable!

  29. Just when I was sure my pup was the cutest on the planet, along came this pompuff. Sigh.

  30. Oh I see, so that’s a sheepdog

  31. Sweet Pea says:

    That teeny, floofy, poofy booty is the cutest thing ever!

  32. Erebella says:

    Oh wow, scooter, I’d LOVE to see that video!

  33. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I think the tail has utterly and completely killed me.

    Can we PLEASE get some world leaders to watch this video? Please?

  34. SillyGirl says:

    omg, the action at :58 made my head asplode.

  35. ROFL He runs just like my kitteh does when she’s startled — back arched and sideways!!

  36. Check out the walkaway at :50.

  37. OMG! That butt crack is so well defined! Definetely pushes the censorship issue. LOVE IT!

  38. Life is too wonderful to be approached straight on. 🙂

  39. My brain was slowly seeping out as I watched this video, but then at 0:45, it officially ‘sploded. Picking up that pup like he was a jumping hairball – that just killed me.

    That thing is a seriously cute dust bunny with eyes and legs.

  40. Dr. Emil Schufhausen says:

    In some barn, somewhere, some wee lamb is going commando. This pup is clearly wearing lamb pants.

    I like the jiggy little sideways hopping action, though. Quite jaunty!

  41. “ork ork ork ork”!! at 1:00! OMG!!! *faints ded away*

  42. This video has reduced me to a squealing mass.

    We need to get happening.

  43. anjali666 says:

    *Gasps for breath* The wiggletail! The bounceling! This has to be the cutest PUPPY IN MOTION like evar!!1!

  44. Ok, so I THOUGHT I was killed ded when I saw the anerable running-away-towaards-the-wall -showcasing my fluffular-tocks shot.

    Then I saw the happy hop-hop-hop!-running-to-mommy shot. *squeal*

    And THEN the bouncification around the furniture!


  45. knightofmonarch says:

    That is one happy pup- I am so brave- I am so brave-wait till I get Bigger

  46. Poor puppy wants to PLAY! But the floor is bare and there’s nothing there to play with. Every time she approaches her person, the person puts her back into the desert, where there is nothing to play with!

  47. JillianLeigh says:

    ADORABLE! Did you see how tiny it was compared even to the electrical outlets!?

    Although the creepy, heavy breathing of the lady with the camera ruined it a little bit for me.

  48. Question for Pom peeps:

    I think Poms are the cutest things in the world, but every purebred Pomeranian I’ve ever encountered was ornery and a hysterical barker. Is this a common trait, or does it have more to do with the people who raised the Poms?

  49. Laurie J says:

    There is nothing sweeter than pets who don’t get their pictures taken ‘cos they’re too busy snuggling and snorgling their owners.

  50. Oh come on. Those things don’t exist. They are just some japanese robot toys. No way a living thing could be that cute.

  51. I love the uncoordinated running in sideways directions…that and those ‘tocks!

  52. Sunshine0460 says:

    Minutiae: “feisty stubbular puffulence” oh lawd I was squeeing with the utter cuteness of this adorable little ball of floofiness when I read the above comment..I laughed so hard I cried…good call, Minutiae!

  53. WANT!




    OMG!!! A minute of 42 seconds is NOT NEARLY ENOUGH cuteness. I need MORE!

    I want me some PomPom puppy!!

  54. you know that little guy is going to steal everyone hearts . Love the noises he makes wonderful I needed him this morning thanks Meg!!!

  55. Tooooooo Qute! For more tribble-redonkulousness, check out this link — if Star Trek had hired Edward Gorey:

  56. The waddle… oh no… that is too much…

  57. scooterpants says:

    it has to be the people who raise them.
    mine is really sweet and loves everyone. she does bark (cuz if you were that little how would you tell people where you were?)
    but not hysterically.
    i always worry when i see people rough housing or face slapping little dogs when playing, cuz they have ‘big dog’ mentality, and probably can easily turn ornery.
    now, go out there and get ya one!

  58. she wasn’t breathing heavy–she was snickering!

  59. Erebella says:

    “If you were that little, how would you tell people where you were” – HAAA! That’s great. Excellent point, scooterpants.

  60. I get the “video not available”, but yet it plays in the background, just really dark because of the black “video not available” screen.

    Makes it even more like a dirty movie because of the darkness.

    Wanna see it in the light!

  61. Jebber — wow, that’s… well, stranger than fiction.

    *from The Gashlycrumb Trekkies:

    N is Nogura, some old milit’ry bore
    O for “Obsession” — dead redshirts galore
    P is for Pike, a name useful for queries
    Q for… well, Q, also not in this series
    R is for Romulus, where Vulcans don’t visit
    S stands for Shatner, in girdle exquisite
    T means Tiberius, but who really cares
    U for Uhura, who sits there and stares…

  62. GingerMartini says:

    What a wonderful Thursday-in-the-morning-at-work-before-coffee video. Makes this recepcionista smile big!

  63. Extra prosh for having kirk with tribbles pic too 🙂

  64. DixiesMom says:

    LimeGirl: I had Poms for several years, and it is all in how you raise them. My dogs never made a peep unless someone knocked on the door, and NEVER bit anyone. I was a veterinary technician, so I got the extra bonus of being able to take my girls to work with me every day to get them socialized. Just make sure you take your puppums out (AFTER the little one has gotten some vaccines!)and get her used to being handled and to meeting new people. Read up on some good training techniques, or even take her to a training class(look for a ‘small breed’ training, so Ms.FluffyPuff doesn’t meet Rocky The Rottie) and you should have one of the most delightful little pets EVAR!! (I will admit, this video made me cry! Can’t wait until I can have a PomTribble again!)

  65. DixiesMom says:

    “floofy, poofy booty”… THAT’S what I’m calling my big butt from now on! YEAH!

  66. Thank you for the fluffiness. Imagine how big everything looks to that tiiiiny aminul?

    What a puppypuppypuppy. I wonder what it looks like today. I want to have a puppy pom, but Killer-Corgi Abbie will have none of it. Even full grown it wouldn’t stand a chance!

    That little puffball just makes me happy to be alive. Best of luck to it and it’s giggly person. That’s how I would be, just unable to focus a camera and making fuzzy noises. Great job including the tribbles, too!

  67. Pom ‘tocks!

  68. This animal is on the way to a superior life of luurkensproing!

  69. shannomo says:

    How can ANYTHING be that cute!!!! I just died!

  70. Yitzysmommie says:

    That’s not a Pom puppy, it’s a Japanese toy – they’re clearly kicking our tocks again in the Qte department….

  71. eyesaremelting says:

    This puppy’s butt haunts my dreams.

  72. Kittekathi says:

    Can anybody tell me, which breed this cute puppy is? TNX

  73. OMG! Is that a rule yet?! When yer running and the back feets are faster than the fronts, so you wind up going sideways? Cuz that is some serious rainbow-vomit inducing s***!

  74. How about when she plucks the lil guy off her leg and he turns into a redinkulously teensy poofy star.
    Ahem, cue ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ please…

    poofle poofle little pom
    how I wish that I could nom…

    That was lame, but you get the idea.

  75. that puppy is so cute that it is actually sickeningks! barfing rainbows heah!! aaaaa!~!!!

  76. Some day I will own a Pom. For now, I will have to settle for my cat’s enormous fuzzy ‘tocks to get me by. But a fuzzy Pom baby is in my future. This video sealed the deal.

    My roommate walked back here and said “I hear you trying to breathe, are you OK?” I about imploded from teh qte.