Winston’s mood: Hissy!!!

Let’s check in on our FAVORITE smooshed-face kitteh Winston. As you can see, Winston is displaying his usual charms and is also highly annoyed. WHAT could be annoying Win so much!? A lack of food? Rudy getting attention? Being forced to wear Holiday outfits?

Press play to find out!

Thanks for the Winston-gram, Michelle L.! As always, thanks to Rich over at FourFour.



  1. Bluemenro says:

    Aw, poor Winnie. We all have our bad days…

  2. CoffeeCup says:

    Awww, Winnie!

  3. ogeminijune says:

    FIRST!!!!! Winston is hissing and purring so conflicted

  4. I forsee much group nomming at the communal Winston bowl….perhaps against Winston’s wishes.

  5. I’ll have you know I just snorted no less than 10 times. Wallace attacking the camera, flicking Winston with that tailio… Angry!Winston!!! *KERSNORF!!!* *goes to find screen cleaner*


  6. less of a “hisss” and more of a “heeeeeee”

  7. charliewabba says:

    is wallace moving in for good, or just a visitor?

  8. Well, HELLO WALLACE! Winston will have to get used to his new roomate. How long can Winston keep hissing? LOL

  9. Oh, YUK! Please tell me it isn’t true! GET RID OF IT NOW!!!

  10. Rosie A. says:

    Aw, poor ittle Winnie-Poo… they’ll get to be friends, tho… as long as Wallace knows what’s what, and realizes that Winston rules the joint.

    Winston for Prezident!

  11. Well if your going to be lazy and over-indulged, it might as well be a complete package.

    *hands Winston trophy for most unenthusiastic display in a cat.

  12. Aw, Wallace just wants to loff him! The sting of rejections…

  13. You tell him, Winston!

    Sadly, yappy dog didn’t seem to be getting it. Winston should have deployed the old claw-rake-across-the-nose trick, which has shown dogs their proper place in life for eons.

    My tuxedo boy ignored Winston’s hisses, but was most annoyed by the yipping.

    I hope the dog wasn’t there long and Winwin got many edibles after.

  14. gloom raider says:

    I love the little “sniff…hiss…sniff some more…hiss some more…” action!

  15. Aww Win-Win. He’s a big deal in our house, my husband and I love heem! I hope if Wallace is staying, that he only makes the loffs, and not the angries with Winston.

  16. charliewabba says:

    According to Rich’s blog, Wallace is just visiting.

  17. Winston is the calmest hisser I’ve ever seen. Seriously! Aside from the hushed ‘hiss’ sound his body language barely shows fear…

  18. Michelle L. says:

    I totally love Winston, and I’m so glad Meg shared this so quickly. I love how LAZY Winston in about it. Like, I need you to know that I hate you, with the smallest amount of effort possible. ha!

  19. Wallace? Like, Wallace and Gromit? Great name.

    You tell him, Winston!

  20. hehe. Silly Winston. His wee hiss makes me smile.
    Winny and Wally, how coot!

  21. Could somebody please tell me why Winston doesn’t have any front teef? How does he accomplish all his nomming?

  22. I definitely prefer Wallace over Winston.

  23. Is it just me or is Winston sometimes also purring at the same time that he is hissing???

    Talented boy!

  24. Erebella says:

    HE SNORTED, HE SNORTED! That’s so funny! And that poor agitated kitty meow, and Wallace knocking the camera down – HA HAAAA! And I love the cute little kitty breaths Winston takes before each hiss….providing he doesn’t snort.

  25. We’ve known for a while now that Winston is totally lazy about almost everything, so his lazy hissing doesn’t surprise me.

    Check out Winston vs. The String…

  26. woofysma says:

    Winston rules. And since Win is king of his house, he shouldn’t have to put out much effort to show his displeasure. Win have a hissy fit? Never – that’s beneath him.

  27. Christabel says:

    I can smell Winston’s hot fishy breath from here.

  28. Rani'smom says:

    Cait – I think he does have front teef they’re just rillllly little. My smushy face has teeny liddle teef like that.


  29. catablob says:

    Oh, poor winston.
    He is so not threatening.

  30. Erebella says:

    Darn, that video is no longer available, Tisha! I think I’ll just HISS!

  31. Um, the vid is available.

    HAHAHA, Winston! Tiny hisses of non-instrusive magnitude!

    And, what was that?? A MROWL??? I didn’t think Winston could DO that!

  32. OMG! WINNIE! I didn’t know he had it in him! I suppose we are all entitled to a hissy fit once in a while. EEES OK WINNIE! I still loffs you.

  33. tubbysnuggles says:

    aww, I feel so sorry for winston, he’s so upset. I hope he gets used to Wallace!

    wallace is very cute. what does rudy think of him?

  34. Space Cowgirl says:

    This post is the *essence* of Cute Overload.

  35. Samantha says:

    Winston and Wallace, what a sophisticated sounding duo.

    I like the oh-so-appropriate music at the end too.

  36. muttluver says:

    The puppy is adorable! Wish he were staying, he and Winston would learn to get along. Or puppy would learn to stay away from hissy kitty. 🙂 Either would work.

  37. I can almost smell the stinky kitty bref. What a tough little kitty he is to stand his ground! And I love that the doggie, typically, wags his tail the entire time.

    Wallace: O hai!
    Winston: eff you.
    Wallace: O hai!
    Winston: EFF YOU.
    Wallace: O! Hai!

  38. Seriously! Those were the most benign hisses I’ve ever heard. You’re still cute though, Winston, and I want to kiss your smooshed little face.

  39. muttluver says:

    He doesn’t seem that upset. He’s just like, “Leave me be, you nosy puppy”. And the puppy’s like, “Kitty! Play!”

  40. katiedid says:

    heheh.. he sounds like a ballon losing air lol.. I love when the dog and Winston meet face to face

    Sniff Sniff sniff…
    Sniff Sniff Sniff….
    Shiff sniff sniff…

  41. Michelle says:

    Poor, poor Winston. It’s not just a puppy. It’s a Jack Russel Terror.


  42. I see hopeful signs. Winston didn’t attack the puppeh, and he continued to sniff even after hissing, and Wallace yipped at him.

  43. Auntie Meme says:

    Winston’s not sniffing the pup…he’s trying to decide whether Wallace is edible.

  44. My mother in law has a black cat who’s find of hissing like that. At age 4 my son dubbed him Hissy Pissy.

    Winston is Hissy Pissy II

  45. Poor Winston! I’m so glad it’s temporary, but he still needs to teach that pup a bloody-nosed lesson. And my panophobic Claude’s hiss was even wimpier, if you can believe it.

  46. When Winston hisses at the dog after it barks, he reminds me a little of a librarian sternly admonishing a noisy patron; “SSHHH! Quiet!” 🙂

  47. ZOMG!!! I love WALLACE!!!!

  48. Michelle says:

    lmao@Michelle L. and Cristabel

  49. Wallace, dear, I have two words for you: Winston Toofs!

  50. RevWaldo says:





  51. AuntieMame says:

    Auntie Meme, you startled me for a moment. I thought I had posted by osmosis while away from the computer.

    I haven’t seen the hissy video yet. YouTube is blocked here at the office, and I won’t be home until Friday. 😦

  52. speedwell says:

    LOL I think Winston hisses like a gentleman. My Smoky will hiss very, very coolly when I pick him up from my work chair… he will be completely relaxed, he won’t even look at me, and I’ll feel a little hot breath on my hand and wonder if I really heard what I think I did. More of a sigh really.

  53. Flavia A. says:


    Even his hissies are cute. Winston can’t scare anyone like that 😛

  54. Oh, no, no, no. Winston has a new roomie, and it is not a “Winston-approved” roomie. Winston’s “minions” (the people he owns) better watch their steps over the next several days if not weeks as mark my words Winston will find was to enact revenge! Oh yes, those eyes told all. Revenge will be Winston’s! Mwahahaha!

  55. gravyboat says:

    That Wallace gives Winston a run for his money in the cuteness category.


    Cait – my elder kitty only has a couple of teeth, and she does fine. She even turns her nose up at canned food and goes for the kibble.

  57. Hi Wallace, I’m Winston. You don’t mind if I continue to hiss in your face, or your general direction, for the next 2 years, right? Great.

  58. weeeen-ston!!!

    oh! teh littl hisssssssses

    He is soooo precious.

  59. Winston needs his own category!!

  60. Oh, the inhuMANity of it all! The fact that Winston tolerates Wallace with mere breathy, 2-pack-a-day hisses (and no schnozzle schwipes) means that he’s really not the Old Man Grumpus he’d like everyone to think he is. Your cover is blown, Sir Winston.

  61. Winston should have a fan club!

  62. Trust me, if Winston wanted that dog to really leave him alone, he would make his wishes known.

    I like how he hisses at him, but still sniffs the puppy and then hisses again.

  63. Is he purring in between hisses?

  64. That is some high quality lazy hissing. Totally agree that he’s saying “I want you to know that I hate you, but I want to expend the least amount of effort possible in doing so.”

  65. fransouah says:

    now that is good yootobision

  66. Rich is a genius of cat cinematography.

    I don’t think his work has been quite recognised yet, but it will be, it will be.

  67. Poor old Winston. 😦
    Oh Noes!! Wallace is gonna have to figure it out the hard way!

  68. winston’s hisses are the “ehn” of kittydom.

  69. Nina (Helms) McCampbell says:

    Poor Winny! Bad ole dog will be gone soon!

  70. Debbie G: I think we ARE Winston’s fan club.

  71. WInston!! What benign hisses he’s dishing out! I don’t think Wallace has too much to fear. “I hiss at you! And I hiss again! And I shall hiss many times further if you do not desist from being a cute waggy little terrier! I shall never bite or scratch, nay, but I shall wear you down with my hisses!”

  72. Bird of Paradise says:

    What a half-assed hiss! Sounds more like a mini Darth Vader.

  73. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    Poor Winnie! Well, as soon as he realizes the dog is a new source of food scraps ‘n stuff, he will probably relax.

  74. Winnie sounds like he’s whispering “heeey!”

    M’god, I love that cat.

  75. I love that Winston just sits and hisses at Wallace, never raises a paw, never growls, never snaps, just hisses. And I think the proper translation of his hisses is “leaveeeeeeee”. LOL Gotta love Winston.

  76. Winnie is so cute when he’s angry!

  77. woofysma says:

    Debbie G: I think we ARE Winston’s fan club. You got that right, catablob. More Winston! More Winston!

  78. Sunflower says:

    I am usually not a fan of smooshed-face cats, but Winston is irresistible, isn’t he?

    The hissing here sounds like what I got when I had to start feeding my cats different food. When I repeatedly pushed Mandy out of the other cat’s food, she gave me this same hiss-without-overt-violence. I translated it as “I am EXTREMELY displeased” with overtones of “but why?” That’s what I’m getting from Winston here: “why did you allow this intruder here?” along with the obvious displeasure.

  79. Hehe, he can’t even be bothered to make his tail big.

  80. That’s how big misunderstandings can occur when you don’t speak the same language. Winston’s hisses are just the cutest, though. No wonder puppy didn’t get it. It sounded like a soft shhhh!

  81. firepikachu says:

    What happened to the “Thanksgiving at Winston’s”? Can someone find it and repost it?

  82. firepikachu says:

    What happened to the “Thanksgiving at Winston’s”? Can someone find it and repost it?

  83. Whatta drama queen. Oh, he’s a cat and it’s Winston. Sorry, a little redundant.

    I bet Rudy was kewl with Wallace.

  84. I don’t think Winston can be bothered to actually hiss in the technical sense. To me it sounds more like he’s doing a sotto voce, “Hey!”

  85. Awwwww, poor Winston! But Wallace is ZE CUTEST!!!!

    Winston is probalby just worried about territory and stuff… 😉

  86. Hon Glad says:

    A hiss isn’t bland
    When it comes from Winston
    That Goggie sure ain’t
    Win’s best friend.

  87. pls stop it says:

    Seriously, Winston is getting about 1000% more space here than he deserves:) Can we let some cuter dude take his place soon?:) Winston must have some good contacts:)

  88. I love how cats and dogs, upon initial introduction, can be at such opposite ends of the spectrum. One is afraid and angry, the other is excited and eager. So funny. That’s why I loff animals sooooo.

  89. Garfield? Oddie?

  90. Winnie totally needs his own category!

  91. Thanks again, Meg. I believe that we are but a fraction of Winston’s fan club – but boy, are we dedicated!

    More Winston!

    I am having trouble accessing “Winston vs the string”. I’ll keep trying.


    is where I found it-
    the video, it is said, has been taken down at other sites for- get this- copyright issues. Is our Winston going Hollywood on us?
    Oh, nononono!

  93. JussyLee says:

    Winston has such a pansy meow.

  94. *giggle* That’s all I can do. Winston owns me. *giggle*

  95. Patricia says:

    Seriously that is some relaxed hissing. My girls hiss and it is followed by them running away or attacking. It’s like he can’t decide if he wants to hiss, and when he does he doesn’t seem to know what to do next.

  96. Aww, poor Winnie! 😦 That is the most pitiful kitty hiss I’ve ever heard…. But still such a cutie!! Thanks for the Winston fix. 🙂

  97. Gail (the first one) says:

    @anner: LOL!!!!!!

  98. dorareever says:

    winnie’s hissing wasn’t that bad actually. one of my cats definitely interpreted it as menacing hissing. but then again that cat isn’t the smartest.

  99. He looks like Smeagol when he hisses.

  100. Why not make a collection of every burp/fart Winston ever makes – bet it’s cute too.

    Sorry but this is the first time I won’t defend Winston. What a cute dog – wigging tail and all.

  101. HA! That is exactly what I would expect from he-cat on a normal basis.

    P.S- if you are a cat owner do not ever put your cat in a boarding kennel! Pure monsters!

  102. Khadija: Of course Winnie’s being a jerk. That’s what makes it hilarious.

  103. darkshines says:

    Love Winston, but the puppy is BEAUTIFUL! More Wallace!

  104. warrior rabbit says:

    How come we never see Rudy? I feel bad for him — I bet he knows he isn’t the favorite. They always know. My friend’s cat Matsu is ‘number one cat,’ and his sister knows it.

  105. Aw, poor little guy. At least he’s peaceful enough not to start swatting at Wallace.

    I’m a dog person anyway, so Wallace stole the show there. What a happy little dude!

  106. Winston is ill-tempered, ill-mannered and rude. He eats voraciously and is a pig at it. He is impatient, noisy and entitled. I love him and love his attitude. I wish life would let me be all of those things, and fluffy, too.
    Ah, Winston, keep on keepin’ on!

  107. Katrina, you can be all these things if you want to. Why hold back? Of course, it is doubtful anyone would find you cute after a spell… But that is why cats rule.

  108. haha i LOVE the end song…

    “You see me? Hi hater… Hi hater…”


  109. Winston has such a cute little hiss! =) Pup is oblivious.

  110. WHAT!???
    There are enough annoying DAWGS in the world.
    This is Winston’s house.
    It’d be cruel to make Winston share his home with a Dawg he’s never known. A complete stranger. A threat to his cuteness!
    You wouldn’t want a stranger moving in to YOUR place.
    Especially a smelly one.

  111. Blanche- Naww, I have friends and family and people who don’t like me in a pretty good ratio now – why rock the boat, it was just a flight of fancy. Cats do rule, I’m afraid. If a lion can make me cry, well then cats rule!

    Wallace is very cute and he doesn’t do anything outrageous- and he DOES look like Garfield’s Odie!

  112. vorpalbunnie says:

    The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is no longer 42 for me. It’s Winston.

    That is all.

  113. A threat to Winston’s cuteness, and in his OWN HOME! Wallace just wants to love Winston. You can tell with his ‘play with me’ ‘tude. Winston, on the other hand, is having none of it. Poor Winston.

  114. The slow-mo hiss right around 0:23 made me giggle tremendously. Winnie, you are a grumpy old-man cat and I love you for it. That dog is pretty darned cute, though.

  115. Yitzysmommie says:

    Poor Winston – I’m no fan, but Wallace trooly is an affront to his Smooshy Faced Dignity. I LOF his hisses.

  116. Really hope Wallace is a temp and nothing more… it’s not nice to mess with kitties just to get them to hiss for a video.

    Just writing it out and anyone can see how dysFUnctional that behavior is.

  117. Silent Meow says:

    An angry, hissing Winston is a hilarious Winston! I laughed the entire time!

    Aw, the cute puppeh! How can Winston be so mad at that cute wittle doggie face?

  118. Candace Williams says:

    I love your short hair. Hope you enjoy having it and hope you can grow it again.