I, For One, Welcome Our Cute Robot Overlords

And now, witness the ultimate battle for cute-premacy, between mutt and machine.  In this corner, fighting for Freedom and Justice: Nervous Yappy Little Doggie;  in the other, representing the Soulless Forces of Evil: Entertaining but Otherwise Functionless Robot. WHO WILL PREVAIL?  PUPPER … OR PLASTIC?

Oh, I almost forgot: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT!!!!! (either or both)



  1. cheesybird says:

    Go puppy go!!!

    Keeping the world safe from Entertaining but Otherwise Functionless Robots.

  2. I don’t like that at all.. that’s really creepy! No wonder the dog is freaking out…lol

  3. It’s hard to maintain a successful attack when your tailio is wagging so much …

  4. ((Superman theme song))

    SuperPuppy…keeping the world free from the menance of robotic invasion!

  5. Kill it Puppygirl! KILL IT!!!!

  6. momof2kitties says:

    Someone has a lot of spare time on their hands!

  7. LOL! This is hilarious.

  8. We stopped at a truckstop on the way home from Fergus, and they had two of these in the store up front. The Roboquad, I mean, you know, in stock on the shelf, along with all the spare light pods and motor oil and toiletries. Not the puppy. I had no idea what they were, and now I know.

  9. Whoa, this was in the related videos for this clip:

    Cute or Scary or Cute??

  10. Sadly, I can only taunt my kitties with the low-tech teaser feathers and such. Didn’t realize you can go so high-tech on a toy for puppies.

    Waiting for nuffers to start comments on ‘clearly how the puppy is distressed and freaked out.’

  11. Hilarious…pupper is not happy wif’ it’s new roommate!

  12. My boyfriend wants one of these every time we pass by a display of them. But my yorkie would be terrified by it. He’d prolly tuck his nubbin-like tail and put his ears down and hide from it. This thing looks scarier than a vacuum cleaner. :p

    Also, doesn’t it look like one of those things from Ghost in the Shell?

  13. Theo-
    This isn’t (insert word here)
    How dare you (insert word here)

    The smaller video was scary, if I hadn’t seen the dog I wouldn’t have known what kind of animal was making that noise! Let’s go back to the traditional woof (voof).

    I was wishing that the puppeh would just find his/her courage and bite the robot already. But then, I would have, so, I’m just sayin’…

    Great robot, better dog.

  14. hilarious!!! i love all the play-by-play texting. good puppy, good puppy!!

  15. CoffeeCup says:

    I love how the pup’s left ear flops while the right one stays stationary. And how the robot ‘eye’ scans around and the pup never follows it. I think cats would be all over the place with evasive maneuvers.

    That video was great, so hilarious. I want one of those robots, but my rabbit would just sniff at it and sit there with it. If I can get the robot to pet him on the head and rub his ears, they might become best friends.

  16. Erebella says:

    That was great! That slow motion bark, sounding so deep compared to the regular speed yaps, too funny. But the best part was the goofy bark at 1:58. Awesome! And Teho, that other vid cracked me up even more!

  17. Hon Glad says:

    Considering the pup is prolly only a few months old and the robot is the product of several adult minds, it’s not much of a contest. I’d have liked to have seen the pup smash the pile of plastic crap to smithereens.

  18. Dexter Fishmore says:

    This puppy is our only hope against Skynet.

  19. Dexter —
    I agree. This is no nervous yapdog, this is a baby John Connor Shepherd.

  20. This made me want a puppy, and my bf want a robot. I think we need both!

    Our cats attack our mini rc helicopter, Cloverfield style!

    animals + technology = teh win!

  21. Erebella says:

    Theo, how much was that robot thing anyway? That’s pretty techy, it’s cool.

  22. I must have my own puppy-robot video game. I must have it, in living flesh and wires and strobe lights.

  23. Well I found one for *free* at the curb in front of my neighbor’s house. It looked a little chewed, and it was missing a leg, but hey, free robot!

  24. (sadly, I couldn’t actually walk away with it; their dog chased me off)

  25. My nephew got one of these for x mas and our dog (who was abit bigger) was completely like wtf? I’m not going over there! I wish I had thought to grab a camera.

  26. he’s definitely in a play stance, the puppies definitely not in attack mode – the wagging tail, the two front paws down/butt up – he’s definitely playing & definitely having fun

  27. In my house the robot would win because my dog is a bit of a wimp.

    As for the other video Theo linked to…sounds like a Wookie to me!

  28. I bet it was the spidery-ness of the robot that was giving the puppy the wig. But the wagging tail showed how much fun he was having…

  29. Michelle says:

    Before robots, we had mechanical walking plush toys. I bought a mechanical lamb as a joke for my red dog who was a herder. The lamb walked, paused, bleated, walked. My dog absolutely loved it. After playing with it for a while she learned to not knock it over, and only grab it gingerly by the tail to turn it where she wanted it to go. Of course she would bark non-stop at her toys, so it would have to be put up after a while to give everyone’s ears a break.

  30. Starship Troopers Puppy Edition

  31. Patricia says:

    Wow, that blows away the remote control R2D2 I had back in the way early 80’s. That would entertain my cats endlessly, they are both fearless, and come to think of it don’t have a lot of sense. Probably why I only let them outside on leashes, lol (that and I adopted them from an old roomate, jerk had them de-clawed, so they can’t go outside with out supervision).

  32. Hmm, my pup likes to play like this with the vacuum. Unfortunately, I’m lazy and I don’t vacuum often (cause, dangit, he sheds too much and it takes hours). Maybe I should get him a little robot instead!

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    Or, animals can completely pwn the machines –

  34. lurkingsmirk says:

    that’s a freaky looking robot! i’d probably be on all fours barking at it too if something of proportionate size came at me!

  35. I need one of these robots for my cat who NEVER gets tired of chasing around his laser pointer dot. NEVER.

  36. Reminds me of those cute little turrets from Portal. “Are you still there?”
    Go adorable puppy! Save us from GLaDoS!

  37. Hahaha “evasive maneuvers”, “GTFO!” lol love this robo-pup combo. At first the robot looks kinda scary, but then when it starts to retreat you feel kinda bad for it.

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    I love that dog, he reminds me of my shepherd mix Duchess and her floppy ears.

    Also, he reminds me of the puppy in those Looney Tunes cartoons with Claude the cat. Remember how the puppy would propel tightly-wound Claude to the ceiling?

  39. gravyboat says:

    No wonder that puppy doesn’t like that creepy ol’ robot…it’s insect-like legs are freakish!

  40. My grandpa’s dog Harley makes a noise like the dog in Theo’s link, which granted him the nickname “Snarly,” which has evolved into “Snarles Barkley.”

  41. This is so uncool. And yet here I sit LMAO!

  42. Juniper Jupiter says:

    YAY!!! Puppy Victory!!!

    GTFO, ‘toopid Robot!!! 😀

  43. Yay, puppy!

    That robot has cockroach legs.

  44. Speaking of cockroach legs, what in the freaking HELL is that huge bug-looking thing on the left side of the screen at 1:22? Did anybody else notice it?

  45. Listen. And understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  46. That annoying robot would drive just anyone crazy. I wish the pup had torn it to pieces. Sigh!

  47. Thank you for that report Kent Brockman.

  48. Oh lord. The instant replay of the puppy barking the last round cracked me up. This high-pitched yap turns to “WOOOOOF. WOOOOOOOF.” Frickin’ priceless.

    My dog would just pee in fright and hide under the table, fo’ sho.