Encore Presentayshe: SING IT, WHITNEY!

This is an encore presentayshe of Christian the Lion. This version has Whitney Houston belting it out in the background, timed perfectly with the lion leap is just *too moshe* to handle.

Joanna A., I wish a local vicar would let ME play on his field. Oh, and I will always love you.



  1. Really great video

  2. And I was first?! there’s a first! 🙂

  3. paulajeanne says:

    dang it! Everytime I watch this I bawl!

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  5. i’m crying!

  6. *sob*

  7. shandrewsca says:

    I saw this on MSN and bawled like a baby a couple of weeks ago. Saw it here, cried again. That song was just perfect. Just seeing the pure joy on the lion’s and those men’s faces did it for me.

  8. AngiePangie says:

    18… the number of times I have seen that video AND still cry!!!

  9. sunnymum says:

    Love love love love love this story!!! Animals are usually so grateful when they are rescued. Can you imagine how awful it was for him to be in a cage in a freaking department store when he was just a baby? Ghastly! And then to be rescued and loved and returned to the wild – Yay! And then for Christian’s “wife” to let the guys pet her?! Remarkable! And how Christian just couldn’t hold back his joy at seeing them again and his affection for them? BESTEST!

  10. Courtney says:

    That made me cry, too! That’s so sweet that he remembered them and was so happy to see them.

  11. Hon Glad says:

    In the London Times today, is a letter from Virginia Mckenna one of the founders of the Born free Foundation, that says that having a lion on sale in Harrods, would no longer be allowed today and (sorry to rain on your parades) Christian had only been rehabilitated for a year, at the time of this meeting, so probably danger of an attack unlikely.

  12. marishka says:

    After the last time this was posted, I ordered “Born Free” on my Netflix. I watched it last weekend, and it is amazing how similar Elsa’s reaction to the Adamsons [when they come find her after a year in the wild] is to Christian’s and his guys. But, minus the cheesy soundtrack, I didn’t cry nearly as much ; )

  13. didn’t you post this like….a month ago?

  14. James: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/encore

    Now, I might concede that this has been re-posted a little too soon, maybe. But to be fair, this clip of Christian the lion was (and is) a super-favorite.

  15. MandaBain says:

    James: that’s why it’s titled “Encore Presentayshe” We love it when Meg brings back a fav every once in a while (saves us from digging through the archives).
    And yes, I too cried AGAIN! And I thought I was over that song a long time ago…but this lovely moment just makes it work all over again!

  16. Erebella says:

    Yeah, that’s just one of the most awesomest things I’ve ever seen. Before this was posted the last time, I knew nothing about it, too young. So thanks C.O. for showing me this priceless gem!

  17. I saw these guys on the news recently talking about all the attention the video has gotten. They are so amazed that after all this time their story still touches people. Both men have continued to support animal causes in Christian’s name. How cool!

  18. I can not watch this – I cry every single time. I love it though and love what George Adamson and his wife did with their lives.

  19. (the original) Mel says:

    It’s the return of American Maudlin Sentimentality Sountrack Song. LOL.

    This is a sweet story, though.

  20. This is just like watching that scene in Feed the Kitty where Marc Anthony was reunited with Pussyfoot.


  21. ButtaRumCake says:


    *melts into gooey puddle under desk at work*


  22. Ugh, this still makes me cry like a sissy girl.

  23. I have cried in frustration, in pain, in loneliness, by far this crying is much better. There are some people who have forgotten that this is a big wide, wonderful world, and even sentimentality has its place.

    I am happy(?) to cry at something as moving as this. That is what tears are for.

  24. I am soooo glad I am home alone – I don’t think I have had a good, blubbering cry in a long time. That video just tapped into what I imagine when I die. I always picture all of the cats and dogs (all rescued) coming to take me “home” when we see each other again.

  25. oh geez… blubbering here…
    and I have a great story for you peeps about animals remembering…
    My dad died four weeks ago and I brought his cat home with me. She was a foster cat of mine 4-1/2 year ago, and she had a *very* difficult time adjusting to a multi-cat household. She was just miserable for months. So when my parents wanted to adopt a cat, I told them I had the perfect cat that needed to be an only child. Perfect home for her. So short story… she was again very unhappy about joining the multi-cat household a month ago. Only this time she has adjusted remarkably quickly, and in only about a week, she was getting along and seems happy. So the clincher is (get tissues ready) the past two mornings, she has come into the bathroom while I’m getting ready and sat on the toilet until I pick her up. Then she puts her little paws around my neck and gives me kisses. Of course causing me to choke up and mess up the mascara I’ve just put on… How’s that for remembering? And she’ll always remind me of my dad too…

  26. Erebella says:

    If you turn the volume down when you watch it, it’s easier to not cry.

  27. These two guys were just on the Today show last week about this nothing really new except that Meredith Viera asked if they were scared Christian would maul them, and she didn’t believe them when they said they weren’t. Clearly he wouldn’t have mauled them! I love this video, it’s my favorite.

  28. Me too. Me too. Reduced to a sniffling bucket of happy tears.

  29. Hon Glad says:

    Lyndse: Looking at your Facebook entry, You are a sissy girl. :0}

  30. Awesome video, so moving! I’m crying, too! It’s ridiculous. Thanks! 🙂

  31. browngrl says:

    Hi Ceejoe, my condolences on the loss of your dad. One of the reasons I love my cats so much is that they seem to know just when I need some extra love. It seems like your cat knows the same thing.

  32. You guys! Every time I watch this I cry !! I can pretty much hold it together but as soon as the lion come running and Whitney busts out the “IiiiiiEEEEEiiiiiiiiii” I lose it!!!!

  33. I’ve never actually heard the sound on this video (no sound card at work) but belive you me, I cry like I did when Henry Blake died on MASH. Like when Buffy slew Angel right as he was remedmbering who he really was……

  34. yankeebird says:

    Methinks I need to pay more attention when I read the titles of posts. I swore it said “Sing it, Whitey!”

  35. Our beloved cat Beanie, was unfortunately lost when he was about 4 years old. (We think he got lost in a storm drain, as we saw him crawl down shortly before he went missing…) We checked the shelters for a while, with no luck. After about three years, we had long since assumed he had been killed. One day out of the blue, we got a call from the city animal shelter. They had scanned his microchip and we still had the same phone number. I immediately rushed to the shelter and they led me to the holding area. Beanie was in a cage at the back of the room. We looked each other in the eyes, and he said “Meow?” and I screamed “Beanie!!!” I am 1000% certain that he recogized me instantly on sight. I scooped him into my arms and brought him home. We brought him to his favorite sofa and he happily sat there for about three days before getting the courage to explore the rest of the new house (we had moved). He meshed right back into the family life, even doing the same magical things that made us love Beanie so much (bringing gifts of flower petals, pine needles, and dried leaves onto the doormat).

    Cats (big and small) are awesome!!!

  36. OH my gosh!! I can’t believe the joy in the Lion’s face when he saw “his humans”! Talk about love! It is amazing that the female allowed them to pet her too. Quite a phenominal story. Thanks for sharing *sniff, sniff*

  37. TamaraRose says:

    I’m so glad I didn’t wear any mascara today!

    [What, you don’t have the waterproof stuff? – Ed.]

    […OK OK, so I don’t either. I always just borrow Chris Crocker’s. – Ed.]

  38. ButtaRumCake says:

    Yankeebird – you made me choke on my diet Pepsi LOLOL!!

    JC – Awesome story *wipes tears*

  39. ButtaRumCake says:

    CEEJOE – Awesome story as well…that one REALLY choked mne up. *hugs* on the loss of your dad *sigh*

  40. katerpie says:

    This video could be the one definitive entry on cuteoverload. No others needed, just Christian over and over. It could be sponsored by Puffs.

  41. Aw, come on, I have to go out of the house and pick up my son from work- stop making me cry!

    Yeah, I know it is my own crying-nobody’s making me read this- for you big, tough non-criers!

    Beanie!!!! I’m running out of tissues!

    Ceejoe, my best wishes and condolences go to you and your family.

  42. okay i cannot stop crying.

  43. Elizabeth says:

    Why am I totally crying??

  44. Ugh, Kat! You had to mention Henry Blake! Gawd…the tears had finally stopped then I went and read your comment. Waaaaaa!

  45. sunnymum says:

    Ceejoe, I’m sorry about your dad and I’m happy you have your kitty.

    JC – Beanie!!!Such a great story! OMG that cat must have felt like he hit the lottery! And you too!

  46. Yesterday on the radio, the talk show host was laughing about how her brother said he couldn’t stop crying when he saw this video. Their engineer pulled it up and started looking at it. They all started saying, “oh my god! oh my god! This is incredible. Now I understand!” (wasn’t the whitney version though).

  47. http://flickr.com/photos/olas/273431485/

    More to the story, was that Beanie was later lost sadly to heat stroke.

    We miss all our kitties who have left for kitty heaven.

  48. This made both me and my sister cry.
    And they say that animals don’t have feelings. That they don’t remember things or people.

  49. marsheeeee says:

    JC, my cat JB left home last Christmas. Like you, I’ve given his picture and description to the local shelters and put up posters in the neighborhood. I haven’t heard from him yet, but your story gives me a lot of hope. Maybe JB will be able to come back home one day. And yes, this clip always makes me cry. I think the two guys said on the Today show that they were able to visit Christian a couple more times? Anyway, what a trip.

  50. Pussytoes says:

    I have a neighbor that still rocks that same haircut as blond guy.

  51. sunnymum says:

    I have a neighbor that still rocks that same haircut as blond guy.

    I literally L’dOL Pussytoes!He doesn’t have that haircut, or wear that haircut, he rocks it!

  52. Elizabeth,

    How can anyone not? This story has everything:

    It starts with empathy, compassion, generosity, freeing of a child from a doomed, miserable life of bondage and degradation; giving him the carefree, loving, secure childhood everyone deserves; and finally, as much as we want our children to be with us at our sides forever, let them grow up, let them live the way they want to live, to be happy the way they want to be happy. And at the end, the transcendence of what we believe to be possible: the child, all grown up, healthy, strong, vigorous, with family of his own now, instead of breaking away with hardly a backward glance, remembers and embraces his human parents.

    To have high ideals, to be able to live out lives where everyday actions are perfectly in sync with those most basic, yet highest needs and aspirations; to be able to achieve them; and to have one’s pure, unselfish devotion reciprocated in such a direct heart-to-heart manner; the perfect union, harmony between nature and humanity..

    It’s really hard to imagine a more perfect and happy story in all of this world.

  53. I love all of the advice on ways not to cry when watching this video! Then I got to thinking…even though it ruins makeup and makes our eyes red, I think the crying is important: we don’t get enough tenderness or sense of goodwill in the universe these days, and these are definitely tears of happiness at the beauty of the story. Cry ’em with pride, touched people.

  54. ceejoe, my deepest condolences to you as well; I lost my dad three weeks ago today, which is the same day my sweet most recently adopted cat started showing signs of being very ill. I ultimately had to take her to emergency where the diagnosis was very, very bad; and I had to put her before my own selfish wants and needs.

    JC, I’m so happy for you and Beanie and that is a wonderful story you tell.

    This video is THE BEST.

  55. Hon Glad: To your comment about not raining on parades. The explanation for Christian’s friendliness as only having been rehabilitated a year would on it’s own maybe sort of lessen the way we see this video, however, the way the lioness reacts I think is even more important. She allowed humans she had never before been around to touch her.

  56. I am absolutely sobbing after watching that.

  57. tubbysnuggles says:

    this makes me cry like a big dumb ol’ baby. every time. and I’ve watched it like 50 times now.


  58. raggamuffin says:

    Awww, that made me sniffle and cry, and then squeel when some one mentioned Buffy, then cry harder when I remembered said scene in Buffy

    *is reduced to a pile of bawling happy sad tears of..uh..stuff*

  59. oh man.. I’m crying! It would be absolutly amazing to have an animal love you this much….

  60. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ve seen this many times now and it always makes me cry anyway. And Beth .. I am sure I’ve had animals love me that much.. they are just smaller versions. But my (late) cat would do the same thing.. run joyously when I called him, jump into my arms, purr and smoosh his face all over me, etc. Just smaller/less dramatic than this but all the love. (snf. I miss him. 3 years this month.)

  61. Yeah, the Keith Partridge hair is the one thing that keeps a cold, heartless bitch like I from melting into a puddle.

  62. gravyboat says:

    This video always slays me. And when they “walk off into the sunset” together….*sniffle*.

  63. I was pretty much okay with the video until I saw the one with Whitney singing in the background. Totally lost control. My own furry bestest friends (Nikki and Grizzly) climbed into my lap to lick away the buckets of tears.

    I saw the interview the two guys did the other week. They are both distinguished and handsome men. So happy they’re both doing well!

  64. This video kills me everytime I see it. It encompasses everything that matters to an animal lover – particularly wildlife conservationists, I think. To me it is the strongest argument proving you can indeed show genuine affection as well as make an attachment to a wild animal without making that creature weak or too compromised to return to the wild. Now all situations require something different, but I’m in the school of thought that says not only is an attachment okay, it is healthy and good. And beautiful. Sometimes humans think way too much. We need to use our hearts more – like these two men did.

  65. Why why why did I watch this at work?

    There’s something in my eye… allergies… *gulp* *snif*

  66. I started crying even before the crescendo bit because I knew what was going to happen.

    I have a kitteh reunion story too: My ex and I adopted a kitteh when we lived together, who turned out to be too young, and grew into the habit of sucking on my hair. I had to give him up (for logistical reasons) when my ex and I split up, and I didn’t get to see him for two years. When I finally visited my ex again, I wondered if my baby would even remember me. I walked into the apartment and sat on the couch. He looked up, kind of semi-interested, then suddenly sat up and started sniffing the air like crazy. He sniffed my hand, sniffed my arm, then crawled up into my lap, put his paws on my shoulder… and started sucking my hair again! He has never done that to anyone else.

  67. There is a longer, much more complete version of this video on the Born Free Foundation website, plus more information on the story:


  68. IT





    I loves me that kitty cat!

  69. Oh, Gawd, and seeing the guys in the video lo these many years later on the Today Show just brought it full circle. Both those delightful, urbane, wry Englishmen who grew up in an amazing, decadent time (think Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy, and Carnaby Street) and knew it – both involved heavily in wildlife issues, due entirely to their relationship with Christian; how George Adamson’s colleague, who assisted in the rehab of Christian, was moved by the experience to start the George Adamson Trust after Adamson was killed, which finances these things…like captive breeding programs for black rhinos…all because of Christian. Knowing that he bred, had wild cubs, and finally assimilated in the wild, while simultaneously inspiring ALL of this – and all of that BEFORE the viral video, well, hell. You’d have to be a stiffening corpse not to cry!

  70. smallpaws says:

    cryyyyyyyyinnnngggg… I need a kitten to hug. Pronto.

  71. ~bawls~

    Every single time I watch this! The tears!


  72. I’m crying again too, even though I’ve watched this freaking thing about 500 times already. What I love is the expectant look of pure joy on the faces of the two men when they see Christian approaching, and the way Christian suddenly perks up when he recognizes them. This is a treasure!

  73. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I had a kitty once, who, if she happened to be around when a person she loved was crying, would climb into that person’s lap (she was beyond jumping age), and put a paw, claws retracted, on each. falling. tear. OMG I need a tissue! Forget A tissue, like, gimme a BOX of tissues!

  74. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I had a kitty once, who, if she happened to be around when a person she loved was crying, would climb into that person’s lap (she was beyond jumping age), and put a paw, claws retracted, on each. falling. tear. OMG I need a tissue! Forget A tissue, like, gimme a BOX of tissues!

  75. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I had a kitty once, who, if she happened to be around when a person she loved was crying, would climb into that person’s lap (she was beyond jumping age), and put a paw, claws retracted, on each. falling. tear. OMG I need a tissue! Forget A tissue, like, gimme a BOX of tissues!

  76. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I had a kitty once, who, if she happened to be around when a person she loved was crying, would climb into that person’s lap (she was beyond jumping age), and put a paw, claws retracted, on each. falling. tear. OMG I need a tissue! Forget A tissue, like, gimme a BOX of tissues!

  77. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I had a kitty once, who, if she happened to be around when a person she loved was crying, would climb into that person’s lap (she was beyond jumping age), and put a paw, claws retracted, on each. falling. tear. OMG I need a tissue! Forget A tissue, like, gimme a BOX of tissues!

  78. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    I had a kitty once, who, if she happened to be around when a person she loved was crying, would climb into that person’s lap (she was beyond jumping age), and put a paw, claws retracted, on each. falling. tear. OMG I need a tissue! Forget A tissue, like, gimme a BOX of tissues!

  79. gravyboat says:

    I replayed this video for the second time today and my husband came barging in yelling “What the hell are you playing this crap song for!?!”. I showed him the video, and right this minute I can hear snippets of “IIIIIIIIII will alllwayyys…” coming out of his office. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  80. Omg – this made me cry my freaking eyes out. /still sniffling

    I need to go snuggle with my doggy now. /sniffle /sniffle

  81. Oooh, it is so (blow nose, wipe tears) sentimental! And reading the comments makes me cry all over again (except for a few of them, but they don’t matter). There, I have no more kleenex! Yes, felines do remember voices and smells. I have my own story too (with my cat) but it is very similar to those which have been told here.

    David, your comment is so true!

  82. My grandfather passed away a couple of weeks ago and my mom took his cat. When he is out in the yard and she calls him, he comes running just like a dog. He is super affectionate and I think it is really helping her deal with the loss of her father to have him around.

  83. Sneeeeffle!

  84. Ah, glad to see I’m not alone in this! Sniff!
    Uber-wonderful, fantabulous! Only made up words will do for something so magical. Good on ya, gents! Go lions go!

    I guess we’re all too busy crying to make bad puns about feeding Christian to the lions…uh, sorry about that…back to your regularly scheduled sniffling. 🙂

  85. I haven’t sobbed like this since… prolly not since the last 10 times I watched this video. It gets me every time and now my sinuses hurt so much I’ll never get to sleep. BWAAAAA!
    …Happy tears!

  86. jennijoon says:

    omg.. so thought i was the only hallmark-freak who would have been crying but look! everyone was crying. it’s just so great. puts me in a fabulous mood as i go out to face the big bad city this wed morning. loved that video. just loved it.

  87. I loved this video so much when I saw it on You Tube that I found & bought the DVD!! I love it!!!

  88. Gail (the first one) says:

    Truth to tell, the only thing that prevents me from crying at this reunion IS the Whitney Houston performance!! Otherwise, this is such a great story!!

    @yankeebird: You KEELED me!!!

  89. I love these guys. It’s worth taking the time to google “Christian the Lion” and reading the articles. They went to great efforts to bring Christain back to Africa. They worked with Dr. George Adamson, the guy who raised Elsa the lion featured in Born Free. But they didn’t just release him. They matched him with other orphaned lion in order to create a pride, which was safer. In fact, I believe that it’s Dr. Adamson you see in the background of the video, the older looking man with no shirt on. Dr. Adamson had many lion friends, and you can see a great set of photoes here http://www.fatheroflions.org/GeorgeAdamson_Photos_p.1.html. Spend some time reading about Christian, and you’ll REALLY love the story. Sadly, after rescuing and rehabilating lions for many years, Dr. Adamson was murdered by bandits.

  90. One of the things that’s amazing to me is the trust on the part of the humans as Christian comes toward them. I realize they said that he didn’t have aggressive body language and they were afraid, but a cat that size doesn’t have to WANT to hurt you in order to do damage. They really threw caution to the wind, and fortunately for us, it was all caught on camera.

  91. I STARTED TO BAWL!!!!!!! So sweet

  92. damn…every time i watch this i’m crying hard…sobbing pretty much. Whoever says animals can’t remember or don’t have the capacity for emotion is retarded, this clearly says otherwise!!

    [Um, nobody’s calling anyone “retarded”, Einstein. You really want to open that door? – Ed.]

  93. NOBODY feel bad about crying, or else, WE ALL need to feel bad…I saw the Christian the Lion video about 2 weeks ago, and it took me a week before I could tell people about it without going to pieces completely. I LOVE this video. 🙂

  94. i want a lion pet i love it please….. ! :].

  95. AHHH That made me cry like a little baby!

  96. For those who missed the Today Show interview,

    Here ’tis… http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=p5MHzi4dn5g

    Also, another interview with Ace Bourke and John Rendall on an Australian chat show. This is part 1, part 2 should be in the menu next to it.

    AND!!!!! The original 1972 film is back up again.
    Part 1 of 9 here…

    The son of the producers now blogs as the CEO of Born Free UK. http://www.bornfree.org.uk/blog/
    Donation address is also there. There is also a Born Free USA http://www.bornfreeusa.org

  97. I cry every single time that I watch this.

  98. Ok, I just cried, that was so sweet. Now I have to try to look nonchalant in my cubicle.

  99. Omg, I bawled! I mean, cute, yes. But I truly understand the bond between animals like that. I train dogs for a living. but to have a wild. not tamed. not domesticate. wild. animal react like that. like, omg! that’s amazing!

  100. If you liked Christian the Lion, you’ll love the Redwood Bigfoot. Here’s proof he lives….and loves.

  101. As much joy as this gives us all over and over, we must remember to donate to the Adamson foundation which made it possible for Christian, and the others, to be free.