Please Do Not Climb the Otter

Welcome, welcome one and all, to Minnesota’s Fergus Falls!

Home of The Otters!

We got otter football, otter softball, otter pops, otter sculpture…

…oh fer cryin.  We got otter tourists.  [sigh]

Not to be too smug, but how jealous are our friends at now, eh??  Grins.



  1. That’s bitchin’.

  2. He will use that man to crack an oyster open.
    Or crack that man open with a rock.

  3. I never noticed otters have two sets of whiskers. Does anyone know anything about that?

  4. Oh, fer qte!!!!

  5. scooterpants says:

    hmmm. i guess the ‘stay off the otter’ sign kinda went right by Theo there.
    what a rebel.

    Glad I waited, it was SO worth it! this might be my next vaca destination!

  6. charliewabba says:

    omigosh – imagine if it had real otter fur.

  7. Gail (the first one) says:

    Can it be?? Photographic evidence of the existance of the legendary Teho and Jaye??? ALERT THE MEDIA!!!

    GREAT otter!!!!

    P.S. Birnamwood WI, is the home of the Giant Badger:

  8. @Charliewabba – If it had real fur, you would have to use the jaws of life to stop me from snorgling it!

    Teho, once again, you rock my (non-ferrety) socks.

  9. turbofloof says:

    Ahhhhhh, one of the Table-Eaters, lyin’ on the head of one of the Tummy-Eaters… What is the world comin’ to?!

  10. (the original) Mel says:


  11. Yitzysmommie says:

    MOST excellebt pic! Thanks you, Teho & Jaye for sharing your vacayshe with us.

  12. momof2kitties says:

    When will the DVD “Moderators Gone Wild” be released? I, for one, must have eet!!

  13. Oh! Some of my family lives there! I probably have childhood pictures at that otter!

  14. (the original) Mel says:

    I propose an annual Cutologist pilgrimage to the GIANT EVIL OTTER monument.

  15. Theo, how long do you think it would take me to get to the wondrous Fergus Falls from St Louis Park? I am heading to the Twin Cities in two weeks to visit the in-laws, and now I am wondering if a day trip is in order…

  16. Damn, just looked at the map. Wish the in-laws still lived in Fargo. Looks like a quicker trip.

  17. Alexis — nominally 3 hours, but that stretch of I-94 between the Cities and St. Cloud is almost always a damn parking lot, at least in spots. Skip it if at all possible. Once you’re safely past St. Cloud, you can use 94 again.

  18. fish eye no miko says:

    Apparently Theo doesn’t know what he otter do.

  19. Silly Mama says:

    What the…?! How did he get up there?! Does that otter have giant steps on the back of his neck or is scalingk otter heads the newest rage with you kids these days?

    [By laying a finger aside of my nose, and being Teh Mod™, up the otter I rose… – Ed.]

  20. Yep. This is why I love Minnesota.

  21. Oh, Theo (Oh Jayne)
    It is as I pictured, um you are as I pictured, too.

    Now stay off the damned otter like they told you, will ya? Sheesh!

  22. Thanks, Theo. I think it may have to wait for another trip. One during which gas prices are lower (HA!). But I’m so glad I know it exists now!!

  23. Me thinks that pic #2 is a prime example of interspecies snorgling. ;D

  24. Not to brag, but Minnesota (my home) is also the home to a giant prarie chicken, fish, black duck, a blue ox, and a turkey. And one state over, North Dakota, has the worlds largest cow, buffalo, crane and a giant pheasent. Things get really crazy up here.

  25. That’s not an otter, it’s a ferret!


  26. muttluver says:

    So that’s what Theo looks like…

    I was once going to stay in a hotel shaped like a dog, but I was too young at the time. 😦 It made me sad.

  27. And Wisconsin is the home of the Giant Muskie.

  28. AND Denver has a HUGE blue (yes blue) bear, peering into the Convention Center:

  29. Did you guys see actual live otterz??

  30. omfg, proof that Teho actually exists!!!!!

  31. Heh. I went to high school there. I WAS an Otter.

  32. Tina Rhea says:

    AmyJ– cats have two sets of whiskers– mostly on the muzzle, and a few on the cheeks, plus the eyebrows sticking up. And a few on the back of the wrists too. Don’t know about dogs– don’t have one handy.

    Sam– so I’m guessing there’s not a lot to do or visit in MN and ND…?

  33. Tina Rhea says:

    Sam, that WAS meant as a joke.

  34. All we have is the world’s largest ball of twine.

  35. Patty — a’HEM

    (OK OK, we *both* have the biggest twineball, depending…)

  36. Yay, Teho! You show that fake otter who is boss!

  37. AuntieMame says:

    Ah yes, the Blue Bear…

    We also have this ridiculous eyesore:

  38. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo-you look as funny as you sound.
    No wait, that came out wrong!!

  39. ::wide eyes::

    ZOMG! As if the Guthrie Theatre wasn’t reason enough. I must visit thees place!

  40. Hon Glad says:

    Pardon my ignorance but the twin cities are Minnesota and ?
    Theo: Come now, that’s not dignified for a man of your age, supposing the neighbours veiw CO. :o}

  41. cheesybird says:

    Wait. Giant otterz AND the illustrious Theo and Jaye? CO double whammy!! You guys are as cute as the otter! (Although granted, I don’t want to beep either of your noses. Is it weird that I still kinda wanna beep the giant fake otter’s nose?)

    Sadly, I don’t live anywhere near any giant stuff. Things here are more on the “wee” end of the spectrum.

  42. Isn’t there somewhere with big dinosaurs too? Near Mesa Verde, perhaps? I can’t quite remember the name, I was 10 at the time and now I’m mumblemumble years older.

  43. Basilania says:

    THIS is a perfect example of why I love road trips! All this funk you inevitably pass along the way, that tickles your imagination ;D

  44. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Hon Glad: The Twin Cities are Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

  45. Darleenie says:

    It should be CuteOtterload!

    Amirite? XD

  46. Huh, never thought our little podunk Fergus would get on the map! Check out Rothsay, with the world’s largest Prairie Chicken, or Vergus, with the world’s largest Loon (the bird, not the residents!!!) We Minnesooodans are well known for our giant animals!

  47. Yup, they grow ’em big up north.

    I live about a hundred miles from the BIG DUCK!:

  48. Tia- Testify girl, testify!

    See how well your Otterdom (Otterhood?)has prepared you for this?!

    I for one, would love to see the giant prarie chicken-is it inflated or flat chested? Oh, maybe those are Guinea Fowl…. hmmm SQUAWK!!!!

  49. ButtaRumCake says:

    Aww Theo thanks for sharing! I can only imagine Jaye must have the wickidest of humor senses to hang with you on a daily, eh? *giggles*

  50. I am proud beyond belief to have contributed to the Otter-mania and badgering of Teho into posting his vacation pics.

  51. P.S. You and Schmoop are SO CUTE!

  52. Oh noes! Teh evil otters has got Teho!

  53. Eh? I thought it was the other way around.

  54. Hey! You should come to Alabama and check out the Big Boll Weevil.

    Wait… on second thought…don’t.

  55. Haha…That’s awesome!

  56. I’m really glad to know I’m not the only one who assumed that this was theo and the infamous schmoop.

    [“Infamous”?? – Ed.]

  57. Said with a Mid-West, Scandinavian accent, please)

    “Now, dat’s your blue bear, dere, and he’s a nosy son-of-gun, too!”

  58. Kidd&Troost says:

    When I was a kid we always went to Vernal, Utah for summer vacations, so I have many many pictures of me and my brothers next to giant dinosaur sculptures. Good times…

  59. charliewabba says:

    umm- North Carolina has a giant chair. Specifically the world’s largest Duncan Phyfe chair.
    And a very large chest of drawers.
    not nearly as cute as otter.

  60. charliewabba says:

    @Silly Mamma – I suppose you could start your ascent at the tail, work your way along the back and establish a base camp at the bottom of the neck, then with your trusty sherpas for support, work your way up to the summit. Teho, did you plant a CO flag atop the otter head?

  61. Erebella says:

    That’s you Teho????? I wondered what you looked like. You’re silly! I love it! How long did it take you to scramble up on that otter’s head? Oh, that’s just so cute! I give you beeg kees!

  62. You’re right. Theo’s handing it to the otter right now. I should’ve put ‘Teh evil otters has got Ed!’

    No, I’m not making fun of anyone who thought there was an Ed, because that would include me at one point. (-_-)

  63. @Katrina- BWAHAHAHA!
    I think it should be “and he’s a nosy son-of-a-gun, too, doncha know.”

    You know the official name of the Blue Bear is “I See What You Mean.” I always wonder if that’s suppoed to be what the conventioneers are saying about the bear, or what he’s saying about them. 😉

  64. well… in CA… we, um, have the world’s largest ocean!

  65. Reading through all these comments, I’m wondering what Maryland has…? Biggest @sshole driver population (into DC of course)? And then I click on the Roadside America site, and what does Maryland have???? a Museum of Menstruation!!!!!!!
    Lawd hep me.

  66. Theresa-Yup, uh, huh, that’s what it shouldabeen alright, uh-huh.

    Thanks, Theresa!

    taj, oh come on, you have the Monteray Bay Aquarium-that is, hands down, the coolest, most spiffiest, most bestest place in the world. You can’t even enter the race-’cause you have an advantage that is impossible to beat. I wanna go baaaack!

  67. OK, Kris, I read the entire story of Harry and his Musuem.

    It would be nice to have a Women’s Health museum somewhere, maybe a med school or something. But the writing of the article was obnoxious.

    Maybe some day it will become part of a larger Women’s Health initiative, and people will become more familiar with the social implications of Women’s Health issues. That’s what I took away from it, anyway. The museum is now closed. AAAAAAHHHH-GAAAAHHN Nowwwww.

  68. scooterpants says:

    kris- say it isnt so, but its kinda strange, like trying not to look at a car wreck or something. what an odd man, dont know if i can get past that.

    well, up here in vancouver washington we have a lotta, big…. rain and water and hills and mountains and green stuff, like trees and crap. its reel purdy. 🙂

  69. Katrina, maybe it could re-open intermittently…like 5 days out of every 28? 😉

  70. scooterpants says:

    oh katrina! i thought the writing was HILLarious! i about snorted coffee out my nose three times. You need to learn to ‘go with the flow girl!’
    you’ll be ‘cursed’ if ya dont!
    its about ‘that time of the month’ for you to lighten up have a giggle. 🙂 (snort!,gaffaw! i kill me)

  71. Could we, you know, maybe steer this thread back onto topic? Even such as it was? There was a giant fibercrete otter, if I recall correctly…

  72. What, you think Menstruation isn’t cute, Theo? Huh? HUH? HUH?????????

  73. scooterpants says:

    we did dI-gress a lil.
    yes, yes Fabulous photos
    of the giant Otter, and those people (who could they be????) , and I love all the links to other great goofy tourist stuff.

  74. Jaye – that sounds like the PERFECT suggestion!!!

    P.S. Nice “meeting” you & Theo! :o)

  75. scooterpants says:

    bah!ha ha! kris! LOL LOL LOL, bout peed my pants…

  76. Silly Mama says:

    @charliewabba – I dunno if a sherpa would be a good idea. Don’t they have spikes on their shoes or sumpthing? Ouch!

    Heehee. Mt. Otterest

  77. charliewabba says:

    well, for purposes of otter-scaling, I suppose the sherpas could have something like the hook-y half of velcro on their boots.

  78. Teho, your pics would be *much* better than the one that currently represents the Big O on Flickr’s The Big Things pool:

    [fixed the URL… – Ed.]

  79. We’re making the menfolk umcomfortabihls, but Jaye, Kris- we do think alike.

    I’m still chuckling, here, thankfull for the fact that Theo and his snuggle-puff have given us these lovely photos of the Giant Otter.

    I’m tearing up again, Oh, God, I can win for losing here! TPTHTPTUTPTHHTH! (insertsmileyfacehere)

  80. Nope, no stairs on that Otter from where I’m sittin’.
    Theo did it the HARD way.


    [You underestimate the power of teh Mod side… – Ed.]

  81. The gagging sounds are me reacting to “snuggle-puff”…egghhhh, acckkkk, ptui!

    And while Theo’s climbing prowess is legendary, the picnic table on the far side of the otter might’ve helped just a little 😉


  83. PS — that is a picnic table of unspeakable power. It is not to be trifled with.

  84. charliewabba says:


  85. You totally need to help me plan a cute-animal-themed honeymoon!

  86. @Katrina, yah, you betcha!

  87. @Kris, no, that would be Florida. Trust me. I know it doesn’t seem fair, since they also have the Weeki-Wachi Mermaids:

  88. Theresa- you are one very funny woman. Now Kris, as one very funny woman to another, you have to read Theresa’s link for Theo: and here is my favorite passage-“I was just idly rearranging flint sickle blades that had already been catalogued. Apparently, I spelled out the true name of a long-dead god-priest,” Whitson said. “Can’t a man even clean up his work area without inadvertently conjuring up a pack of lightning-breathing ocelots?”

    I have to take a nap now, and I swear if I dream about lightening-breathing ocelots, you are going to hear ALL about it.

    Theo- my husband and children have to deal with “snugglepuff” and faaaar worse, (‘woozysnuggle’ and more), so Jaye can buck up.
    Ok Jaye? (slinks off in fear of Jaye)…

  89. I’ve seen that Onion piece, and it *is* funny; what I don’t get is why Theresa specifically posted that one here…?

  90. Katrina, I know CA has tons of attractions, but I was thinking more along the line of roadside features that have the title “the world’s largest [insert random object here].”

    In Hollywood, I bet we have the world’s largest egos!

  91. zeldapie says:

    HOORAY! The Fergus Falls OTTER!!
    My dad grew up in Fergus, and we’d visit grandma there quite often. Going to see the OTTER was a highlight, lemme tell ya.


  92. catloveschanel says:

    I had to Cuteoverload @ work after a dubious experience, and it was a quiet moment.

    Then I saw the 2nd Caption ” Oh fer cryin… ” and I laughed so loud, I blew my cover.

    I think my uncle always used to say that, I can just see him …

  93. @Theo: I think Theresa was linking the article to the PTOUP (Picnic Table of Unspeakable Power), and to you, our very own “Minnesota Jones and the Otter of Fibercrete”. What I don’t get is, if you’re supposed to stay off the otter, why did they put it in a sandbox like a play structure??

    [LOL, yes, OK, I get it now, thanks… – Ed.]

    [For the record, I never actually saw any sort of warning sign. And that table is aluminum, so, very strong but very light. Somebody had definitely moved it there, and it wasn’t me… – Ed.]

  94. warrior rabbit says:

    taj, we also have the world’s biggest lemon. I don’t think the article explains, but it’s left over from a Rose Parade.

    Driven by it many times. Never tried to climb it.

  95. taj- you may be right!

  96. I dunno, Katrina; drive 6 hours up the coast & you’re in Cupertino… 😉