Rocky Reaches An Important Conclusion

"That settles it — no more flying without a parachute."

Had a little trouble with the landing, did we?

Ees dahlink peek-ture, Danielle F.



  1. momof2kitties says:


  2. Looks like the local squirrels I’ve seen flattened out in the shade on hot days.

    Enjoy that cool concrete!

  3. Hon Glad says:

    Just coolin de old harbls.

  4. sasquatchftw says:

    I’m from the church of Bullwinkle and this cartoon offends me greatly!!!!11!!1!!!one

  5. can’t… go… any … further! *splat*

  6. Proving the truth of the adage, “Aw, Bullwinkle, that NEVER works!”

  7. I think he’s doing yoga. That looks like the frog pose to me.

  8. muttluver says:

    *pant pant* Did I get away from the dog?

  9. rofl, i’ve seen a couple squirrels in that pose on hot days laying on the cool concrete in the shade. all splayed out like that. sometimes i wish i was flexible enough i could splay out on cool conrete on hot days too!

  10. i think he’s cooling his junk.

  11. Samantha S. says:


  12. Squirrels take the 10 commandents seriously: “on Sunday though shall take take it eazay!”

  13. “Oh my innards!!”

  14. Rosakala says:

    Bwee! How cute!

  15. It’s a freshly baked squirrely cake! Pass the maple syrup, please.

  16. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Belly-flops are hard to do, especially if you land on a curb!

  17. He looks so frustratinks!

  18. No, I don’t want Gideon’s Bible. I’m a squirrel, not a raccoon.

  19. Where are RJ and Verne, I wonder?

  20. MoonCatty says:

    Aaaawwww… this little one looks so much like the squirrelios that live around my place.

    I rescued, raised and released two squirrel brothers last year, so I have very warm feelings toward these little guys. They are so playful, funny, and also quite cuddly and affectionate.

    Yay squirrels!

  21. “Oops.”

  22. ThreeCatNight says:

    God, where’s a good supporter when you need one?!

  23. Safe at first! (Base).

  24. darkshines says:

    I like his ginger extremities! ^_^