It’s A Smooshed Face Caturday

[Sing it with me now!]

It’s a Smooshed Face Caturday!
With a schnozzle pressed in,
And a Brimley-like ‘stache

walnut7, originally uploaded by cassandramurphy.

It’s a Smooshed Face Caturday!
With abbreviated profiles,
and bugg-a-licious eyes

walnut6, originally uploaded by cassandramurphy.

It’s a Smooshed Face Caturday!
Ears are regular size,
Still paws are unaffectedly prosh

walnut4, originally uploaded by cassandramurphy.

It’s a Smooshed Face Caturday!
When gettin’ up close
Purr sounds are more garbled than ushe

walnut5, originally uploaded by cassandramurphy.

No, it doesn’t matter what melody you sing with it, Cassandra L.

Hey Cutetologists out there, do you have more lyrics to add!?



  1. Just a wonderful cat.

  2. Yeah that’s gonna get stuck in my head all day now.
    thanks Meg. xD
    but you forgot the easy access chin for scratching. <3

  3. I will leave the lyric adding up to my clever pals…but he is just darling. He’s just begging for a snorgle…looking out the window all forlorn like. 😦

  4. Miss N Casey says:

    I agree, Red. This kitteh needs hugz. In the last shot, he’s clearly saying, “Put down that blasted camera and give me a phlerbert!!!”

  5. So what breed is this, Marsian? (marmie/persian?)

    He has a VERY serious expression going on there. Perhaps the photographer interrupted his meditation on the meaning of life…

  6. methinks the hovertext should have said “DIABEETUS”.

    Am I wrong?

  7. It’s a Smooshed Faced Caturday!
    But not on a latter day,
    Cos that would be Sunday

    It’s a Smooshed Faced Caturday
    It’s quite a funday
    Then Sunday is Bunday

  8. momof2kitties says:

    Gotta get my comment in before the “I hate flat-faced cats” nuffers come out from under their troll-rocks.

    “Dawww..who’s a cutiewootienookiepookums? Who’s got widdle peenk leeps? You do!!”

  9. momof2kitties says:

    LOL @ Kristi, too.

  10. Aww!

    Sooo cute is the cute smooshed cat,

    You never really know,
    what he’ll think up next!

    lol Okay, it’s feeble but I tried.

  11. Awwwwwww!!! Love these guys! When they’re kittens… good God they’re adorable!

  12. Kristi speaks truth.

    Also, I hope this cutie grows up to be as funny (but not as annoying) as Winston.

  13. AuntieMame says:

    It’s not just the smooshed face. It’s the eyes-too-big-for-his-haid!

  14. Beth (in NC) says:

    I love smooshy faces!!! Smooshy smooshy!!

  15. Totalee Puppy says:

    It’s a Smooshed Face Caturday,
    Baby Cat deserves a prize,
    And ride in stretch limo–
    so posh.

    It’s a Smooshed Face
    papparazi wait in mobs,
    Here’s the red carpet–you look so prosh!

    It’s a Smooshed Face
    wish I could forget this song…
    I dream of Smooshed Face
    Kitty…I’m under your spell.

  16. Saint Stryfe says:

    Jamie Hyneman cat is are Mythbustn.

  17. It’s like if Winston and Wilford Brimley had some freaky (but ADORABLE) cross-species babies!

  18. That’s an Exotic Shorthair! Some call it “the Lazy Man’s Persian”.
    I have a red Mackerel Tabby that looks just like that little guy! Mine’s name is Taco 🙂

  19. binky-mama says:

    Winston comes in marmie flavor?!?!

    [Well, maybe marmies come in Winston flavor. – Ed.]

  20. Totalee Puppy says:

    Mario…You are so lucky to have your red Mackerel
    Tabby…and I love the name
    “Taco” !!

  21. Smooshed Face Caturday is also a day for leaning –

  22. Warning:

    Stretching may also cause
    extra smooshing to face to occur.

  23. Victoria says:

    This is EXACTLY what I pictured Crookshanks to look like…

  24. why do I have this strong urge
    to push gently on his cheeks in hopes that it will
    push his nose out so he doesn’t breath all snoreggly like he has a cold.
    kitty so cute, but mean hearted me not let snoring kitty in bed next to me.
    kitty so sweet, me so mean.

  25. (the original) Mel says:

    Ahn. It’s a marmie with a five head.

  26. I’d beep him in that last pic, but he might get smooshier. Did I just invent a word – smooshier?

  27. i just couldn’t help but laugh! He looks so cute!

  28. “And I shall call him…


  29. I wanna put an Ewok hat on him.

  30. Weird- I’ve never seen a smooshed face marmie before.


  31. I have no lyrics to add. But I will say that smooshed-face kittehs are called “disapproving kittehs” in some quarters.

  32. cheesybird says:

    I can just hear the snorfling in the last picture!

    @Red, that leaning picture you linked to made me lol (literally). And I love that the leaning kitteh is named Caruthers.

    @Hon Glad, diggin’ the extra verses!

  33. Bird of Paradise says:

    DO WANT!!! No wonder they named him Walnut, his widdle haid is all round and wrinkly like one!

  34. I don’t think it’s done cooking.

  35. bookmonstercats says:

    I hadn’t realised they came in ginger flavour – my fave.


  37. Its quite clear to me that he is after some salmon.

  38. Can anyone honestly say that Winston would be better unannoying?
    Oh, my, Winston’s ability to reach and maintain his annoyance level is just one of the most wonderful things about him, other than his head and his toes and his squeak and his ears and his nose and his servant. Now, a ginger contender to the throne? Time will tell- this is just a baby, yes? “Hello, out there, Winston – my feline hero! Hello, Winston servant!” “Walnut, you are beautiful.” Perhaps Walnut is seeking some nice snack or another- if he wants to de-throne Winston, he’ll have to have eclectic tastes!

  39. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    Schmooooooooooooooooshie! >^..^<

  40. catablob says:

    Lof he.
    He reminds me of that demonic and compelling marmie devon rex on the archicats website.

  41. OMG it’s garfield!!!!!

    only thin.

  42. He’s got the eyes of Puss in Boots from Shrek!

  43. What a sweetie. The second link that Red gave us is my perfect idea of Crookshanks.

    I never realized that Garfield is a smooshedface cat, but right you are!

    Saint Stryfe-LOL: Jamie Hyneman…too true, too true.

  44. OMG


    *Dissolves into puddle of overloaded smooshed-face cat Qteness overload!!!*

  45. Hon Glad says:

    catablob: I started to read, archicats as Arthriticats. :0}

  46. milquetoast says:

    It’s a smoooshed face Caturday I don’t know the language that’s spoken on here.. It’s a smoooshed face Caturday I’ll give it a shot ’cause the schnooky’s so dear.. It’s a smoooshed face Caturday reflections in his pokies make me stand up and cheer! It’s a smoooshed face Caturday I wish it was everyday I’ll have to shed a tear… It’s a smooshed face Caturday and Brimley called and said, “Who is that cat?” “He’s got a smoooshed face and his eyes are so fat I wanna pop ’em in my mouth!” “The proshness is his freshness and his freshness is his business and he’s all about that..” “It’s a smoooshed face Caturday his ears are so nommy, his cheeks are so fat…” (I can’t st- help me…) It’s a smoooshed face Caturday the sun reflects its glory in his big, fat eyes.. It’s a smoooshed face Caturday this prosh is frosh I dig the way he mystifies… with his chubby wubby cheeks and his teeny pink lips, what would they say… They’d say “Never fear, the coast is clear and it’s here I’ll stay…. (sh#&..) Poopy woopy baby with the smoooshed-in face and the bulbous eyes, it’s a fuzzy wuzzy Saturday, its also now a Caturday you can’t deny… Inquisitive baby schnooks do you read big books when the moon is full? Wubba wubba cutie such a fuzzinful patooty, so DE LECT AH BUHLS!! TA DAAAAA! let me outta here…

  47. WoW milquetoast! A+! YOU are pretty DE LECT AH BUHLS, too! Nice rap!

  48. Whoa. Those big brown eyes are AMAZINGK. I didn’t know they came in brown.

  49. This cat kind of looks like Gizmo the gremlin. :/