Get ready ’cause we’re going TUBING, People. [Ready stance]

Race you to the COUCH GO!


Thistle and Nicole—Looks like your Friday night is booked solid.



  1. What a cute little nosicle!!

  2. biscuithead says:


  3. katerpie says:

    I’ll go with the flow… nosicle!!! XD

  4. moist nosicle!

  5. Lucy's mommeh says:


  6. Spindly front legs! Yeah, I notice the weird stuff. Hmm…hedgie doesn’t look too happy.

  7. Satellite hedgie!!

  8. Flamingos and now a hedgehog– time to play croquet!

  9. Erebella says:

    Wow, look at those spikes on his head and those itty bitty feetsies! He could probably hear his voice echo in that tube. Hello! (hello)(hello)(hello). You know, those quills will make it hard to get that thing off him, though.

  10. Did little hedgie get into something or are his feet normally all yellow and slimey like that?


    Please excuse me; I must now go unwibble my teeth.
    Perhaps I shall chew a spot of saddle leather.

  12. Hey by the way, Twin Cities area Peeps? Right now the Minnesota Valley Humane Society (in Burnsville, off Highway 13) has a hedgie available for adoption: meet Gomez!

    (no word on whether or not there’s also a Morticia, tho… heh)

  13. thursday says:

    Last time I watched a bunch of hedgehogs playing, they had tubes stuck on their heads, and some nearby kids felt sorry for them and took the tubes off…and the hedgies promptly got them stuck back on. Apparently tubes are awesome.

  14. momof2kitties says:

    Cue The Flight Of The Conchords…

    “It’s too–oobe, it’s too-oobe ti-ime!!”

  15. Poor baby! He looks so sad.

  16. They tried to make me go to tube-hab and I said no-no-nheyre…

  17. awww =]

    & i found a SUPERCUTE video, but im having trouble submitting it, will someone do it for me? =] p-p-pleas?

  18. Its about time you put another hedgie post up! This should be hedgie overload

  19. LOL Theresa!

  20. What a cute hedgehog! They always seem to be getting stuck in tubes, don’t they?!

  21. Trisha: We have hedgehogs in our garden & they’re legs are that colouring naturally. Not slimy, furry!

  22. AH!!! THISTLE MADE IT!!!

    She is only sad as I interrupted her tubing with the camera! You can keep on taking away the tube and she keeps sticking her head back in! She had just had a bath, that’s where the wetness comes from, they are usually whiter 🙂

    I am SO EXCITED to see my little baby finally make cuteoverload!!! I’m sure anyone whose pet has made it feels a similar idiotic glee at their little furry friend becoming famous!

  23. Yitzysmommie says:

    Happy Day After your Birthday Meggie.

    Big Barooos in my house. My 14 year old cockapoo Lucy developed non stop seizures yesterday afternoon. Monday, I had arranged to have her euthanized here at home this morning in a peaceful way in her own bed, but she just couldn’t wait any longer. She’d been sick for a couple of weeks, worsening visibly over last weekend, and on Monday, my vet agreed that she was telling us it’s time. We wanted my son & I to be available to take her, hence our need to wait until today.
    but aslo glad she’s out of her misery
    Please everyone, give your puppers & kittehs & bunnies & hammies & ferrets & snakses and whatever you love an extra snorgle today in memory of our beloved Lucy Goosey who has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

    [Sincere condolences, B. – Ed.]

  24. Yitzysmommie- I feel for you. My cockapoo Alix had the same seizure issues, she lived a good 13 years. Its hard to see them like that!! She passed about 6 years ago, but not a day goes buy that I dont think of her. I send warm floof your way!! I am so very sorry.

  25. DustPuppyOI says:

    Here’s the classic Uni the Hedgehog youtube video ( that was on CO previously. Featuring: moist nosicle, teeny pink tongue, happy tubing, kicking feet and Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack.

  26. momof2kitties says:

    YM–Georgie and Mia send warm, furry snorlges and forehead bumps your way!!!

  27. @Yitzysmommie – So sorry to hear of your loss. As you said, though, she’s out of her misery. I’ll be sure to give my kitteh and doggeh extra snorgles.

    Hedgie is so cute! I love the mouf & nosicle.

  28. Erebella says:

    That was an awesome video! The squirming to try and turn over was hilarious. Teeny legs just flipping everywhere, rest for a second, and go at it again. That’s NYERHE to the 100th power! Although I bet once he got upright, he’d go, LET’S DO THAT AGAIN!

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    So sorry Yitzysmommie . BAROOO from me too.

  30. cheesybird says:

    So sorry for your loss, Yitzysmommie. Man, it’s never easy even when you know it’s the right time. Barooooo…. 😦

    Nicole, Thistle is anerable! What a sweet moist nosicle!

  31. I agree with … everyone: MOIST NOSICLE!

    Also, happy bridgewishes to Lucy.

  32. Kiragirl says:

    So sorry, Yitzysmom; for me it’s been 2 yrs 2 weeks….you will feel better eventually but will always remember with love. [can’t talk anymore] 😦

  33. Yitzysmommie, Hugs from me and all the kitties… So hard when our lovely furry friends have to go…. I hope you had a chance to hold your baby close at the end … I held Darin(our Kitty) until he was gone. it was better for him that way. More Hugs for you

  34. “The tried to make me go to tube-hab
    I said–” er…what do hedgies say, anyway? Anything?

    Condolences and Baroos, Yitzysmom. We’ve had many a baroo of late for my parents’ nearly-15-year-old corgi, Bethany. She went to corgi heaven (presumably filled with cows to herd and corn chips to crunch)2 weeks ago. She had been a bridesmaid in my wedding (she didn’t contribute much to planning the bridal shower, but she certainly behaved better than anyone else in the wedding party). Furry companions truly are real family members.

  35. From that adorable face to those scrawny and adorable leggsies – perfection!

  36. scooterpants says:

    he looks like he’s going styrofoam cup home made e-collaring to me.
    do you suppose they put that on him so he wouldn’t chew/lick all the medicine off his little leggies?

  37. @scooterpants – Look at Nicole’s comment above. 🙂

  38. OMG! I’ve seen the hedge at the end of the tunnel!

  39. Kiragirl says:

    hmmmm, cute or sad?

  40. scooterpants says:

    oops missed that, i usually try to read all the posts so that i dont do something stupid like that.
    well, i guess she just has a little bit of a ‘cup’ fetish then .
    very very cute. 🙂

  41. @scooterpants – No problem! It happens.

  42. Hedgies loooooove tubes. They cannot resist the head-wedging actions.

  43. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a hedgehog??? Seriously i REALLLY want 1.

  44. I’d never heard of ‘edge’og tubing, so fuzzily searched:

    and check out the pic of tubing tribbles on 60’s wallpaper.

  45. @Aloria- Iz dat a hedgie or a wedgie? Hmmmm?
    @Yitzysmommy-So sorry for your loss. My Mr. Picky-cat is gettin up dere at 17, so am tryin to prepare for same, altho he is currently in perfect health. We can just be thankful for their presence while we have them and snorgle them alot (and I do).

  46. So THAT is why my internet is acting funny today. There is a hedgehog in the tubes!

  47. I’ve heard all about the hedgie tubing.. yet my Niko has yet try it despite ample opportunities!

  48. Why do hedgies lof tubes so much? Does anyone know? An ‘edge’og shrink?

  49. Gail (the first one) says:

    @Yitzysmommy: I’m SO sorry about Lucy….My “kids” and I are sending you lots of {{{{HUGS}}}} and many comforting snorgles your way. She was so lucky to be so loved!!!

  50. binky-mama says:

    This one definitely needs to go to tube-hab. Love the
    disgruntled look and the crazy Lloyd Bridges eyebrows.

    “Dewd, I can stop ANY time I want to!”

  51. Most importantly, “Thistle” is THE BEST name for a hedgehog EVER. Absolutely brilliant.

    Although anyone with a lisp wouldn’t be able to say his name…so..that’s kinda mean. (also, why does the word “lisp” have an S in it?)

  52. “Thistle”? Does he speak with a Glaswegian accent? 😀

    Condolences, hugs and Baroo @ Yitzysmommie.

  53. Dear Yitzysmommie- Clean words cannot connote how I feel about your loss, so I’ll try some dirty ones:
    “mulch”, “pond scum”. No, those don’t do it. I’m so sorry for your loss, and my best wishes to you for getting through the first few days. It is a grief process so unlike that for people. I think it is more intense. We are here for you, yeah, we are!

  54. *beep*
    Okay, I have to do that again.

  55. I didn’t realise hedgehogs noses looked like that! I thought they were just little black balls lol. Its a sort of half nose, half muzzle. 🙂 Cute!!

  56. …nosicle!!!

  57. elle doubleu says:

    I always think of Suessical the Musical when I hear the word noisicle. Noisicle the Moisicle! I demand someone write it. Andrew Lloyd Webber, get busy!

  58. Tu be or not tu be
    That is the question,
    Whether it is nobler in the mind
    To suffer the Quills of outrageous fortune……

    Someone more clever than I, can finish this. :0}

  59. I’ve had 8 hedgehogs over a number of years and most of them never wanted to go “tubing”. I’ve given tubes to play and it’s like, phfffftt, they rather go hide or poke their noses in my tools. My favorite hedgie used to love to burrow in steel wool. I have seen other hedgies go tubing and it’s hilarious watching them. I recall one stubborn hedgie that did not like it if you pulled off his tube and he would really work to jam that tube back on his head. Hedgies are weird animals but ever so lovable. As for the dirty legs, a good wheeling session will get them all poopy and then it’s time for a hedgie bath! Hedgie wheels are unspeakably poopy after a good run and it’s a lot of work to get them clean.

  60. Why aren’t their sweet, tiny hedgediddlihogses in Hong Kong?WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYY????

  61. Debes: cause you guys gots all th’pretty birdies. We gots the prickly little roundy-uppy things. It all balances out in Nature. Californians can’t have ferrets- see, everybody can’t have something, so we gots ta treasure whats we do gots!
    hedgediddlihogses- too sweet!