Let’s check in on Martha’s puppehs

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you prolly know that Martha Stewart is considering a new puppeh to join her family. Her pup "Paw Paw" passed away in April. Barooooooo! And she is considering a new puppeh (or THREE).

Ya’ll made it very clear with our Cute Overload poll that you wanted Marth to adopt all three pups below. Here is the latest on their almost-weaned status. To see MORE photos of the three Chowskiteers, check out the Martha Blog.


Their paws and stubbular limbs have grown, and they all look like miniature bears.



We still think "Nom Nom" is far and away the best name choice. Right Eliad L.?



  1. Meg — did you really just make a getting arrested joke in the Martha Stewart-related post?

  2. That is me. I don’t know why I added a b.

    [Well, I do… – Ed.]

  3. Hon Glad says:

    Yep, Nom Nom for the win. But of course she must have the other two.
    Is just me? or do their expressions look like, they all have hangovers,it’s the dang its bright out here look round the eyes.

  4. Hon Glad says:

    “dang, its bright out here”

  5. faeriedragon says:

    they look like ewoks!

  6. Aw, I like the little runty one the best. What a cute face. They look sooo soooft!

  7. No! Chow must be called Nom Nom Nom………..or if she gets all 3 just call each one Nom and only ever refer to them as a collective ;O)

    Nom 2 of 3 reporting for cuteness! (paws up)

  8. Oh, one of the (inevitable) pups must CERTAINLY be called Nom Nom, no question…

  9. GAHHH!!! ::buries face in chow-chow fur::

  10. snorglepup says:

    Ahh. The apex of floofy snorgltude prominently displayed.

  11. snorglepup says:

    Love the smell of chow in the morning!

  12. pthupthphtht-I wonder if they thpushthuppht shed….

  13. Gail (the first one) says:

    I was looking through Martha’s blog and she references CO in an entry about going to the DMV! Cool!!!

  14. Martha should announce her choice of pup on her show, and Meg should be there! And Sharon from Disapproving Rabbits!

  15. Jaye hon — Martha should announce her choice of pup on *ELLEN*, and Meg should be there. BirdChick can come too. And Mr. Neil (looking bewildered).

  16. Looking at the photos on Martha’s blog, it seems she can, at most, adopt two. The pup on the far right is not real, but has been replicated in photoshop much like an Iranian missile.

    See for yourself. He doesn’t move.

  17. Joss — let me get this straight… you’re saying Iran is pretending to stockpile Chow Chow pups? THAT’S what’s making Israel nervous?

    These are serious allegations.

  18. New votes for names:

    Nom-Nom (of course)
    Good Thing (of course)
    55170-054 (Martha’s prison number) or “Fi-Fi” for short.

  19. Meg you must crizzapping yourself because Martha linked YOUR BLOG in HER BLOG.


    [Oh, you mean *again*? – Ed.]
    :breathes on fingernails:
    :polishes them on shirt:

  20. MadameX says:

    Iran is stockpiling puppies of massive fluffitude?!?

  21. Well what do you expect from the folks that stockpiled the very dangerous fluffitude of Persian cats and released it upon the world, crippling all who cross them?! Genius.

  22. Erebella says:

    Katrina, HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA! I was just wondering if there were actually puppies under all that fluff. You get them wet and they’d probably look like yorkies.

  23. BerthaServant and Theo I got my First Big laugh of the morning. Hehehehehe.

    Good thing I didn’t have a sip of coffee YET!

  24. Yep, you’re learning. 😉

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    A trio of lush floofiness, which could certainly keep me warm during the winter months, should Martha not decide to take them all – cats be darned!

  26. scooterpants says:

    berthaservant and theo are always making jokes and i never get it…hmmmpphhh.

    i believe seperating these three would be ‘futile’ dont you zaff? i agree that she must adopt an ‘all or none’ attitude.

  27. Finally, OMG! published Shia LaBeouf’s most recent booking pictures.

  28. oof. those cute little mini-bears look perfect to dry my face on. I’ll take ten.

    (in before the OMG WHY SHE NOT ADOPTING outrage?)

  29. ScooterPants all I can say is the B is significant in terms of prison jokes and if that doesn’t bring clarity for you,,, well then I shall not explain further.

  30. @scooterpants: the prison joke is in the little floating text that appears when your mouse lingers over a photo.

  31. but I know what you mean. I read Bertha’s comment and scratched my head for a minute: a rock? almost weaned? what could it mean??

  32. puglets rule says:

    “Your Nomulence” – god I just love that! I’m still smiling 🙂

  33. scooterpants says:

    GAH! ok, i get it, yes, the hover text (hits self in head with rolling pin)
    no need to splain further annie…

    i wonder if Martha would buy me one of these if she really doesnt want them all? it’d be a small price to pay (i’ll bet NOT) to know one of these nom’s had a wonderful loving home dont ya think?

  34. Yeah, sometimes I make in-jokes about my in-jokes. Sorry about that. Other times I make really *obvious* jokes, though. “If you don’t like the weather here, just wait five minutes.”

  35. scooterpants says:

    well, no one ever said i was the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  36. HISSSSS says:

    Vicious beasts.

  37. Kiragirl says:

    fuzz balls

    suggested name: Pee Pee

  38. Kiragirl says:

    I live in the town where Martha went to the DMV, too funny.

    Martha, take the leetle one.

  39. turbofloof says:

    OH SNAP! Look at the Raising Arizona reference! You are Awesome, Meg!

  40. i just saw a chow yesterday at the vet’s office who had been comPLETEly shaved for the summer.
    still cute, of course (all animals are), but not so much…

  41. When do they develop eyes?

  42. so so cute i want one !!!!!!!!

  43. YUK. Yeah, rehome them. PLEEZ.

  44. chanpon says:

    I love chows, no matter how grouchy they can be. What adorable chunks!

  45. Kiragirl says:

    cheryl, d’oh, they always have eyes ; )

  46. Kiragirl says:

    other suggested names:
    Chow Mein
    Chow Maine (if you move?)
    Chow Mane

  47. I saw a Pom/Chow cross today.

    It was anerable. Pom head and body, with chow legs and feets.

    I thought of Meg!

    (no camera with me, tho)

  48. So you’re *certain* there was actually DOG somewhere under all that fluff?

  49. *sings* … and they call it… puppeh lurveeeee…. 😀

    Today you have really done it, CO. Killing me with puppy goodness. And I´m a CAT person, damnit! 😉

  50. Unless somebody finds a zippered pouch to put your jammmies in, they are real doggetts. I would love to have access to them- to pet them and let them go back home again. Unbelievable.

  51. What’s cool is Martha has linked back to you


  52. thay shood photoshop the puppies to look like REAL bears