Dreaming Baby Schnozzle Cam

This puppy MUST be dreaming about something…

With those lip movements, I’m guessing it’s a double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino (extra hot)

I like my bone-shaped Biscotti on the side, Debra F.!



  1. (the original) Mel says:

    Don’t bother him. He’s nomming.

  2. Great, now I need to get to the coffee shop.
    And I bet they STILL don’t have puppies.

  3. ThreeCatNight says:

    Ummm. Wait -slurp, slurp – missed a little of that good white foamy stuff on the side. Slurrrp! Umm, yummy! Another biscotti, please, with lots of sprinkles. Ohhhh! This – lick, lick, slurp – is just too good! Ummmm…zzzz

  4. awww…super cuteness!

  5. must…poke…

  6. Katrina says:

    I don’t think anyone is offering HIM millet.

  7. Has he been weaned? If not, I can guess what he’s dreaming.

  8. Clearly, that baby is dreaming of a pasickie.

  9. couldn’t possibly be dreaming of a teet. not a chance.

  10. Kiragirl says:

    what kind of schnozzle is that?


  12. Peanutcat says:


  13. Hon Glad says:

    He hasn’t got any teefs yet.He can gum me to death, any time.

  14. DaytimeDeb says:

    “One day, when I’m all growed up, I’ll be bigger than that mean old cat. She thinks she is the boss of me, meh. I can’t wait until I’m the boss of HER! I can taste sweet victory already….”

  15. Sandwich says:

    DEAR GOD that is one sweet, utterly kissable puppy nose. I had to resist with all my might to resist kissing and face schmooshing my computer screen!

    Whoever filmed this must have a will of steel. STEEL I tell you! That minute or so is far, far too much torture otherwise…

  16. Puppers are so cute when they dream. Sigh.

  17. scooterpants says:

    i need to know what flavor puppeh this is.
    he’s so little i cant even guess.
    anyone ?

  18. turbofloof says:

    At my house, we call those “leisures.” The little sleep seizures that our dog has while he’s sleeping on his $200 memory foam dog bed and living his life of leisure and luxury – when he sleep runs, sleep howls and sleep barks… It’s pretty cute – especially the sleep barking.

  19. Erebella says:

    I want it, I want it!!!!!! Okay, was I the only one unconsciously doing the mouth actions with him as I watched?

  20. Erebella, no you were not! hahaha

  21. happy smurfday to meg!!! am i right?

  22. Where’s mama? This pup needs a nipple!

  23. He’s dreaming of meelks! Delicious meelks! You can almost see the little milk-stash on him.

  24. wow, i wasn’t even aware i had the hormones required for feeling *this* maternal.

    damn, that’s one cute video right thar.

  25. Birdcage says:

    You folks can have your marmies and your meese and your technicolour ocean slugs and Nepalese seed pods with creepy wood faces – THAT, that puppy RIGHT THERE is officially the cutest thing I’ve seen in FOREVA!!!!! And LOL @ turboloof re “leisures”!!!!

  26. My chihuahua’s almost 6 and he still does this! It’s fracking adorable, and the sounds! Oh, the sounds…

  27. My uterus just esploded.

    And Erebella, I was smacking right along with him, too!

  28. Barbara says:

    My Shih Tzu is 15 and she does it!!! haha

  29. Erebella says:

    Okay, good to know my QTE mental condition is shared by others. I feel the luvvv.

  30. Oh, great. Just great. It’s time for me to clock back in from lunch, and now I can’t because I’m ded from the qte.

  31. Oh, great. Just great. It’s time for me to clock back in from lunch, and now I can’t because I’m ded from the qte.

  32. Oh, great. Just great. It’s time for me to clock back in from lunch, and now I can’t because I’m ded from the qte.

  33. Oh, great. Just great. It’s time for me to clock back in from lunch, and now I can’t because I’m ded from the qte.

  34. Oh, great. Just great. It’s time for me to clock back in from lunch, and now I can’t because I’m ded from the qte.

  35. Oh, great. Just great. It’s time for me to clock back in from lunch, and now I can’t because I’m ded from the qte.

  36. Unspeakably cute. My cats are almost 8 years old and Sippy still nurses in her sleep.

  37. cheesybird says:

    Oh. My. God. That little nose wiggle before the nomming starts? *thud*

  38. That is absolutely adorable! I can just smell the puppy breath from here *sniffffffs*

    But on a more serious note, newborn puppies such as that one twitch/shiver in their sleep b/c their nervous systems are still developing.

  39. OK – now I’M drooling!

  40. soooooo sweet

  41. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I can’t decide…if I should put my FINGER…or my NOSE in his mouf! It’s juss the right size!!!

    I mean…COME ON!! He wants to nurse on SUMFING!!!!

  42. Nonfat tofutti rice dreamsicle?

    *X-Files DORK*

    But seriously, I can feel te warm puppy breaf from here!

  43. binky-mama says:

    My little girl kitteh (Binky) was a bottle baby and still dreams of her “ba-ba”. She does this in her sleep complete with suckling noises and the tip of her little pink tounge sticking out!

  44. ahaha so cute hes making suck noises………must b thinking of milkshakes!

  45. Why is it when my 92 year old grandmother does this in her sleep it’s not cute at all?

  46. It looks a little like a Bernese Mountain Puppy, but its hard to tell at the larval stage.

  47. I love this video, but I must tell you that Frappuccinos would be disgusting served warm, let alone extra hot. Trust me on this.

  48. 41 comments and no one has pointed out that a Frappucino is a COLD blended beverage??

  49. ooh, foxy is a faster typer than me.

  50. perhaps a new rule of cuteness: if your tongue is bigger than your forehead, you’re cute.

    sure, it might not apply too often, but it’s gotta be true.

  51. This is one of those things that gives you an “all’s right with the world” feeling. I’ve been sick all day but just looking at this little fellow made me feel better. Well, that and lots of prescription drugs.

  52. OMG. So dead from cute for the rest of the day now.

    That puppeh is dreaming of drinking nice warm milk from mummy´s teat. 😀

  53. Baby needs a binky…

  54. he’s dreaming about the only thing someone that age can dream about:


  55. OMG! That’s the cuteness thing ever!

  56. My puppy still does this all the time. It’s not quite as cute though, because she has teeth to keep her tongue in her mouth.

  57. ghee hee hee hee!!! schnozzzzzzzle!! *nom nom nom* sorry…i just HAD to!

  58. How nice that the video maker left out human and musical noises that so often ruin perfect cuteness of vids…pups speeks for hisself!!!!

  59. Katrina says:

    I’m going to guess Greater Swiss or Bernese Mountain dogglet, too. What a video! That’s a keeper! (goes off to get a glass of water after getting thirsty just watching)

  60. fleabit says:

    AWWWW! He’s ‘sleep nursing’!

    K, now I die.


  61. Siwwies he’s dreaming about nursies! Where is Mom?

  62. I can’t help it. The mother in me wants to nurse him. I know, I’m sick! SICK!

  63. jlws- you were the only one brave enough to admit it. Remember how people write how their ovaries hurt and such? Yeah.

    Hormones are a magical and wonderous thing. If you really are nursing, there is generally a human milk bank at your local hospital for babies who need it. Babies need mommy-milk-right, peeps?

  64. Cutest. Thing. EVER!!

    I think my heart just said “SQUEEEEEEEEEE!”

  65. Newborn puppies often sleep while being nursed. This one thinks he’s still holding the nipple. But the milkbar does’t seem to be nearby.

  66. Aww… she dreams about suckling because that’s the ONLY thing she’s done so far in her WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! She’s got a limited stock of experiences to dream about, people!

  67. I knew it! You guys are trying to kill me, aren’t you?