Not what you’d expect a mile out in the lake

Don’t anyone go to and blow it. I don’t care if this story was completely fabricated, it’s hella sweet.

Apparently, a mile and a half out, a small fishing boat discovered…


Wait is that….?


Yes! A distraught deer obviously looking for his waterski tow!


Thankfully, this hulking Marine helped land the confused ani-pal an everyone was escorted back to shore. Ahnnn. [Head tilt]


Kinda exhasting, Jehn B. [wiping brow]




  2. yankeebird says:

    Sorry, but bleen.

    I’m pretty sure this is true, so I’m not going to look otherwise to spoil it.

  3. That can’t be real. A deer can swim?

  4. yankeebird says:

    So close yet so far. I’ll just ride the high from the happy moose.

  5. temperance says:

    huh? i’m so confused…

  6. StormCat says:

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself… I went to Snopes… The story is TRUE!!!! I’m so glad, although I think I would have taken the poor little thing to a wildlife preserve.. BUT at least they rescued him!!

    What a sweet story!!!!

  7. StormCat says:

    And no, I wouldn’t have said anything if it wasn’t a true story… I wouldn’t have blown away anyone’s bubble that way…

  8. Jessarakitty says:

    It’s okay to look, it’s true. Teh deer in VA, tehy don’t got much sense.

  9. serorobele says:

    Deer can swim! I was at the river with my brother the other day, just hanging out, when he was like, “What’s that” and lo and behold, a deer just cruising down the center of the river. We thought it was in trouble until it paddled very delicately to shore and got out to eat some nice green leaves. Who knew!

  10. marishka says:

    Yeah! Another hunky rescuer for the “Heroes of CO” calendar. Where do I place my order???

  11. Anonymous says:

    It’s legit:

    Not sure what the deal with everyone not wanting to know whether it’s fake or not. I like a good fiction story too but I also like to know whether I’m living in reality or fantasyland.

  12. Jenn in IL says:

    “Too weak to stand, he just sat there quivering. We picked him up again and put his feet underneath him, but he still couldn’t walk or stand. We left him sitting there looking at us. Before we left, I looked him in the eye and said, ‘See you on opening day; payback time.'”

    It was a very sweet story…until that point. I get that people hunt, that they eat what they catch and all and that’s fine…but why (in my opinion) ruin the sweet gesture with that? Man…save the deer’s life and claim that you’ll come back when it’s legal to kill him. Jerk.

    Poor deer. I hope he did okay on that beach.

  13. I kinda think the deer didn’t speak English at the time, Jenn.
    Also, actions speak louder than words.

  14. I’m fairly sure that if he knew that it was the same deer he had saved he wouldn’t kill it in a hunt…

    Of all the things to see out in the water!!! Poor thing! Definitely not the brightest bulbs, those deer.

  15. It is a great story, and I applaud them for saving an animal that obviously was barely clinging to life, but I am not sure I can convey full hero status upon them. I can get over the hunting remark, but the poor thing was almost certainly dehydrated and exhausted when they left it. Surely they could have at least made a phone call to the Dept of Natural Resources or such to send someone out to check on it? Still, weak and helpless on land is WAY better than weak and helpless in the water, so good on them for that.

  16. No kidding, Marishka. Where are all these men coming from??

  17. Pussytoes says:

    Deer swim across our lake all the time, along with bear. I’m sure that lake is a lot bigger than our 400 acre lake, but I’ve seen deer swim frequently.

  18. chanpon says:

    Poor deer (no pun), a little directionally challenged perhaps? Where are those little floaties when you need them?

  19. Hon Glad says:

    Huh; you poor saps, it was obviously shot in an infinity pool, left over from “Pirates of the Carribean” or some such. Still it didn’t engender unseemly lachromosity from most of you, like I expected. :0)

  20. LOL Hon Glad.Well somebody had to yell shopped sooner or later. ; )

    HE was just saving masculine face with the shooting comment… besides some of the sweetest most gentle men I have known do the pretend macho thing.
    I am sure the deer was up and running shortly after it was placed on shore.

  21. Aesthetica says:

    uh yeah. not too pleased with the “catch you later” line or the implication in the rest of the story that they only helped it because the fish weren’t biting. yuck.

    still, at least the poor thing had a chance, though not ideal. leaving it would have meant certain death.

    i choose to imagine that the deer refreshed itself, went on its way, and will live a long healthy life.

  22. The DNR wouldn’t be bothered to rush out and check on a single whitetail deer, especially in Maryland. There’s so many whitetails there, it’s considered a “deer damage” area. Not to burst anyone’s cute bubble, but that means that there’s enough that they cause a severe problem, between eating so much to starve out their fellows, causing damage to crops, and endangering motorists on roadways.

    The guys did right on pulling the deer out and setting it free. So what if they wanted to come back and hunt later? Give them credit for a humane job done, and let it be.

  23. Redbone says:

    They sound like idiots, really. Why not just admit that you didn’t want to let the deer drown? Why try to fluff your story with crap about making threats to a half-dead, half-grown spike?

    Either he’s an all-out moron or he’s scared of sounding like a compassionate and mature man.

    Excuse my ranting. It just irks me when people think they HAVE to act like that all the time. A little compassion for our animal brethren is a good thing.

    [Well, really, how would you expect a US Marine to talk? Again, actions speak louder than words… – Ed.]

  24. skitzfiggitous says:

    On a recent trip to Alaska, we learned that the deer their frequently swim through very cold, turbulent water to get to the other islands. They may not be the brightest bulbs in the box, but surely they know what they’re doing in these cases. I think this little guy (or gal?) would have been fine, but still, who wouldn’t like a lift every now and again?

  25. greenighs says:

    Anyone else think it’s hilarious that they were out fishing and caught a deer?

    [ 😉 – Ed.]

  26. Let’s have his babies, yay!

  27. Paunchie says:

    this deer must be up for a Darwin award. Hello! Swim the OTHER way! ha ha. Poor lost and exhausted deersie!

  28. Paunchie — their GPS reception is pretty bad until the antlers grow back in.

  29. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Deer hairs is hollow. Ask anyone who ties flies. That’s what my dad used for fishing lures. I won’t go into details about where the hairs came from.

    [So does this help them float? – Ed.]

  30. Paunchie says:

    how do you tie a fly? With wee little knots! (rim shot)

  31. jrochest says:

    There was a similar story on Lake Ontario earlier this summer:

    I like “maybe he was looking for an American girl”

  32. Aww. I usually prefer Army boys to Marines, but I think I have a soft spot for this one. 🙂

  33. mammaJess says:

    I live in Southern CT and there are a bunch of little islands in the long island sound. The deer swim from island to island all the time. In fact, my friend is a Maritime Lawyer and several times he has had to talk to insurance companies about boat vs. deer accidents! They are great swimmers – this one just got lost.

  34. Deer swim in the Pacific Ocean between the San Juan islands here in Washington!

  35. Blanche says:

    Samma… Samma… Let us look at it from a deer point of view: “There’s so many HUMANS all over the planet, it’s considered a “human damage” area. That means that there’s enough that they cause a severe problem, between eating so much to starve out their fellows, causing damage to the environment, over-exploiting natural resources, and endangering millions of wildlife and domestic animals not only on roadways but also in their natural habitat.”

    Not wanting to start a ‘commentroversy’ here. Sorry, Samma… But I just hate hearing how the animals stand in our way from destroying the rest of the planet. Why, they have to cross roads, eat and multiply!

    Deers did not invent the automobile, they do not drive any and are not taught the road signs. We, as human beings, have forgotten that we are to share this planet. Not only with animals but with other human beings who are not so fortunate as to eat three meals a day, let alone drive a car.

  36. Deer swim between islands in the Puget Sound (WA) regularly, if not frequently.

    Also, black bears can swim long distances too! (There was a news story about one swimming across Puget Sound just a few months ago.)

    Seattle, WA

  37. The Other One Michelle says:

    Amazing how a nice story like this brings out the whiners. Hot guy, cute deer.

  38. ThreeCatNight says:

    Blanche – So well said!
    Thanks for writing what many of us are thinking. There is no rationale for selfishness.

  39. A Marine AND an animal lover?!

    Forget Joel, I wonder if THIS GUY’S single! 😀

  40. This depressed me for some reason. Poor deer, unable to stand…quivering…and then the guy making the comment about hunting season?


  41. As for swimming deer…
    Supposedly that’s how “Hartford” (CT) got it’s name…Hart (deer) fording the river. S’posed to be where the deer crossed the river.

  42. Gail (the first one) says:

    Such a great rescue that I’m willing to take the hunting comment with a grain of salt! Plus he does qualify for the “Hot Rescuers of CO” or whatever we’re calling it…..!

  43. The deer appears to have been pretty determined to get somewhere anyways..

  44. Birdcage says:

    For anyone touched by the “Meese in Sprinklers” series, take it from this Canuck that mooses ALSO swim, same as deer – and they swim fast and hold a grudge. They swim faster than, say, the average person can paddle a canoe. So if you happen to be out paddling a canoe, being chased by a nasty grudge-holding moose, your last thought might just be “But they looked so cute on CO!!!” Just sayin.

  45. This reminds me of a really cute story a coworker told me. She and her family like to go boating in the San Juan Islands (Washington State) in the summer, and there’s a nice safe island there that pregnant deer swim to, give birth, and raise their fawns on away from predators. Then they swim back. I don’t think I wouldn have believed her if she hadn’t shown me pictures!

  46. Santa missing a reindeer?
    Move over Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen–here comes the swimming reindeer!

  47. @Sissy – those’ll come in handy when global warming melts the ice at the north pole!

  48. What an adorable story! I love hearing about cute pets. That deer is adorable!

    FYI cuteoverload fans, i just discovered – tons of cute pics! i recommend it if you’ve never been

  49. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Dear Ed…yes, that’s why they manage to swim as well as they do. I swear.

  50. Paunchie says:

    that’s a nice lake Ontario story. They stayed with the deer for a half hour while he recovered. Po thang.

  51. BeckyMonster says:

    Blanche, you are my personal hero. How dare we say animals are in our way. We destroy their habitat, shoot them with high-powered rifles and call it “sport”, and that’s just scratching the surface. I would have stayed with that deer all dang day to make sure it was up and about again, but I’m a girl and not prone to macho BS.

  52. Deer be trainin’ for the ‘lympics! Swim to Beijing!!!

  53. Christina says:

    Completely legit according to Snopes. 🙂 And cute!

  54. Hmm, is this part of some exchange program with the whales?

  55. Deer can definitely swim long distances. It didn’t need rescuing. They’re not stupid, like people who go boating without a life jacket!

  56. BOO YAH!!!

  57. Melissa says:

    I second (third? fourth?) what Blanche said…I mean, how is it that the DEER are endangering the MOTORISTS? How many deer are left for dead on the side of the road after a collision, versus how many humans die in an accident like that? Drunk drivers endanger motorists, not deer. Keep in mind that the animals were here first…it’s we who are encroaching on their space, not the other way around.

  58. “Mnyah, mnyah, mnah,” this is what all you nuffers sound like, ruining an otherwise heartwarming story with your faux-outrage. Because the comments section of a “cute animals” website is such a place to get on your damned soapbox.

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    lol David, I had a similar thought about the whales on the beach and deers in the water… and the results are the same, can be very bad news without help from someone, i.e. nearby humans who step in to help.

  60. What Redbone said.

  61. OK, I mustered the courage and checked it out on Snopes — it’s TRUE!!! Yippee!

    (I wouldn’t have said anything if it had said False).

  62. feranghi says:

    What if they uploaded the pics backwards? That would mean this guy TOOK a deer out, set it adrift in the ocean and sailed away!

  63. Aren’t we technically animals too?

    Cute deer.

  64. feranghi says:

    oops…in a very big ocean-sized LAKE

  65. Blanche, redbone…I’m on board.

  66. Oops. I just read StormCat’s posting about checking it out on Snopes. Oh well — GMTA, I suppose?

  67. There is no such thing as animal overpopulation. If there are too many animals in a single location it is the fault of humans and humans alone. No species every had any problem with overpopulation ever until humans came along and ruined everything for everyone forever. That is not an infestation of termites in your wall, they were there first. And the lady with 45 cats is just letting cats do what they do naturally, how dare we try to control the animal population. No human who ever killed an animal for meat has ever gone to heaven. Every animal is a vegetarian and treats every other animal with total respect, and we should be like them.

  68. I’m sorry, what? I think this is adorable, but Berthaservent- if every animal is a vegetarian, what EXACTLY do, say, cats eat? Because I’m pretty sure that the woman with 45 cats still hasn’t managed to convince a single one of them to leave the mice and fish alone and start eating broccoli full time 0.o

  69. CoffeeCup says:


  70. CoffeeCup says:

    K.H. I’m 99.9% sure that berthaservant was joking and to a slight degree, mocking nuffers. In a casual, non-malicious way.

  71. Mikkeneko says:

    “No species every had any problem with overpopulation ever until humans came along and ruined everything for everyone forever.”

    Yes. Nature without humans is a paradise where every animal is happy and never hungry or sick and lives in harmony and sings while they eat fruit that drops from the trees. All day long predators and prey live in harmony, and when the predator animals reluctantly get up to go kill a prey (but no more than they need to, surely!) the prey accepts it with the serene knowledge that this is the way nature is supposed to be. :\

    Actually overpopulation cycles are a perfectly normal fact of animal populations. Animal migrations also occur that transplant populations from one place to another without human help, where — guess what! — they wreak havoc on the local ecosystem. Until balance is restored by one animal or another dying and reaching a new equilibrium. This is how natural selection works.

    How do you know that overpopulation never happens naturally, ever, if you’ve only had the chance to observe ecosystems affected by humans — and over such a short time, too? When you study the vast, vast fossil record of the evolution of life before humans showed up, you come up with some pretty daunting stuff. There are times in history when 95% of the earth’s life mass dies off within a few hundred thousands of years — didn’t need humans around for that. There are entire phylum of living creatures — not just species but entire classifications of critters we’ve never seen — that didn’t make it this far — didn’t take humans to extinguish them.

    Nature is not always pretty.

    I’m not saying this to ignore or discount the vast negative impact that humanity can have and has had on an ecosystem, but I really do hope that you don’t sincerely believe that the earth would be a total Fern Gully paradise if only not for those pesky humans!

  72. Well, hopefully 😛 Plus I would certainly hate to think I might be proven wrong by a real nuffer, and find that somewhere out there there is a cult of broccoli-eating semi-feral cats living with a crazy person 😛

  73. K.H. and CoffeeCup — make that 99.999996% chance of HELLO SATIRE.

  74. …and Mikkeneko? For crying out LOUD, girl.

  75. One of the strangest things I have seen today.

  76. Wild deer have a nasty tendency to become over-excited and die when humans capture or otherwise interfere with them. The fishermen did the right thing by leaving the deer alone ASAP after the rescue, and they were right to be worried about being injured by the deer on the boat (thus, the hogtie). Deer are the most dangerous captive wild animal – not elephants or big cats.

    My guess is that for every deer that does accomplish swimming to a new land, there are dozens more who kind of swim in the wrong direction, become totally confused, or get cramps – just like humans 🙂

    Lucky deer!

  77. What are the odds? I was in a tour boat on Loch Ness this week (no really) and we came across a deer swimming halfway across the lake! Our captain used the boat to herd him back to the shore…we never saw Nessie though…

  78. just a funny story of my own.

    i’m a coxswain both in DE and MD. while on the christina river i had a 4+ on the water at around 4AM. my bow light caught something moving in the water. at first i thought it was debris… and then i saw antlers and the reflection from their eyes. not only did i have to have my boat check it down, i had to yell at my coach to stop too. XD

    one of the few times i’ve been able to yell back at my own coach and told “thanks” in return. we were flabbergasted and had to watch them jump onto the opposite shore and stare for a while before what had just happened sank in.

    and yes, species/genus/order/family/class/phylum/mass extinction sucks, but its a healthy and natural part of life. each population affects the other no matter what intelligence level. whomever is preyed upon by whatever is a matter of natural selection.

    now… can’t we all be happy and celebrate the awesomeness of one species helping another? like a momma cat adopting a bebeh chipmunk?

  79. hirisheyes says:

    ROFL, berthaservant.

    Fascinating that someone actually took the vegan bait!

    RuhSPECK, maing!

    And I think we need a ‘Manly Men of CO’ calendar (man rescues deerling, man rescues kittehs from flood, hot Scandinavian firefighters rescue varmints).

    (Squares shoulders as if under treeemendous burden): *I* shall volunteer to screen the calendar pix for you. No, you do so much for us, we can’t ask you to do that, too. No, no, I insist. *Srsly*

  80. Did anyone check whether that guy had a license to fish deer?

  81. Cool story! I saved a bunny from a bear once. Can I have hero status? 😛

  82. Glad to know that deer can swim! Now that the polar icecaps are melting, Santa will probably be coming into our homes on a little boat being pulled by swimming reindeer…

  83. Tobysmom1111 says:

    What a dear…and the fawn is pretty cute too! MARINE’S ROCK! OO-RAH!

  84. Darkshines says:

    As someone with a deep interest in cryptozoology, I wonder how many sea and lake monster sightings have actually been swimming/drifting deer. The animal themselves coudl be seen as the monster, then if the animal unfortunately drowns or is attacked by sharks, its body would be seen as proof theres a sea monster as “sharks can’t POSSIBLY eat deer!” Nature is wonderful, we need to explore it more.

  85. It’s a known fact that deer have crossed the 30 mile gap between mainland Massachusetts and Provincetown.
    What is even more interesting is to watch a moose swim across a lake. You would think with those hooves they would be porr swimmers but they’re quite good. The only problem they have navigating is when the lakes freeze – outright impossible for them to move under control.

  86. Blanche, I think I love you! Well said and on target!

  87. laineyg6 says:

    Anyone hear the one about the pig in Hawaii?

  88. leanbeans says:

    @Feranghi – what a horrible thought, but your comment made me LOL!

    P.s. We need more hunky animal heroes/rescuers/marines on CO. Mmm hunky.

  89. Considering the swimming habits of deer, am I the only one who thought about how PISSED this deer would be if it was actually headed somewhere?

  90. Good on that guy! He’s a true hero!

  91. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be a “nuffer”. I think this story is sweet and I enjoy reading the comments and jokes – particularly the one about the “whale exchange program” LOL.

    It is difficult for me to remain silent when coming accross some arguments like “some animal populations are harming the environment” or, worse still: “we are just another specy of animals, not harming the environment anymore than they”. We have more IQ and means than they have and therefore, a greater responsibility.

    What would you say of a human adult who claimed the freedom of acting like a child in the most irresponsible ways? I don’t mean playing in the sprinkler, but things like playing with matches, etc.

    Oh, please! Do get your head out of the sand! … Try the sprinkler instead 😉

  92. Well, berthaservant, looks like you’re in company with the New Yorker. All you were missing was a wildlife fist-bump.

  93. Word, Babs.

  94. Jenn in IL says:

    Sorry to all, I also didn’t mean to be a “nuffer”. I have always thought that even the “nuffiest” (yea, I think I just made that up) of posts were cute (Pa-sickie, anyone??) I am genuinely happy that they helped the poor thing…I guess I just felt that the hunting comment was a bit of unnecessary machismo to make up for a sweet act. I suppose, though, especially if he actually IS a Marine (I don’t think an article says one way or the other and I don’t think you HAVE to be a Marine in order to be able to wear that shirt…but that’s neither here nor there, really, I’m just blabbering), it’s understandable that the comment almost HAD to be made…as the girlfriend to an Army Infantryman, it’s along the lines of what he would say: while playing hide-and-seek with a 6 week old kitten I saved, he then scooped her up and claimed that his 80 pound dog would love to eat her.

    Anyway, my apologies, I didn’t mean to garner any attention from those who thought I was trying to ruin the post. 🙂

  95. Your my hero!

  96. tracyFlick says:

    A Cute Overload Equation:

    Guy + Animal = Hotter Guy

  97. tukawuvy says:

    Deer definately can swim but cold water can take it’s tole.
    Last spring while headding across the columbia river bar towards the pacific ocean 3/4 of a mile from any land we came across a deer swimming for it’s life near exhaustion.
    We circled around and took the deer onboard wrapped her up in warmed blankets, called the Coast Guard that was a waste of time for they offerd no help for 5 hours the little deer layed near the engine hatch probably the warmest place on deck and when we returned we were met by fisheries agents and they released the deer at the head of the dock and the last we seen of her she was headded up the bank towards the tree line.
    One day of fishing and we caught something we wasn’t expecting.
    Often wonderd why the little doe was swimming in the columbia anyway when the strong currents swept her away towards the pacific ocean. I’m just glad we seen her and could offer her some help for I am sure if we hadden’t came along she would have parrished for she was near exhaustion when we took her on board.
    Capt’n Buck

  98. StevenT.222 says:

    I don’t know where this is but I lived in the middle of southern Wisconsin and there are places where Rock River is really wide and fast running. This happens often.
    And there’s always the greatest people around when it comes to helping out when someone or some animal needs help.
    As for myself I really don’t like homosapiens but what the heck, there good to have around sometimes, LOL!

  99. If we have a Hunky Guys of Cute Overload calendar it must include a movie chip with Mr. Puppy Lullaby on it – it must!

    Also we need more Men in Kilts pics, especially in the calendar.

    I volunteer to help with the auditions.

  100. OH DEER.

  101. Byfuzzerabbit says:

    It’s True, Chad is my dad’s, cousin’s, kid. I saw the pictures last month. Sorry fangirls he’s getting married in the end of September ^.^;;;

  102. “See you on opening day”?


  103. Berthaservant- cats are not vegetarians. There are animals that are carnivores, and while they may eat grass occasionally, they can’t survive without meat protein. And there are animals (other than humans) who have been known to kill strictly for sport. I understand where you are coming from philosophically, but you need to get your facts straight.

  104. OK, Melinda, it looks like you might be new here, so I’ll go easy. Berthaservant was employing a rarely-used and little-understood literary device once known as “satire”…

  105. ashagato says:

    babs and theo: i totally thought new yorker, too! i was wondering, “if i make a comment, will anyone know what i’m talking about?” when i read your post LOL!

  106. ashagato says:

    it’s easy to laugh at people not getting b-serv’s joke. it’s funny.
    but considering how dogmatic and irrational nuffers sometimes get around here, it’s really not that much of a stretch…

  107. ashagato says:

    oh, and thumbs up to the “hot guys of CO” calendar!

  108. WTF? Why did they say, “Since the fish weren’t biting, we decided to help the derr.” You wouldn’t help that poor thing if you had a trout at the end of your line???

    [Last time I’ll say this: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. Who cares what he *said* when what he *did* is what really matters? It’s not like the dialogue could ever bother the deer, just other humans… – Ed.]

  109. cheesybird says:

    Criminy! As I said elsewhere, it looks like satire really *is* dead. When did everyone become so literal? What happened to our collective sense of irony? Is the internet breeding it out of us? Is it making us so lazy as to not think beyond the words on the screen? Or maybe it’s always been this way, and the internet just makes it more apparent. *grump grump grump grump grump*

    Sorry. I know this is not the place for my grump so I’ll take it elsewhere. 😛

    Limegirl: “Considering the swimming habits of deer, am I the only one who thought about how PISSED this deer would be if it was actually headed somewhere?”

    Ha! I had the same thought, Limegirl! I was imagining the deer thinking “Wait! No, wait! Oh… fer crying out loud!” But reading the snopes article, it really sounds like the poor little thing was struggling.

    Tim, you’re a hero in my book! You saved Lulu and you got some awesome bear pictures! 😀

  110. Reblinky says:

    Sad that he made that “hunting” quip. Being killed by being hunted is surely not a fun experience for a deer or their family often grazing nearby. Yes, theo, I know deer don’t understand english – but still – I am definitely not clapping for the sad confused dude who saved that deer but thinks it is ””so darn heelariiious man how it’s gonna be killin’ time later. Guffaw guffaw guffaw!”’ Get yer cute ideals straight, peoples. Go vegan and really honor the Cute!!!

    (and aloria, this isn’t a soapbox – have some kindness in your heart for the opinions of people who really love animals and respect them to the point where it is part of their ideals, instead of worrying about how it ruined 5 minutes of your time while staring at computer screen. Your cute world will continue.)

  111. I wonder how many vegan Marines we have. Or is it still Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?

  112. bob lobla says:

    “Or is it still Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

    It’s Don’t eat, Don’t tell.

  113. wuzzlfuzzl says:

    Actually a little known fact is that deer swim as part of their foraging for food. On the East coast they are known to swim from lower Cape Cod to Nantucket!!! Across the strongest current on the coast.