If you must know, these aren’t my feet…

"… and we would really appreciate it if you gave us a little privacy, thanks."

'Glurggh mlurrgh ig gluurlge urg FLURRGH!'

Scandalous, Elizabeth H.



  1. Those look like rubber-soled costume feet!

  2. Whee! I mean, er?

  3. Scanning for bear snorkel. I don’t see one. 😉

  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    i know! he’s helping the other bear do a handstand. we used to do that in the pool when were little………..

  5. tickle, tickle, tickle…

  6. Scandalous! Outdoor Bear Porn!! Stephen Colbert will be all over this for sure.

  7. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    Isn’t this still illegal in some states? 😉

  8. I bear my soul to you.

  9. i’ve said it before, and i’ll no doubt say it again:

    NTMTOM: i heart you.

  10. haha that made me lol

    That’s great!

  11. platedlizard says:

    Guys, they’re just trying to break into the Panda Porn market! http://tinyurl.com/3bk5dg

  12. ha! one of the best captions ever.

  13. oh. *LOVE*

  14. Always good to go bearfoot on a hot day…

  15. ‘Happy Baby’- it can take some people a few classes to master that yoga pose. (Totally not making that up)

  16. LOL, Mike. Laughing Overtly Lewdly.

  17. look at the ears!!!!!

  18. Is that Kachina!?!? My very own beary-bear-bear of grizzly snorgly goodness?!? I got to be there for the grand opening of Grizzly Gulch at the SF Zoo and it was one of the coolest things EVAR. There’s this one sleepies spot they have right near the glass – you can almost hear the ZzzZZsnorfZZzzZZgrr

  19. I can’t decide what’s cuter – if those ARE his feet, or if they AREN’T.

  20. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:


    I laughed so hard, I think I blew out a sinus cavity…owwwwwwwww….

  21. claudia says:

    I once received some slippers that looked just like those feet at Christmas 😉

  22. yankeebird says:

    LOL @ the gee-ross categorization, though I disagree with that being gee-ross. 😛

  23. ok, im trying to figure out how that position works…?

    one heck of a bear pretzel!

  24. @Lizzy:

    Nope, can’t be Kachina. That pic was taken at the Russia’s Grizzly Coast exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo. I think that picture is of Haines, but it might be Kenai. I heart my local zoo!



  25. @Hellziggy: The sender-inner said that this is a picture of Kenai.

  26. Isn’t this baby at SF Zoo’s Grizzly Gulch? BEST EXHIBIT EVAR!

  27. I should have kept reading – I would have gotten my answer.

  28. Oh, man. I can’t believe my luck.
    Heh heh heh. Bear/bare feet pun bleen!

  29. Elizabeth H. says:

    I’m the sender-inner – it’s Kenai at the Minnesota Zoo, indeed!

  30. misscrisp says:

    Absolutely brilliant capshuns NTMTOM. I second the .

  31. misscrisp says:

    ummm… heart…I second the heart!

  32. The feets don’t look reals.

  33. binky-mama says:

    At first I was thinking : “Awwww cute bear holding his feetsies!” Then I read the caption….Heavens! Someone fetch my smelling salts! 😉

  34. Whenever I see NTMTOM, I always think “Nompty-Nom”. I knowwwww that’s not what it says, but that’s what it says to me! I think that might also be what it’s saying to a certain bear.

  35. Hon Glad says:

    Kenai:- Gahhh, Parp, bubble.
    “Who needs a jacuzzi” ….(Well someone had to do it).. :0}

  36. Check out the link to the Minnesota Zoo, and you’ll see Haines in the same pose. Bear Pilates. 😉

  37. Oh for heaven’s sake, I can’t BEAR teh cute!

    I googled Kachina and found this: http://flickr.com/photos/druppel/989602066/

    What’s with the bear feet y’all?

  38. Carolina says:

    Wow! Real BEAR feet!!

  39. starling says:

    This picture wasn’t gee-ross until you put that caption on it, Other Mike, and you know it.


  40. Cue porn music: “ber-chicka bow-bowwww…”

  41. Blanche says:

    Aaaah! La pose qui rafraichit! (The most refreshing pose) “Don’t you tink I ‘av cute littel feet?”

  42. Other Mike, you are not right in the haid.

  43. ThreeCatNight says:

    I believe you can get arrested in several of the Southern states for this kind of behavior.

  44. wagthedogma says:

    Good heavens!!! Is this Cute Overload or the URSA SUTRA??? *crumples fetchingly onto a divan in faux nuffy swoon*

  45. Look at the CLAWS on the front feet! My LORD!!!

    NTMTOM, you are such a GUY!!!!

  46. Erebella says:

    BWAA HAA HAAAA! Best possible caption for this pic, surely! Way to go, Mike. No wonder that bear’s ears are so perky!

  47. When reading NTMTOM, does anyone else hear “Nom Tom” in their head?

  48. In the Scandinavian languages, there’s an expression of doing somebody a »bjørnetjeneste», which quite literally means bearjob.

    I believe that’s what they are doing.

  49. “so i got both feets in the air. am i levitating now?”

  50. Dare I ask? (@Merat)

  51. Yes, Theo, I hear “Nom Tom”. Or sometimes “Nuttin’ Tom”. But definitely not “Mike”.

  52. momof2kitties says:

    Me too, Theo. Def. Nom Tom. Apropos, non?

  53. Hon Glad says:

    Nom Tom. For me, as well.
    Mebes it could become his Nom Tom de Plume,

  54. Theresa says:

    What I hear is ‘Glurggh mlurrgh ig gluurlge urg FLURRGH!’

  55. starling says:

    For me it’s Nom Tom too.

    Have you considered taking your head out of the bucket, Theresa?

  56. Golden or NTKTOK says:

    All you people.. every single one of you.. just.. sick. 😉

    I love you.

  57. Theresa says:

    I’m only in here because somebody said “mattress.”

  58. Mary (the first) says:

    I also heart NomTom.

  59. Theresa, wait till you see what the bear does when you say “interviewer”.
    (and if that gets no reaction, try “Ni!”)

  60. mberkie0 says:

    I think Bear is saying, “it’s summer, that’s why bear feet!” or “See? I washed my feets in de baff, and theys all clean now!”

  61. You dare ask! (@Theo)

  62. OK, so, is a “bearjob” just your basic b***job, only you’re in the woods?

  63. I would totally nom those footy pads if it wouldn’t get my head bit off.

  64. ceracrawford says:

    that made my day soo much better, bear porn!!!!!!!

  65. @mberkie0, bear harbls, too, apparently.

  66. Barbls!

  67. Those are some nice feets!

  68. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: Barbels a fish; I mean, I’m only saying.

  69. It may only qualify if you’re doing it with a bear.

  70. The internet has scarred me for life, Merat. Because that totally made sense.

  71. Wow I just came back from the Duluth, Minnesota Zoo, not far at all from The Minnesota Zoo and I have an almost identical shot of a bear there.


    [Dude, Duluth is like 2-3 hours from the Twin Cities… – Ed.]

  72. Thanks Ed, I was just trying to point out that while both Zoos are in the same state, they are two different locations.

  73. Yep. I live only 5 minutes away from the MN Zoo, the one with the new Grizzly Coast exhibit, but I have yet to actually *go* there.

    Maybe I’ll do a CO photo outing next week; I’ll have a little “free time”.

  74. Hon Glad says:

    Theo: Who you gonna out, go on givas a clue?

  75. Dude, this isn’t a gossip rag!


  77. This is so cute!!!!!!