Encore Presentayshe: Kitteh tamed by a boid

It’s not unusual to have great photos sent to me beeeellions of times. The collection below is no exception… Thanks again, Heather B. Here it is from January ’08:

This Boid is about to take this kitteh to school.

First, kitteh is all: "Is this thing on? tap tap"


Next, kitteh attempts to pet Boid…


Then kitteh becomes just another nesting material for Boid


Next Kitteh is overwhelmed by mini-claw massaging actions


Boid plants official "Bird country" flag on kitteh’s gut as a SYMBOL OF VICTORY


Bye, Hon, Call me later. [Kiss]



See, Nancy P.?!? See how he did that!?



  1. Felicityanne says:

    What I want to know is (and this applies to quite a few CO posts)…how does the photographer KNOW nothing…er…UNFORTUNATE is going to happen while he/she is busy recording the unlikely event for posterity???

  2. binky-mama says:

    That boid took that kitteh to SKOOL! ….and then put the kitteh down for a nap!

    Kitteh report card:
    Survey of Predatory Instincts: F

    Interspecies Snorgling 101: A+

  3. Hearts!

  4. i bet its gonna be a major disaster if that bird decides to shit on that fluffy carpet

  5. I don’t think birds can really control when they poop. Whatever.

  6. Kitteh is down for the count!

    These pics make my heart sing. WIN!

  7. Heather says:

    I thought cat saliva was toxic to birds. And that’s why cat+bird pictures always make me nervous, regardless of the supposed outcome.

  8. Birds and cats living together… mass hysteria!

  9. A kitteh and a birdie dey is fwends… That’s awesome!

  10. benvenuta says:

    What I want to know is (and this applies to quite a few CO posts)…how does the photographer KNOW nothing…er…UNFORTUNATE is going to happen while he/she is busy recording the unlikely event for posterity???
    This kitty is some 4-5 weeks old. Not really capable of biting the boid`s head off. He`d maybe chew your toes, if you`d let him, and it would tickle, not hurt.
    But I agree that there were posts on CO in the past where the danger was much more real. (like that pomeranian with baby chicken in his mouth)

  11. ZOMG! If that kitten swallows that bird he could choooooooooke!

  12. snorglepup says:

    He has established the pecking-order early in the relationship.

  13. vewy vewy cute.

    But I don’t think I would eva intwoduce my puddy tat to my birdie.

    Happy to see these guys beating the odds!

  14. I’m gonna take this as a sign from the Ceiling Cat for me- I have a big project coming up and these say- “Love and trust will win the day”. I’ll do just fine. Thank you!

  15. Anne Boleyn says:

    Wow, is that really a gray fake fur bedspread?

  16. Isn’t this a repost?

  17. AHHH! My favorite rerun!

    And it helps that these dudes look just like Buffy and Mr. Bird, the pets my grandma had when I was a kid.

    (Buffy and Mr. Bird’s relatioship wasn’t quite so amicable, though.)

  18. Benvenuta – my HOPE is that there’s another hooman in the room with the photographer.

  19. @ Dan: “It’s not unusual to have great photos sent to me beeeellions of times. The collection below is no exception… Thanks again, Heather B. Here it is from January ’08:”

    😉 It’s still cute tho’!

  20. The single most incredible thing about those pictures: THE SIZE OF THAT KITTY’S HEAD! I mean . . . DAY-UMM! I sure hope he grows into it.

  21. chanpon says:

    Awww…as cute as the pair is, I admit my first thoughts were also “Hope the bird doesn’t crap on the kitty.” I’ve had ducklings and goslings and birds are essentially crapping machines.

  22. Hon Glad says:

    If I knew how, I’d post a photo, of my kitteh’s massacre of a Pidgeon;to show why I would never introduce Sid and Stan, to their feathered friends

  23. metsakins says:

    Awwww…like sitting back and watching an old favorite movie!

  24. My bird thinks she’s a dog. We’ve had her since she was a baby and Sunny (the dog in the photo) was 1. Sunny haaaates Lilahbird because she takes attention away from her. I would never leave them unattended, but the bird can walk around and even fly and land on one of the dogs without incident.

  25. @ Heather

    yes it is (toxic); same for their tiny claws. The infection caused by the littlest scratch or nibble can do a bird in.

    The first picture made me nervous as heck, but, whew, it turned out ok.

  26. Laurie C says:

    I’m in your furs, warming my feets.

  27. Woohoo! These are my favourite qte pics ever. Love the look of bliss on the kitten’s face at the bird grooming/massage.

  28. zeldapie says:


  29. Katrina says:

    Cute photo, Kris.
    Besides being allergic to cats, hubby is also allergic to feathers.

    (Goes off and grumbles that she’ll never have a cat and can’t get over that she doesn’t have a giraffe either.)

  30. Paunchie says:

    “pecking order” baw haw haw


    what is that blanket made of? floor sweepings from last summer’s shedding season??

  31. Some of my favorites. The bird standing victoriously atop the kitteh is adorabuhls. Kitty is so tie-tie.

  32. Hon Glad – Do Sid and Stan have a brother Neil?

  33. scooterpants says:

    this could never get old.
    i wonder if they’re still buddies?

  34. AuntieMame says:
  35. To paraphrase one of the best Eddie Izzard lines ever: ‘No flag, no kitteh.’

  36. Janelle says:

    Yessss I am pumped that they posted this one again, it is my favorite cuteoverload post of ALL TIME!!! It’s especially effective if you read the captions out loud, it makes it extra cute 🙂

  37. AuntieMame – yeah, Bill looks thoroughly thrilled to have her on his head!!!
    That was shortly after I got Lilah about 4 years ago – so her (actually HIS, but we don’t discuss that Lilah is really a boy) head plume isn’t developed yet. She’s much prettier now! http://www.flickr.com/photos/10428495@N05/2138564112/in/set-72157603547203010/

  38. omg, haha, omg, that is too funny. so cute. so fricking cute!

  39. the other Brenda says:

    Soooooo cute!! (kitteh has eye booger)

  40. Psipsina says:

    My husband once had a roommate with extremely annoying parakeets, so he gets the willies whenever he sees the little critters. His response was, “This was going all right when the kitten was bonking the bird on the head. Why didn’t you tell me it had a sad ending?”

  41. i’m pretty sure this exact same kitteh + bird was posted before.

  42. I’m pretty sure you didn’t read the text.

  43. Angela-Eloise says:

    OMG! These are so cute. I didn’t see them first time ’round. I think pic #4 is my fav. I am so allergic to cats but I swear this site makes me want to go out and get one.

  44. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind this azdorable series of photos being posted BEELLIONZ of times!

  45. Hon Glad says:

    Lurker. I don’t know the reference to Neil. Sid and Stan are rescue Tuxes, Sid was already Sidney but Stanley = Stan, was called Fluffy (the poor old bugger) he may be nutless but he’s still a geezer = bloke = Guy.

  46. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww! *goes into high pitched squeak mode* 😀

  47. Hon Glad & Lurker — I don’t get the reference either.
    Neil Simon?
    Neil Gaiman?
    Neil Young?
    Neil Diamond?
    The Nylons?

  48. Awwww! This is the cutest thing ever – then again, I say that about a lot of things on this site. ^_^ Big attitudes come in little boids!

  49. @Hon Glad – Total guess on what Lurker was maybe talking about:
    Sid = Sit, Stan = Stand, Neil = Kneel, so Sit, Stand, Kneel?

  50. Eastie, you are made of win and awesome. (and Lurker too, obvy)

  51. What on earth is up with that carpet or bedspread or toilet seat cover?

  52. They’re actually napping on Sasquatch, Kim.

  53. Hon Glad says:

    Eastie: Tanks a million. :0}

  54. @Theo – Aw, I’m blushingks! Lurker was certainly the clever one, and I just happened to catch on to what I thought they were trying to say.

    @Hon Glad – Anytime. 🙂

  55. That bird’s a Kitty Whisperer!

  56. nighthawk327 says:


  57. That bird’s a Kitty Whisperer!

  58. Liosliath says:

    Yes it’s adorable but it’s NOT safe! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not let cats and birds interact; cats have bacteria on their claws that will kill a bird even if there isn’t a fatal injury inflicted. I’ve seen it happen – my cousin’s daughter let their budgie out when the cat was not confined and the cat pounced. Though the bird got away, I was there later in the evening and watched the bird die in her hands – after it was dead I inspected it and found a tiny speck of blood under the feathers on one wing where the cat’s claw had just punctured the skin. If you have a bird, please keep it safely away from cats, no matter how cute it is. Spread the word on this to other bird/cat owners – thanks from a birdie mommie.