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Next up, it’s—yes, more meeses in sprinklers

Next up, it’s—yes, even more meeses in sprinklers

To Jehn B. and all the other fine, fine Peeps who sent these in, large moose-tongue-sized sprinkler slurps of thanks.



  1. That first video is so happy! Tiny moose (meese?) frolicking in the water!

  2. The first one is MUCH better if you turn the volume down.

  3. The first one would be the cutest, but for the soundtrack.

  4. Whenever *I’m* thirsty, I ALWAYS lick the water off the butt of the person closest to me, too.

  5. cboone21 says:

    amazing! if the momma in the first video had both of those knobular bebehs at the same time..holy moose!

  6. I sent the moose twins one in this morning. I rather like the song with it!! I did have a smile on my face the whole time.
    Moose twins! I wonder how often that happens?

  7. Hey. My sprinkler didn’t come with mooses. I’m taking it back to the store today. I guess I’ll have to spring for the delux model.

  8. temperance says:

    these videos make me soooo incredibly happy.

    thanks, C.O. you’ve outdone yourselves once again.

    what would i do without you as part of my day? you are as addictive as niccotine.

  9. Maerlyn says:

    Only the moose in the third video has truly grasped the possibilities.

  10. Michelle says:

    I loved these videos, but the most amazing part for me was the fact that the cow in the second movie had somehow survived a broken leg. For a wild animal to survive something like that is really remarkable. Amazing and adorable!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    I agree, contestant no. 3 definitely has it figured out. She’s enjoying the shower/bidet/drinking-fountain possibilities to the fullest.

  12. Anne Boleyn says:

    It’s all so familiar, the first tentative run through and then the romping joy. The watchful mother who occasionally checks you over to be sure you haven’t had too much. I could almost hear her say, “Get out for a while. Your lips are blue.”

  13. Meese are large!*

    *brought to you by the Obvious Committee for the Obvious Observation.

  14. Redbone says:

    Hehehe, those were great to see on a Monday morning. The last one was like a carwash for moose. Getting the undercarriage rinsed-off.

  15. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    I have a yard. I have hoses. I have sprinklers. You know what I don’t have? Moose. None moose. Life, once again, not fair.

  16. Moose like to chill in swampy and shallow rivers, don’t they? So I can see how sprinklers would be naturally attractive to them. The third video is definitely the most zen; despite it being the simplest one I also think it’s the cutest.
    I love that this is apparently a whole category of videos.

  17. Theresa says:

    Gah– gah– gah–

    Againe I am speeeechless.

  18. A Møøse once bit my sprinkler … (No realli!)

  19. yankeebird says:

    I don’t even know if I can watch the second two, the first one killed me so ded. Wow.

  20. chanpon says:

    Always awed by how “normal” moose look until they stand next to something that gives you perspective – then you see how gargantuan they are. Baby moosies are cute though..

  21. Erebella says:

    Yeah Anne, I was thinking more like, “Kids, get out before you get all pruny!”

  22. auntmissjenni says:

    OK, the only thing cuter than twin meeselets frolicing in the sprinkler is said mooselings being groomed by their ginormous mama’s big florply lips!
    (FLORPLE:the sound made by big fat juicy loose critter-lips during an intense head-shake. Most commonly seen in canines.)

  23. Well, as female CO posters who have a removable shower-head will know, the moose in video #3 is obviously female. 😉

  24. (the original) Mel says:

    I used to live in Maine. I miss the mooses. During the fall, the tourists would stop traffic to stare at and photograph them. (Mind you, moose bites can be really nasti.)

  25. Michelle says:

    Well female moose with antlers must be something new! 😉

  26. paulajeanne says:

    I love how the second one seemed to be reverting to childhood! (and I liked the music in the first one)

  27. the music in the first one made me sooooo sad! but then all three videos together are just grintastic. i want one!!

  28. Hon Glad says:

    As Prince Charles said the other week… “One finds the old sprinkler a boon, when one has Betty Swallocks”= Sweaty B******s….Geddit?

  29. Gosh I am taken right to Alec Baldin as Mr. Schwetty and his holiday balls…

  30. LadyDarya says:

    I used to live in Alaska and every year the same Cow would have twins and bring them to the same spot in the road and we would have a moose jam as everyone would stop and take pictures (yep, even the regular lived here all my life Alaskans joined in). They are so funny to watch, such characters and these video’s made me think of home…

    (big sigh)

  31. Katrina says:

    I love Mooses. Now if that first backyard can produce a basketball-playing moose or two, let me know, won’t you?

    (A moose bit my sister once…)

  32. homer mariner says:

    Moose definitely have twins pretty often. I used to see them all the time in Anchorage (where I grew up). Once there was a picture on the front of the Anchorage Daily News with a moose in a kiddie pool. It was amazing. They LOVE water. They’re always swimming around in ponds eating the weeds that grow in the bottom. They are extremely large, and sometimes a little bit of pain… but the babies are super cute. I <3 moose.

  33. homer mariner says:

    Michelle – my thoughts exactly… contestant number 3 is definitely a man moose…

  34. claudia says:

    talk about squeal inducing power! Well, the first vid, I squealed when the babe kicked the ball in the beginning… all the rest I watched with a dreamy contented expression.

    How freaking COOL is it to have that as a view out your window?

  35. I’ve seen quite a few moose vids lately, and I’m always struck by how curious and playful they seem. It’s not at all the mental image I had of them; I’d always imagined them to be rather phlegmatic, almost dour (if an animal can have those qualities). But romping about in water, playing with the balls lying around in people’s yards…yes, I wants me a moose now!

  36. Paunchie says:

    I know! where do you live you have meese frolicking in your back yard?!

    How big are the adults?! Dang, looked as big as an elephant!

  37. starling says:

    Lemme guess. It’s hawt in Maine?

  38. Wow — I guess Cuteoverload “addicts” hold a range of opinions …cuz’ … While two of the above had unjoyous responses/ comments to the music…My most emphatic reaction was how lovely & soothing, the music WAS. The next reaction was in agreement with “The Obvious” Department’s memo about the ENORMITY of the Mama Moose. And my third reaction, was to thoroughly enjoy the cherry on the hot fudge sundae: NTMTOM’s little side reference to the pseudo-captions from M Python & the Holy Grail film — WITH the Scandinavian 0’s crossed through, no less !!! Very impressive (is it from Wingdings font, Webdings font, or from “something completely different”???)
    Thanks Meg; My Monday feels very different than it did 10 minutes ago!!

  39. 😦 “This video is no longer available” on every one. Pooh. Anyone else getting this?

  40. CathyDee says:

    Now all we need is a video of Ralph the Wonder Llama.

  41. elle doubleu says:

    I love moose! this made my day. Thanks! And yes, I turned down the music too. 😉

  42. YAY. OK now. Isn’t that funny, how many meese find and enjoy those sprinklers. How lucky those folks are to be able to see them up close! I’m glad they appreciate their cute gangly visitors.

  43. KBO — for a little while, this morning, none of them would load for me. They’re all OK now, though.

  44. shadowsong says:

    Ha, the last video looks like he’s invented the very first moose bidet.

  45. Well, shadowsong – I was thinking the same thing! Moosebidet!

    Anthro-Annie speaking here, I think the first video is absolute unbridled joy on the bebeh meeses parts.

    Mynd you – moose bites kan be pretty nasti… (snort)

  46. Theresa says:

    Hon Glad: HAW!

  47. Theresa says:

    PS: Was it a majestik moose?

  48. scooterpants says:

    i’m getting me one of them there fan-sprinklers so i can have meeses in my yard too.

  49. woofysma says:

    Love watching the bebbehs playing in the sprinkler – and they have Mama to watch over them. The last one? That’s the car’s undercarriage going through the car wash.

  50. auntmissjenni: i totally noticed that prime example of a FLORPLE there in the first video as well.

    these vids R awsum.

  51. I can’t believe no one mentioned the second video highlights with Mom on her knees eating the grass then herding the baby away. She starts herding baby then notices sprinkler action and has to stop to investigate. She seems to get annoyed at the splashing water and begins herding the baby away again, only now baby has to walk backwards.

    That was the cutest thing I have seen in a long time!!!

    I wish I had Meese in my backyard. We did get about 20 baby turkeys last night with a couple sets of parents and that was cool, but moose would be neat!

  52. Patty P says:

    That was the first time I saw how really *big* adult mooses are. That sprinkler gave me the reference point. NOW I undertsand why thay can be so dangerous. The deer around here are only half that tall.

  53. Patty P says:

    I forgot to say I liked the soothing quality of the music on the first vid too and it made me grin. Playful meeses!

  54. The last one is like a performance piece. Art moose! Who knew?

  55. Barbara says:

    This was perfect. Exactly what I needed after a bad, BAD breakup last night. I love CO, I was able to cry in a good way today !

  56. fontgoddess says:

    Dontcha hate it when you try to drink from the sprinkler and the water goes up your nose?

  57. Now that was just too freaking adorable how the moose seemed to enjoy the sprinklers in all three videos! Kudos to the people whose yards they came into that they didn’t get all freaked out and scare the moose off. Sometimes it is just best to let nature play out, or in these cases, play about. They’ll leave soon enough, and from the sights of those videos, the people are living in rather “woodsy” areas where there’d be quite a bit of wildlife around.

    So funny those videos. Thanks for posting them C0!

  58. That last video is the best thing I’ve seen in a few days! I’m tempted to do the same thing myself.

  59. Mary (the first) says:

    Meeses #1: gasp of joy at about 1:00 when second mooselet bounces out
    Meeses #2: yes, they are “too stinkin’ cute”
    Meese #3: love the bidet ackshon. But for all the meeses, they look too thin (esp.# 3).. Sad.

  60. amaretto_bunny says:

    Baby meeses are so cute! I loved these videos! Although, maybe I’m the only one, but I have a slight phobia of adult meeses. The sheer size of them makes me nervous, even looking at them at the zoo.

    This extends to horses too, even though I know they aren’t related. Large horses scare me a little. I like to look at them from a distance, but I get anxious being too close to them. But my fear isn’t so bad that it kept me from riding one, and I may have the opportunity to ride one again. The hard part is getting myself to climb on, but once I’m up there, I’m okay.

  61. But… the second video is so sad. Momma Moose has a badly injured leg, in fact it looks broken to me. 😦

  62. How can I send just this link to people? The “permalink” just goes back to the mail URL, and the typepad link doesn’t work. Halp!

    [The permalink is in fact correct. You might try right-clicking on it and choosing “copy link location” or “copy shortcut”, and then you should be able to paste the copied URL into an email easily enough. As far as the “TypePad link”, do you mean the TrackBack? If so, yeah, skip that one… – Ed.]

  63. starling says:

    We went to Maine last year and came back with the theory that there is only one moose in Maine. We were very fortunate, because our dear friend had hired the WHOLE moose, which costs extry. While we were enjoying the whole moose, another group of tourists was waiting for us to stop watching it, cos their guide had hired its hind quarters and -another- group of tourists had hired antlers.


  64. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Ok, re the 3rd one – UMMM, who DOESN’T like cool water shooting up their hoo-hoo? Does wonders for me, on those “not-so-fresh” days! 😉

  65. i love meeses to pieces.

  66. That first video is quite possibly the sweetest thing ever. Now I want to move to Alaska or Maine, buy a sprinkler, and wait.

    (I too fell on the side of “turning down the music,” not because I disliked it, but rather because I found it distracted from the cuteness!)

  67. I make this joke with every moose posting, but I’ll say it again: The last moose wandered away from the Berkowitz costume party.

  68. TMI, LNC.

  69. Juniper Jupiter says:

    They looked a little more like gnus than moose…but that’s just me.

    Anyway!BABY BULLWINKLES!!! SQUEEEE!!!11!!1!1!

    Those were really sweet and adorable viddies…the first one especially with the music…I was dribbling blubbery mess when it was over….(I first thought that that the first moose to appear was a grown moose…I’m from the Midwest, I never seen a moose in person…and then MOM shows up, and I’m like HOLY CRAP!!! SHE’S HUGEEEEE!!!!) But I got all warm and squishy after it was over.

  70. LOVE it. Man, if I could water a family of meese I’d feel so less guilty about watering my lawn. I dig people who accept and don’t freak out when wildlife visits the property. We have to share as much as possible.

  71. Michelle says:

    Gills, yeah I noticed too. But the bone seems to have healed. Granted, not very cleanly, but she seems to be able to support a good amount of weight on it. I’m really surprised she survived, honestly. Maybe she’ll be okay. 🙂

  72. Awww, the first one is just precious with the 2 moose bebehs. And the last one, hahah, special moose-belly-shower! 😉

  73. laineyg6 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love Mooses. Period. I thought there was just one video and now to find that there were THREE? Oh, my everlasting joy!!!!

    I can see the first bebeh going, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! C’mere! You gotta see this! Mom! Mooommmmm! C’mon! You’re gonna MISS IT!!”

  74. I loved the music that went along with it…and I am not a country music fan, either. But “you say it best when you say nothing at all.” C’mon! Totally appropriate for the top video!

  75. I lurve how momma #2 at 1:02-1:07 is like “did you just throw water at me? Oh it’s on now! I survived a broken leg, buddy, you ain’t nothin!”
    And #3 is just “der der der. Oh yah, I’m an old hand at sprinklers. Check me as a bebe in video #1.”

  76. shepard says:

    Gotta be honest here…
    How can Allison Krauss not make any cute vid that much better? She has the voice of an angel.

  77. CO Friend says:

    I believe the plural of moose is moose.

  78. and the plural of the plural of moose is mooses!
    we gots METAMOOSE up in herrr

  79. Sorry, I’m insane.

  80. That last one paid extra for the undercarriage spray.

  81. You might say this video style is “Meese-En-Scene”. (ba dum bum)

  82. charlotte says:

    wow, so sweet!!! except for the whiney country singer in the first one…gag!!

  83. Absolutely adorable! The kid moosters are running through the sprinklers and mommy moose is watching over them. I thought the 1st clip would show the 2 babies kicking the ball, too! HOW CUTE!

  84. Love it. I’ve never seen a moose. But more interesting are the sprinklers… a thing of nostalgia here as they are now banned, because we’re on Level 6 water restrictions due to the drought!

  85. Hon Glad says:

    Hope the Moose doesn’t go through a metamoosephosis.


  87. Check out my grand-puppeh battling the sprinklers on a hot Arizona afternoon!

  88. omg i love the frist one so cute.

  89. faunablues says:

    I haven’t seen many mooseses in my day, so I assumed the first appearing moose in the first video was an adult… and then momma came out O_O
    If I ever move back to NY, I’m getting a sprinkler (even if I don’t have a yard)!