THIS JUST IN: Tiny Trunks

The second baby elephant in as many months hit the Pittsburgh Zoo this morning. More on the bébés over at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

That guy could give you the Wet Willie of a lifetime ifyouknowwhatimean.




  1. bleen?

  2. Theresa says:

    Love the bleeny little curl at the end of the trunk.

  3. Beth (in NC) says:

    Cute and teeny!!

  4. what with the wide eyes and splayed legs, he still looks a little shell-shocked about suddenly coming into the world.

  5. aww, who’s little? he’s all “i staying wit my mama. lee me lone.”

  6. January says:

    Yes, he does look a little tense about his birthday!

  7. afterbirth on legs =/= cute

  8. the other Brenda says:

    omg!!!! so cute! love

  9. Khadija says:

    Joe, i just wanted to say the same thing

  10. TNT: trunk ‘n’ tailio.

    + eye capsules…

    + internal soundtrack of swinging in Mom’s trunk to Bayyyybeeeee Miiiiiiine …

    + sprawl:

    = Awwwwwwww, cyute!

  11. Push 200 pounds out and see what you have on your legs! Good mama cleaned up her bebe even when she is a mess! Beyond prosh!

  12. scooterpants says:

    yep – “shell shocked”. that’s when head meets concrete from oh, say about 6 or 7 feet in the air.
    dang what a hard way to come into the world.
    looks none the worse for wear though!

  13. I’m just nuts about elephants and elephant conservation, so this is a real treat!

    Anyone else happen to catch the latest installment of “Elephant Diaries” on Animal Planet this past week? Oh-my-God. It’s cute overload times 1000! I can’t bring myself to erase it.

  14. When I was a little kid back in the stone age (ahem!) they had a baby elephant like this arrive at the zoo in Fresno, CA. I wanted to go every day to see it, what a doll! Back then the fencing was not too secure and visitors could put their arm over the rail and touch the tiny trunk. Bebe liked to touch and blow wet kisses…weee!

  15. Eddyfunts! I have an especially soft spot for them after our trip to S. Africa last summer. We had a whole herd pass by us and go to frolic in the watering hole nearby. Yep, frolic. I had no idea elephants could be so happy. Our guide said the babies are especially cute when they figure out how to trumpet (through their trunks). He said they like to blast off all the time. 🙂 Pics at:

  16. I got to see the other baby elephant at the Pittsburgh zoo last weekend! PRECIOUSNESS!

  17. Tee hee. Wee elephant barely reaches the adults’ knees!!

  18. Have you ever heard of the jazz-singing elephant?
    Elephants Gerald?

  19. Little noodle!

  20. Love the baby elephant ears!

  21. There isn’t much cuter than a bebeh elephant trunk…

  22. Juniper Jupiter says:

    BEBEH ELEPHANT!! SQUEE!!! You guys do realize the “li’l” booger weighs like 200 pounds at birth, right? LOL!!Anybody watch that segment on 20/20? They were talking aboot an elephant sanctuary out in Tennessee…I SO wanna go there, but it’s all private:( (After all, it IS a sanctuary!) It’s where all the elephants from zoos and carnivals and circuses go to retire for ultimate peace and quiet, because in all honesty, they are naturally wild animals.

    But they do have a volunteer day!

  23. Elephants are amazing and awesome in every way. I WANT A PET ONE. I just…don’t really know where I’d keep it.

  24. I think what is so adorable about bebeh elephants is that while other baby animals look like baby animals(which is prosh enough), bebeh elephants look like someone took a regular sized elephant and put it in a shrink machine.

  25. binky-mama says:

    Ellie eye capsule!

  26. Wbirdie says:


    Cute l’il oliphaunt!

    I live how they are born all wrinkly!

    “What’s green and found in a trunk?”

    Elephant Snot!


  27. Wbirdie says:

    Ack, that should be love:P!

  28. Even the new edephant behbeh looks ancient.

    (P.S. The spelling is in reference to an old Tweety Bird cartoon where he says “Ooooh, you’re a glutton mister edephant!”)

  29. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! Is there anything cuter than a confused widdle bebe elephant?!


  30. First thing I see?
    Baby elephant.

    Second thing I see?

    Blood all over big elephants legs. *squeemish Ewww noise*

  31. staticgirl says:

    “That guy could give you the Wet Willie of a lifetime ifyouknowwhatimean.” That sounds all kinds of rude if you’re from the UK. 😉

  32. Leslie Irish Evans-what beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!
    Little big things are always cute! Espech les elephants, ooooo la-la.

  33. My good friend just took her kids to see the baby elephant at the Pittsburgh Zoo on Thursday. I think there are a couple of babies just born there – a tiger, maybe?
    I am amazed by elephants. After watching Planet Earth, I feel for them and treks they have to make to survive in the wild.

  34. Redbone says:

    Where’s Henry Mancini? Doo doo-doop dee dee dah dah dah doo doo-doop!
    (That’s my bad translation of “Baby Elephant Walk”)

  35. Hon Glad says:

    Redbone: I had just finished whistling, “Baby Elephant Walk” when up scrolled your comment. I saw Mancini conduct this and his other scores at a “Filmharmonic” concert at the Albert Hall, London, in the 70’s.
    Theresa: Elephants Gerald :- I pissed myself.
    staticgirl: Me Brit too. Can I say, we demand an explanation, as to what a Wet Willie means in Murica.

  36. marie_n says:

    i loooove the pittsburgh zoo! it’s a very fun place to be, and i’ll have to go see this babe in the near future. how adorables.

  37. Katrina says:

    Oh, my starts and garters, now we have to give another of our precious Murican secrets away-no, no, I can’t do it…somebody else has to…sorry, folks, it is juts too, oh, ….

  38. Redbone says:

    Hon Glad, that’s pretty cool you got to see Mancini live! I love his music.

    “Wet willie” in the US is just getting your finger wet and poking it in someone’s ear. The origins of this practice are almost certainly vulgar, but it’s a relatively innocent prank, these days.

  39. Hon Glad says:

    Redbone: As I thought, little boys in America have willies too.

  40. littleturkeylegsmom says:


    You did. His name was Stampy. You loved him.

  41. the cutest thing about baby elephants is that for the first few weeks they have no idea how to work their trunks.
    Much schnoz-flailing to be had by all!

  42. This is *such* a trite thing to say, apologies in advance… but Simpsons FTW!
    @ LittleTurkeyLegsMomNeedsAShorterScreenName. 😉