Next month, in Obsessive-Compulsive Cat Fancier magazine

Cover story: Choosing the Cat Organizational Strategy That’s Right For You, plus Single-Use Chew Toys: Are They More Sanitary? and Teaching Your Cat To Make Only Right Turns. That’s next month in Obsessive-Compulsive Cat Fancier, at newsstands everywhere.

I'll take Paul Lynde to block, please.

We sort ours by attitude, Ying S.



  1. You’d think an obsessive editor would observe proper capitalization rules.

    (Nothin’ but love, Other Mike. You know I kid.)

  2. Lol that’s great…that’s more organized than my sock drawer!

  3. one of my favorite things on here in a while! Love the mouse over..

    and I thought I was crazy cat lady… my o my!

  4. hey NTMTOM, my two cats sort themselves by attitude

  5. Improvised multi-cat condo. I love the carpeting!

  6. Khadija says:

    wow! 2 OCD in one (buy one get one free): boxhab for one species and organization & order for the other.

  7. Haaaaaa! If one makes a minimal effort and obtains the right tools/containers, things and cats organize themselves!!!


  8. Michelle says:

    Sweet. Rent-controlled, wall-to-wall carpeting, fresh paint, quiet neighbors, light and airy!

  9. Desdemona says:

    Cats ‘n Racks, indeed!

    I have a friend who, as an official Cat Lady, could use one of these. I think she has a sign (that only cats can read) that says “Cat Maternity Ward” on her back shed.

  10. yankeebird says:

    LOL, Cats ‘n’ Racks. Nice.

  11. this takes Ikea to a new level.
    and LOL i thought cats and racks too as soon as I saw it.

  12. SIXTEEN CATS. Sixteen. *happy sigh* Lucky owner!

  13. OMG, cats defy laws of entropy! Details at 11!

  14. anomalous4 says:

    Now that really puts the cats among the pigeonholes!

    What my Enquiring Mind wants to know is: how did their Human Slave get exactly one cat in each compartment? They generally tend either to bunch up or to say “iz teh outa heer. kthx cul8r bai.”

  15. Beth (in NC) says:

    Seriously??? Seriously. That is INSANE. I wonder if they all have their own specific cubby and get all territorial about it?

  16. Dogbreath says:

    Best cats’n’racks EVER!

  17. I wonder how much of my last animation can be superimposed onto this pic?… so that it *works*, I mean. Mathematically speaking, it’d be 4/5ths.

  18. I thought there was one empty cubby, til I looked closer and noticed there was a white curlicat in there that blended in.
    Must get new monitor…

  19. Karen in Toronto says:

    Elevated cat parking garage. Holey crapoley.

  20. Kitteh Kindergarten! Each must use their cubby for nap time! And all claw sharpening must be done on the chair. Now heads down for 30 minutes of quiet time.

  21. Balamuthia says:

    Hahaha, Hollywood Stars mouse-over is made of win.

    Cat organizer is made of win.

    This whole entry is win, win, win!!

  22. Haha I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at CO as I did today. I have tears POURING down my cheeks right now.

    Tears of joy of course. And allergies.

  23. Way to go, Ying S.! Looks like a good sanctuary there. LOVE AND PROTECT THOSE CATS!

  24. LOL! I think they need to build on another level.

    BTW – Anyone know where I can get one of the cubbies? 😀 I need to display my kitteh collection… Though I only have two at the moment.

  25. Jo-Lynn says:

    I like how the top row is so well disciplined! They are behaving as tho they are in their own cubbies too– staying within the lines! I think i need more cats now!

  26. benvenuta says:

    Silly kitties! 16 of them!

  27. hollywood squares, cat-style!

    i can tell the all black one is the trouble-maker of the bunch. i figure all the kitties were told it was nap time and they all went to their cubes and rested…except for the black one whose paw is sneaking its way to bat at the cat in the cube below.

    so lovely!

  28. how funny – just read above and saw i’m not the only one that thought of nap time and school when i saw this.

  29. floppycat says:

    Umm, let’s see, I’ll take the gray striped one and a pair of black and whites to go with my new living room ensemble. Thanks.

  30. chanpon says:

    Hang on to your tickets. You’ll need it to claim your kitten at the cat-check counter.

  31. “Mr. Whiskers, shame on you! You’re in Pussyboot’s square. And Fluffybuns, you know you belong in the bottom right. When will you ever learn?”

  32. That is just amazing. My guys would all be hissing and spitting over the “best” cubicle (determined at random by some freaky cat consensus) despite there being plenty of open spots…

  33. BeanSidhe says:

    I bow (again) to the hovertext.

    And I am SO getting one of these for my fiance’ for a wedding present. He really likes to organize stuff. Does it come with the cats included?

  34. fish eye no miko says:

    A real obsessive-compulsive would have them organized by color or size… Oh! Maybe they’re organized by name?

  35. WHAT is going on here? Did they glue them in there? Invisible cage doors? Utterly redonk.

  36. Katrina says:

    A whole new use of the term ‘catbox’.

  37. Gotta keep them CATegorized.

  38. Papilio says:

    Best idea I have ever seen for multiple kitty’s !
    Fantastic !

  39. That is hilarious!

  40. AuntieMame says:

    I’d say something clever about the cathouse, but I can’t think of anything.

  41. Ya load 16 cats, and waddya get-another day older and deeper in debt, St. Peter don’t you call me I can’t go- I owe my soul to the kitty-cat store!

  42. I do wonder if each cat has its specific cubby! Of course, one wonders how this happened. I can see an escalation, where the members of this household got one cat, two, three… then realized that they needed racks for the cats, and then they went to the store and saw a 12-cubby rack, and then got it, and then just had to fill it with cats, so they got that many more, but then the momentum of cat acquiring just took over and they ended up with four more cats than cubbies… Next, another rack, more cats… there is no end in sight!

    And Katrina, thank you for the kind thoughts. I’m mostly over it…

  43. This takes cat stacking to a whole new level. The fourth level, I guess.

  44. Gahhh! I am speechless! Erm um erm.

  45. Good for you, Shaz.

    Debutaunt-are you OK? Are you reading this? Are you OK?
    [FYI, I did forward that email… – Ed.]

    Lurker- Cat stacking-make it an Olympic Event! I have this mental image of stacked cats-all colors and all sizes towered on top of each other…

    BeanSidhe- You have to put it together yourself, like Ikea, and it comes with kittens…like a HUUUGE chia pet that you grow.

  46. usuallyloveCO says:

    Not exactly the funniest or cutest post for those of us who actually have O.C.D.

  47. *Sigh* I thought Cute Overload was above making fun of illnesses. I guess not.

    [You mean to say that you missed the kneeslapper cancer gag we pulled, earlier this week? Now that is unfortunate… – Ed.]

  48. I love that this is in Cats’n racks. I need one of these racks, then I would be able to tell when it was time to stop letting the strays in my neighborhood move in.

  49. I wonder if this magazine is for obsessive-compulsive fanciers of cats, or fanciers of obsessive-compulsive cats?

  50. I think my mom needs one of these. She already has 9 out of the 16. Well on her way…

  51. OMG! Sudoku in a cat version! 😉

  52. I have OCD, have been on meds for years and I LOVED this. Thought it was HILARIOUS!! I wept I laughed so hard. And so true. If this was my home, I’d spend the afternoon arranging and rearranging them — and then go wash my hands a thousand times and come back to count them all 14 times and rearrange them again. Get over yourselves people! Lighten up!!! EVERYbody has issues!

  53. BeanSidhe says:

    **applause to Sandy!!**
    Way to own it. My fiance’ is the SAME way. He knows it drives me bugnuts if he refolds the towels, but he also knows I love him to death for all his little quirks.

    Katrina–The Ikea shelves they got for the office came with NO kittens at all! Methinks they should call and complain.

  54. victoreia says:

    Now *that’s* a Caturday!

  55. holy toledo! who would have this many cats, and look how well-organized they are! i see it is time to add another story to the “cat rise.” 😛

  56. azaleablue says:

    OK, everyone. Roll call! Mitzi?…Here! Fernando?…Here! Gladys?…Here! Bueller?…Bueller?…Bueller???

  57. I organize my cats the way I organize my books and CDs: alphabetical by author/artist, then in the order they came out.

  58. Dogbreath says:

    victoreia, you beat me to it..

    and thanks so much sandy!!!!! if you can’t laugh at your predicamant (whatever and I do mean whatever) it is, than you’re really in trouble…..

  59. Juniper Jupiter says:


    If this is Hollywood Squares, and this is 16 rather than 9, which of the four would be Paul Lynde?

    LOVE all those kittehs!

    Glad I don’t own them…I mean, they don’t own ME! 😛

  60. It appears Schrödinger’s experiment had some unforeseen side effects.

    [LOL! Or how about “My God, it’s full of cats!” – Ed.]

  61. Here’s a puzzler: what gets plugged into that outlet?


    [My guess? Electric can opener. – Ed.]

  62. “If this is Hollywood Squares, and this is 16 rather than 9, which of the four would be Paul Lynde?”

    Juniper – check out the limp wrist on the blackie second from the left and second from the bottom. I think we have a winner.

  63. Makes me think of the Kitten Stables on Operation: Kitten Calender.

  64. This is genius! Especially for those of us with 5 or more cats. If only there were larger spots for those of “us” with 3 or more dogs! 🙂

  65. platedlizard says:

    KIITTTAYS! *makes grabby hands like five-year old*

  66. soo many kittehs!

  67. Joan Carlson says:

    Where’s the marmalade? In every set of 16 you’re supposed to get a marmalade and a siamese…

  68. me wants, me wants, me wants!! so cute!

  69. Joan — you’ve just called two of our three!

  70. Juniper Jupiter says:

    BOOOOoooo, Lurker!!! Just because Blackie has Limp Wrist Syndrome doesn’t mean he could be…oh wait a sec! Paul Lynde actually was stricken with it!!!

    Good call! XD!!

    (Seriously, guys!! Look at any Hollywood Squares clip with him in it! He actually did it! LOL!!)

  71. cirrocumulus says:


    As someone recovering from OCD, I can confidently state that this made me laugh my butt off. Maybe that wouldn’t have been the case a year ago, but it is now. Besides which, it’s a shelving unit… full of cats. Pure gold. X3

    Do you think you could teach my cat to only make right turns? I’ve tried, but he’s not an ambi-turner.

  72. LOL Taj!

    The first thing I thought of is that the Japanese must be at it again. This looks suspiciously like one of those Japanese capsule hotels:

  73. darkshines says:

    I’ll swap you two tabbies for a siamese. Aw, come on, you know you need a siamese!

  74. to those objecting to the OCD joke:

    some of us deal with addiction issues and have been to rehab and HAVE to go to 12-step meetings every day or we DIE.

    we manage to laugh along with everyone else at the ENDLESS “boxhab” jokes…

    so lighten up.

  75. I wonder if they ever play musical boxes. 🙂

    I was at the Adoption Center @ PetSmart in Salem NH. They are overrun with kittens. So, if you want to start your collection now… 😉

    I barely got out alive. My two would kill me in my sleep if I added to the collection.

  76. @chanpon & Katrina – LOL!

    @Liz: Here’s what gets plugged into the outlet, enhanced and animated by me:

    Tee hee!

  77. I want one of those too, including the kitties!!! Maybe I can check if Ikea does them? 😀

  78. And omg, anyone having an OCD issue with this, get a life and a sense of humour. I have RA and Fibromyalgia which can be extremely disabling and limiting/painful in everything I do during the flare-ups, but I still take the piss out of it.

    If one took his or her disabilities/limitations seriously, I think one would cry all the time about it.

    I would rather LAUGH than cry, that´s for sure! 😀

  79. I am on Disability for Fibromyalgia and the Circus of other things that the condition provides, but I do extensive volunteer work in my community, on my own schedule. One of my favorite things to say, when volunteering while I am limping and bent over like a newly-emerging fern leaf is “hire the handicapped- it’s so much fun to watch them work!” You just have to face each day with an attitude that ‘it won’t get me today’. Good luck to all of the ‘walking wounded’. Theo-thanks for the forwarding-I guess you could tell, I’m very worried, you’re a ‘gweat guy’.
    Now, Ikea didn’t provide you with kittens, huh? Hmm, maybe the nearest shelter can help – Ikea took out the fabric department of my Ikea, too, I bet they are connected. They should at least have given you a coupon for a second cat secretary-one with a rolling top and neat little drawers and, you know, kitten places. Customer service nowadays-go figure.
    Is it going to be Bunday today? HMMM?

  80. Theresa says:

    “It’s Caturday– post sixteen neatly organized friggin’ cats!”

  81. If the owner were truly OCD, he/she would have used a labelmaker to put each cat’s name on each cubicle. (so the cats could find their own cubby, of course)

    Confession: I have my dog’s leashes, harnesses, etc on hooks with labels for each dog’s name. Their food bowls are also labeled.

  82. Katrina says:

    Patty P- you scoundrel! Great at Hallowe’en-or as a night light!

  83. Sandy, I applaud your ability to laugh at yourself and your personal battle. You are so right, we all have our own struggles, and your humor must be what gets you through! How beautiful! Almost as beautiful as neatly organized kitties, each in their proper place!

  84. I see one small design flaw, unless they get in top row first and leave bottom row first then they have to climb in front of each other surely this condo needs balanies and fire escapes.

  85. Paunchie says:

    16 kittehs?! I ain’t cleaning them poo boxes!

  86. what to wear…what to wear…

  87. starling says:

    Sorted from Aggressive to Zany

    (I prefer to call it CDO, it’s the same as OCD, only the letters are in alphabetical order, like they should be)

  88. Makes you wonder if they just take whatever cubby hole that is free, or if there is such a thing as the “Prime” cubbyhole?

    Hm. Now that’s a DUMB question.
    ANY taken cubby hole would be Prime… I’m just sloooow today…

    Very cute picture!

  89. I so love that there are 16… 16… (can you believe it) Cats in one room in one shelving unit and there are no fights. I have three and they are constantly hissing at each other and they have now been here for a year, together.

  90. Fat Tabby says:

    16 accessible kitties while my kit is out frolicking in the summer weather. I’m not jealous or anything 😛

  91. I have now decided that I have to build some sort of dog kennel condo/apartment building for my babies. And fyi to kennel haters… 3 of my 4 dogs are currently hanging out in their own kennels WITH THE DOOR WIDE OPEN. They like it in there so deal with it.

  92. SillyGirl says:

    This must be photoshopped. (I keeeed) Or they are alien kittehs. Or they are just trying to confuse me. I give up.

  93. Wha… Huh… How does this even happen? I can’t even get my one kitty to sleep on the right side of the bed. 😦

  94. the problem with stocking all these styles is i can never find one in my size

  95. January says:

    Very nice assortment.

  96. cubbybutt says:

    of all the cats in the cubbies, which one is the “cubby chief?”

  97. Hey, Bud, you’re in my cubicle…

    Oh yeah, whatcha gonna do about it, punk?

    Let’s take this outside, catbreath!

    (They exit. One cat on roof moves in empty cubbie.)

    Hey, Bud…

  98. scooterpants says:

    this totally qualifies for “Crazy Cat Lady” , No?

  99. Gail (the first one) says:

    @scooterpants: Yes, definitely qualifies. Anybody who has more than me (SEVEN!) is a crazy cat lady!!!! LOL!!!

    This is too funny!

  100. Looks like housing quarters at Boxhab to me.

    Hilarious!! Kitties <3

  101. scooterpants says:

    indeed a marmie is needed here.
    please go to ‘itty ibtty kitty committee’.
    Alvie still needs a home ya’all! and what a gorgeous example he is!

  102. I’ll take the one on the upper right please.

  103. Hey, y’all, just have to say I am loving this set of comments. Yes, it’s good to have a sense of humour about health/disability. I applaud all of y’all who do!

  104. S.K. Riedel says:

    The Anderson House Hotel in Wabasha, Minnesota provides cats with the room for anyone wants one, and, according to the pix in Fodor’s Guide to Minnesota, they have similar cubicles for their cats — but only 6, not 16.

  105. Shaz – you should hear my rendition of that great old cancer ballad, “I Left My Womb in West Virginia.”

  106. Melisma says:

    Chiming in as another person with OCD (and I like it the French way, DOC, because the words are organized by length) who finds this quite funny. I was one of those kids who had to go to class early to make sure all the desks were aligned.

    I’m surprised, though, that the kitties are behaving so well for this photo shoot… my brother got his Bar Mitzvah photos back recently and I now think it would be difficult to pull this shot off with humans, let alone capricious cats.

  107. S. K. Riedel — yes indeed, been there, wrote it up!

  108. from the tv show Monk ?? As in
    this how he would store his cats lol
    my very first thought was ‘Velcro’ that is the trick right?? oh come on… somebody tell me how it was done. please please perrty please.

  109. Shaz said Yes, it’s good to have a sense of humour about health/disability. I applaud all of y’all who do!
    I say “DITTO” 🙂
    Got this from a friend;
    ‘Don’t let you mind wander; it’s too small to be out alone!’
    Personally, I keep mine on a leash but sometimes it still manages to get loose and goes out on it’s

  110. StrayDog says:

    Hey guys-

    I was reading the comments posted and just wanted to weigh in. My wife and I are fans of the site and enjoy all the cute pictures posted. However, she suffers from OCD and, while she is still a functional adult, it has limited what she is able to do. It’s something she struggles with on a daily basis. While some OCD sufferers have already chimed in to say they don’t mind the picture, my wife did. Instead of telling me to “get a life” as a previous poster was told when voicing their concern, allow me to explain her position.

    First, there is nothing wrong with being able to laugh about your own ailment. For some, it’s a way of coping with what would otherwise be tragic. The difference comes when it is other people laughing at your condition. While I have no doubt that a previous poster is able to “take the piss out of [Fibromyalgia],” I don’t imagine the same person would take very kindly to someone pointing and laughing them.
    Secondly, the more people use OCD in this context, the more it becomes synonymous with “anal retentive” which, while they may share certain traits, is not exactly accurate or, in fact, true at all. OCD affects people in different ways.

    To sum up my thoughts, I understand that some people who visit this site may suffer from OCD and, while it is up to them to decide whether they find the picture funny or offensive, that doesn’t mean they should be forced to make that choice. Just because an African American can laugh at a black joke, doesn’t make them any less racist. The same applies to illness. Please read this in the spirit in which is was intended: I don’t want to ruffle any feathers, but would like posters to consider this point of view before adding a photo captioned in this way to a website that I usually enjoy. Thank you.

  111. IKEA:


    Now if only they did stock it with cats, as someone else also said.

    StrayDog: Nice nuanced statement, and appreciated as such. I kind of see your point. I’ve had pain issues that no one would believe in (luckily better now after a doctor with a CLUE actually listened and figured it out), so I agree that mocking/belittling such health issues is not good. That said, I think a lot of people here are applauding the courage of those who deal with this and have a sense of humour about THEIR OWN disability. I would include myself in that category, in terms of saying, good for those who can frame their health challenges positively for themselves. And I doubt anyone here sincerely means to mock the seriousness of such conditions.

  112. P.S. Humor, satire, etc. are also tools for lightening what are hard things to deal with…

  113. P.P.S. Not that laughter makes things less serious.

    P.P.P.S. OMG people, do you think they started with just two, or three, or four cats, and the cats saw the rack and decided to reproduce to fill it? The colors of the cats seem to fall into no more than 3-4 categories… three, I think. Black to white with patches, tawny/gray, and tabby. And mixtures of the above!

    Ok, I’m done posting now! 🙂

  114. Elsewhere says:

    Can someone post the link to the actual site this picture comes from? I’love to hear the story!

  115. starling says:

    “And I doubt anyone here sincerely means to mock the seriousness of such conditions.”

    Exactly. There’s mocking and there’s kidding around. There’s a definite difference.

  116. Oh, good Lord there is a box with 25 nitches- no fair, I say, no fair! But, great for a shelter!

    I sincerely hope that EVERYONE has a sense of humor and whimsy, but well,some don’t, I couldn’t live without mine. I prize “whimsy” the most. I am stared at when I am bent over and loping- my own s-i-l- won’t walk with me because ‘it draws stares’- so what? It is ME walking-I’M OUT OF BED! Hooray for me! Hooray for my activities and hooray for my friends who leave their arms crooked and next to me as I scale a curb! Lets all have a big share in a huge YaY- my treat!

  117. I’ve never been diagnosed with OCd, but it really bothers me that they are not organized by size and color!!

  118. Ah, a bookcase + cats = catcase!

    Sure beats how things go over at my home, with one cat reserving each step on the stairs. I’ve already stepped on a cat tummy, and other occasions have stepped on tails, several paws, cat toys and something the cat coughed up twice. A catcase will do wonders in my own home.

  119. ThreeCatNight says:

    The newest item for your browsing convenience, here at “Bertha’s Kitty Boutique”!
    (with a nod to Lake Woebegone)

  120. Good grief, it *IS* Bertha’s Kitty Boutique! In the ‘Dales…

  121. spasemango says:

    I’ve been visiting CO for a long time but felt compelled to comment on this one… I’ve been struggling with OCD and related stuff my whole life so yeah, this hit home. StrayDog, I hear what you’re saying and I appreciate it, but I just wanted to say that I think starling is probably right about the intention here being to kid around rather than mock. I’ve never seen anything on this site that was funny out of meanness so I can’t imagine that’s the case here. I joke around about OCD and my own quirks all the time and loved seeing that here combined with cute fuzzy kittens, which are a wonderful form of therapy in and of themselves. StrayDog, my best wishes to you and your wife; and really, to everyone here struggling with any sort of “issue” or what have you. Kitten cuddles for everyone!

  122. Katrina says:

    Here-here- spasemango, well said. No one is mocking a disease-it is what we do with it that can get the laughs-such as juxtaposing two dissimilar things and making a funny comparison.

    I own this condition, it is mine to manage and I (just one person here, I’m speaking on behalf of myself) find it an adrenaline rush to make fun of something that is generally so crippling. It is like making fun of a bully-or winning against a bully, is closer to it! I wish that we may all be healed.

  123. ThreeCatNight says:

    Katrina- Your (c)attitude is wonderful and refreshing. It’s like confronting a demon; showing it no fear takes some of its strength away, while enraging it to some degree at the same time. But, you know what? You’re ultimately the winner. Would that there was a conclusive cure for this, but laughter is always good medicine. Take care of yourself, and God bless.

  124. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Every cat I’ve ever had loved to sleep in the middle of the floor. Something like this cat-case would’ve been quite nice! (The most I ever had was 5, though–16 is quite an achievement!) (Cat-chievement?)

  125. GHWaite says:

    OCD is not just a disease, its a personality trait. I have my own personality traits, best covered by Woody Allen movies. That said, this look’s like what “Monk” would have if he had pets.

  126. The Other One Michelle says:

    Get a life is right. I have chronic poops and I don’t get offended by all the poop jokes on CO. What? Why are you guys looking at me like that?

  127. scooterpants says:

    i would have to have them organized by seniority, and then, attitude , THEN size and color, since the ratio of ‘black and white’ to other variations in colors/patterns is OBVIOUSLY off in this particular grouping…

  128. LadyDarya says:

    I have OCD and there have been days when I have cried because I couldn’t get past one thing or another and then days where I just kind of laughed at myself because I know what I’m doing seems pretty weird to others. I can joke about it with the best of them, I accept that this is how I am, I accept that to others I may seem weird but I have a really clean house and can count to 6 with the best of them (don’t ask cause I can’t explain but 6 seems to be my magic number so to speak). I learned recently (on my own) that if you can’t take what you have and put it positivly than you loose. This is just my personal opinion – so please don’t think I am down playing anything or anyone but having run the gammit of feelings regarding my OCD (and other health related issues) I think that laughter is the best medicine and helps keep me sane (or would that be sainer??). I love the picture BTW but the carpet needs to match and the cats should be color coded…

  129. AuntieMame says:

    Seriously, folks, if people expressed their concerns the way StrayDog did (i.e., politely and genuinely), the commentroversies would never get off the ground. There is a difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable.

    StrayDog, best wishes and good health to your wife.

  130. While there may be some straightening and further organizing to be done here, personally I am satisfied that there are 16 cats and that the top 4 seem to be fairly evenly spaced. It could be worse. There could be a couple who decided to go 2 to a box or the top ones could have been off-center or something. That would have bothered me.

    It also makes me happy that 16 is a perfect square numerically speaking and that the cats are organized as 4 x 4. And I’m an artist, not a mathme … mathmuh … numbers-type-person.

  131. My daughter has OCD, severe enough that she has been hospitalized in the past. I laughed at this one instantly, as did she, because it is such a combination of absurdities! The joke is multi-layered. That’s what makes it so funny to everyone. Even OCD’ers know that organizing cats is nigh on to impossible! By the same token, looking at this picture through my daughter’s eyes, the cats should be organized by size or color! Hey, I suffer from chronic migraine headaches, but the Pokemon Psy-duck (who attacks using his headaches!) is on my key chain. We laugh or else we will only cry.

    By the way, for those who do not know, OCD is a disorder that takes a variety of forms. It can wax and wane according to stress factors, and the degree of disability varies from person to person. It is frequently passed from one generation to another. My father is a hoarder. My daughter has chronic fears and gets into thought “loops”. Not everyone is like Monk. Neither my father nor my daughter are obsessively neat. It is an anxiety disorder, not a personality disorder. People with OCD suffer from intense fears that are manifest in odd behaviors such as washing, organizing, counting, hoarding, or just constant worrying. Everyone has rituals that they use to comfort themselves, but OCD rituals start interfering with one’s life. That is the difference between being picky, or eccentric, and needing extra help. I don’t know how I got left out of the genetic lottery, but it skipped me and my brothers. Still, living with OCD, whether it is you or a loved one, is an interesting adventure. Having a sense of humor just makes the adventure more fun.

  132. 4×4 cats? Cats R Squared?

  133. Michagoose says:

    Katrina: Bwaahahaha Snort choke, (spews Coffee all over board, Husband comes running over at bark of laughter)
    Okay I’ll Raise you one:

    “It’s a cat (Uh) house, It’s might, mighty just lettin’ it all hand out”

  134. Gets mightay fonkay, cleanin’ the catbox out! Oww.

  135. Katrina says:

    16 kittehs,
    makes a lovely sight-

  136. Stephanie says:

    This picture is actually from a no-kill animal shelter.

  137. Not only that, the no-kill shelter is called “Rikki’s Refuge”. And not only THAT, but their Rikki was a Balinese, so he would even have looked like *our* Rikki.

  138. It’s Miss Kitty’s daycare. “Now all you kitty cats, go to your cubbies for rest time. And then afterwards, we’ll have nice kibble and milk! Nummmm!”

  139. Katrina says:

    I just got my new Ikea catalogue. Lots of spaces to fill, no cats come with ’em. Feh. (starts mumbling about customer service again)

    Rikki Tikki Tavvy is one of my heroes. I love the “Just So’ stories! Go read the “Just So” stories to someone you love, today!

  140. Really really funny! and I have OCD.

    My housemates gave me a great fridge magnet,
    “I will not obsess!
    I will not obsess!
    I will not obsess!”

    High functioning, but it does take some time every day. I take some meds for OCD/depression, not too many (OCD functions as an “anxiety binder”, and I’m relatively OK with using it as an anxiety binder; not sure what would replace it if I got rid of the OCD).

    I teach and do cat rescue, TNR (trap neuter return). I’ve really honestly been in some store looking at this kind of cubbie thing, and thought how much the rescue cats would love it!

    Since I do and teach cat taming as part of TNR, I think they’ve sorted themselves by how socialized they are.

    please give them pets from us!