Full Frontal Cute-ity!

See, this is why you need to be extra careful in the Internet Age:  You’re at a party, you’re hitting the catnip a little hard, and so you pass out in the guest bedroom — and that’s when somebody whips out the cell-phone camera, and the next morning you’re the newest star on HotWildOutOfControlAmateurKitties.com.  Unless you’re a boy cat, in which case everybody took turns writing on you with Sharpies first.


Oh, the shame of it, Ollie G.



  1. mmmm marmie for breakfast

  2. AuntieMame says:

    And here I thought cats were models of decorum.

    [Suuuuuuuure you did… – Ed.]

  3. Sandwich says:

    That’s why you go easy on the catnip!

    Crazy kitties :3

  4. Ah, I was just looking for some birthday cheer for myself this morning. I can always count on Cuteoverload to make me smile – even on the day that I am turning 41!

  5. Whew! No modesty tail THERE! Kitty looks waaaaaay comfortabuhls.


  7. Daytime Deb says:

    This is what I fear! You try to raise your kids right, with good morals and having earned excellent grades. You send them off to college, only for them to go to Florida on Spring Break and end up in a “Kitties Gone Wild” video!! Oy!

  8. Cricket says:

    Happy Birthday Brendy!
    41 and young! 🙂

  9. that belleh needs a zrbbt. bad.

    [http://www.squidgrid.com/cute/Glossary.htm#Furbert – Ed.]

  10. (the original) Mel says:

    EVEN as I type this, I have a rescued marmie kitten hidinks behind my toilet. I found him at the grocery store. He was living under the stairs outside the building. I bribed him with chicken. I’m just going to leave him alone with his food and his thoughts for a couple of days, then he’s goin to the vet.

  11. Haha! It’s like that one anti-pot commercial with the girl walking to school and everyone’s whispering behind her back because they all received the same phone pic of her at a party doing something that people on weed don’t actually do. ever.

    But this pic shows the tragically lazy outcome of catnip binges perfectly.

  12. chanpon says:

    Haha..my kitties love this position! My last cat never exposed his belly and hated belly rubs, but my 2 little boys now are always sleeping on their backs. It’s hilarious the positions you’ll find them in.

  13. Erebella says:

    Ah yes, the kitteh’s inestimable dignity – what an awesome thing. I think on a subconscious level, it’s aware of its stellar pose and, even in sleep, is trying to cover his face in shame. But then when it wakes up, it’ll smack its lips and go “Okay, where’s breakfast” and will not remember……except for this embarrassing pic.

  14. DixiesMom says:

    Ok, caaarefullly checking other posts…. nope, nobody’s said it yet, so I must: “*GASP* OH NOO!! KITTY PORN!!” *Covers eyes and turns away* *dials Furry Child Protective Services*

  15. Alice Shortcake says:

    Oh, won’t someone please THINK OF THE KITTENS!

  16. Whoa! This is, like, NSFW! When I saw all that decadent orange stripiness, I almost started banging the desk and yelling, “YES! YES!” just like Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally.” Holy screaming marmiegasm!

  17. zeldapie says:


    *averts eyes

  18. Well if that happened at a party at my house, the folowup picture would be me kissing the belleh. Follwed by the pissed off waking up kitteh and the geneal blod and mayhem that would ensue!

  19. gee, I just read that, I need a new keyboard!

    *pressing extra hard right now*

  20. wanders in and tickles kitty on her sooo soft belly .. then whips out the feather stick when kitty wakes up..

  21. ThreeCatNight says:

    Well! I’m surprised that this picture hasn’t posted on TMZ or one of those scandal-mongering websites with a caption:
    “The Morning After: When Cats Go Wild!”

  22. jelliajamb says:


    (the original) Mel, your kitty gathering efforts are to be vigorously applauded.

    DKN, I once heard an anti-pot commercial on the radio in which a teenage girl is babysitting, and her boyfriend comes over, and they get so stoned on the Evil Reefer that they take off and leave the baby at home alone. I thought that one was hysterical.

  23. Like, man, where’d all the ‘nip go?

  24. LOL Jelliajamb! I don’t think I’ve heard that one. High-larious! *snerk*

  25. Erebella says:


  26. brandon says:

    i actually went to HotWildOutOfControlAmateurKitties.com hoping to see a new site. i was sadly disappointing. 😦

  27. punkinberry says:

    Okay, you admirers of kitten belly, please instruct me in the proper way to rub the belly! I’ve never had a kitty before who liked belly rubs, but Chloe keeps flaunting her belly at me with darling paws up, and I don’t know what to do! Is it like petting the back, just a long stroke from chin to rear? Or do you skritchle the belly? I’ve tried everything I can think of, but none of it seems to really make her happy…

  28. catlady says:

    My marmie tiger does this exact pose. In fact, this could BE my Robot. I wonder if this little guy also likes to knock over glasses of water and stand on his hind legs while begging for treats…Every orange tiger I’ve met lately has eeriely similar traits.

  29. AliceTanzer says:

    Punkinberry – Every cat is different! You will have to try different things. My friend’s cat likes wiggling fingers. Kind of like tickling, but a little more pressure?

  30. Pussytoes says:

    Yikes! Cameltoe.

  31. @Brandon: Sorry about that, but I deliberately picked a non-existent address. I didn’t want to risk sending you nice people to something actually nasty. 😉

  32. I love the Garden State reference!

  33. The anti-pot ad does kinda fit this situation, but here’s a public service announcement that’s even more fitting:

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    Don’t fall for it people!! He’s not really sleeping. He’s quietly waiting for the hand of some poor unsuspecting peep to touch his belly then CHOMP!! And Hello emergency room.

    NTMTOM-Your post suggests Personal Experience and Regret. Hmm?

  35. You know, a Not Safe For Work tag would have been nice. Thanks Mike, thanks a lot. 😛

  36. It’s hard to say, punkinberry. Every cat’s different, and since you say you’ve already tried different things . . . . Maybe she just wants admiration (or food)? If you had dropped in on my parents any morning back when they had Kit, you would have heard, “Show us your pretty belly!” repeated until she complied–THEN she got fed.

    Also: One time as I walked past an animal shelter, I saw a GINORMOUS orange stripey cat (My favorite kind!) stretched out on his back while a worker RAKED up and down the length of his belly with both hands, fingers curved in claw-like fashion. This cat was in heaven, Nirvana, Shangri-la and Eden all rolled into one. But then, if you tried that with some cats you’d be drawing back a bloody stump. Idiosyncratic little buggers–but that’s why we love them.

  37. Psipsina says:

    Jen (and Ed.):

    “that belleh needs a zrbbt. bad”

    You guys scooped me. And of course it’s a furbert when it’s done on a furry belly that muffles the sound. 🙂

  38. My cat sleeps like that alot. I call it “Drunken Kitteh Master” mode!

  39. Psipsina says:

    My Homer loves belly rubs. When he wants attention and I’m not giving it to him, he flops over onto his back and because he knows I can’t resist his spotted belly. I don’t have any technique – I just go for it.

    Oliver, my other cat, bites anyone who even gets near the belly. Go figure.

  40. On particularly warm days, my kitties will lay out like that, spread eagle and all. I swear, no shame at all!

  41. Hon Glad says:

    This is what I love about cats, they put two, Dactyls? up to out moral and behavioural mores.

  42. Hon Glad says:

    Geesh. That should have read our moral……but actually, outing them may be right?

  43. With his tail, head, and arms, all going towards the same direction, it looks like a strong wind is blowing him away. Very pretteh kitteh.

  44. bookmonstercats says:

    original mel, good luck with the marmie kitty rescue.

  45. chet, ruby, and miaoux's momma says:

    privacy tail….YOR DOOIN IT RONG!

  46. Claudia says:

    Rape isn’t funny. I’m disappointed in you, CO.

  47. She is ggggreat!!

  48. taj – I know it’s really summer when I get up in the morning and my Melanie is lying on her back with her floppy little legs in the air.

  49. BRAVO, (the original)mel. Fix that cat and love him furevur!!! 😉

    And yesh, THE SHAME OF IT!!! OMG. Full orange embarrassment. Hope it happened in Vegas.

  50. (the original) Mel says:

    Marmie kitten seems content behind the toilet for now. He’s only about 10 weeks. He seems pretty okay with humans. I tentatively petted his head and he purred and made biscuits, but won’t budge from behind the terlet. I’m going to give him his space and I think he’ll come out eventually. He hasn’t hissed or scratched/bitten. He doesn’t seem feral.

  51. Oh my god! I so totally have the 411 about this party. Brandon told Cody who told Jenna who texted Madson who e-mailed Sophie who sits next to me in summer’s Driver’s Ed (SO totally lame!) that Jonah had this total rave while his folks were at Marriage Encounter and that he scored some catnip from Jens, that totally Jude Law-ish exchange student from Amsterdam!

  52. momof2kitties says:

    Oh My Laws!! The indignity of it all! Won’t someone get her some panties at least?

  53. Her mother is going to be so mad at her! She’s going to be grounded for Prom!

  54. Boomer's Babysitter says:

    @Decca ROFL! Sometimes the comments are almost better than the pictures. I said almost…

  55. Now THAT is some fine looking full-frontal (censored).

    Oh, come on, I was referring to the cat!

    News, friends: my marmie adoption will have to wait. My mom’s cat, Coco, was very badly attacked by another cat and spent the night in surgery. She’s got an e-collar and lots of stitches on her backside, and it cost us a lot of money on my mom’s credit card. My mom came home this morning after picking up Coco and said “Well, I definitely don’t want another cat.” So, Mel, I wish I could help you with your turlet kitteh, but we’ll be stuck with just the three furry friends for a while. Thanks to those of you who offered support on the previous post. I’ll put photos up on my blog of Coco later this week.

  56. Theresa says:

    The orange ones are poison– but so delicious. 😉

  57. BeanSidhe says:

    Joe Francis’s cat expresses her feelings at being used and exploited for the pleasure of slavering, perverted dogs for the last three years of her life.

    and OMGBELLEH!!!11!!!12

  58. BeanSidhe says:

    past three years. D’oh!!

  59. Gail (the first one) says:

    @pussytoes: SNORT!!!

    @B-Serv: Glad Coco is back home and on the mend!

    My boy, Charlie, does this…only he’s so furry that the “modesty tail” isn’t necessary!!

  60. binky-mama says:

    @Juno- Marmiegasm!!!! I’m blushing!

    @berthaservant- Hope Coco feels better! BTW thanks for the MST3K update. I had no idea the crew was still up to mischief! Wish I could be there to see them this weekend.

  61. Pussytoes: ROFL!!!! Kitty Camel Toe! 😉

    But seriously, I don´t know if I can come back to cuteoverload now that it´s turned so SMUTTY!!!! 😉

    And yeah, I do wanna smoooosh my face into that tummeeee! 😀

  62. so it’s a female, got it

  63. This kitty needs a belly rub, stat.

  64. punkinberry: My kitty is a total tummy-tease…she flops over with tummy exposed & paws in ever so cute positions, but…dare to touch & one gets a “Nunuh” teeth & claws warning. Some kitties LOVE tummy-rubs, others – not so much – yours will let you know.

  65. marie_n says:

    as my boyfriend would say – her knuckle is showing. (he misunderstood one day when i told our beagle abbie to stop licking her “nono” and repeated “stop licking your knuckle!” and i haven’t let him forget it yet)

    someone should do a privacy blur on that one.

  66. We call it Kitty ari conditioning. Usually it is a way to catch some breezew on the belly. Our long haired kitties do it more than the short haired ones
    and Punkinberry the best thing to do is gently scratch under the chin and work your way lower until you get chomped that will tell you where they like to get scratched and some love it a lot and some just want one stroke down their belly
    And some use it to lure you in for the bite.

  67. fleabit says:

    GASP! Tink of teh childrens!!!