The Amazing Remote-Control Otters!

OK, for this next trick, you need to get a remote-control device.  TV, stereo, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it has a really big button on it.  Go ahead, we’ll wait. (elevator music, dum dee dum…)  Got it?  Now, incredible as this may sound, your remote control will let you switch off these otters’ brains all at once.  Start the video, and get ready to push the really big button … right … about …

(00:24) … now.  Was that cool or what?!
Wait, we’re gonna do it again.  On your mark … get set …

(00:36) … click.

Wow, Philip K., that was totally (click) …

… awesome.



  1. 0:11 too.

  2. I’ve never seen an otter outside the water before. I wonder if that high pitched squeal translates to “where is the water” or “take us to your leader.”

  3. rosamundi says:

    Yay, squeaky otters!

    JNO – otters are happy on dry land as well as in the water, but they will have a pool or something nearby to splash about in.

  4. ohhh poor otters need water

  5. Cut to – Dora not getting jack shit done today because of this bleedin’ video. *sigh*

  6. Janeyferr says:
  7. Paunchie says:

    I didn’t know they mewed like that!

  8. Erebella says:

    Yeah, I think the remote-controller hit the button that’s the French word for stop: p-a-u-s-e. That was right after he hit the recordificate button. Who else has seen that commercial? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

  9. biscuithead says:

    they’re not mewing!
    Quite obviously, they’re singing.
    A song we don’t know.
    With a few rests in it.
    And doing some choreography.

    /got nuttin’

  10. ahhhhhhhhhh – i want to dive into a pile of otters! So kewt!

  11. biscuithead says:


    It’s not P-A-U-S-E, it’s ‘poh-zay’!
    Thayat’s Frinch!

    Yes, seen the ad!

  12. marishka says:

    OMG! That’s totally otter-control! *snerk*

    I crack myself up, sometimes

  13. (the original) Mel says:

    Singing: “You go back, Jack, do it again…otters mewing round and round…you go back, Jack, do it again.”

  14. Paunchie says:

    Pawzhe! After we recordificate! *snerk*

  15. Erebella says:

    Yeah, our president’s an eejit. He would so lose on Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, wouldn’t he?

  16. leeleemarie says:

    Oh yes he would lose! What a joke! These otters are so cute I wonder why they do that?

  17. D’awww. A squeaky pile!

  18. Methinks them otters want a better habitat.

  19. miltoncat says:

    Adorable… otters!


    Are they sad? There’s no water. 😦 I’m worried about them.

  20. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I think otters are actually smarter than dolphins and are going to try to take over the world one day. They know how to use their cuteness and their squeakiness is pleasing to the ears and easily mimicable!

    ***runs to get tinfoil hat***



    *falls over dead from cuteness*

    I wonder why, though, they’re all in that fenced in area together like that, with no water or anything. Isn’t that the complete opposite of an otter habitat?

  22. Shannon says:

    Two questions – does anyone know how old these guys are? And, lol. I must be tired. I forgot my other question…

  23. momof2kitties says:

    LOLOL! That’s frikkin’ hilarious! I love the recordificate commershe too. Much better than the Trump one.

  24. This is the rare Fermata Otter, so named because of a tendency to insert dramatic pauses into their daily sing-song. In human behavior, this is referred to as a phenomenon as “Tiberius interruptus,” better known on the street as – “Shatnering.”

  25. Argentee says:

    Peeps, all we are seeing is one small (dry) corner of a much larger enclosure. I’m sure they have water, but for some reason are congregating in this corner… I suspect watching for dindin to arrive. Can you imagine bringing in a tray of dinner and being swarmed by a fuzzy otter ambush?

  26. berthaservant:

    Fermata Otter! That’s even funnier if you’re in Bahston!

    Fermata Ottah!

  27. They almost sound like seagulls! I’m pretty sure otters won’t swoop in and steal your french fries though…

  28. It’s like how in a noisy crowded room, the conversation lulls every 5 minutes or so, leaving the one person left talking feeling so awkward they usually stop mid-sentence.

    Except in super-otter-talk, it happens ever 20 seconds!

  29. Oh, how very Pinteresque of you, otters!

  30. Water? No way, Argentee.
    I’ve seen this enclosure, and instead of water, you know what they have? A big pool of boiling oil. And at night, they bring in a smoke machine and a bunch of wolverines and they make ’em fight on a wire hanging over the boiling oil, and sometimes the otters are so desperate to swim that they don’t even fight back, they just let themselves be thrown to their deaths. Then the fried otters are eaten by foreigners.

  31. Wow, it’s like ottery Beatles/Bay City Rollers/Jonas Bros. were in the next enclosure.

    (And oh, world? Never use Papyrus font again. Kthx!)

  32. LMAO at Bay City Rollers!!!!!

    What’s wrong with Papyrus, PoT?

  33. My broker is EF Otter and EF Otter says…

  34. yankeebird says:

    Thread hijack – update on my original hijack of the “kitty hairball” post…

    My mom just got a call from the vet. Her dog has cancer, and it’s all over. He actually wanted to put her down right then but my mom resisted. She had been given the same advice from a different vet when her cat had cancer, and the cat lived for another 2 1/2 years. She’s going in to talk to the vet, but best case scenario is probably just a couple of weeks. Thank you SO much to all who sent their prayers and positive thoughts and good wishes, but the outcome is not what we’d hoped for.

  35. I’ve been to the New Forest Otter and Owl Centre, and they have a huge enclosure… it has pools for them to swim in, so don’t worry. I think they’re mewing cos it’s close to feeding-time…

  36. but are they LAVA pools??

  37. …and more seriously, YankeeBird, my sympathies.

  38. I am so so sorry to hear that yankeebird. Though I did not respond, I was thinking of your mom today. Whatever happens, I hope your mom can try to appreciate each moment that she has left with her. Remember that dogs live in the moment, so she should try to enjoy and play and make some smiles before it’s too late. I will give my goobs an extra hug a piece tonight while thinking of your mom.

  39. yankeebird says:

    Thanks, Teho, and apologies for the off-topic comments. I really try not to do those. It’s just that the people here are so kind-hearted and supportive, I needed a little of that.

  40. Erebella says:

    I’m sorry, yankeebird. I thought about your mom and her dogs a lot since your other post. I’m so good at putting myself in other people’s shoes, I’m trying not to cry right now just thinking about your mom. I’ll keep rooting for her, though.

  41. (the original) Mel says:

    Not lava, canola oil, Teho.

  42. Well, at least it’s not trans fats.

  43. Kiragirl says:

    yankeebird, hang in there and enjoy the time you and mom have left with the pupster.

  44. Kiragirl says:

    lava lamps?

  45. (the original) Mel says:

    Lava soap.

  46. BeanSidhe says:

    **hugs to Yankeebird**

    otters otters otters otters
    otters otters otters otters
    Dancing Otters Yay!

  47. Theresa says:

    Yankeebird, sending you and your mom soothing purrs.

  48. marsheeeee says:

    @Berthaservant! “TiberiusInteruptus”!!!”Shatnering”!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!! That’s hilarious!!!

    @Yankeebird: I’m facing a similar situation with one of my cats – Hugs to your Mom – are you familiar with the Rainbow Bridge? You can google it and find it – it’s a lovely description of pet Heaven. It might be some comfort.

  49. Katrina says:

    Aww, Yankeebird, what can we say..maybe that we are here and we are here and we are here and we are here. Best wishes, Katrina
    And I don’t think this is off-topic anytime, just for the record.

  50. Erebella says:

    Another issue to send your thoughts to: someone or someones here in Tulsa did something TERRIBLE to some dogs and the police here are foaming at the mouth to find those responsible. Cross your fingers that they do cuz these people HAVE to be punished. K, I’m done, happy thoughts now!

  51. SillyGirl says:

    so freakin cute! Their scientific name is Lutra lutra. Even their name is cute!

  52. I can’t stand it. I can’t stand not having an otter for my very own. I don’t care if their tethses gnash through bone, I want to try and pet one just once. I don’t need TWO hands. I need ONE otter.

  53. gravyboat says:

    Awww! Don’t worry, little otters! You can pile on me and I will keep you warm!

  54. Erebella says:

    OMG, peeps – did you watch the video on the left on the YouTube? That’s so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Watch it! Now! 🙂

  55. Maerlyn says:

    Good thoughts coming your way, Yankeebird.

    Must…lay…in pile…of otters. Can’t…stand…not to.

  56. notfunny says:

    NOT FUNNY. ::hates zoos (which is what I am assuming this is):: Those poor otters sooo want out of that enclosed space. Hearing animals cry and try to get out over somewhere… NOT CUTE

  57. They MEOW!

    Sort of a meow crossed with bird chirp.

    Got my tuxedo kitteh’s attention, that’s for sure. He woke up and stared.

    I wanted to put the bebes in a kiddie pool. That way they could be together in their pile and still be in water. Otterz needz waterz! (even river ones)

    Also: big funny, NTMTOM.

  58. Otter and Owl Center??
    (blink blink)

    Isn’t that an odd combination? Or are animal centers alphabetized, and this comes just before the Panda and Pony Center?

  59. Does any one else find it desterbing that they are crying at a fence?

  60. If only that remote trick worked on children…or in-laws.

    Theresa, OMG, a day at the Panda and Pony center would be SO FUN!

  61. Panda and Pony Center? Where?

    And squirming pile o’mewling otters is beyond prosh!

  62. chanpon says:

    OMG, I thought only human’s SQUEE’d?! That was live squeeing if there ever was such a thing, and all the better that they do it in unison.

  63. gravyboat says:

    For everybody worried about zoos and the otters crying at the fence…it says at the beginning of the video that it is a wildlife reserve. So no worries!

  64. Argentee
    swarmed by a fuzzy otter ambush? rofl
    Yes Yes Please!!!!
    I gets lots of hugs an kisses
    an give them too

  65. i miss meg.

    [You have but to look at the previous post… – Ed.]

  66. yankeebird
    I so want to hug your mom right now as I’m sure many of us here want to. Please know that your mom and your family are in our thoughts.

  67. DixiesMom says:

    Marishka: Owowow, that pun was sooo bad, it hurt.

    Ref:Otterpile: SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! *Splody-splode-splode-SPLODE*

    Dixie is now an orphan, ‘cos otter cuteage made me *ded*.

  68. DixiesMom says:

    Um, sooo sorry about *ded* ref… did not see about Yankeebird’s posts… (inserts foot in mouth and bites down hard)

    My prayers are with you as well, I have been there too. *HUG* for you and all your family!

  69. Oh you can’t worry about *every* possible slip-up, DixiesMom. There’s no way anybody could keep up. The internet is ungainly big.

  70. Caitlin says:

    Peg of Tilling, are you my brother in law in disguise?? Papyrus is a running joke with him… in fact he has a little corner of his blog hidden away where he documents the atrocities. 🙂

  71. binky-mama says:

    This reminds me of Red Light/ Green Light we used to play as kids. I otter play it again.

    *smacks palm to forehead*

  72. Hee! No, Caitlin, I am not your brother in law! I just think Papyrus is ridiculously overused, and not always used appropriately. Kind of like Comic Sans.

  73. yankeebird says:

    DixiesMom, Teho is 100% correct. Do NOT apologize at all. Not only is the internet ungainly big, but it does not revolve around me. If I was worried about people being joyous while I was sad, well… CO isn’t where I’d come hang out.

    Thank you (and thank everyone) for the supportive comments. Willow is currently home now and resting fairly comfortably but for the stitches from her surgery this morning. The vet is trying very hard to keep my mom grounded in reality – without treatment, she’ll probably make it a couple of days at most. In fact, the vet left her IV in because he’s expecting to use it again very soon for the pentobarbital. With treatment (meaning chemo and whatever else they can think of) maybe six months. Here’s a photo of the lovely girl:

  74. Martha in Washington says:

    I think the otter sqeeage is on 8-track tape and the pawzhey is when the track is changing. (Am I showing my age?) That’s what you get for recordifying on 8-track!

    Yankeebird–hugs to your mom!

  75. belphebe says:

    Yankeebird, Willow is such a beautiful girl!

    Hugs to you and your mom. And to Willow!

  76. belphebe says:

    I watched the otters earlier today without sound and didn’t quite get the joke. They did seem to pause briefly as if waiting for someone to take their pictures, so I thought that was what the “click” was about. It was so funny to hear what was going on!

  77. Theresa says:

    MadameX, I’m just guessing that the Panda and Pony Center is just to the left of the Quail and Quokka Center.

    (Quokka: )

  78. hey notfunny-

    for all you know it’s an otter rescue and rehab place so chill out

  79. Gail (the first one) says:

    @yankeebird: OMG, Willow the doggie is so cute and so fluffy, too!!! All I can wish for your mom is that the direction is clear as far as what to do. (hope that makes sense!)

  80. Yankeebird, again, all of my good wishes: Willow is a beautiful dog and obviously very loved, so whatever the outcome, there will be love.

    Not to further thread jack, but I arrived home tonight to learn that Coco, my mom’s cat, had a huge gash in her leg from we don’t know what. My mother has taken her to the emergency room (I’m sure she’ll be fine but it was a very, very bad wound). So I came here to look at as much cute as I can while I await their return. Love to all.

  81. I hear you’ve been having trouble with pigs and ponies.

  82. Gail (the first one) says:

    @berthaserv: keeping a happy thought….hope she’s all fixed up good as new!

  83. Notfunny, that’s a pretty ignorant comment. Zoos do some of the most good in the world for animal conservation, and many endangered species would be badly off without zoos. I work at a zoo, and I am very proud of that fact, because I get to help endangered wildlife recover every day.

  84. Donsie_Lass says:

    I have met these tineh behbeh ottars! Their squeaking seems to be connected to hunger and so when it gets close to their feeding times they sort of latch onto the gate where the staff bring ’em their om noms. And they squeak a LOT. I had one adopted in my name, not one of these Asian Short Claws, but one of the Eurasian otters in the centre’s breeding and re-introduction programme. It was a brilliant birthday gift and anyone who can get to the centre or its partner sites, go!

  85. bookmonstercats says:

    Yankeebird, so sorry. I’ve had lots of animals put to sleep (ok, I know it’s a euphemism)but mine have mostly been very aged and/or sick and ready to go, so we’ve all been thankful for their good lives. I try to be with them and if the vet won’t let me be, I have an old tee shirt that one of the family has worn for a couple of days and I ask the vet to wrap them in that so they know we’re nearby and carry us with them to whatever animal heaven they go to. lots of love to you and your mum.

  86. Hon Glad says:

    I don’t usually bother to try and correct the nuffers, but for GAWD’S sake don’t jump in half way through a thread. Start at the first comment and work through. I know a lot of peeps these days, have the attention span of an Amoeba, but, to be able to comment from a point of knowledge, rather than ignorence, you have to put a bit of work in. Someone posted a link to the site of the SANCTUARY, not the torture chamber. There IS plenty of water, the Otters ARE waiting to be fed…… Calms down. I see they run the Battersea Park chidren’s Zoo,not too far from me, if only there were more holurs in a day.

  87. Hon Glad says:

    bookmonstercats: Yankee bird: Four years ago I buried Hon Glad (The Honourable Gladys Anstruther) in an old sweatshirt of mine. The vet came to my house to terminate her life (she had cancer, caused by the sun on a pink nose) like me she loved the sun, she just refused to eat. The effect of the injection is almost instant, but keep stroking and talking because, they are not quite gone. I buried her in the garden with rose petals in the bottom of the hole and rose petals on top of the body. Placed a heavy slab over the hole because of Foxes.
    There is a Olive tree in a container, on top of the slab.
    Yankeebird, it is very hard, It took me over a Year and you never really get over it.

  88. Proffesser E.M Translotter. says:

    cute otters! 😀

    although,as an officially licensed otter translator, i can reveal that “squueeeeeeeeel squeeeeek”in otter translates to “**** off and stop filming me! i’m tryin’ to find some water around here!” in human.

    interesting, very interesting.

  89. They’re unadulterotteratedly otterriffic!

  90. Rachel Sweeden says:

    Berthaservant I am sorry to hear about your mom’s cat. She is in great hands. The clip is adorable.

  91. serorobele says:

    I agree about the zoos. Unfortunately, our world is in such a state that if we don’t protect animals in zoos, they won’t be protected anywhere. Obviously the animals would be better off in their natural environment IF (and this is where the problem comes in) their natural environment didn’t have traffic through it, waste near it, or anything in it that is valuable to cut down, mine, dig up, or build on. So until every. single. person. on this planet decides to make wildlife a priority (which, God knows we should), zoos are doing their best to give these animals as close to their real habitat as possible.

    That being said, if an otter squeeeeeks in the wild and no one is around to hear….?

  92. cheesybird says:

    So sorry to hear about Willow. What a beautiful girl. Hugs to you and your mom, Yankeebird.

    Berthaservant, I hope your mom’s cat is home recovering with kitty chicken soup soon.

    And OMGOTTERS!!!ELEVEN1! They are so cute, but you gotta watch out for the pointy bits.

    There’s a similar sanctuary about an hour away from where I live and I went there once with some friends. One friend was standing with one foot slightly under the fence and one of the otters was not having any of it. Bit clear through the leather of his hiking boot! o_O

  93. MadameX, I’m just guessing that the Panda and Pony Center is just to the left of the Quail and Quokka Center.

    (Quokka: )

  94. Just wanted to offer the link: for anyone worried about these adorable mewing fluffs! The site says that a majority of the animals are returned to the wild and most are in boxhab — err, rehab. Additionally, they’re perpetuating threatened species. I know zoos are contentious and we’re seeing a little corner of an exhibit, I don’t think we need worry.

  95. I’ve been to this place, and the enclosures are plenty big enough. What we’re seeing here is the squeaking that occurs directly before a keeper with food appears and the nomming gets under way. Much squeaking = nom time; at least that’s what teh otters seem to think. I suspect noms come anyway.

  96. Chelonianmobile says:

    *shquee* Ottersottersotters. Aww, they go peep!

  97. Layla42 says:

    It’s not available anymore!


  98. Sure it is, Layla. Embedded YouTube videos sometimes seem to act weird, but it’s usually just your browser. Try refreshing the page (like with the F5 key) and then see if you can’t view it.

  99. fleabit says:

    what are the little bebehs squealin about? here, lil otters, here’s 95 tons of abalone! is that better? whatever you want, anything, just name it! Oh, you need fish and hushpuppies, too? Comin’ right up!

  100. I have been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium otter sanctuary now several times ain the last year. Ever otter population is now either on the endangered list or just steps away from it. They are losing habitate fast to both pollution and building.
    We should be applauding teh conservationist efforts to help these beautiful fun loving furry creatures.
    All sanctuaries give the animals plenty of room and water and even stimulating methods of getting their food and tons of natural play toys.
    Zoo’s have come a long way from the small cramped cages of yesteryear. I have watched them change and improve through the years until they are nothing like what they used to be. I realize they have a long way to go but they are working on it bit by bit.

  101. I’ve done my internship at a small zoo and worked with Asian small-clowed otters and yes, this is the noise they make when it’s almost feeding time. They’d recognize my work outfit (beige polo) and start squeeing like that. It’s pretty cute, they stand on their hind legs, we even had one that made little jumps! And that is also the reason that they’re all piled up, that is probably where they’re being fed or where the caretaker come into the enclosure.

  102. Chelonianmobile says:

    Y’know, I don’t think otters are all that unusual, so why are they under the “unusual animals” section? We need a “mustelidae” section for otters and ferrets …