The happy, squeaky sounds of Winston

If there is one thing consistent about this site, it’s peeps asking for MORE WINSTON action. Well here he is, in all his greatness, purring away. And making squeaking noises in the process.

For MORE Winston, check out FourFour. Thanks for the Winston alert, Pamela D.



  1. Christabel says:

    Oh Winston, I’d feed you tender morsels of tuna just to hear your squeaky purr.

  2. BonzoGal says:


    We are not worthy.

  3. katiedid says:

    Aww.. you know Winston is happy whenever there is food involved… My kitty used to make the same sounds when she tried to purr

  4. AuntieMame says:

    That’s Winspeak for “gimme dat”! And surely that last sleepy purr is where the Star Wars Foley people got some of their sound effects.

  5. Old Winney always brightens my day.

  6. I will never tire of watching this cat.

    In fact, I think I need win-hab! Halp!

  7. Awwwww!! I love hearing Winston sound happy after seeing him look unhappy so many times.

  8. momof2kitties says:

    There can never be too much Winnie in this world. My heart has just melted…I LOVE this guy!!!!!

  9. skyweaver says:

    Wow. Winston is a real healer, just hearing this clip play is soothing, my stress level just went down a notch listening to the little guy. Thanks, Winst!

  10. Awwwwhhnnn!!! I <3 Winston! He is my favourite Celebritteh. And the fact that he sounds like a pinwheel in need of some WD-40 on a windy day makes me love him even more. MORE WINSTON, PLS!

  11. I am officially pwnd by this cat. PWND I tell you.

    I need a Winston and that cross-eyed cat in the Hartz ad, then my life will be complete.

  12. I can’t help but wish CO would branch out and create Winston Overload.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Mmmm, bananners

  14. was he eating a banana?
    i had a cat once that LOVED cantaloupe!

  15. Erebella says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! Yay for Winston’s parents for making him such a happy kitteh. And I LOVE the triple shot of purr-smackiness!

    By the way, I’ve created the perfect C.O. name for my dog Trixie. She is Miss Dorkus McSpooky GoldenButt. Ha, I love it! See what you guys did to me!

  16. scooterpants says:

    OMG. he’s an angel from heaven!
    is Winston eating Nanners?!?? it sure looks like it. (i have not seen a cat eating a banana before, maybe its not)
    it’s so nice to see his daddy being nice to him and petting him and helping him be a nice kitty.
    Winston CAN have a lil ‘attitude’. 🙂

  17. Erebella says:

    P.S.: In the FourFour link, there was the karaoke scene from the movie PS I Love You! Love that film! Wheeee!!! And Jeffrey Dean Morgan is my future husband, he just doesn’t know it yet! ;Þ

  18. Space Cowgirl says:

    Anyone who figures out something Winston WON’T eat gets a Nobel Prize.

  19. Purring at work makes my day da Bestest!

  20. @Erebella: You are not the only one effected by the CO naming. I was playing with my ferret the other day (Gerry) and called him Sir Reginald McStinky Pants. It was a palm to forehead moment when I knew CO was running my life.

    I wish my kittehs were as vocal as Winston. Bear and Pippin are quiet purrers.

  21. ScoutsMom says:

    Why can’t I see Winston? I am able to view some videos but not all of them – and I can never view the Winston videos? I feel like I’m missing out on something. Help!!!

  22. Winston is a piggy. A fluffy, grumpy piggy that purrs.

  23. Lots of cats like fruit, especially cantaloupe. Helpful Hint: Cut the grapes in half. Otherwise, they just bat them around the floor.

  24. Hon Glad says:

    Winston is Fugly but he’s our Fugly. Then nomming on nanners, seals our fate. Winnie we are not worthy.

  25. It must take a lot of nutrition to hold that head up.

    I’m not convinced some of these creatures aren’t manufactured in the Jim Henson Studios.

  26. Winston is great 😀

  27. The sound for youtube videos doesn’t seem to work on CO for me. I have to click the video and watch it on youtube to get the sound.

  28. Like the purr/snoring at the end. That’s what I’d like to be doing right now.

  29. Wombats says:

    WINSTON! I loffs heem!

  30. Rosie A. says:

    Oh my God I love that cat. I’ve seen every vid of him, and I just can’t get enough. And his guardian, whose name I cannot remember right this second, is SO amazing to him… Yay Winston’s guardian!

  31. Paunchie says:

    Catebritteh Jade?


    with the summer haircut yet. He and Nelly would make quite a pair.

  32. greyhoundmommy says:

    I agree, the triple purr smackiness made my day.
    Winston videos are good for the heart and soul.

  33. …as a confirmed Winstonphile …
    Awwwwww and also

    Many thanks!

  34. Nicolletta says:

    Winston rulez! =)

  35. Pearl Ostroff says:

    I had a cat who liked both cantaloupe and bananas. Also cucumber.

    This video has me go “Aaaaah!” Winston is adorable.

  36. he looks like he should be saying “DIABEETUS”

  37. buckteethandalazyeye says:

    Winston made my day!

  38. I love me some Winston!

  39. woofysma says:

    Oh boy, oh boy – Hello Winnie! I’m a charter member of The Winston Fan Club – I’ve also seen all his videos. And, I refuse to attend Winhab. When does he get a movie contract? Love ya, Winnie.

  40. zeldapie says:

    Winston, I love you.

  41. ThreeCatNight says:

    Winston should change his name to “Purry Mason”!

  42. Oh, video no longer available. Darn it all – I could use a Winston fix today.

    (Geez, that makes me sound like a smoker.)

  43. Wow, he makes the cutest noises when he’s not yowling!

  44. CoffeeCup says:

    Video’s just fine for me, psipsina.

    I got sleepy just watching Winston doze off. Oh how I wish I were enjoying the sunshine, pool side.

  45. <3.

  46. super duper cute Winston!

  47. meowandwoof says:

    I’ve missed Winston so! How bout some Winston merch? I’d plaster him all over the city!

  48. winston can has his own tag, plees?

  49. At 0:19, you can hear him say “Nom-nom-nom. Nom-nom-nom. Nom-nom-nom.”

  50. oooh Winston. I love your round little head.

  51. WINSTONE! i lurve heem.

  52. eowyn_2 says:

    LOL my cat does that squeaky thing too when she’s purring really hard. And if she purrs hard enough, she goes beyond squeak into hacking up hairball. It is HILARIOUS.

  53. firepikachu says:

    I squealed for joy whenever I see a Winston posting!! He is my absolute FAVORITE! no joke 🙂

  54. katiedid says:

    Space Cowgirl: He doesnt eat paper.. There is a video that shows him eating all kinds of stuff.. except a recipt… just so yah know… 😀

  55. I think Winston must be doing more to promote gay rights than anyone. Who knew that cute cat videos being picked up by a mondo site like CO was the ticket? Heh.

  56. April S. says:

    suzr, I too once had a cat that loved cantaloupe. She would also tear open the bread sacks and eat the heels. We thought we had mice for the longest time until we caught her in the act!

  57. April S. says:

    suzr, i too had a cat who loved cantaloupe. She would also tear into bread sacks and eat the heels. We thought we had mice for the longest time until we caught her in the act.

  58. Yay a Winston post!!! I love this guy.

  59. Winnie needs to go to nana-hab but he won’t go go go…

    For cryingks out loud, could he BE any cuter!? He plays the grumpus all the time, but this just proves that inside he’s a big bundle of furry purry wuv! WUV I TELLS YOU!!!

  60. binky-mama says:

    Winston should be prescribed by doctors for high blood pressure. I think mine just dropped a few points.

    Winston, you da man.

  61. kittykatgurl says:

    He sounds like the predator!!! I love Winston! He’s the best!

  62. When I saw it was about Winston purring I knew it had to involve food. 😀

  63. OK, I just have to pipe in here…
    We’ve had
    cat (waaaay too many photos there)
    real dog

    Where are all the DOGS hiding???????? I’m a DOG person, I need my DOG fix!!!! HMPH!

  64. shannomo says:

    Love Winston, He’s my grumpy hero. Grapes? Grapes are poison for doggies can cats eat grapes?

  65. Shannomo- If I remember correctly it is the skin of the grapes that is bad for dogs, if you peel the grapes they are okay.

  66. Oh – I do love animuuls!

  67. Ms. Brown says:

    Love this furry little guy. My husband and I play his clips for our 5 kittehs…one of which LOVES LOVES LOVES watermelon and one of the other tries to steal her daddies grapes…

  68. bitchphd,

    What is it with gay guys naming their cats Winston? My Fairy Godfather and his lovely husband had a cat named Winston!

  69. jennyOH says:

    Joe – the NOM NOM NOM-ing was my favourite part, too.

    I have to say, Winston’s summer ‘do looks a little odd.

  70. W.T.- The Winnie-Terrestrial.

  71. Katrina says:

    Spacecowgirl- as long as the prize medal is made out of metal, I think he’ll be fine with a Nobel-for what now, gluttony? Are we rewarding that these days of professional eaters who eat 54 hotdogs in a race? Just not cute except when Winnie does it! Of course Winnie doesn’t do it to get attention or anything–oh, now, wait a tick…

  72. SillyGirl says:

    oh what a happy kitty! I love eet! I wish they would stop shaving him though…

  73. Michelle says:

    Winston needs to be piped over short and long wave radio all over the world. 🙂

    [Satellite uplink in 5… 4… 3… 2… – Ed.]

  74. winston luffer says:

    i LUFFFFF winston. I made a picture of his face my avatar on a local forum. another poster on the forum is also in love with him.

    i really want to kidnap him…or should i say “catnap”? nyuck nyuck nyuck

  75. platedlizard says:

    He reminds me of a puppy I had in one of my puppy classes. Said bulldog puppy learned to squeak for attention. Not bark or growl or any of the other noises dogs make. Squeak.

    I wish I had gotten it on video.

  76. My God, it’s a tribble!

  77. meowandwoof says:

    …just came back to bask in the Winston-glow. No comment from Berthaservant today? I’ve been away, hope our fave marmie-lover is okay!

  78. Katrina says:

    Naah, Berthaservant is fine, I bet, just setting us up for a real good one…or could it be—he has a LIFE?

    Naah, he’s just setting us up for a good one….

  79. BeanSidhe says:

    I want a Winston-Purr ringtone.

  80. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Right, yes, I am a lesbian, but I am in love with Winston!! 😉

  81. miltoncat says:

    I can almost smell his cat bref from here!

    Winston vid couldn’t have arrived on a better day… I found out today my dad has prostate cancer. 😦 Early stages so there’s hope, but I’m so sad today. Winnie made me happy.

  82. meowandwoof says:

    Miltoncat, many purrs to you – we’ll be here.

  83. HA! Amy, that was hilarious! He DOES look like he should be saying, “DIABEETUS”. Aw, I love Winston.

  84. aaawwwwwwww a sweepy Winston. It was so cool to see him sweeping.

    What the heck WAS he sleeping on, anyway?

    I had cats that made that squeeky sound too.

    And CO may just explain why, even though I named my new cat Yiska, a very dignified name (it’s Navajo, and means “the night has ended”) I’ve been calling him “Pookie” all the time!

  85. miltoncat says:

    Aw… thank you, meowandwoof.

  86. Beth (in NC) says:

    Winston smooshy face = the best kind of purrs. 😀

  87. BeanSidhe says:

    **hugs to milton**

    Strength and love.

  88. Gail (the first one) says:

    Winston never fails to get all my kitties’ attention!! Their ears all perk up, like “Hey, who’s all happy and why?” He sounds like my Charlie who is an open-mouthed purr machine too!

    And to miltoncat: Sorry to hear about your dad…sending {{{HUGS}}} your way…..

  89. Slave To Three says:

    My divakitty eats nanners when I buy them. Horus, my pig in kitty fur, will eat just about anything. I thought he had pika. But, he’s just a pig.

    Because of CO, Horus has been renamed Piggy McGoobersons. Her Highness, Diva Scarlett, has been renamed Grumpy Fuzzerpants.

    Buddy has a pretty normal nick of Buddha Belly.

  90. gravyboat says:

    Hee hee, Winnie the Purr!

  91. my cat chirps when she purrs as well. We call it trilling.

    Love to hear when a cat does this

  92. LesbianNeoCon, Winston love knows no gender! He’s a furry purry rainbow.

  93. omg. it is shaved winston again, lol.

  94. He sounds like the Predator.

  95. Maerlyn99 says:

    I agree with the suggestion that Winston get his own tag, so we can revel in his Win-ness whenever needed.

  96. Bunz R Us says:

    He sounds like a cricket!

  97. Just wondering – does Winston have Asthma? Sounds like our cat who does.

  98. My 13 yr old daughter adopted a hamster from Petco last week, and has not named it yet. She is calling her Hamsterpants for now.What is really bad, my daughter only looks at this site when I say, “come look at this cute (insert cute animal of the day here)”

  99. freetomato says:

    I am a dog person, I don’t hate cats, but don’t have one, but Winston has stolen my heart. His flat face, pissy attitude, overall atttude…I luvs me some Winston. Vote Winston tag!

  100. chanpon says:

    OMG, chirpy cat is chirpy! <3 <3

  101. Colleen S says:

    Winston need his OWN category on this site! He deserves it!

  102. There is NOTHING better than Winston.

    At least on the net.

    That such a big grumpus-looking kitteh has the trilling… too QTE!

  103. We need to get Winston an endorsement deal, make him a STAR! Someone get the people at Whiskas on the phone.

  104. Heather says:

    Wintson…so sweepy…so happy.

    Can NEVER have enough Winson!

    Thanks Meg!

  105. I’m with meowandwoof: won’t someone create some Winston merchandise & invites us to purchass eet?

  106. Lol.. that’s some adorable soundage coming from Winston.

  107. Theresa says:

    Winston: Proof that cats come from a galaxy far, far away.

  108. He KILLS me with cute every time. 🙂

    Us here at should set up the website (checks availability: OMG, already taken!) or (available!!!), like a Winston Appreciation Society… 😀

  109. Hon Glad says:

    Hi, My brother has had both Testicular and prostrate cancer, both caught in the early stages.
    I can’t say he’s a hundred percent, but generally he’s in good nick. So try not to worry. Hugs and all that. Hon Glad

  110. Oh, Winnie! You’re such a sweet kitty.

  111. Winston, you are just too cute!!. And that purrer, it’s the best.

  112. Winston winston winston winston Winston winston winston winston Winston winston winston winston Winston winston winston


  113. bunnyfluffs says:

    I wub woo, Winston.

  114. Re the ending purr- so my Onyx isn’t the only one with a loose belt in his purr-machine. Nala’s purr never makes that slip belt squeak.

  115. ihatetoast says:

    i love winston. i love him even more now that he sounds like the alien from Predator.

  116. Where is Sidekick Kitteh?

  117. This thing disturbed George the cat who stared intently at the speaker on the desk.

  118. vorpalbunnie says:

    Where is the Winstie merchandise?! I need a tote with a giant picture of Winston’s head or a photo-realistic pillow (a la Modcloth or Uncommon Goods). There is a market here primed with cash to supply Winston with more nanners!

  119. BeanSidhe says:

    The Winston-Post-Haircut Bobblehead will sell out fast!

  120. *** Hey Peeps ***

    This is probably long overdue, but I’ve added a link to the More! More! More! list (in the right-hand margin) for Winston & friends at FourFour. It’s right at the bottom, there.

  121. Linda H. says:

    If I listened to this video one more time, for sure I’d fall as…lee..p

  122. lol awwwwwww Winny. You are the embodiment of teh qte. P.S. Loving the summer ‘do!

  123. C – a lot of smooshy face cats and dogs are kind of snore-y, and some cats just have a snore-y sounding purr.

  124. Adorable!!!!

  125. anomalous4 says:

    NOMrrrrrrrrr NOMrrrrrrrrr NOMrrrrrrrrr
    NOMrrrrrrrrr NOMrrrrrrrrr NOMrrrrrrrrr
    NOMrrrrrrrrr NOMrrrrrrrrr NOMrrrrrrrrr……….

    Happy Winston is happy. Me too.

  126. Thanks Winston for providing us with a lovely serenity break.

  127. binky-mama says:

    Teho- Tanks for the Winston and friends link…nice to know I can get a Winnie-fix whenever I want! (NO I do not have a problem and YES I can stop whenever I want)

  128. Devastating.

    More please.

  129. doomchild says:

    Teehee, my dog came instantly to see what’s going on when he heard Winston 🙂 Just that purring cats have the same effect on me than sleepy dogs… gotta… stay… awake… gottzzzzzzz

  130. Ellen- but ONyx isn’t a smooshie nose. Onyx thinks he is a Bombay (he’s really a mutt kitty who is healthy, intelligent, and well socialized)

  131. Winnie-face!! OMG, it makes my day every time I get a Winston clip. He definitely deserves his own category. C’mon, what’s the holdup??

    I just want to grab his smooshy face and kiss him!!


  132. Oooh Winston!! ::cups hands in little fists to chin:: You are sooooooooooo adorable. I want to just nom you up!

  133. Katrina says:

    Vinston is just vunderful dahling…
    that website is a bit much, though,EALGHYUCKYNOOOO.

  134. it’s awesome that Winston is the first thing (in history, at least the history of the Internet) whose incredible popularity hasn’t inspired contrarian haters – everybody loves Winston even after everybody loves Winston – amazing!

    P.S. I love Winston

  135. lol@ 0:17
    i cant stop watching that part.

  136. ohh mighty cat who go-eth by the name on WIN-STONE
    we bow-eth don to you
    and swear to watch all your LOL videos of stange noise and purring
    mighty lord of WINN-STTONE
    we bow-eth down to you again (and feed you grapes and fan you with those huge purple leaves)

    p.s is it kind of sad how much we think of a cat on the internet..? I THINK-ETH NOT! w elove you winnie!!

  137. agh..i just realised how dumb that post sounds..sorry folks..

    sorry winston x

  138. Is it just me, or does Winston’s face look like the top of a tomato when his eyes are closed at the end of the clip? So cute!

  139. I’m sure I heard Winston say “pasikie” at some point when he was eating those banana (?) bits.

  140. icewhisker says:

    WINSTON ARE AWESOME! purr on little kitty purr on